Saturday, May 21, 2016

Love from Above & Below

Breathe. Drop into your heart and breathe as if you could inhale all the love in the universe. Breathe in again and let this love sink deeply into you, filling you, rejuvenating you, relaxing you. In truth, dear ones, Love is there for you at all times.

Love is there in the morning's first warm rays of sunshine! This is why the birds sing with joy each and every dawn. Give thanks for you sun for it is the light that gives you physical life. Your sun has a soul that is very much like the pure light of God wanting always to burn away the clouds, and to activate the life within all living beings.

Love is there waiting for you beneath your feet in the embrace of your Mother earth. Feel the grass, the dirt, the sand beneath you when you walk outside and give thanks for this living, breathing, being that inhabits your beautiful planet, for her soul loves you very much, nourishes you and gives you life. She gives you the home in which your soul is allowed to play and discover its deeper truths.

Love is there in the eyes of a dear friend who comforts and validates you, and Love is there in the eyes of the darkest soul, begging for release from the bondage of erroneous thinking and painful lies.

Love lives beneath all of creation, longing for expression, longing to be seen, received, felt, and expressed. You are never without love dear ones. "Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened." Love is waiting patiently to reveal itself to you in all of creation.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Love doesn't hurt

There is a mistaken notion upon your planet, that love hurts. Love never hurts dear ones! Love heals! Love transforms! Love uplifts! Love makes you feel like the most beautiful, amazing, being that you can be! Love connects you with your very essence.

Why then, is it so hard to love upon your planet earth, and why do so many of you feel you must hurt in the name of love?

We hear this question all the time and the answer is rooted in a deep misunderstanding about the nature of love.

Humanity believes love is something you "do," and while we celebrate expressions of love, we know Love is a state of being.

Humanity teaches you that love is something you "earn" and yet we know that Love is already there for you, living within you, in every moment of every day. It is the very essence of creation, available for all of you without condition. You are all worthy of love.

Humanity believes that love is something that requires reciprocation, yet here in the Heavens we love unabashedly whether we are loved in return or not. We know Love is the energy that lives and breathes within us and needs nothing in return. Love is our nature. Love is your nature. Loving feels good. Withholding love hurts.

Love is the state of being in which the Light within you sees and acknowledges the light within another.

So how do you apply this upon your earth, dear friends? We know, that beneath any hurt and pain, you truly desire to love! You truly wish to experience your own light, and your own innate goodness. In your deepest truth, you want to see and appreciate the light and goodness within others.

However, you also want to feel good, and if you do not work to love yourself and grant yourself a life that supports your joy, you will look to the outside world for love and you will "fall" in love with anyone or anything that makes you feel good.

Now, there is nothing wrong with this. It is human and it is still a form of love. Nonetheless, whenever you worship false idols, whenever you give your power to be happy to another person or thing, you also grant them the power to take it from you. You love them when they make you feel good and you stop loving them, or worse, hate them when they can no longer do so. This dear ones, is what human beings call love, but is in reality a small projection of the true, deep, and abiding Love that is available to you all, right here, right now, in all of creation.

Take a breath. Ask yourself, "Do I love me exactly as I am right now, or do I tell myself I must earn my own love... by being prettier, more handsome, smarter, kinder, wiser, etc.?" Take a breath and accept yourself and your answer with compassion and without condition. You have just begun the journey to self love.

Ask yourself, "Do I treat myself the way I would if I were with a lover who adored me? Do I care for myself, maintain my life, and seek to be joyous, interesting, happy, as I would if I had someone to impress? Am I maintaining myself as if I am a person who is loved and adored?"

"Am I talking time to connect to whatever I consider to be a higher, more loving force in the Universe?" "Do I ask my angels for help frequently and sit in reception of their love?"

"Do I take time to listen to my own heart and care for its longings," the way I would hope a lover would listen to me? "Do I nurture my dreams," the way I would want someone else to do? Am I giving myself the Love that I seek, or am I waiting for someone else to do that for me?

These question apply whether or not you are in relationship. These questions will show you the areas in your life in which you can choose to love yourself more deeply, and therefore where you will free yourself from the bondage of expecting others to provide for you, what you will not. There is an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Creator that wants to help you. There is a Love so vast and all encompassing that you could never possibly be alone. Angels wait "in the wings" to assist you.

Rather than waiting for another to love you as you wish, whether it be the fantasy "love of your life," or your spouse sitting in the other room, make a decision right here and right now, that you will treat yourself as if you are the love of your life. Rather than waiting for life, or others to behave as you wish, find the good in the here and now. Challenge yourself to love yourself and life exactly as it is, and then from that present moment of acceptance, challenge yourself to make the next moment better.

Then, from this fullness of Love within yourselves, truly loving another becomes possible. Then you can accept others exactly as they are.

