Saturday, March 10, 2018

Time is a gift

ou live in a fast paced, “fast food," instant gratification society. You push a button and something is delivered to your home. You turn on your computer or your phone and the world is at your fingertips. You want a quote now, a text response now, an order confirmation now.

In a way, your technology is starting to mirror the energetic nature of reality – You think. You create. 

The only difference between the energetic nature of reality and your technology is that your earth was set up to give you a grace period in which you have to reach a clear and loving vibration before your thoughts manifest into reality. This is a blessing!

Can you imagine if every single thought you had appeared in front of you now? Some would be pretty frightening. "What if I have cancer? What if I lose my job? What if the world is blown to bits? What if someone leaves me? What If I never meet someone? I hope that person suffers for what they did to me!” Thank Goodness your thoughts don't manifest instantly!

Of course you could choose new, and better thoughts, and instantly create a better reality. Nonetheless, can you imagine the chaos? It would be as if a child got ahold of your remote control and was constantly changing stations on your television.

You are learning to direct your thought-streams more consistently in the direction you want your lives to go. Time is a gift that allows you to evaluate your thoughts and self-correct. 

How do you know if you’re creating what you want?
  • If you are thinking thoughts that make you feel happy, you are creating a happy reality. 
  • If you are thinking thoughts that don’t feel good, you’re blocking a happy reality. 
  • In either case, a happy reality is trying to happen! 
You are powerful beyond measure dear ones. It is a gift that you have time to explore that power and lovingly re-direct your thoughts towards that which you wish to create.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

False fear...

My dear friends, we love you so very much,
Today we'd like to speak to you on the subject of false fear. With very few exceptions, nearly everyone upon your planet earth has been infected by it. Without exception you'd be much happier without it.

Fear wasn't intended to be a problem. It was designed to help your biology react to a threat that could harm it. It wasn't originally an emotion as you experience it today. Instead it was a rush of physical signals, followed by an instinctual response. You fought or you fled depending on the danger at hand. When you were out of danger, the signals of fear immediately subsided.

Fear has been fed however, by energies in the universe and by souls upon your earth who have forgotten their connection with the divine. It has been fueled by the parts within you that forget their connection to the Divine. In a way it has become a parasitic vibration that constantly seeks to reproduce itself by inspiring fears in others. Instead of being a simple biological function, fear has taken on a life of its own.

That however is nothing to fear!

Most fear is false. True fear lives in the present. It says, "I want to protect you from harm, right here, right now. I'm guiding you." Then when the danger passes true fear says, "Wonderful! You're fine now. I'll rest until I'm needed again."

False fear lives in the future. It says, "You're responsible for making sure you're safe, protected, and abundant. You're all alone in this. The worst could happen. You better figure out what to do. You better figure out how to prevent bad things form happening in the future. Hurry up. Take control!"

False fear is a bully and a parasite
. It backs you into a mental corner. It tells you that you should be in control, but you aren't, and therefore something horrible could happen. It stirs you up, and takes root within. It messes up your manifestations, poisons your relationships, and robs you of you joy.

That may sound rather ominous, but happily love is always a higher power than fear! The quickest way to get rid of your fears, is to embrace them and bring them into the light of your love.

Suppose you are afraid "for" your child or for a friend. You can't control them. You can't control the world around them. False fear says, "You better worry! You better protect them!" Deep down, you knnow that is absurd. You can't protect them from everything and everyone. You can't achieve a thing by worrying. You feel helpless because false fear has convinced you that you need to be in control and deep down, you know you can't. 

In reality, there is a much higher, loving, power in control. If you cooperate with it – in this case imagining the best possible life for you child, speaking to them as if you know they will make the best possible choices, praying for their joy and safety with confidence – then you not helpless at all. You are actually quite powerful! 

False fear doesn't want you to know this. If you embrace your inner loving power, false fear dies.

So when you start to feel helpless, scared, and out of control, we suggest you say to yourself, "Well maybe I am helpless. Maybe I am scared. Maybe I am not in control. Let me hug and love the parts of me that are scared and reassure them that Divine Love is in control. Let me put my faith in the higher power that loves me. Let me assist by imagining and focusing upon the best possible outcome. Let me stop feeding false fear and allow love to fuel me instead."

