Saturday, April 14, 2018

Don't wait to celebrate!

You have celebrations scattered throughout the year. You have your holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more. You celebrate births, commemorate deaths, and even have a holiday dedicated to playing jokes with one another. You have celebrations for the seasons, the equinox, the solstice.

If you think about it, the human race has been very good at finding reasons to appreciate and enjoy the special occasions in life! 

Can you imagine a life where every day becomes a celebration – one in which you you awaken and say, “Wonderful!! I have a day of life! I have resurrected into this precious body! I can bring joy, laughter, good food, or at least a great attitude into every moment today. I get to spend time with my human family, the brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles of my soul! How can I create a day of joy of celebration?”

Your life would become a magical series of joyous moments!

You sit at the Thanksgiving table and appreciate your food. Can you appreciate your food as much every day? Find ways to enjoy what you eat every day and then every meal will be a Thanksgiving.

You give each other presents at Christmas, Hanukkahs, and Diwali – festivals of light. Can you imagine giving each other the light of your Presence every day – for example, the gift of your full undivided attention in every conversation.

You celebrate Passover, Easter, and many other celebrations of freedom and new life. What if every day was a new birth, every day a celebration of the freedom for you soul?

Dear ones, think about your favorite holiday, no matter what it might be, or your favorite celebration. Ask yourself, “What makes this day so special for me?” How can I start to bring the essence of that celebration into my daily life?Then try it…

There is never a need to wait for “special occasions” as we see it, for every precious breath of light is a special occasion to your soul. Allow yourself the joy of bringing a celebration into each day of your precious life.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Gardening for the Soul

Think of your life like a garden. There are seasons of planting your dreams, seasons of tending and weeding them, and seasons of harvest. There are seasons of rest, and seasons of growth.

There are seasons of allowing yourself to dream. There are seasons of tending to your dreams and weeding out the thoughts and obstacles that prevent their growth. There are seasons of enjoying the fruits of your labors and seasons of rest before you begin anew.

There are long seasons of your life such as going to school, being in a marriage, healing from a serious illness, or raising a child, and there are quick seasons, such as dreaming up, cooking, and eating your dinner.

Each thought is a seed that you plant in the garden of your life. You water your thoughts when you think of them with love. You deny them water and allow the weeds to grow when you think of them with fear. The sun of Divine love is always there to shine upon the and coax them to grow, whether you see it or not.

Play with us now. Think of a dream you have – a thought that gives you great joy to imagine! It may be a future vacation, a relationship, a home, your ideal career (even if you don’t know what that is), or simply peace of mind.

Now imagine you hold a tiny seed in your hand. Take moment and imagine what it would feel like to have this dream in your life, right here and now. Imagine you can put all those feelings of love into this seed.

Next, imagine you are going outside to plant this seed in moist, fertile, and nourishing soil. Carefully dig a hole for the seed. Place it in the ground with reverence, and cover it gently. Place your palms upon the earth and bless your seed. Imagine all those good feelings you just had running as energy into the ground. Fertilize the earth around your little seed with loving anticipation.

Imagine that you can see this tiny seed growing. Every day imagine you go out and check on it’s progress. As you imagine looking at the little patch of soil, sit and dream. Feel the feelings of having this dream come to fruition. As you dream your dream and think about it with love, your love becomes the water that nourishes the soil. The tiny plant bursts forth reaching for the light of love. It wants to ripen and come to fruition. You have planted it. You are watering it with love. The sunshine light of Divine love beckons it to grow.

Every day, in your imagination, look around. Do you see any weeds?Those are your fears and doubts. Imagine you pull them. You don’t even have to know what they represent. Simply pluck there from the soil of your soul.

If you continue this process daily, in your imagination, you will witness your little plant growing and eventually blossoming or bearing fruit. Water it with love. Weed it daily. Watch as your little plant grows into maturity – blossoming or bearing fruit.