If you learn to cultivate your own joy and your own well-being, then you can accept the gifts of others when they are offered, but you can also bring love from your depths when others cannot. You will no longer need to feel a lack of love, because you have connected yourself the eternal, endless Source of Love itself.

This Love is a true, deep, and real state of being in which you allow yourself and everyone else to be exactly as they are and simply decide if you want to "dance" or not.

Love dear ones, does not hurt. Love accepts. Love trusts. Love heals and transforms. Love is who and what you are made of... and no one has the power to take this from you. Love yourselves. Fill up your cup... then you will be able to truly love.

We love you always, without condition or expectation. We experience our eternal abiding connection to the Source of Love itself and so whether you love us or hate us, we love you... simply because we know that is our nature, and that kind of love is what feels good at all times.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

You're in the right place

There is no need to be afraid for the world. There is no need to be afraid because the planets are aligned in a difficult configuration. There is no need to be afraid if your loved ones are not in the state you wish them to be. In truth dear friends, all upon the planet Earth, including you, are exactly where you need to be for your lessons at this time. Each one of you has a unique "curriculum," unique lessons, and unique circumstances in which you have chosen to grow. Always and forevermore, you and everyone else on the planet is exactly where they are supposed to be. All of life is conspiring to help you remember you connection to love.

You ask us frequently, "How can difficult circumstances help me remember my connection to love?! I don't feel loved when I don't know how to pay the bills, when my spouse cheated on me, when I have an illness! How is this trying to help me remember love?" Dear ones, those are exactly the right questions to ask.

In each challenge, there is an opportunity to look at the energy within you that led up to it. Were you perhaps trusting others more than your own instincts? Were you beating yourself up and thus allowing the world's vibrations to assist? Were you perceiving lack or feeling fear that is getting mirrored back to you? Were you put up with a situation that wasn't really wonderful and thus "cheating" on your own heart? These are just possible scenarios. In truth each one of you will have a unique answer.

So whenever you find yourself in a challenging or uncomfortable situation, rather than assuming you are not loved, sit with your angels, breathe deeply and have the courage to ask, "How is this situation trying to teach me to love myself?" Trust that whether you receive an answer in that moment or not, in time the understanding will come.Then, whether you receive the answer immediately or not, strive to be as loving and kind to yourself as possible, for love immediately begins to shift your vibration and steer you into a kinder future.

Dear ones, we love you. We know your earth school is terribly challenging at times. However, in even the deepest trials, love is there beneath the surface attempting to emerge. Trust in this. The truth for it will carry you through the challenges and into a beautiful, bright and light-filled time in your life.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Be natural and the world will fit

There are many facets to the beautiful diamond of you! There are many aspects of your human nature that long for fulfillment. As you begin to bring your true nature to the surface in life you start to shine! You are happier, healthier, and your life begins to readjust itself to bring you people, circumstances, and situations that "fit" you.

Have you ever seen someone wearing a beautiful suit of clothes, but one that doesn't "fit" them properly? The clothing looks wonderful but they don't look wonderful in it! Or perhaps you have purchased a suit of clothes that you admired, but one that never quite fit you... and in so doing, every time you put it on, you may wish it looked better but it doesn't. You are uncomfortable in it, and therefore never as attractive in that suit of clothing as you wish. In reality, you all look better when you feel better! You look happier when your clothing, and when your LIFE fits you!

Try, for one day only to catch yourself, trying to "fit" the world. Try to catch yourself when you are agreeing with someone and you do not. Try to be more honest or at least silent. Try to see when you are wearing, eating, doing something that doesn't feel 100% wonderful and natural to you. See if you can find something more wonderful and natural. Are you watching programs you enjoy? Reading material on your INTERNET that thrills you? Going about your business in an order that feels natural to you?

Dear ones the more you can return to your natural state of being, the happier, healthier, and more empowered you will be. When you are you, the world will fit around you! What doesn't suit you will fall away, and what does will be drawn unto you as if by magic.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Divine desires

Your hearts, dear ones, are filled with desires from the Divine. You often ask yourselves, "Is what I want OK? Is what I want in life in my highest good? Is what I want in life going to hurt anyone else?" In truth, if your desires are pure, coming from the heart, without agenda, without purpose other than the sheer desire to have an experience, then dear ones they come from God. If however, your desires are there because you think they will help you achieve something else, then drop into the heart once again and go deeper.

For example most of you say you want money. In truth however, you could sit in a warehouse filled with money and it would not make you happy. You could have bank accounts filled with money and this would not mean your dreams would be fulfilled. Instead dear ones, the deeper, truer desires are for what you can do with the money. Perhaps you wish to experience a house, a vacation, a sense of peace and security. Those are your pure desires. Those are the things and situations that the Divine wishes for you.