You are light in this world dear ones. You can enable false fear, or you can love away your fears in much the same way you would love a frightened child within you. Talk to those scared parts of your soul. Embrace them. Don't push your fears away or they'll simply try different ways to get your attention. Instead look at them and lovingly dissolve them in the light of love. 

Love is always and forever, more powerful.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Saturday, February 24, 2018

A prayer for the lost

You live in a one room schoolhouse there upon your earth. There are spiritual graduates, and spiritual kinderg√§rtners. There are star students, and there are those who skip class entirely. There are kind students and bullies. You are all in school together. You are all family.

So what do you do when you witness violence on your news… or in your own lives? How can you reconcile the fact that every soul carries within them the light of God, and yet there are some who hurt, kill, and devalue other life? Dear ones, we know it is not easy to be upon the earth right now. It is a time of grand and glorious change, a time when emotions are bubbling up in human hearts, sometimes with volcanic proportion.

The beauty of this time is that so many of you are finding new passion, inspiration, or a desire to release the past. The sad side to this movement is that there are more who “coming unglued” as you say, and hurting others out of their own unbearable pain. All are family. Even those who kill, hurt, and devalue others are family. They are lost, but they are still part of you. They need your prayers.

Those of you who are parents know that you would love your children even if you didn’t like them. You would see their light and potential even if they chose not to live in that light. You would believe in their capacity for good even if they never acted upon it. You birthed them. You have seen them as pure, innocent babies. You know who they really are.

Can you imagine dear ones, this is how God and your angels sees each and every one of you? We seen the innocent, pure light of the Divine within each and every one of you.

So what about those who kill others, as in the case of recent shootings. “How do we see them,” you ask? “What happens to their souls? Where is the justice?” We hear your cries for truth.

We see the truth of these souls. We see their sensitivity to life, their pain, despair, and their desperate cries for love. We see their sense of abandonment, frustration, and even rage. We send them extra love. We attempt to gently steer them into kinder situations, kinder thoughts, and kinder realities, but still they have free will. When we see that they are going to use their free will in a violent way, we do our best to guide and protect all in their path, according to their soul’s design and choices.

The heavens are mobilized, dear ones, before each and every disaster – natural or man-made. There are legions of angels there to assist.

Some souls who die in the path of the rage-full ones have agreed to leave the planet to inspire compassion, societal, or family change. Some souls who die at the hand of the lost ones, signed up for a shorter experience of life. Some souls in the path have simply ignored their guidance, and when presented with the moment of choice that every soul has to stay or go, they say, at some level of their being, “I choose to go home.” This is hard to imagine when you don’t remember the bliss of heaven, but once you have, we reassure you there is no fear of death whatsoever. Quite the opposite, we often have a hard time helping souls whose time has not come to return to earth!

Meanwhile, what happens to those souls who are in such pain that they stir up great pain and darkness in the world? It varies, dear ones. Some of them die clueless and refuse to go into the light because they don’t believe love exists. These lost souls reincarnate time and again, wreaking havoc until at long last someone prays fervently enough for their soul to hear and feel worthy of love. Some of them die and wake up in transition. They go into the light, see, and feel in their life review all the pain they’ve caused. These souls want to make up for the pain. They often want to come back and serve humanity, or some of them erroneously believe they must come back and suffer to “pay for their sins.” God does not require payment. God wants all to be healed.

So pray, dear ones, not only for the victims of the hurting soul, but even more so for those who are committing such atrocities on your planet.Pray for their healing, their awakening,their return into the light. Pray that when they die they will know they are worthy of God’s love so they can be healed. Pray also for the souls who didn’t know enough to go into the light..

”Heal and uplift all hurting souls. Bring them into the light of your love. Bring home the lost, the weary, the sad, the angry, the wounded, and help all be uplifted as we collectively move into greater light.” 

The lost ones hear your prayers. If enough people think them worthy of love, sometimes that is enough for them to shift and receive the love that is, and always has been, waiting for them. You – through your prayers and your commitment to love – can bring them back home.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Grab the remote!

You are powerful beyond your capacity to comprehend. The Love of the Creator lives and breathes within you. With your free will, using, faith, focus and your feeling, you aim the creative powers of the universe!