Notice what is happening in your mind, heart, the soil of your soul and your daily life. 

This little game is a wonderful way to keep the energies within you watering and weeding your dreams. Plant the seeds of love at every moment in your life dear ones. Water you dreams with your loving attention to them when they arise in your minds. Weed out your doubts and fears.

Then, like the greatest of gardeners, your life, your dreams, and your heart will blossom in a glorious expression of beautiful love!

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate. Happy Passover! Happy Spring! Today we wish to speak to you about the deeper meanings of the death and resurrection of Christ.

Can you fathom that the love which looks through your eyes is the same love that looked through the eyes of Jesus Christ? The difference is in your experience. Jesus experienced His union with the Divine in each and every moment. Even when the nails were driven into His hands, He was aware of the Love that lived within him – beyond this life, body, and mind – was the same Presence of Love that lived within all others. He saw the Divine equally – in those who loved him and those who persecuted Him. He bore witness to the Presence of Love within all beings, even if they could not. He still does. This is why so many miracles are done in His name. He witnesses only your deepest truth.

And thus it is said that He "saved you from your sins." We would paraphrase this by saying that He saved you from the illusion that darkness can ever separate you from Love. In His willingness to love through the greatest of human miseries – torture, betrayal, beating, death, denial, ignorance, greed, hatred, fear – He lifted the entire fabric of human consciousness into a new realm of possibility for love.

He lived and demonstrated the truth that light is, and always will be, more powerful than darkness, and that even when the darkness attempts to kill the light it cannot triumph. His body was killed and yet through the entire process He knew he was not the body. He knew that His spirit was eternal. In his complete understanding of this Truth, He was able to forgive his torturers and even breathe life back into His physical body.

Just as the Christ light lived within Jesus, so too the Christ light, the Divine love, the spark of the Source lives in you. This light sources you and shapes you as surely as the ocean sources and shapes a wave. There is, and never can be, a separation from the Divine. You either experience the love that breathes life into you, or you block it. You either feel the love for all of life that wants to flow through you or you block it. 

So while the body of Jesus did indeed resurrect, the deeper meaning of the resurrection is there is no pain, no darkness, no betrayal, denial, or abuse so powerful that it can kill the love within you. With the power of your will you can Resurrect Love in this world... any time you choose. With dedication, you too can embody Love so thoroughly that the darkness of the world cannot rob you of the experience of this light.

Dear ones, It is in your willingness to acknowledge the presence of light within yourself and even the darkest among you, that you resurrect love and allow light to triumph over dark, love to triumph over hate, and Truth to triumph over the illusions that you or anyone else could ever be separate from this love.

Happy Passover. Happy Easter. Happy Spring. Happy present moment in which you can embody and resurrect love... right here, right now.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

When you don't feel positive...

While we always encourage positive thinking and ask you to focus on what you wish to create in your life, we know that there are times when you feel lost in a dark emotional storm. There are times when you are overcome with grief, times when anger from the past comes uncorked, and times when you feel possessed by jealousy, insecurity, or doubt. 

These feelings are part of the human experience. Without exception, they are born from a sense of separation, whether it seems so or not. They arise because at some level, at some time, you felt separate from the Source. We assure you that when you feel the Love of the Creator – the love that breathes the very breath of life into you – it feels so much better than any upset, that you simply couldn’t turn away from this love. 

Think about it. Recall a time when you were joyously happy or madly in love. The feeling felt so good that it is likely you would have a hard time being upset, jealous, angry or sad. For a little while you felt such a deep connection with a person or life around you that all the world’s ills seemed to pale by comparison. 

Now, imagine yourself immersed in a love so profound, so unconditional, so all-encompassing that it held you in a tender and eternal embrace. You could never feel badly again, knowing you are never separate from the One love you are all seeking. In every relationship you seek to feel the love of God. In everything you do, in everything you own, you seek to feel the love of God. All “negative emotions” arise when you feel somehow separated from love.

