Saturday, December 30, 2006

Let's create heaven in 2007

Ann's note... Therese Inzerillo mentioned on her radio show that we're going for "Heaven in 2007." I just loved that and asked the angels to say more!

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Indeed dear ones, heaven exists within each one of you as a state of mind and heart that embraces simple truth. You are loved. You are supported. You are special, treasured, and priceless in the heavens.

If you choose to truly love yourself in the upcoming year of 2007, the universe will return that love magnified beyond belief.

If you focus with gratitude on the abundance of your lives, no matter what that means to you, it will be multiplied.

If you focus on your worth, others will see it as well.

Dear ones, more than ever before the energy you send out from within, is being returned in the outer circumstances of your lives. 2007 presents rich oportunities for manifesting, wonderful opportunities for partnership and connection, and the potential for magic and miracles in your lives.

Choose to look upon yourself with love and kindness and do the same for others and you will indeed find your heaven in '07.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Light in the darkness

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

In this season that celebrates the coming of light in the darkness, whether you are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Bhuddist, Pagan, or of no particular spiritual persuasion at all, we ask you to contemplate the light that YOU are. You have the Christ energy within you. You are the candles burning miraculously in the dark. You are the beacons of God's hope and inspiration in this world. It is in your smallest gestures of kindness that you can change a life. It is in your moments of kindness to self, that you refill your well so you can give more of God's love to the world. It is in creating peace within yourself that you create it in your world.

Dear ones, we love you. You are a gift to us. You are the angels upon the earth doing God's work in the darkness, bringing light to others simply by your loving presence. We wish each one of you a blessed and joyous holiday season and hold you dear in our hearts.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Ann's note... The angels wanted to give a special message here for those spending Christmas alone...

Dear ones if you find yourselves alone for the holidays take advantage of this time to spend time in silence, reconnecting with your hopes and dreams for the future. Sit with us and share them aloud with us and we will be able to help you create them in the upcoming year. If you are lonely, volunteer somewhere with others of kind and like mind and heart. If you are sad, take a walk outdoors and ask mother earth to heal you. If you are grieving, take comfort that your loved ones in heaven want more than anything to let you know they are with you. Dear ones, it is an illusion that you could ever truly be without love. We love you so much.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fill yourself with innocence

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As you open your hearts and minds to the wonder of the season we remind you that the reason you find your hoildays so joyful is that you allow yourselves once again to be filled with the wonder and the magic of pure innocence once again. When you can look at the lights on your houses, smell the scents of your baking, and rejoice in the season of giving and receiving you become once again like a child. Dear ones, create time for yourselves to look at the world with wonder, this season and every season, for it in the state of wonder that your life becomes wonderful.

Instead of rushing about, remember to focus on what is truly the important gift in your lives - loving one another. If you can't think of a meaninful present, write a meaningful love letter or note of appreciation to someone you love. We tell you that long after a gift has been cast aside the gift of your words and your love will be remembered, for dear ones, these treasures of love from your heart are the gifts that you take with you into eternity.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Saturday, December 09, 2006

What gifts will you bring to the surface

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

What gifts will you bring to the surface dear friends, during this holiday season? Will they be the gift of your kindness to a stranger, the gift of forgiving someone in traffic, the gift of your culinary or creative skills, the gift of your compassion, the gift of your laughter, or in any form, the gift of your very great love.

The present of your presence dear one is the gift of greatest value here upon the planet earth.

Slow down, breathe deeply when you feel rushed. Sink into your heart and ask yourself, what is truly important to you at this time of year. Be the courageous lightworker who smiles at a stranger, makes a kind remark to someone who looks harried, or stops to say a little prayer for someone you've never met.

Dear ones, heavenly peace exists inside of you at all times of the year. Find it now, in this season of giving. Choose to RECEIVE God's love and then you will have an abundance to share. Choose to RECEIVE God's grace by taking the time to honor your hearts. Remember that the light that came into the world at Christmas is a representation of the light that already and always exists within your own hearts.

Unwrap the present of the presence of the Christ, the divine consciousness within you, this season, by slowing down, breathing deeply, and finding that peace. This is your gift to yourself and the world.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Your presence is the present

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As you begin your holiday season we remind you that the greatest gift you can give the world and one another is the present of your presence. Dear ones it is the light of the Christ within you that is birthed during your holiday season once again every year. It is the light of divine consciousness, of hope, inspiration, peace, and joy that you can find within and share with the world. It is the light of your truth that shines upon the lost and lonely to give them a beacon of hope and inspiration.

This holiday season, slow down. Ask God and your angels to help you balance your desire to give with your desire to receive this very great light in your life. Rather than furiously shopping for presents, take time in silence to meditate on the people in your life and ask their angels to guide you in giving gifts with meaning. Rather than rushing to every social event, slow down and allow your hearts to dictate which are truly meaningful to you. Rather than writing your cards with haste, make them an act of love. If you are lonely and don't feel like giving, give yourself the gift of time to receive love and affection by praying for the very same and watching the magic unfold.

Dear ones you have huge opportunity during this holiday season to both receive and share the very great light of God that is invited by your world into human hearts at this time. Sit in silence, your own silent nights, to receive this love, and you will find a peace that becomes your gift to yourself, your friends, your families, and indeed the entire world.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Everything you want is in your heart

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Everything you might wish for dear ones, is to be found within your own hearts.

If you want peace in the world, find the peace within you first. Sit quietly and pray for God's love to fill your heart and your life. Refuse to be drawn into the dramas and stresses of others around you. Ask for assistance and we will help you see your world with a bit of detachment.

If you want abundance, find the richness of your own spirit. Sit in contemplation of the beauty of your own spirit. Many of you have persisted in your spiritual growth in spite of great challenge. Acknowledge your worth on a daily basis and it is there you will open up the flow in all areas of your life.

If you want understanding, make it a point to acknowledge and understand your own heart. This way you will project an energy of clarity that others will respond to.

If you are faced with challenges, challenge yourself to maintain a focus on what you are creating rather than giving your thoughts over to what the world would create for you.

You are powerful souls, dear ones. You have within you the capacity to exist in a peaceful world inside of yourself, even amidst the chaos of the outer world. You have the ability to tap into amazing abundance in all areas of your life. You have the ability to stand as a beacon of hope for others because you know the light within yourself. You have the ability to direct your thoughts no matter what circumstances come your way, and to remain steadfast in faith until your creations manifest in the outer world. Ask us to help you truly remember who you are - bright, beautiful souls, part of God's creation, loved, and cherished so dearly

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Saturday, November 18, 2006

We give thanks for you!

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As many of you on this list celebrate your holiday of Thanksgiving, we give thanks for all of you. It is your willingness to bring light to the darker spaces on your planet that allows us to bring more light to the earth. You are on the spiritual 'front lines' so to speak, although in truth dear ones, there is no battle ever. All are made of light whether they choose to acknowledge that reality or not.

Each one of you is special in your own way. Each one of you contributes to the peace and love on your planet in your own way. No one is better than or worse than another. At the end of your life you are not measured by the magnitude of your contributions but by whether or not they were authentic for you. A gardener who loves to garden is as important as a world leader who leads in love. A maintenance person who loves their labor is as important as the speaker who maintains their love. The mother and father who love their child are as important as the relgious leaders who truly love their flock. Dear ones you are all equally important in God's eyes.

We give thanks for all of you. We, the angels give thanks for the diversity of God's creation, for it is rich, beautiful, and cherished. There are so many paths to God for within each of you likes a seed of divinity that can help you grow to the heavens. Do not try to be someone else dear ones. Give thanks for all of who you are and be that, one moment, one day at a time.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Let your light shine

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Allow your light to shine.

Do not be afraid to feel large in spirit when others act in small ways.
Knowing the truth of your being enables you to share love freely.

Do not be afraid to feel successful when so many feel lack.
You have the capacity to offer inspiration and your gifts and talents.

Do not be afraid to speak up for unity when others would tear the world apart and divide it into political, religious and ideological factions. You can demonstrate a willingness to listen to other perspectives while still having your own. The world needs to see this is possible.

Do not be afraid to disengage from gossip and hurtful conversations. Your silence is golden in these situations.

Do not be afraid to share your joy when you have created something of beauty, inspiration, or wisdom, whether that is a beautiful home, a piece of art, or a happy family. Share your joy. Others need to see this is possible.

Dear friends you live in a world in the throes of lessons and chaos at times, and yet you chose to be here at this time. You chose to be the light, the lovers, the ones standing up for God's grace in this world. Many of you are weary and yet we are there to bolster your spirits. Many of you are experiencing amazing successes at a rate that leaves your head spinning. Trust. You are loved, supported, protected, and cherised in the heavens.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Judgment vs. Discernment

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As the energies on your earth continue to intensify take heart. So many of you ask us, "When will this end?" Dear ones, there is no end to growth - not on earth, and not in the higher realms. You are eternally challenged to stand in spiritual truth - that you can choose to create a beautiful life for yourself no matter what lessons others on the planet participate in. Do not judge yourself or others, dear friends, for judgment is an act of emotional violence. We wish to distinguish here between judgment and discernment.

Judgment says, "He or she should not think/act/or speak in this fashion." Discernment says, "I do not want to be around him or her when he/she thinks/acts/or speaks in this fashion."

Judgment tries to change another. Discernment tells you what is healthy for you.

Judgment shows areas in whch you require another to change to feel good about yourself or your own decisions. Discernment shows you have matured enough spiritually to own your choices and to move away from that which is not healthy.

Dear friends, we implore you as the tensions in your world continue to rise, not to fall into judgment. Earth is a school and there are students at all levels indeed. As we have said to our channel, "Earth is a one room schoolhouse." Those of you in the more advanced grades have a responsibility to be in integrity with higher truths so you can be an example for those less evolved. Do not be harsh with yourselves if you slip. Just get up and keep going and resolve to do the best you can.

Your love, dear friends, is needed at this time. Your peace is needed at this time. Your forgiveness is needed at this time. Pray because your prayers are powerful dear friends. You are part of God's creation - important, loved, and cherised.

God bless you.
-- The Angels

Saturday, October 28, 2006

It is a time of transformation

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Understand that your planet is in an intense time of transformation. Wave upon wave of light is washing over you and many of you are feeling all sorts of symptoms once again including fatigue, swirling, lightheadedness, forgetfulness, euphoria at times, and exhaustion at others. This is to be expected as the energy continues to become more intense. There is tremendous opportunity here. You are being birthed into a greater light, and a greater awareness of who you truly are. If you have asked for this, you will become more psychic, more loving, more aware of how your thoughts are powerful creations, as well as your worries. If you invite God into your life, expect joyful surprises. If you do not, expect life to become more challenging. It is a year of surrendering to your own heart and trusting that God cares enough to carry you forward upon waves of love to the life of your dreams.

Your thoughts continue to become more powerful creations. What you choose to focus upon, you draw to you with increasing strength, and so dear ones, focus upon what you want rather than what you do not. Pray and ask God to take away your worries, fill your heart with His peace and His Love, and fill every area of your life with the same.

Your earth is preparing for more change dear friends and you feel the weight of these transformations. Like a woman about to give birth, mother earth is in labor and so you feel the contractions and the expantions - the times when the energy becomes very dense and the opportunities for birth into greater light. Surrender to your hearts. Rest, be kind to yourselves, pray, and sit in silence each day if only for a little while and you will weather these changes with grace.

God bless you.
-- The Angels

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Never underestimate the power of one kind deed

My dear friends, we love you all so very much.

Never underestimate the power of one kind deed. Your world needs so much kindness right now. If you are motivated to smile at a stranger, you may be saving their lives. If you are motivated to reach out and offer assistance, you may be the angel to a friend. If you are motivated to share a nickle with the person in front of you at the grocery store who has just realized they are a nickle short, do so.

If someone is unkind to you retaliate with kindness. Be gentle, loving, and wise. Walk away from abuse rather than fighting back or making yourselves wrong. Be kind to yourselves.

Dear ones, there are so many hurting souls upon your planet earth. One kind deed can make the difference between them opening up to love or falling into despair. You never know when it is you who will make the difference. Sometimes you won't know until you meet with us in heaven and review your lives. Never underestimate the power of your love dear angels on earth. You are the ones who refuse to fall into the darker spaces of separation. Your hearts are the ones longing to embrace the masses with God's love. And when you are hearting, be the ones willing to reach out for the embrace that you need.

Dear ones, we love you so much. You deeds are not ever measured by their magnitude but rather by the purity of their intent.

God bless you.
-- The Angels

Saturday, October 14, 2006

You do not have to earn God's love

My dear friends, we love you all so very much.

Dear ones we are always assisting you. You do not have to earn our love. You do not have to earn God's love. God's love is present at all times in your life - when you feel it and when you don't; when you're happy and when you're sad; when you feel you are in a loving space and when you are not. The only difference is that you will feel God's love when you are in a space of self worth and self-love, and you may not if you are busy being hard on yourselves.

Many of you have found this year to be quite challenging but as you have noticed, the energies are shifting once again. What was once stuck and sluggish in your lives is now beginning to move. If you have surrendered your hearts and lives to God, prayed with sincerity, and opened yourself up to receiving, you can expect changes. You cannot anticipate them, necessarily, but you can live your life with wondering - wondering what miracles God has in store for you. Instead of expecting the worst, expect the best dear ones. Expect that you may be surprised by solutions that are better than any you would devise on your own. Expect that in the right time, in the right way, God will work with you to first prepare you for your dreams and then to bring them to fruition. Act when guided, speak when impulsed, and trust.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
-- The Angels

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Trust you can never fail

My dear friends, we love you all so very much.

Trust dear ones that you are loved so deeply and dearly that you can never fail God or your angels. Many of you put so much pressure on yourselves to perform, achieve, take over your goals and dreams that you forget to ask for help. You forget to ask God to take over your life, release you from struggle and pain, and bless you with miracles. Dear ones ask for help. You are never a bother, never an imposition. You are never judged, never unloved, and never considered anything but precious in God's eyes.

We want to assist you in all things great and small. Ask for our help and then trust that it will be forthcoming. Don't ask us to change another, dear ones, ask us to help you find your own hearts and lead you to a reality which mirrors them back to you in grand and glorious ways. Ask to be guided to a life beyond your dreams. Ask for wonderful surprises. Release your control dear ones over how everything in your lives must look and open up to the possibility that God knows even better. When something in your life isn't working ask for it to be replaced or transformed and then trust. Be patient as we answer your prayers. Dear ones, God loves you so very much. He wants to bring you a life of passionate joy, but you must let go of old beliefs that you are not worthy, old notions that you must know how everything will look, and old habits that cause you pain.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
-- The Angels

Thursday, September 28, 2006

God guides you to contribute through joy

My dear friends, we love you all so very much.

God guides you dear ones to express the talents and gifts that you have in this world by making a contribution through joy. You are not meant to be slaves to drudgery. You are meant to live inspired lives. Tap into what inspires you dear ones and there you will find the path to your most joyful life.

Make a list of 50 things you have enjoyed doing throughout your life, no matter how small (walking the dog, watching the colors of the sunset, talking with your children), and then write down next to this, why you enjoy this activity (because you love animals, love beauty, love children). Find the love in each activity. See what loves run throughout your life. Then ask several friends how they think you could translate those loves into either a career or outside activities. Do more of what you love dear ones.

God attempts first to guide you through joy.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
-- The Angels

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The true nature of unconditional giving

Ann's note - One of our dear readers wrote in to ask the angels to share their perspective on "unconditional giving." I think the topic applies to a lot of us on this list so I've asked them to comment.

My dear friends, we love you all so very much.

Certainly all of you on this list are loving, giving, and caring souls, who long to share God's love quite freely here upon your planet earth. You long to be known as the loving souls that you are, and often you go above and beyond the call of duty to demonstrate this love. Then, just as often, many of you become frustrated if the love is not reciprocated. Dear ones, this is only human and yet since you have asked us to comment, we will.

Truly unconditional gifts are given from a feeling of abundance within, or for the sheer joy of sharing the gifts you feel that you have already received.

Truly unconditional love is a respect, wonder, and appreciation for ALL that another was, is, and shall be.

This type of giving, and this type of loving require honesty, and a large degree of self-love to achieve.

If you give in order to receive love back, then that is conditional. Many of you kindhearted souls long to have your loving nature acknowledged and so you give and give and give, often with little return. Dear ones, examine your motivations and instead of giving automatically, give when the joy is found in the GIVING itself, not in anticipation of any reward. For it is in giving, in this fashion, that you feel the FLOW of God's love through you, and out into the world.

If you give from an empty cup, you will feel drained.

If you give from abundance, you make room for more.

If you give with expectation of return, you give your power away to the one you are expecting to give back. If they do not, you feel negated, resentful, or angry.

When you give unconditinoally, your joy is found in the giving and you can trust that God will return the favors. Human beings may not.

If you give because you require validation that you are a good person, you set yourself up for possible disappointment.

If you give because you know you ARE a good person, you don't care at all whether or not your gift is recognized. Giving it is just part of being you.

Dear ones, you are not required to give to everyone in need. Indeed God guides EACH one of you when it is His will that you would help a friend or a stranger in need. If your giving is God-motivated it will be joyful; you will FEEL like doing it; you will TRUST that all will be refilled as needed; you will KNOW the reward is in the giving itself. If your giving is ego-motivated you may find yourself feeling disapointed, resentful, filled with expectation, or exhausted.

Give when you are motivated to give, without expectation of return and know that you have just created flow in your life, room for more abundance to be poured into your life in many forms. Let God figure out how the gifts will be returned and take the pressure off one another.

This my dear friends is God's unconditional gift to you - the promise that as you give (from an authentic desire to give) so too shall you receive.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
-- The Angels

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ann's note - I've noticed in my readings that many people are feeling edgy and easily upset these days. So I have asked the angels to comment on this for all of us... Here is their reply.

My dear friends, we love you all so very much.

First and foremost realize that you are so very loved. You do not have to merit God's love with holiness, happiness, or even piety, dear ones, for God's love is a constant. So very many of you put pressure on yourselves to be pleasant at all times. You try to control your feelings and although dear ones, we do certainly advise you to take responsibilty for your words and actions, we know that it is impossible to dictate your feelings, for they are messages from your soul.

Celebrate the truths that are emerging from the depths of your being. Mother earth and certainly you, dear ones, are together working to release the pressures you have built up within yourselves over the years. You - the sensitive and caring souls - have often put up with conditions and behaviors that are less than kind, less than respectful, and less than honoring of your own hearts. If you find yourselves getting upset or angry at these behaviors as of late, know it is simply the deeper truth of your souls rising to the surface, and sometimes erupting with great force. You want kindness. You want respect. You want integrity in your life. You want, and deserve, nothing less.

While we certainly do not advocate judging another or taking out your upsets on another, we ask you to examine your upsets forthey are messages from your spirit. What is it you want in your life? If someone is treating you less than kindly, either ask for kinder treatment, with love and compassion, or walk away. If you can not walk away at this point, pray to God for ways you can find compassion for yourself and the other and for new ways to communicate your desire for love and respect. If all else fails, offer silence in response to unkindness.

Dear ones, do not judge your feelings becuase they come from a deeper desire to have love, kindness, honesty, and respectful interactions in your lives. You are choosing to honor yourselves more deeply, to save your energy for making positive contribution in the world, rather than spending it on maintaining your self-worth in less than loving situations. You are indeed in a time upon the earth when you don't have time to focus on childish behaviors because your love and your light are so very needed by those willing to grow.

Allow yourselves this freedom dear ones, to simply move towards love, away from unkindness, and into greater truth.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Personality & Soul

My dear friends, we love you all so very much.

There is never a moment when your prayers go unheard and yet,
God has a master plan for your lives that includes so much more
happiness for you than you would ever dream about.

The desires of your personality and the desires of your soul do not always match.

- Your personality wants instant gratitification,
- where your soul wants lasting value.

- Your personality wants relationships to fill the holes within, and make you feel loved.
- Your soul wants God to fill you, and then it wants to spill that love out into the world.

- Your personality thinks you must prove your goodness to others and to God, and strive for perfection to earn love.
- The soul knows that you are always enough.

- The personality strategizes to meet its own ends.
- The soul prays and waits for guidance.

- The personality feels lack.
- The soul searches for the abundance that is already there.

- The personality wants other to understand your pain.
- The soul embraces its own pain and seeks the desire for love underneath

Dear ones, we love you so much. God loves you so much. Pray to align your personality with your spirit and you will find life moving in more joyful, miraculous, and gentle directions.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Take heart, all is being revealed

My dear friends, we love you all so very much. Celebrate the great awakening period that is occurring now upon your planet earth. The events you see on your news are not so different from events that have occurred throughout human history. There have always been wars. There has always been corruption. There have always been human manipulations, and there have always been earth changes. Your technology, dear ones, simply brings these events to light in a way that ensures that "all that is hidden shall be revealed."

Rather than falling into despair when you see darkness in the world, in your families, worklplaces, or even in your own hearts, celebrate the fact that it IS being seen. Celebrate the fact that what is revealed can be healed. When the world watches war, not the concept of it but the harsh reality, more people pray for peace. When the world witnesses disasters, hearts open with compassion whereupon in your past people were buffered from the realities of others. When you see corruption, you work harder to live within your own integrity.

Dear ones, although you are in a time of great upheaval on your planet, and many of you feel this in your body, mind, and spirit, know also that it is a time of Revelation - a time whereupon what is not working is being revealed, so that humanity can choose a kinder path. Will that happen? Well dear ones, we believe it will, and we ask each and every one of you to participate in this awakening by choosing the kinder paths in your own lives.

Don't create wars within your own mind and heart. Live with integrity according to the dictates of your soul. Live with compassion for those in suffering and honor your guidance as to how you should help, be it physically supporting those in need, or simply praying from the depths of your spirit.

These are both chaotic and exciting times for your planet earth. The truth, the bottom line, is that God's love will always prevail. There is no other power in creation.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Peace be with you

Peace be with you dear ones. Peace be in your hearts. Peace be in your lives. Peace be in your homes, and among your families. Peace, dear ones, starts with accepting yourself as you are. Peace spirals out in your life by accepting others as they are. Peace expands by accepting the circumstances in which you find yourselves, and then praying for the changes you seek. Peace come from trusting that God hears your prayers and will answer them in right time.

Denial of the reality of self, life, and others brings confusion and chaos.

Acceptance, and loving allowance bring clarity.

Peace be with you. Peace be in your hearts, your homes, and your lives.

-- Jesus

Saturday, August 19, 2006

We love you at all times

We love all of you. We love you when you are feeling inspired and enlightened and we love you when you feel deeply upset or sad. We love you when you are helping and assisting humanity and we love you when you fall into the lower spaces. Our love, like God's love is without condition.

You are being asked to do the best you can to offer this type of love to yourselves and the world. This love is not a romantic love, not always a warm and fuzzy love, but rather an acknowledgement of the light within, no matter what is being demonstrated on the surface. We love you when offer a kind word to a stranger and we love you, yes, even when you are yelling at those you love. We love you when believe in us, and we love you when you take out your frustrations on us. Dear ones, you are loved without condition because we know the truth of you.

Look into the eyes of those around you and choose to embrace both the reality of their human behavior and the truth of their divine light. Set your human boundaries according to the reality of their human behaviors but choose to honor and acknowledge their right to be treated with compassion and respect. We say this dear ones because the divisions in the world are being highlighted and it is you, the light workers, who are being asked to discern without judgment, to move away from abuse without hatred, and to forgive knowing it is an act of courage, even as you move into kinder spaces in your own lives.

We love you dear ones. We want to help you in this endeavor because we know each of you will feel the bliss of your soul when you choose to love. Love is a choice you make to stand in truth -- not a feeling, not a behavior -- but rather a choice to acknowledge the light within each soul. Love does not require you to sustain abuse, nor does it require you to give to another when this does not honor your own heart. Love, as we speak of it, is simply an acknowledgement that all perspectives have a right to be - yours included! Start there, dear ones, with unconditional acknowledgement of your own right to be, and then from this space you will find judgments dropping away, discernment increasing, and an abundance of grace flowing through your life.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Patience is essential to manifesting

My dear friends we love you so very much. We're going to continue our discusssion on patience this week. When you are manifesting your dreams, remain faithful that you can go about your days and enjoy life while God works diligently behind the scenes. When it is time for you to take action, we will make sure you are made aware in right timing. God will answer your prayers in ways you cannot imagine, strategize, or create on your own. God answers your prayers by first guiding you into the situations that prepare your heart to receive the gifts that are forthcoming - to know your worthiness and to be ready for the changes that come with the answers to your prayers. If you pray for a wonderful relationship you might have to wait a bit until you treat yourselves as worthy of this type of love so you can truly receive it when it arrives. If you pray for a new home you might be given time to clear the clutter out of the old one. If you pray for a new job you may wait until you are commited to remaining in balance in the present one so you don't start the new one with bad habits. God knows your heart dear ones, your habits, your beliefs, and your fears, and will work with you to till the soil of your heart until you are truly ready to receive your dreams.

Have faith dear ones that your prayers are answered, and you do not have to answer them yourselves. Have faith that God DOES care about your hearts, your well being, your security here upon the earth, etc. To the degree that you allow God to work in your lives by surrendering a bit of control as to "how" someting must look, you give God the space to work miracles in your lives. Let go of trying to control how your prayers are answered dear ones, and allow us to do a bit more of the work :)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Surrender control of your dreams to God

My dear friends we love you so very much. Relax and understand we are always with you! Surrender control of your dreams to God dear ones! God will let you know what you need to do and when to do it. You can release your struggles, relax and enjoy your lives, be at peace and know that when it is time for you to take action you will be guided. Guidance will occur as the desires in your heart, the nagging feelings that you want to do something, call someone, check something out. Guidance will not always make sense, but it will always feel like something you want in the moment. Allow yourself to surf the waves of your own rhythms and you will not feel as if you have been caught in an undertow of struggles.