If you could see reality as we see it, it looks like a vast network of possible "programs" for your life. In much the same way as your television is receptive to a vast network of possible programs – all being broadcast all at once – you are receptive to a vast network of possible realities, all offered to you, all at once.

When you want to select a program on your television, you hold the remote control, press a button and the program appears. What is really happening? You press a button and your remote control sends out an energetic signal. That signal is interpreted by your television, and it tells your television to tune into a certain station. Out of all the stations your TV could receive, now it is focused on only one. Its is tuned into the energetic signal of that one station. A picture appears.

Your faith, focus, and feeling are your internal "remote control." All possibilities for your future exist right here and right now in the "mind of God." Through your faith, focus, and feeling you suddenly tune into one! To the degree you have faith, focus, and feeling, you are strongly tuned in. By virtue of the laws of the universe, your picture is going to appear in perfect grace and timing.

To the degree you doubt, you create "static." Your picture will not appear as clearly in your life. To the degree that you vacillate between faith and fear, you are "flipping channels" on your inner remote and may see nothing changing whatsoever.

So take control over your God-given inner "remote control." Choose the reality you want to focus on. How does it feel? That is the feeling component. Continue to ask that question, and allow your soul to answer. That is the focus. Now trust that the universe will operate according to its original design! That is faith.

Dear ones, what you experience has nothing at all to do with earning it, being worthy of it, or being "granted it" by a capricious God. It has nothing to do with your past mistakes or successes. Right here, right now, you have the opportunity to "grab the remote" and change the events that play out in your life. You have choice! 

You can start creating an entirely different reality right here and right now.
Why not start creating the one you want? You all deserve each and every dream, if not exactly as you dream it, perhaps better. We, by our very nature, support every loving intention you have for your lives.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Things are moving!

So many of you are experiencing heightened sensitivity right now! So many of you are feeling your own hearts and the flow of energies in the world so much more strongly. This need not be a burden, but rather if you learn to dance with it, can become a great blessing.

Last year the political climate upon your planet catalyzed a huge "uncorking" of human hearts. Stuffed opinions and emotions rose to the surface. Those who once felt apathetic now felt the stirring of their own hearts and minds. Those who had unhealed childhood wounds found themselves triggered by public events and personas. Those with a strong desire for peace and unity were catalyzed to speak up and those with fear and anger did the very same. Basically, the human race started to become "unstuck."

This movement, if you can imagine it, was like pulling the plug on billions of people "pipes" that has been corked and stuck shut. Suddenly energy was moving once again, at times violently, though human hearts. Suddenly, because you are all part of the ecosystem upon your planet earth, the energy began to move upon her being as well. This movement stirred up earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, and floods – all more circumstances that opened human hearts to love their neighbors, assist their fellow men and speak up for what they believed to be true. This movement allowed God's circulation of LOVE to flow more freely through your three dimensional reality.

What followed inside of each and every one of you was a desire for what you truly want, and often, an intolerance for what you truly don't. Many of you felt unusually cranky, intolerant, of simply not willing to settle any more. As we see it, that is fantastic. You are becoming more honest with yourselves and with life. You are allowing love to flow through you. You are allowing yourselves to be yourselves. You are moving towards that which delights and away from that which does not. You are starting to live as the angels do.

These changes are not always easy. You have been conditioned to please others rather than to simply "be" yourself. Many of you have created lives and realities based on pleasing others and these others are no longer pleased when you're not pleasing them! Truth can disrupt lives that were based on even the most subtle self-lies. And it is all going to be OK! When you rock your own boat because you're becoming more honest you will be carried by an ocean of love into a better, kinder, and more authentic reality

Movement after being stuck for some time can be quite challenging. Be kind to yourselves – and others – as you experience these changes. In time, as you become more comfortable being you, you will no longer require anger to justify your changes or beliefs. You will no longer need to blame others for not agreeing with you and you won't feel so sad about being different. You will simply allow others to be themselves, and move towards those of like mind. You will no longer feel uncomfortable and defensive when you have to speak your truth. You will become comfortable being your own true self and you will find peace in that reality. You will all learn, eventually to live and let live.