So what do you do when you feel entrapped in a negative feeling and you can’t think your way out of it? Dear ones, if feeling separate from love is the root of all negative feeling, then the cure is reconnecting to love. The simplest way to do that is to make a choice to love yourself through it.

Hug yourself, literally, and talk to yourself as if you are talking to an innocent child. 

  • If you’re afraid, hug yourself and tell yourself, “It’s going to be OK. I won’t let you down.”
  • If you are angry, hug yourself, and say, “That’s OK. Of course you’re upset. Let us figure out a way to fix things.” 
  • If you’re jealous, hug yourself and say, “I understand you feel bad because someone else has what you want. Guess what, we can create that too.” 
  • If you’re doubtful or anxious, hug yourself and say, “It is OK. Everyone doubts. But I love you and God loves you and your angels love you and you deserve everything you dream.” 

Talk to that innocent part within you that feels lost in darkness, as if they are separate from you, for indeed they are feeling separate from the loving being that you really are. At some point they felt separate from Love itself. Reassure that part of yourself. You don’t even have to know who or what inside you feels this way… You simply have to grant yourself the love you felt you were without.

Dear ones, all winters give way to spring. All storms give way to calm. And if given the chance, all dark emotions want to give way to love.

Love is the only way back home to Itself.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Create your own luck!

Our channel asked us to say something that felt "festive" in light of the holiday that so many of you celebrate today! So in honor of her wishes we'll talk about "luck! "

You talk about lucky pennies, lucky charms, Lady luck, the Luck of the Irish! You say you feel lucky, or you've had an unlucky streak. In reality dear ones,luck comes to those who look for it and those who believe in it.

The entire universe is in a beautiful and harmonious vibrational dance. You will always se,e mirrored back to you in the external world, what you consciously and unconsciously project.  That bothers some of you because consciously you project very good intentions, but unconsciously you may be harboring beliefs to the contrary. You may consciously want to be lucky, but unconscious you believe "others have all the luck," or "I never get lucky," or "luck only comes to those who wait." 

What you call luck – things that show up in your life with no effort on your part – is really simply the law of cause and effect.

So if you want to be lucky, have a little fun with it. Find yourselves a stone, or a coin, or a charm, a piece of jewelry, a piece of paper, a photo, or really anything at all that you can carry with you. Make sure you like the way it looks and feels.

Now declare with us:

"This is my lucky charm
. I – the Divine presence within me – grant it the power to raise my vibration! Whenever I carry it, look at it our touch it, my energy will go up. I'll feel better! I'll attract goodness in my life! This little charm is now my lucky charm, not because it has any power in and of itself, but because I am granting it power through my willing intent!"

Then, play along with us. Every time something good happens to you when you're carrying your lucky charm, say to yourself, "Oh yes! I have my lucky charm! It helps me raise my vibration! No wonder this good thing happened."

You will, in effect, be creating your own self-fulfilling prophecy of luck!

Now if you lose your little charm, does that mean your luck disappears?
Not at all, because you were, are and always will be the power behind your own luck. It is through your belief in goodness, that you find more. It is through your belief in good luck, that you attract more. 

Play with the energies this week. Create your own little "lucky charm," knowing all the while that it is your intent and belief that make" Lady luck", a rather predictable and cooperative little girl!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Time is a gift

ou live in a fast paced, “fast food," instant gratification society. You push a button and something is delivered to your home. You turn on your computer or your phone and the world is at your fingertips. You want a quote now, a text response now, an order confirmation now.

In a way, your technology is starting to mirror the energetic nature of reality – You think. You create. 

The only difference between the energetic nature of reality and your technology is that your earth was set up to give you a grace period in which you have to reach a clear and loving vibration before your thoughts manifest into reality. This is a blessing!

Can you imagine if every single thought you had appeared in front of you now? Some would be pretty frightening. "What if I have cancer? What if I lose my job? What if the world is blown to bits? What if someone leaves me? What If I never meet someone? I hope that person suffers for what they did to me!” Thank Goodness your thoughts don't manifest instantly!