We are with you. We love you. We want to help you but so many of you pray for help and then take charge of making things happen in ways that do not honor your hearts, your spirits, or your true desires. So many of you pray for ease and yet embrace struggle. So many of you have faith, but only for a week or two... dear ones and we tease you. Trust that God does care about your dreams. God does hear your prayers. God wants you to know that you are not, and never were alone. A little patience is required and a great deal of faith to release control over how your dreams come to fruition, and yet dear ones, this surrender to your own hearts, and the waves of your own rhythms, releases you to simply live and enjoy your lives while we work behind the scenes.

Eternity is a very long time, dear friends. Don't miss the moments. There will always be another dream, another goal, and another "there" to get to. Life occurs now. Allow us to help you get to your "theres" while you enjoy the present.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

You are a universe unto yourself

y dear friends we love you so very much. In times of turmoil and transition upon your planet remember that you are a universe unto yourself, and yet deeply part of all here upon the earth as well. Within all of you lie the frequencies of heaven as well as the frequencies of hell. You can tune into whichever vibration you choose dear ones.

You can for example, look upon the recent events on your planet and indeed in your own lives and feel deeply the illusions of separation - you can see the world in terms of "us" vs. "them." However, dear ones, we assure you that in choosing this perspective there are no winners, only losers. Would your right hand benefit by hating and hitting the left? Truly they are individuals with different perspectives but certainly part of one body. Likewise, differing factions here upon the earth, or even within your own families, are all part of a human race which is encompassed by God's love. Some remember this truth. Many forget.

Pray dear ones, for peace in your own hearts. From that perspective, you become the angels here upon the earth who refuse to get sucked into the hatred and separation. You become the ones who elevate your souls above the problems, manipulations, and ills that try to ensnare you, and you discover that God finds new solutions when you are rooted in love and trust. You, dear ones can live heavenly lives even when the world around you tries to create hell.

You are the lightworkers, the angels upon the earth, and the brave souls who have chosen to incarnate as ambassadors of God's love in spite of so much pain on your planet. You are being asked now to walk the higher path, forgive and release those who have wronged you, and stand in your truth, asking God to help you create the life you desire. Trust dear ones, that even with the pain and chaos on your planet God cares about each one of your individual lives --for within you lie the same vibrations that affect your world.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Receive from the earth

My dear friends we love you so very much. Pray for the earth. She loves you so very much. The earth is alive. She is a spirit you walk upon. She is much more resiliant than you might imagine and yet like any good mother would be ever so grateful for a little love and gratitude from those she supports so unselfishly. And then dear ones after you offer up your prayers for this very beautiful spirit that does indeed support all of you, allow her spirit to nurture you in return.

Close your eyes and feel the comfort of being a tiny person here upon a huge and beautiful orb that supports you. Imagine that there are roots from the base of your feet and the base of your spine that connect deeply with the earth. As you breathe simply intend that your breathing slow down to be in synchronization with the pulsating of the earth. Slowly slowly imagine that your energy and hers breathe together. Feel the warmth, the electricity, and the sense of stability that come from her. Feel the support she offers you. Feel her energy embrace you and give you strength. Sit within this embrace as long as you need to feel comforted and loved.

If you do this very simple prayer and meditation for just a brief moment every day and you will feel a renewed sense of energy, connectedness, and a feeling that you are never alone. As you tap into the energy of the earth, you strengthen your physical body and help to calm the emotions with a sense of safety and security. As you watch your wars and earth changes, go back to mother earth and feel her all encompassing embrace. She is your teacher. As she brings what is pent up to the surface, you will want to bring your feeings to the surface as well. As she shakes off the pains of her past, you too will want to release old habits and beliefs as well. Connect with her dear ones, and receive the healing she offers you so freely.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Trust that God is in charge and all is well

My dear friends we love you so very much. Trust that God is in charge and you are indeed alive at some very exciting times. Each of you chose to incarnate at this time upon your planet earth because it is a time like no other, a time that has been predicted, a time whereupon change is rapid and seemingly out of control, and yet dear ones, God is in control. Surrender your hearts dear ones to faith and trust. Trust that if you have been doing your homework - taking care to listen to your hearts and instincts, then God can work in miraculous ways in your lives. Trust that when things seem topsy turvy, all is still well. Surrender when you don't know the next step. Pray and share your heart with God and then release control. You WILL be guided what to do next. You will be inspired and motivated when the time is right.

Until then, rest, take a brief vacation from your struggles, release impatience, and know in time, all you desire will be brought to you if you follow these principles. Be easy on yourselves dear ones. The energy on your planet is rather challenging right now. And yet you are the lights. You are lightworkers who know the truth of God's love. You are beacons of hope and inspiration. God is always with you. We are always with you. Your prayers are heard dear ones. Trust and allow God the time to work before allowing your mind to take charge once again and your patience will pay off in ways you can barely imagine.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Play is Necessary

My dear friends we love you so very much. My dear friends we love you so very much. There is within each of your hearts a desire to rest for you work so very hard. And yet many of you feel that rest is unproductive and that you are never going to get things done if you allow yourselves the time to play. Play dear ones, in balance, is sacred. Play frees your mind and elevates your spirit. Play gets your mind out of the way, enlivens your heart, and gives God a little room to work in your lives.

Play is anything you do for the sheer joy of doing it, not for any other reason. Play is about process, not results. Play is about engaging yourself in a dance with life and trusting that all is well while you let down your guard, give your responsibilities to God to handle for a short while, and rejuvenate your spirit.

Play is necessary for the spiritual work that you are here to do upon the earth for without it, life becomes drudgery, growth becomes a chore, and life becomes a series of moments designed to survive in the future. Play dear ones, in balance with your work, and rest when you are weary. Far from being wasted moments, these are the moments in which you rejuvenate your spirit for the tasks ahead

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Relationships have a natural form

My dear friends we love you so very much. You are in a study here upon the planet earth of love - Love of self, love of God, and love of others. You are learning the many faces of love, its many flavors, forms, shapes and textures. With each soul you encounter there will be a natural form of love that arises between the two of you.

- For some relationships, the love blossoms as romance.

- For others friendship.

- For some the honesty of recognizing your differences
and exploring them through discussion & negotiation

- For others love is expressed as the honesty of recognizing
your differences and then peacefully parting ways.

- For still others you find the archetype of teacher and student,
healer and patient, or parent and child

Find the authentic expression of your hearts within each relationship, bring it to the surface through kind words and deeds and you will find the form that love naturally wants to take. Never try to change another to fit your desires and never try to change yourself to fit another. BE yourself and you will attract those that love YOU. Allow others to be themselves and see if they belong in your life. If everyone could embrace such deep and beautiful levels of honesty you would sort yourselves out on planet earth. You would be find yourselves sorting naturally into groups - surrounding yourselves with compatible souls, in separate gropus from incompatible souls, and bridged by souls who like the differences. This requires trust - trust that God will guide you to those of like mind and heart if you release those who don't fit your life. This requires faith, faith that you are enough in God's eyes and faith that others will like you as you truly are.

With faith and trust dear ones your relationships, both business and personal will become fulfilling, honest, and serve the both of you. Practice observing the form love naturally takes in all your relationships and be yourselves. You will free up tremendous amounts of emotional energy and your life will flow ever more smoothly.

Dear ones, we love you so very much,
-- the Angels.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Take Inventory

My dear friends we love you so very much. As you wait for your dreams to unfold know that there are attitudes, beliefs, and old habits that must, out of necessity be released or "die unto themselves" if you are to bring new creations to life. If you want a new relationship, you must stop expecting the worst. If you want more abundance, you must stop clinging to an identity that includes lack. If you want more joy in your life you must work not to give into the lethargy of depression, but rather to seek help. There are always things that must be released in order to achieve your dreams -- not things of substance dear ones, but illusions, habits that don't empower you, old grudges, angers that don't really protect you, etc.

Dig deep within your hearts and bring your dreams to the surface. Ask the soil of your heart to be tilled and the illusions burnt away so you can make ready for the new growth. For example if you want a new business to succeed you may have to release old habits of being in control, being busy, etc. and learn to be balanced in order for God to support your in your new life. If you want new love, you will have to release old angers. If you want a new residence, you have to bless the old one and be ready to leave it. If you want new spiritual growth, you have to give up feeling as if you know a lot and empty yourself to receive new revelations.

Take inventory dear ones of what beliefs and attitudes TRULY serve you vs. which ones are simply old habits. Do you REALLY need to hang on to the habit of worry, or rushing, or anger? Perhaps you can find attitudes more supportive of your dreams.

Dear ones, we want to take a moment to thank you for your courageous commitment to stand in the light here upon your planet earth. Each of you reading this, if in only the smallest ways, makes a big ripple in the sea of human consciousness.

Take Inventory

My dear friends we love you so very much. As you wait for your dreams to unfold know that there are attitudes, beliefs, and old habits that must, out of necessity be released or "die unto themselves" if you are to bring new creations to life. If you want a new relationship, you must stop expecting the worst. If you want more abundance, you must stop clinging to an identity that includes lack. If you want more joy in your life you must work not to give into the lethargy of depression, but rather to seek help. There are always things that must be released in order to achieve your dreams -- not things of substance dear ones, but illusions, habits that don't empower you, old grudges, angers that don't really protect you, etc.

Dig deep within your hearts and bring your dreams to the surface. Ask the soil of your heart to be tilled and the illusions burnt away so you can make ready for the new growth. For example if you want a new business to succeed you may have to release old habits of being in control, being busy, etc. and learn to be balanced in order for God to support your in your new life. If you want new love, you will have to release old angers. If you want a new residence, you have to bless the old one and be ready to leave it. If you want new spiritual growth, you have to give up feeling as if you know a lot and empty yourself to receive new revelations.

Take inventory dear ones of what beliefs and attitudes TRULY serve you vs. which ones are simply old habits. Do you REALLY need to hang on to the habit of worry, or rushing, or anger? Perhaps you can find attitudes more supportive of your dreams.

Dear ones, we want to take a moment to thank you for your courageous commitment to stand in the light here upon your planet earth. Each of you reading this, if in only the smallest ways, makes a big ripple in the sea of human consciousness.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Times to act, Times to be still

My dear friends we love you so very much.

My dear friends we love you so very much. So very many of you struggle with patience as you wait for your dreams to unfold. We are not suggesting that you sit and do nothing; however we are suggesting that there are times for action and times for rest. You will know when to take action because you will have a strong urge or inkling to take the next step towards your dreams. You will know it is time to rest when you crave the very same, or there is simply nothing else you have the urge or inkling to do.

Impatience, dear ones, is fear wearing a mask. If you truly trust in God you will know that all your prayers are answered in right timing. It may take time for you to release notions of unworthiness. It may take time for the universe to coordinate events to bring you the help and assistance you need. It may take time to prepare you to receive your dreams.

Dear ones, pray for these things when you have a dream:

1. Pray for the dream itself
2. Pray to release all inner blocks to receiving your dream
3. Pray to be ready to receive your dream

The trust dear ones, trust. Your prayers will be answered as you clear the way inside of yourself first, and then in your outer life. If you ask for guidance you will be guided until you hear us or notice our signs. Let us help you. Do your inner work, dear friends, and you will see the results in the outside world.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Enjoy your time upon the earth

My dear friends we love you so very much. Enjoy your time here upon the earth. Release your tendency to rush. Slow down. Breathe. Take in life around you. It is never necessary to rush dear ones. So what if you are late? So what if something doesn't get done in time? So what if you get fired from your job? Perhaps dear friends it is time to trust in God and learn that what remains undone is simply going to propel you along your path of growth.

• If you tend to procastinate on the things that matter to you, get going.

• If you tend to fill your days with a useless clutter of to do lists, delete the things that don't really matter.

• If you catch yourself rushing, slow down and breathe. Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen if you stop rushing.

• If you catch yourself wanting to rush another, slow down, drop into your heart. Communicate with love.

• If you catch yourself feeling as if you never have enough time for you, put your own priorites first.

This means you will have to learn self-worth and you will have to know your priorities.

Eliminate the clutters in your life - make sure your stuff serves you rather than you serving your stuff.

Dear ones, life is meant to be savored. Don't miss the moments. Don't miss the opportunity for a smile, a connection with another, and a chance to be the love that you are. Don't make your deadlines and to do lists the masters of your spirit. Life has so much to offer if you slow down dear friends. Watch the wind in the trees and enjoy learning how nature bends to the moment. You too can surrender to the moment a little more each day and learn that all is in right order.

We love you so very much.
-- the Angels.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Enjoy the Moment

My dear friends we love you so very much. Enjoy each moment dear ones, because you have eternity to live as your eternal soul. Success in heaven is not measured in your bank accounts or abilities to pay your bills but rather by the love in your heart, the quality of your relationships, and your willingness to surrender to God's very great love for you. Success is not measure by what you build, how many tests you pass, how much you know or are able to serve others, but rather by the degree to which you are a loving being, and the degree to which you surrender to God's love.

Dear ones, allow yourselves to live as you do in heaven. Trust that if you do what you know, God hears your prayers and will take care of your needs in a way that helps you learn what your soul came to learn here upon this planet. Express your spirit through joyful creations and service that comes from the heart. Life on earth was not meant to be an exercise in survival. Life was meant to be a dance between yourself, others, life, and God.

Choose love dear ones. It keeps you happy, healthy, balanced, and abundant in a myriad of ways. Take the high road no matter who is doing what around you. You will reap the rewards because loving is a reward unto itself and draws the same to it.

Dear ones, we love you so very much,
-- the Angels.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Embrace the Storms

My dear friends we love you so very much. Embrace the storms in your own hearts and upon your planet earth dear friends because they stir things up. They help bring truth, love, and clarity to the surface. At times it is necessary for God to till the soil of human hearts to allow room for new growth. This is all part of a larger plan to bring issues to the surface that have remained unaddressed, and to inspire compassion in the many rather than the few. As you feel the stirrings of the earth, you will also feel stirrings deep within your own hearts. Some of you are experiencing old emotions coming to the surface to be washed away by God's love. Cry the tears dear ones. You feel the sadness of the earth. However, also allow yourselves the joys even when you witness others still enmeshed in the more difficult lessons. You are pioneers committed to clearing yourselves of feelings of unworthiness so you can create a new heaven on earth, first in your own lives, and then by inspiring others in the world around you to do the very same.

Give when you feel inspired to do so, as we have said so many times, because God who is the director of all hearts knows who has time, energy, and resources, and who is in need. Reach out to a friend when the thought crosses your mind. Call someone when they pop into your awareness. Speak the kind words on the tip of your tongue instead of holding them back. In the smallest of ways share of yourself as you are guided and you will find that this surrender to your own love will uplift you and make you into a beacon of inspiration for others. The sadnesses will wash away much more quickly, the irritations will diminish, and you will find yourself acting as an angel upon the earth.

Dear ones, all is well. No matter what you witness on your news this year, no matter how many around you seem to be in chaos, no matter the sadnesses that surface in your own hearts - all is well. This is a time of rebirthing, of releasing the old to make room for the new. Be the beacons of hope, inspiration, and spiritual truth for one another. This will become your greatest joy - to realize the divine presence of God expressing its Love through your own hearts, words, and action.

Dear ones, we love you so very much,
-- the Angels.

Friday, May 12, 2006

All is in Right Order

My dear friends we love you so very much. You are indeed living in exciting time upon your planet earth. Everything is topsy turvy, falling into chaos, and ripe for change. Opinions of all different kinds are coming to the surface and truly dear ones, we in the heavens celebrate the fact that humanity is at long last beginning to awaken into its hearts and people are bringing their voices to the surface as never before. As you watch events continue to unfold understand that what God asks from you is understanding of your fellow man, not agreement necessarily, but understanding. Allow yourselves to open your ears and your hearts to hearing opinions different from your own.

Allow yourselves to sit with respect as you watch the news and try to send love and compassion to all of humanity, even those you would normally despise, for all souls here upon your planet earth are your fellow students enrolled in a very difficult and yet enlightening school. You are all students of the divine. You are all students of love. You are all students seeking the very same thing - an awareness and understanding of your divine nature. Some know this and some don't. So dear ones, when you witness chao, lies, and manipulations -- either on your news or in your home or workplace -- instead of falling into judgement, simlpy discern what is right for you and what is not, what matches your own integrity and values, and what does not, and in that space, acknowledge that others are simply learning their lessons as well.

In the end dear ones, you are all one human race. One loving soul can affect human hearts and human evolution far more profoundly than a thousand filled with hatred and fear. Your love, dear ones, as well as your kind words and kind actions does make a difference in this world. Take heart, dear friends. You do live in exciting times, filled with change, growth, and evolution. The teenage years of humanity are wrought with change, but the human race will move into a greater maturity as time unfolds. In the meanwhile, allow yourselves as much heaven on earth as you possibly can for this creates a template for a new reality when the rest of humanity is ready. Be in the world but not of it.

Trust as you watch your world grow, that all is indeed in right order.

We love you so very much,
-- the Angels

Friday, May 05, 2006

Release Your Struggles & Choose Love

My dear friends we love you so very much. Release your struggles dear ones and give them to God! Share your joys and give thanks to God. Celebrate all of life dear ones because we assure you that some day when you are in our realms you will look upon your entire life as an adventure in learning to love. Dear ones you can bring love into any situation whatsoever. You do not even have to like your circumstances or the people you are with to be the ambassadors of God's love and light upon your planet. You simply have to make a choice - to love rather than to hate, to love rather than to find fault, to love rather than to judge.

By all means, dear friends choose to love yourselves first. If someone irritates you don't fall into hatred, judgement, anger, or a million other excuses not to love. Instead acknowledge your need to not be irritated and then in the most loving way possible, move away, find help, address the other with compassion, send them light exactly as they are without trying to manipulate or change them and watch your lives transform. Loving another need never mean that you must choose not to love yourself. We are not asking you to feel 'warm and fuzzy' nor are we asking you to keep company with everyone here upon your planet but rather to take the high road and allow people to be whomever they choose to be, while at the same time allowing yourself to be who you choose to be.

This takes cleverness, prayer, and dedication to a higher path, but my dear friends you are the ones on your planet choosing to embrace this journey with your whole hearts. You would not be reading these words from us if you weren't seeking a higher, healthier, and happier existence. Heaven my friends is a state of mind - a state of mind in which you feel connected with God's love at all times and allow it to flow through you into the world.

We realize this is challenging. We realize how easy it is to fall into judgement, and yet dear ones you can learn to discern what is good for you and what is not, rather than falling into judgement. You can choose to be loving rather than hate, and by making these choices, to love self and have compassion for others, you will be creating beautiful magic in your lives. Love is the source of all abundance. It is magnetic and attracts good towards you. It makes your businesses boom, you creativity expand, and your body to be much healthier.

Live in love dear friends, always honoring your own feelings first, and then choosing the most compassionate interaction with others.

You are the creators of heaven on earth, angels incarnate and we love you so very much.
-- the angels

Thursday, April 27, 2006

You Can be at Peace

My dear friends we love you so very much. As you watch your world in chaos understand that you can be at peace. As you watch the arguments and diversified opinions, know that in the long run there is only one mind, that allows for all perspectives, and that is God's mind. There is only one love seeking to be expressed, acknowledged, given, and received through all humanity and that is God's love. There is one heart beating within each soul and that is God's heart.

So why does God allow for the chaos? Because you learn from it. With every war on your planet there is a yearning for peace. With every deception a desire arises for greater truth. With every angry moment, a resolve to change. And so dear ones whether it is your world that you witness in chaos or the stirrings of your own heart, know that there is a great truth arising from this stirring and that truth is love.

When you find yourself in times that challenge you instead of immediately assuming you did something wrong, make an assumption that you can create a more loving reality for yourself in spite of circumstances. When you watch the news and see people hurling accusations at each other, know that the more loving reality is a desire for truth to be examined and experienced at deeper levels. When you find yourself in anger, find the truth behind the anger... and with compassion act on that. You can't change the world. You can't change others. But you can indeed search within your own heart and find compassionate words or actions that can propel you towards a greater reality.

Don't judge yourselves dear ones. You are doing beautiful work bringing God's love and light to the surface upon your planet. Stay in joy when you find it. Don't feel guilty for allowing yourself good when others are in chaos. It is by filling your cup that you will create a desire to spill it, by giving to yourself what you require that you will find the authentic desire to share with others. It is by paying your bills first that you create abundance to share, by feeding your own families that they have a desire to assist those in need, and by choosing to be around uplifting situations and people that you find the strength of compassion to be around those who are not when you must.

Gift yourselves with God's love first and you will remain steadfast beacons of light in a chaotic world that is truly birthing itself into a new and greater reality.

We love you so very much,
-- the angels

Friday, April 21, 2006

Spring Cleaning

My dear friends we love you so very much. As you enjoy these days of springtime remember what the season truly represents. It is during the spring that all which has been dormant begins to surface. And it is during this particular springtime, dear ones that many of you have noticed that every fear, insecurity, joy, hope, and dream you have harbored deep inside is indeed coming to the surface. This is simply part of God's way of helping you release what you do not wish to keep inside of you, acknowledge that which you wish to create, and ask for help where you do not feel you can accomplish something on your own.

You are never on your own dear ones. If you surrender your problems, your hopes and dreams to God and pray for guidance, you will take action only when it is effective and appropriate. You will struggle less, enjoy more, and learn to trust that a loving God and his angels does indeed care about you very much. However if you try to solve every challenge on your own and force every dream to come true you will find yourselves exerting much more effort than you need to.

Keep it simple dear ones. Get out of your own way with your doubts and worries. Even give these to God. 'here God, take away my insecurities and doubts," is a very sincere prayer. God loves you dear ones. God wants for you even more than you want for you. Trust your hearts, pray for what you truly seek and release your fears to the heavens.

God bless you. We love you so very much
-- the angels

Friday, April 14, 2006

Each Moment is a Chance for New Life

My dear friends we love you so very much. As you celebrate this season of springtime, celebrate the rebirth of your very own soul incarnating here upon the planet earth, with each and every breath. Each moment dear ones is a chance for resurrecting your spirit, rekindling your own passions, and planting the seeds of your own dreams. With each choice you make, you choose to honor the soul, or to negate it. With each word you speak, you come from love, or fear. With each action you take, you move closer to life or farther from it.

Dear ones, allow your spirit -- your loving eternal spirit -- to be resurrected here upon the planet earth with every thought, word, and deed. The world does indeed try to crucify your ever-loving hearts at times. The denser energies would love the pleasure of your company and therefore introduce negativities such as angry vindictive thoughts, and doubts as to your worth, value, beauty, intelligence, or dreams. The lonely among you would blame you for their choices. And yet dear ones, you can take responsibility for walking the higher path, for saying "no" to the negative thoughts and placing your sights on what is truly of value in your life and your hearts. So you don't like to take out the garbage? Focus on how you feel with your clean house. You would rather not pay the bills? Give thanks for the roof over your head and the hands that can write the check. You've been attacked by someone in anger? Be relieved that you are awake enough to desire better treatment, and wise enough to simply move away from that energy.

Dear ones, we understand that each of you has gone through your own share of crucifixtions and yet each one of you bravely resurrects your very own spirit day after day, as you get out of bed in the morning. Realize dear ones, this is truth - love is eternal and all else will eventually fall away as illusion. You are deeply loved, honored, and cherished for your work here upon the planet.

We love you so very much,
-- the angels

Saturday, April 08, 2006

God is Always With You

My dear friends we love you so very much. For a moment close your eyes, breathe into your heart, and take a few minutes to give thanks for all you are grateful for in your life. Wiggle your toes and be grateful for the movement. Breathe and be grateful for the intake of air. Focus on the chair you sit upon and be grateful for its support. Close your eyes and feel the love of your angels as they embrace you.

My dear friends you always have choices, abundance, support, and love available no matter what your life circumstances. It is an illusion that you would ever be left alone, or become separate from the love and support of God.

God works in strange and mysterious ways indeed and you are coming to a time here upon your planet earth in which it is increasingly important that you would trust in God's love for you, trust in his guidance as it appears through the subtle knowing and longings in your heart, and trust that all is well indeed in hearts that have faith in the very same. You will bear witness to great unrest in human hearts and yet dear ones, you can choose to be in peace. You will watch people become very polarized in their opinions, and yet you must choose to acknowledge all perspectives as worthy of consideration. Find the gold amidst the lead. Find the silver lining in the dark clouds. Find the spark of God in the eyes of one you have trouble gazing upon. It is in these moments of choosing to focus on what is good and true, that youw ill find God even more present in your life than ever before.

God is always with you. Joy, and the feeling of heaven on earth is always available to you. You have to work harder at times to feel God's presence and search for the frequencies of heaven, and yet they are never gone. Look for the moments of upliftment. Seek out all things to be grateful for. Avoid slipping into judgement of self and others. In these labors of love you will give birth to the Christ consciousness in your own hearts and allow the love of God to flow through you into the world.

We love you so very much,
-- the angels & masters

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Embracing Divine Consciousness

My dear friends we love you so very much. There lies within each human heart a seed of potential that God has planted within you before the day you were born. In this seed is the knowledge and energy of the Christ consciousness. Each one of you has the potential to become a fully realized being here upon the earth - a being of great love, great compassion and with a great capacity to create.