So enjoy your new sensitivities. Feel your hearts deeply. Know that you are perfect exactly as you are. If you are sad cry. If you are angry, journal or vent in a healthy way. If you are overflowing with love and gratitude, let it pour forth from your spirit! If you feel the world's static, breathe it in and then breathe it out without fear. You, dear ones, are beautiful light expressing the many facets of divinity in billions of unique and precious ways. You are perfect exactly as you are.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Go with your flow

You don't have to struggle with your lives. You can relax, breath and trust that the power which creates you, also guides you. To the degree that you surrender to your own hearts in each moment, you are being guided. To the degree that you resist your authentic self, you feel exhausted, stuck or in pain.

Suppose for example a friend asks you a favor. You don't really want to do it. You feel like you should. You say "yes." You have resisted the natural flow of life by being dishonest with yourself and your friend. Unless you can authentically change your mind and honestly, lovingly do the favor, you will feel exhausted, resentful, or resigned.

Suppose you desire a relationship. You will feel joy, excitement and enthusiasm when you imagine having it, for you have aimed the creative forces of the universe and in your excitement you have aligned your energy with a powerful, invigorating flow! However, suppose you begin to doubt. You feel you have to "settle" or "be alone." Now you are resisting the very forces you have set in motion, and that resistance will exhaust or depress you.

Suppose you ask for help in finding a dream home. Your intention sets the creative forces of the universe in motion. If you take time to dream of how you will feel, trust that you are guided, and listen to your heart in each moment – whether it logically relates to having a home or not – you will be guided straight towards the perfect home. However if you doubt, feel unworthy, resigned, or fearful, then you are resisting the very forces you have set in motion. It is as if you have aimed a river towards your dream, jumped in, and you now struggle against its flow.

The question is never, "Does God hear your prayers," but rather, "Are you energetically aligned with your prayers or are you energetically resisting them?"

"Are you allowing your faith, enthusiasm, and anticipation to guide you, or are you creating resistance with your doubts, fears, and feelings of resignation?"

Assume you are loved. Assume that the flow of life itself is directed by and towards your loving intentions... or even better. Rather than trying to figure out how to create your dreams, spend more time aligning yourself with them through faith, focus, and feeling... not fear!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Focus & Feel

You are always creating! The reality you experience today was one you created yesterday, perhaps even yesteryear or in lives past. The reality you experience tomorrow, or even an hour from now is one you are creating in this very breath. 

Are you creating what you want?  

Take a breath.  Focus on one challenge or problem in your life for just a few seconds. As you do so, know that you are re-creating that challenge or problem for yourself in that very moment. You are inviting it to stay with you by your charged focus upon it. 

Now, let’s change this. Focus instead on what it would feel like to experience a better reality.  Ask yourself, “What would it feel like to have a better reality right here, right now?” Really allow yourself to imagine it. Even more importantly, allow yourself to feel it. 

What would it feel like to have all the money you ever needed, right here, right now? Don’t just answer frivolously. Feel that reality. Imagine it. Immerse your mind and emotions in that reality until you feel the relaxation flood your body. 

What would it feel like to be surrounded by loving relationships in all areas of your life and to lovingly, powerfully walk away from those who are not? Imagine it. Feel it. Feel the love of your life with you right now even if you have no clue if one exists. Do this until you feel it in your body. Breathe deeply while you are doing this. 

Your imagination is a radio tuner that selects the frequencies and therefore the realties you call into being.  

Your breath is the carrier or spiritual energy.

As you breathe and feel, you are attuning yourself to the life you wish to live.
 When you think of something upsetting with great emotional charge, you are tuning into that experience. When you think of something you passionately want with great love an excitement, you are dialing into that experience. 

Where the process gets tricky for most of you is that you dial into something you want to experience with great fear that it will not come about, and in so doing, you are dialing into “not having it” it more strongly than “having it.” 

Dear ones we love you! We want you to embrace the fact that you are powerful creators! With each breath you inhale spirit. With each focused feeling you tune into the reality you wish to experience next.  Use these powers more consciously every day for these are superpowers that each one of you is blessed with by your very nature! 

The saying that you must “become as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven,” is true, for children focus on their dreams and desires with great love. In so doing, they experience a joy that is long forgotten by most adults – who have learned to allow yesterday’s creations – what you are experiencing today – to dictate what you think possibly tomorrow! 

Breathe. Dream. Feel… and then your tomorrows will unfold with miracles and grace.