Of course you could choose new, and better thoughts, and instantly create a better reality. Nonetheless, can you imagine the chaos? It would be as if a child got ahold of your remote control and was constantly changing stations on your television.

You are learning to direct your thought-streams more consistently in the direction you want your lives to go. Time is a gift that allows you to evaluate your thoughts and self-correct. 

How do you know if you’re creating what you want?
  • If you are thinking thoughts that make you feel happy, you are creating a happy reality. 
  • If you are thinking thoughts that don’t feel good, you’re blocking a happy reality. 
  • In either case, a happy reality is trying to happen! 
You are powerful beyond measure dear ones. It is a gift that you have time to explore that power and lovingly re-direct your thoughts towards that which you wish to create.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

False fear...

My dear friends, we love you so very much,
Today we'd like to speak to you on the subject of false fear. With very few exceptions, nearly everyone upon your planet earth has been infected by it. Without exception you'd be much happier without it.

Fear wasn't intended to be a problem. It was designed to help your biology react to a threat that could harm it. It wasn't originally an emotion as you experience it today. Instead it was a rush of physical signals, followed by an instinctual response. You fought or you fled depending on the danger at hand. When you were out of danger, the signals of fear immediately subsided.

Fear has been fed however, by energies in the universe and by souls upon your earth who have forgotten their connection with the divine. It has been fueled by the parts within you that forget their connection to the Divine. In a way it has become a parasitic vibration that constantly seeks to reproduce itself by inspiring fears in others. Instead of being a simple biological function, fear has taken on a life of its own.

That however is nothing to fear!

Most fear is false. True fear lives in the present. It says, "I want to protect you from harm, right here, right now. I'm guiding you." Then when the danger passes true fear says, "Wonderful! You're fine now. I'll rest until I'm needed again."

False fear lives in the future. It says, "You're responsible for making sure you're safe, protected, and abundant. You're all alone in this. The worst could happen. You better figure out what to do. You better figure out how to prevent bad things form happening in the future. Hurry up. Take control!"

False fear is a bully and a parasite
. It backs you into a mental corner. It tells you that you should be in control, but you aren't, and therefore something horrible could happen. It stirs you up, and takes root within. It messes up your manifestations, poisons your relationships, and robs you of you joy.

That may sound rather ominous, but happily love is always a higher power than fear! The quickest way to get rid of your fears, is to embrace them and bring them into the light of your love.

Suppose you are afraid "for" your child or for a friend. You can't control them. You can't control the world around them. False fear says, "You better worry! You better protect them!" Deep down, you knnow that is absurd. You can't protect them from everything and everyone. You can't achieve a thing by worrying. You feel helpless because false fear has convinced you that you need to be in control and deep down, you know you can't. 

In reality, there is a much higher, loving, power in control. If you cooperate with it – in this case imagining the best possible life for you child, speaking to them as if you know they will make the best possible choices, praying for their joy and safety with confidence – then you not helpless at all. You are actually quite powerful! 

False fear doesn't want you to know this. If you embrace your inner loving power, false fear dies.

So when you start to feel helpless, scared, and out of control, we suggest you say to yourself, "Well maybe I am helpless. Maybe I am scared. Maybe I am not in control. Let me hug and love the parts of me that are scared and reassure them that Divine Love is in control. Let me put my faith in the higher power that loves me. Let me assist by imagining and focusing upon the best possible outcome. Let me stop feeding false fear and allow love to fuel me instead."

You are light in this world dear ones. You can enable false fear, or you can love away your fears in much the same way you would love a frightened child within you. Talk to those scared parts of your soul. Embrace them. Don't push your fears away or they'll simply try different ways to get your attention. Instead look at them and lovingly dissolve them in the light of love. 

Love is always and forever, more powerful.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels