Saturday, October 03, 2015

Stop judging yourselves

Celebrate the fact that you are alive. You didn't have to be here upon the earth. You didn't have to stay. You chose life and you chose this school called earth. You bravely chose to embark upon a miraculous journey of learning about the depth and breadth of the love from which you are made. Here upon the earth you can learn to love more deeply than anywhere else in the cosmos because, in truth, it is most challenging.

Upon your earth, it is easy to forget that you are all made from the same love. You are all created with the same sense of reverence. You are all welcomed home with the same tenderness at the end of your lives, and simply asked one question, "What have you learned?" You stand in the light and love of the Divine after this life and view your words and deeds relative to that love. You know instantly where your heart was open and where you might have done better, but you are not judged. You are loved. Your life is illuminated by truth and you have opportunity to learn.

So while you are upon the earth, strive not to judge yourselves. Strive instead, when you feel you could have done better in any given situation, to simply ask yourself, "What have I learned? What could I have done better? How might I be more true to my own heart, while being lovingly kind and honest with others?" Judgment serves no purpose. In our eyes there is not right and wrong, good and bad. There are only loving and unloving behaviors, lessons learned, and lessons missed. We see even the most unloving behaviors as simply the misunderstandings of a soul striving to find the light in a very unevolved fashion. Would you say a child is wrong for their mistakes, or would you simply help them learn? Would you call this child bad because they don't know any better, or would you kindly help them see a better way to behave. The angels and God, guide you, always, through love. We cannot judge you because we know who you really are. We know what you are striving to experience, no matter how that is expressed.

So dear ones, stop judging yourselves. Stop criticizing yourselves. Stop making yourselves wrong for so-called "mistakes" and "flaws" and simply make a commitment to treat yourself with kindness. Congratulate yourselves for what you have learned. In this fashion you will grow kindly, gently, gracefully... in love.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Reveal yourself to life

Reveal yourselves to life dear ones. Allow people to see who you really are. So many spend so much time attempting to fit in, please others, and live up to such a huge variety of expectations that it is easy to lose oneself. It is easy to disconnect from your own hearts as the mind attempts to mold you. It is easy to try to "earn" love instead of simply being yourself and allowing those who love you to come forth. Dear ones, if you could be comfortable being your authentic selves, you could receive so much more assistance from life and your angels. You would receive the echo of the love that you give yourself from the world. If you are comfortable with yourself, you will attract others who are as well.

The authentic self is not something you "figure out" and then strive to "become." The authentic self is who you truly feel like being in any given moment. Some moments the authentic self is angry. Some moments you are bursting with love! In truth there is always a deeper, more loving self trying to emerge, but rather than trying to be what you are not yet... try to only be, in each moment, who and what you are... right here, right now.

What if you are not being your most loving self? Then dear ones, we would say, love yourself anyway. Allow yourself your feelings. If you need someone to talk to, talk to your angels. We may be invisible, but we hear you and love you no matter what is going on inside of you. You can always cry upon our shoulders, vent out your frustrations to us, and allow us to simply nurture you and send you love. If you could choose to love yourselves in this fashion, you would pass through "negative" emotions so much more quickly. You could avoid passing them on, taking them out on others, and instead you would find yourself feeling energized, more loved, and more loving.

If you cultivate the habit of coming to your angels, exactly as you are, without pretense, you will receive more love and assistance than you might ever imagine. We see who you really are. We love you. Can you love yourself no matter what? Try it, dear ones... it will bring you closer to heaven.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

We see your light

Celebrate your beautiful souls for each and every one of you has a place, a purpose, and a reason for being upon the earth. Whether you are in public, traveling the world, raising a family, quietly living your life, or sitting in a dark corner contemplating suicide, you are all made of the very same light.

When we look at you, we do not see your circumstances as any representation of who you really are. We do not see your shape, size, thoughts, feelings as any indication of who you really are. We do not see your "contributions" or your "faults" as any indication of who you really are. For we, in the heavens, know that each and every one of you is made from the very same light, as is the entirety of creation. Each and every one of you is a spiritual being, fashioned from nothing less than Divine love, having an experience here on earth as a human being. Each of you, no matter what is going on in your lives, is pure light.

Your circumstances, thoughts, feelings, etc. do not make you better or worse, because in truth you ARE love. They simply help you either experience this truth or help you avoid it. So when you find yourself in difficult times remind yourself, "I am light. I am love. I am simply not having that experience right now." Return to that truth again and again. Have compassion for yourselves. Treat yourself with kindness. If God showed up at the door how would you treat the Divine? God's love lives in you and gives you life. How must you now treat yourselves?

Dear ones, we never see you as anything less than you truly are, and for this reason we can never do a thing except love you, help you, seek to awaken you to the magnificence of your true nature. We know that as you awaken to this reality, you will treat yourself, and therefore all others in a much more loving way... and in so doing, you can create, at least in your own life, a little bit of heaven on earth.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Self love isn't selfish

Self love is not selfish dear ones! Self love is an acknowledgment of the beautiful Divine love that creates you, a state of living in truth, a life in which you say, "Yes," to God, "Yes" to self, "Yes" to the universe. It is a state of being in which you acknowledge the fact that you were created by a Love so pure and powerful that you could not possibly be flawed in any way.

You are having human experiences. You are learning, growing, and sometimes, in your human terms (not ours) failing. We do not see any of this as anything else other than an attempt to find your way back to truth. When you fall, get up and say, "I tried!" When you "fail," move on and say, "I tried! I am learning." When you see you could have done better in life, celebrate! You tried. You are learning!

Dear ones, in our eyes you cannot ever diminish the truth of your being! You cannot ever lose our love, God's love, or the love from which you are made. You can either feel it or not, connect with it, or not... but you can never lose you! You are amazing beings of pure light and you are all, no matter what, just doing your best trying to find your way back to that truth.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Tune your radio

You are all so much more powerful than you can possibly imagine. You have the entire universe at your disposal. You are like a radio that can tune into any station you like, any frequency, any number of "songs" that are sung by the Divine. It is your focus, your attention that selects the "station" and your emotional attachment that holds you in a space of receiving the same frequencies over and over.

This is good news! This means that with your focus and attention you can change the energies that you "tune" into. With your joy, your passion, your excitement, you can allow yourself to receive new frequencies, new energies, and therefore new possibilities into your life.

Think of one of your biggest complaints, either about yourself or life. Ask yourself, "How attached am I to keeping this complaint? Am I willing to do the emotional work to let it go? Am I willing to stop "tuning" into this sad reality, and focus on a better reality? Am I willing to give up this complaint in exchange for a happier life?" Be honest with yourselves. Sometimes complaints buy you companionship for many others share the same. Sometimes complaints are comfortably uncomfortable. They are familiar. They keep you in a reality that is known. And so although most of you would say, "Yes! I want a better reality!" it takes incredible honesty to look at whether are not you are willing to give up the familiar, the old, and the comfortably uncomfortable situations in which you exist.

When you get to a point where you are willing to give up the complaint, either about yourself or life, ask yourself next, "What reality would I prefer to create? What reality would I prefer to "tune into?" Imagine you are a radio, or a television and you can tune into any reality you like! Then using your imagination, take time each day to imagine yourself in this new and better reality. Imagine the best possible outcome! Imagine joy! Abundance! Ease! Grace! Love! And every time you catch yourself going back to your old reality, "tuning into" what you don't want, change again, and "tune into" what you do. This will take time, patience and practice! Allow yourself to feel the joy and the excitement of an imagined beautiful reality. For as many of you have heard, the universe does not distinguish between reality and fantasy - it reads and echoes back your energy - conscious and unconscious. The more consciously you "tune" your being, the more beautiful a reality you will create.

You are powerful dear ones. Allow yourselves to start "tuning into" better and happier realities. Do the work to create the lives you actually dream of. You have the power. Divine love and all that it encompasses is within and around you, flowing to you, through you, and from you.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

You are abundant

You are so abundant dear ones! You are connected to the source of all that is! All you want is love. Whether you want money in the bank, a new car, a relationship, underneath all of it, you want to experience love. Love comes in so many forms, in so many flavors! Love comes in the form of a beautiful sunset, and a beautiful marriage. Love comes in the form of a comfy home, and comfortable pillow. Love comes in the form of food that delights you, movement that energizes you and indeed in so many other shapes, sizes, and textures. Love is all around you.

So when you want something, stop focusing on how you will get it and start to pray that your energy be ready to receive it! "Dear God, Dear Angels, I want something in my life. Please work with me and prepare my energy to be ready to receive it!" We will help you dear ones. We will help adjust your energy so you, like a radio, are attuned to the frequency of that which you want to attract into your life. Sit, breathe, receive, allows us to work with you each day. This time, this reception of our love is far more productive that "spinning your wheels" trying to figure out how to "make" something happen in your life. Start, as in all creations, from the inside out.

If you had what you wanted tomorrow, are you ready? If you had what you wanted tomorrow, are you willing to give up the complaints and all that goes with them? If you had what you wanted tomorrow, can you see yourself differently - as someone who HAS rather than someone who doesn't? Ask yourself these questions, dear ones, and prepare yourself to receive. Then, believe. You will be guided towards all that you seek!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Love shifts

Everything in your life serves a purpose whether or not you can see it at the time it occurs. In every joy and every pain, there is reason, and the deepest reason beneath all things is that your soul is traveling towards a greater awareness of its union with God's love. There are deep layers to your being many of which are not present to your conscious mind. So you may say, "Oh yes, I know I am one with God's love," but in truth you do not yet feel it, experience it and have the joy of knowing it as a reality in which you find heaven on earth. This is the point and purpose of all things, and indeed of your life on earth - to return to the awareness and experience of your oneness with God's love.

So what do you do, in practical terms, when you find yourself in a challenging situation? First and foremost, do not beat yourselves up. Do not ask what you have done wrong. Dear ones, you have never done anything wrong in our eyes. You are simply growing. Far better to pray, "God return me to an awareness of love. Return me to knowing I am loved right here and right now, even in the middle of this challenge." Then dear ones, sit down, breathe and receive our love. Simply breathe and use your intention. Even the simplest act of being willing to receive love, allows us – the angels – to work with your energy field and to help attune you to the energies that will attract solutions, kinder situations, etc.

Be willing also to do the smallest self-loving acts for yourself no matter what the challenge in your life, for these affirm truth and help you, vibrationally, begin to shift your situation. You are not helpless dear ones. Tuning your beings into love, in any form, will help you change your energy and shift out of even the most challenging spaces. As some of you say, often, "The only way out is up," and we would add... "vibrationally speaking."