Take time in this season of spring to sit quietly and ask God to tend to this seed within, to nurture the Christ consciousness in your own hearts into fruition, for indeed dear friends, the "second coming" begins in your very own hearts. There will indeed be a soul to walk the earth that embodies this love as well; however, dear ones, the point and purpose of the life of Jesus Christ was to awaken this light within each one of you. He did not intend to create belief systems that would foster judgment, separation, and righteousness, but rather to break apart hypocritical systems of the day that promoted the very same, and to bring healing to human hearts.

His message is one, dear friends, not of religiosity but of LOVE, plain and simple. His message was that you could do as He did and more. He never intended that religious persecution be carried on in His name; the abominations in His name do not represent the love this gentle ambassador of peace came to proclaim.

We realize that we are crossing borders and boundaries with this message dear friends but it is time to awaken to the truth of who you really are. Dear lightworkers, dear friends, you are God's love poured into human form, given life each moment by His breath, and directed by His love. Your planet needs your light and all you need to do to ignite this fire within is to sit silently and pray. Ask God to ignite the Christ consciousness within you, to know God's will for your life, and the trust, dear ones, as we have instructed you for so long, that the desires in your very own heart will guide you along that path. We love you. We realize that you and we are one in God's creation, working together to tend to the seeds of love within so they can come to full bloom and so that your planet, can at long last, reach a point in history where God's plan ripens into a beautiful heaven on earth.

This will take time dear ones. Be patient with yourselves and others. In a way, your planet still lies in the fertile soil awaiting the push of springtime to grow into the light. Dear ones, pray for this awakening. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door will be opened.

We love you so very much.
-- the angels & masters

Friday, March 24, 2006

You are beloved by God

My dear friends we love you so very much.

Breathe, slowly and deeply, and remember you are beloved by God.

Look in the mirror and see your perfection, as you are.
That is how God sees you.

Realize that your body is simply helping you pay attention to your spirit.
Your body is one of your most honest friends, not your enemy.

Realize that your emotions are messages from your soul.
Slow down, pay attention to them. Ask what they are asking of you.

Realize your life is a reflection of the worthiness you feel deep within
at levels you may not even be aware of.
Your mind may recognize your worthiness.
Pray to FEEL it deeply.

Dear ones you are beloved by God.
This is simple truth.

Earth is a school. Lessons can be very challenging.
You are never alone. Never forgotten. Never without help.

Ask and you shall receive.
Knock and the door will be opened.

Open your own hearts.
In stillness discover what is inside.
Bring this to the surface and share with those around you,
with sensitivity, kindness, and compassion.

You are so loved.

Ann's note: Although they're all aware of being part of God's Oneness, this message came more from the masters rather than the angels - a subtle difference, but most of them have lived human lives and understand us deeply. As you read the words, feel the rhythm and speak them aloud to yourself and you'll feel peace. I just did! Enjoy

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Be who you really are

My dear friends we love you so very much. You are indeed experiencing so much energy as of late that some of you may find it quite dizzying. The love and energy of God that awakens your own heart and reminds you of your own divinity is spiralling onto your planet quite strongly. Many of you are finding that your thoughts create ever so much more quickly than usual, that your psychic abilities are opening up to new levels, that your sensitivity to the energies of those around you is getting fine-tuned. Dear ones you are waking up to the fact that you are truly the angels upon this earth, here to help birth a new reality first inside of yourselves, then in your own lives, and therefore creating a huge ripple effect in the world.

Realize that this newfound sensitivity also brings with it the surfacing of many old insecurities - fears about exposing yourselves for the loving, sensitive, caring beings that you are upon this earth, fears of asking for more - for what you truly want, fears of being misunderstood, attacked, or even cast aside. Dear ones you are not going backwards but rather forwards into a freedom of mind, heart, and spirit unlike any you have ever felt before upon this earth, and yet realize, so many times in this life and others, you have not been understood. Speak the truths of your love dear ones. Be the compassionate beings that you truly are. Do not get sucked into games of anger, manipulations of guilt, or the temptations to fall into deep depressions and feelings of helplessness.

You are powerful and beautiful souls. Your prayers have a strength born from the sincerity in your hearts. You are safe and secure in God's arms and you will find happiness and love beyond your imagination as you continue to expose the truth of YOU to the world. Be the angels you truly are dear ones. Walk through the fears of having what you truly want in life and pray for the very same. God loves you so much. You are His messangers of love upon the earth. You are special, dear to us, and appreciated for your work. We know it is not easy being human and yet, you can create a glorious existence.

If you want the world to love and see you
Be You.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Sunday, March 12, 2006

God answers your prayers

My dear friends we love you so very much. Realize that your journey here upon planet earth is indeed a school, indeed filled with lessons, trials, and triumphs. You are so LOVED during each moment of every day that it would be hard for the human mind to conceive of it. Your hearts alone can open to receive and share God's love, but dear ones, you must stop trying so hard!

When you pray, let God answer your prayers! So many of you pray, "Dear God bring me a relationship," and then instead of going about your life and enjoying it, trusting God to answer your prayers, you attempt to answer them yourselves! You pray, "God bring me money," and then you proceed to burn yourselves out trying to create it. Dear ones, you do not have to struggle so much. You only have to listen to the directives in your own hearts and then TRUST.

Trust God hears each and every one of your prayers, but in your impatience at times, you forget to allow God to answer these prayers in perfect timing. Trust God CARES about each of your prayers but will only answer the ones that serve your spirit in the here and now. Trust God may want more for you than you would even dare to ask for yourself. It is ok to pray for specific things or situations, but always ask for "that or better" because perhaps you can't see as you pray for you pennies, the opportunity for twenties. Perhaps as you pray for the person you adore to fall in love with you, you can't see the perfect one that already does. Release your expectations as to HOW God should answer your prayers and trust that, in the infinite wisdom of all-that-is, God will not respond with anything less than a love greater than you can imagine. You must have faith dear ones. You must have patience. You must have trust. It is oh so much easier to allow God to answer your prayers than to make the attempts on your own.

Yes, God helps those who help themselves, so honor the dictates in your heart, but when life becomes a struggle, stop struggling. Rest. Release your expectations. Follow your heart. Soon you will be back on track, on the path of grace.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Take time to uplift your spirit

My dear friends we love you so very much. Search your hearts and find out what you value in life. Ask yourself if the time you spend is truly prioritized according to your values. Do you make time to nurture your cherished relationships? Do you create space in your life for the hobbies you enjoy? Do you take time to tell the people you love that you love them?

Take time to sit back in stillness and ask yourself what is truly of value to you in your life. What activities and which relationships enliven you and make you feel passionate or peaceful and which ones do not? Ask God to show you how you can spend more time on the things and people you value and to show you a way to transform or change the activities and relationships that do not feed your spirit.

Ultimately dear ones, the choice to be happy and loving is internal and you *can* be happy and love under any circumstance, situation, or in any relationship whatsoever. Nonetheless, you need not choose to struggle. You can choose to make time for the things and people that uplift your spirit.

We encourage you this week to take a little time each day, even five to ten minutes, to do something or call someone that uplifts your spirit - something or someone that allows for you to be easily and joyfully self-expressed and creates an easy space for your love to grow. If you choose to support your spirit in this fashion you will find it much easier to be loving in the tougher situations as well.

You feed your bodies dear ones. You maintain your cars. Take time to uplift your souls for they are eternal and matter most of all.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Monday, February 27, 2006

Maintenance for the soul

My dear friends we love you so very much. We continue our discussion on taking time in stillness. There is so much that occurs in your spirit dear ones, when you take the time to slow down. You reconnect with your heart. You notice what is working in your life and what is not. You notice how you have changed and can take time to give thanks for your growth and your blessings. You will feel the longings of your heart and can pray for assistance in bringing them into fruition. You feel your anxieties and can ask us for help in healing them.

Dear ones, time in stillness, however great or small is time that is richly productive for the soul. While you can't point to any finished "accomplishments" with down time, nor can you cross items off your "to-do" lists, you are taking time to nurture the one thing in your life and lifetimes that is eternal - your soul. Dear ones if you have a car you maintain it. If you have a garden you would water it. You have an eternal spirit and must take time to nourish it.

Those of you who are sensitive would also do well to create a small routine at the end of your day to release any energies you have inadvertently taken on from the world around you. This can be as simple as washing your hands under running water and praying to release any frequencies that don't serve you. You can also take a bath with salt sprinkled in the water. You can sit upon the earth palms down and allow excess energies to drain into mother earth who gladly uses them to good end. You can simply pray to release anything you have picked up. You have a tendency dear ones, many of you on this list, to take on the world's ills and woes. And therefore many of you find yourself a bit drained from time to time. It is not selfish to release the energies back to those who created them, using simply intent.