Instead of asking and praying for the money, ask and pray for what you truly desire. Focus upon it with expectation, joy, and a sense of wonder... as in "I wonder how this will come into my life! I know since the Divine has planted the seed of desire in my heart, that all the means, resources, etc., to bring this to me will be provided. I know I will have to grow along the way but I joyfully surrender to the journey!" Then dear ones, embrace the journey with all your hearts! Know that everything along your path is a perfect stepping-stone along the way to your dream, whether it seems related or not. Apparent setbacks, are only lessons to be learned so you can truly believe in and enjoy your creations. Doubts arise, so as to be banished with faith. The appearance of lack, allows you to search with gratitude for the great good that is already there!

Once you have set the proverbial "wheels"n motion for your creation, expect it will come, in the right time and the right way, and then immerse yourself in a glorious experience of living, right here and right now! We have said this so many times...

Do not put off your happiness waiting for something in the future. Choose joy now and anticipate more later. In this space your soul spirals outward.

Do not push away the love that is present for you now, because you want more later. Choose to see the love that is all around you in each moment. Choose to be loving. In that space you cannot help but attract more love.

Do not invalidate the abundance you already have, because you do not yet feel it is enough. Choose to give thanks for every blessing in your life and in that space of gratitude you will attract more.

Dear ones, the pure desires in your heart are there to help you grow, to help you find more of what you seek right here and right now. You will know you are embracing the moment with love when each moment becomes more magical. If you see lack now, you will see more later. If you see the fullness of your life in each moment, it cannot help but fill your heart in an ever expanding spiral of goodness.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Commit to yourself

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a breath, right here, and right now. Ask your heart of hearts a simple question," What is it I want most right now?" Wait until you see, hear, feel, or know the answer.

It may be as simple as needing a hug, needing a glass of water, or needing some peace and comfort. It may be as grand as wishing that you could restructure your entire life! Whatever is in there, allow it to be. Say Yes. "Yes dear Divine Source, I see what you have planted in my heart. I will trust that this is what You want for me too. I commit to this. I will live in joyful expectation that in the right time and the right way, this will be brought into my life. What is the next step?"

And then commit. Commit to yourself, your heart, your dreams. Make yourself a promise that whether or not you see evidence in your life you will believe in the dream. Remind yourself that whether or not you know how to create this, God does. Promise yourself that even if everyone else around you doubts that your heart's desires can come true, you will quietly keep the faith.

Commitment, dear friends, is a deliberate choice to aim the energies of your mind, body, and soul all in one direction. Commitment is like taking a garden hose and watering a single plant, rather than recklessly allowing the hose to flail around and water at random. The commitment we are speaking of does not require you to struggle, to over-think the issues, or to push yourself. It simply requires a decision to take charge of your mind, and to think only thoughts consistent with your dream. It is a decision to love yourself in all emotions that arise, while gently reassuring yourself that you are loved.

Commit to yourself dear ones, the way you want the universe to commit to you, for indeed you are the one who gets to decide what kind, and how much energy is aimed towards your hearts desires. A quiet, committed, confident mind and heart, are so much more powerful than pushing yourself into intense, fear-based, actions. You have the power of creation behind you... you only need to hold it steady.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Pray with your energy

Don't sabotage your dreams by doubting, becoming impatient, and losing faith. If you grew a garden, you would plant the seeds, water them faithfully, weed them, and trust in their ultimate ripening. You would not dig them up in frustration, stop watering the garden, or allow the weeds to grow. Think of your dreams like those seeds. They are planted in your heart. Water them with your love and good thoughts. Weed out negative beliefs. And then trust, that your dreams, like those seeds, will ripen to fullness in your own lives.

You are not subject to the whims of a God outside of yourself dear ones. The love that creates universes lives inside of you, and indeed in all of creation. When you intend with clarity and an internal commitment, you send an energetic ripple into the universe – one that will ultimately create its reflection back in your life. Your fear based thoughts create weak ripples, and your thoughts rooted in love create strong ones.

You do not pray with your lips and your words, but rather with every breath you breath, with every action you take, and ultimately, dear ones, with your energetic vibration.

So you may be praying, "God deliver unto me the perfect relationship!" but if your energy exists in fear you will not have one, or doubt that you can have one, or defensiveness against one... then dear friends your prayers are weakened. If however you pray with confidence, courage, and commitment, expecting the best, trusting in the ultimate love and goodness of the universe, loving yourself enough to know you are a cell in the body of the Divine worthy of all that resides in your heart... then dear ones your prayers are strong!

Try, this week to pray one prayer with complete courage, confidence, and commitment. Pray as if you know the universe will deliver. Before you go to bed, ask your angels to remove your fears, your blocks, your hesitations – anything that would weaken the integrity of your prayers. Watch what transpires.