Doing these two things - intending to release the frequencies that are not yours, and taking time in stillness to refill your cup will keep your spirit maintained, will keep your body healthier and stronger, and will help your mind be at peace.

Take charge of your energies dear light workers. The world is about to become even more chaotic and yet you can find great peace, indeed even heaven on earth if you take the time to reconnect with the light and release the denser energies.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Friday, February 17, 2006

Don't judge the ups and downs

My dear friends we love you so very much. As you continue your journey of sitting in stillness from time to time we will be working with you very closely to help raise your vibration so you can weather these new frequencies with more grace. It is extremely essential to take moments of stillness so we can work with you. There is much darkness on the planet but as well cause for celebration because as you add love, all that is less than that vibration bubbles up for healing. You will be seeing this in your own mind and heart as well as in your governments and institutions as the year progresses.

And as you watch what you might consider to be the darkness at times, know that it needs love to. When you meet your own darker spaces, send them love and do the same for others. Are you sad? Reach out for comfort whether that is a call to a friend or a warm blanket. Are you upset with someone. Find out where you are truly upset with yourself, perhaps for harboring expectations they cannot possibly meet. Are you tired and frustrated? Rest, eat well, and you will feel better soon.

Perhaps you are in glorious joy! Spread this and share it with those in need. Some days you will be the angel. Other days you will need the angels.

But above all dear friends, realize planet earth is a school. Life is a journey. You will have times when you are flying high and other days when you are dipping into the depths. It is all part of your learning how to love God, self, and others. Don't judge or make anything wrong dear ones, inside or outside of yourselves. By all means learn to discern what is healthy for you to be around, but do not judge. This is a gift you can give yourself and others.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Slow down when life speeds up

My dear friends we love you so very much. Cherish your time here upon planet earth for even if you live a very long life you stay is but the blink of an eye to your soul. Many of you have noticed that time seems to be speeding up but in reality dear friends it is your vibration that is speeding up. It is absolutely necessary to slow down in order not to miss the magic and the guidance and the love that is pouring into your hearts and your planet at this time. Slow down and sit quietly with your own hearts each day if only for a few moments. Ask yourselves, what is in my heart? What is it that I truly desire. Find the spark of God's will within each and every one of you dear friends, for it is God that plants the deepest desires in your heart. It is God that makes you long for love and companionship. It is God that guides you to a move that you secretly long for. It is God that sparks the idea of a new career that excites and enlivens you. God loves you dear friends so very much and wants so much more for you than you would ask for yourselves. God envisions a world where everyone is guided to live their potential, to be the love that they are and to have right livelihood, right relationships, and a beautiful loving partnership with one another and the heavens.

This week, take time in the midst of earth's hustle, bustle, chaos, and diversions to sit quietly and find your hearts. Go deep within. You want to love. You want to express in certain ways here upon the earth. You want to ask for help at times. Find this truth, seek it out dear ones and pray for help in taking action. Your world may seem topsy turvy as the vibrational frequencies of love continue to intensify but you can find peace in the moments of stillness, and a calm knowing that indeed all is well. You are guided. You are cherished. You are so very loved.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Take the high road

My dear friends we love you so very much. This week we ask you to embrace the kindness that you find within your own hearts. We ask you in even the most difficult of situations to choose love. For example, suppose someone cuts you off in traffic, misunderstands you, or steps on your toe. Can you choose to first honor your own feelings, and then to forgive and offer compassion to the other? This is the higher road and the one that will give you peace in the times of change that lie ahead. You will be asked this year to find respect for many various perspectives on this earth, to choose the higher road, and in so doing to find bliss amidst chaos. You will discover ever more deeply that as you choose love, instead of unforgiveness, you will find within yourself the divine presence of God as God wishes to be expressed through you.

God wants to embrace all perspectives dear ones and have them live in harmony. If everyone were honest with themselves first and then each other, nations would rearrange themselves. People of like mind and heart would stop wasting their time judging others and fine solace and joy in each other's company. Relationships would sort themselves out with respect and compassion. Far from causing you to simply 'put up' with those company you don't enjoy, true love would admit that
you want different company and simply move you in that direction. True love doesn't judge, doesn't hate, doesn't resent. True love comes from a heart that overflows with the awareness of God's unconditional love for you.

Dear ones practice kindness, respect, non-judgement. Your world is in need of those who exemplify these qualities and when you practice them it in these moments that you will feel very much at one with God and in harmony with his creation expressed through you.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Come to the surface

My dear friends we love you so very much. Many of you have expressed your weariness unto the heavens and we do understand. Earth is a school and a tough one where you strive to express love in both the light and the dark. Sometimes the energies are refined and beautiful and at other times, such as these the energies seem heavy, dense, and create within each one of you a bit of sluggishness. Take heart, dear ones, God is simply working constantly to bring to the surface all that has remained hidden within you. When you find yourselves tired, your truth comes to the surface more easily because you don't have the energy to pretend otherwise. The priorities of your heart emerge, sometimes as glorious inspiration, and sometimes through recognition of deep frustrations. When you find yourselves weary, all that is not truly of value drops away and you go back to basics, back to wanting to love and be loved. Dear ones, these energies are dense at this time on your planet but there is nothing to fear. You are growing, getting clear, finding your hearts, and deciding this year what truly matters to you. Bring that to the surface. Share it before God and yourself and then with the world. No longer hide your hearts dear friends but expose them.

When you share your dreams with others, God can work through them to help you. When you share your fears, God can work through others to comfort you. When you share your longings, God can send those to commiserate with you. When you hide your hearts, your beautiful, sweet, and loving hearts, how can you expect the world to fall in love with the truth of you. Bring your innermost dreams to the surface and share them dear ones. Say to a friend, "You know this may sound silly but I've always wanted to... sometime this lifetime." Goodness knows the one you feel motivated to share this with might be the very one who can help you out.

God is waiting to help you fulfill your dreams dear ones, but you do not live in a vacuum. You live on a planet where God expresses love through all of creation, including humankind. Set aside your fears of sharing your dreams and share them. Some will support you. Some will ridicule you. What does it matter? Your dreams were planted in your hearts by God himself and so if God finds these dreams to be worthy of love, so can you.

God bless you

Friday, January 13, 2006

Dancing with God

My dear friends we love you so very much. Understand you are in a time of great change both within your own hearts and upon your planet earth. The truth of YOU is coming to the surface and you are wanting changes, both large and small, within your own lives. You are wanting to realize your dreams here upon the earth and you are wanting to take charge of your existence as never before.

Taking charge dear ones is not the same as taking control! Truly God is in control but you can take charge of your existence by first admitting your hopes and dreams to God and to the people here upon your earth who will accept and support them. If you have close friends, share your dreams with them. If not find a coach who can help you. If not that go out in nature and pray your dreams out loud. This is the first step in taking charge of your existence - to become honest enough with yourself, God, and the universe, to kindly admit what it is you want in life, whether it is simply more time to rest, to be treated more kindly, to create friendships, or to help children keep from starving. Trust whatever you find inside of YOU is what God has put inside of you. The desires within, the true deep ones that come without explanation or justification are from God.

Secondly pray to be motivated to take action when it is time and trust, trust, trust that you will actually FEEL like doing what you are guided to do. The ideas will appeal to you. You may have to overcome some doubt, inertia, or programming but you WILL find that what you are guided to is actually something that sounds enticing, interesting, or exciting. When something pops into your mind that is interesting or enticing, DO IT. This may sound simple but we understand it is not. You may wake up with the idea to call an old friend, share a hope with them and find they have a connection. You may be motivated to forgive someone to free up your financial flow. Although things may not seem related to your hopes and dreams, trust, if you are impulsed do something it IS indeed on your path.

LIfe can become a joyful dance with God and the universe, an adventure of discovering what you can create. Take charge of your lives dear ones. Act as if you truly ARE supported by God for indeed you are. Act as if you truly ARE in support of yourselves. If you want more time to pursue a hobby, make time. If you want more down time, turn the phone off. If you want to be more generous, start with what you can. If you want to help others but can barely help yourself, start with small kindnesses. If you want a house, look at homes even before you can afford them. If you want love, be kind. There are a million small choices you can make each and every day consistent with your hopes and dreams. Appreciate all you have, ask for what you want, and allow life to become the joyful adventure of growth and education that it was intended to be.

We love you so very much.
-- The Angel

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Creating one choice at a time

My dear friends we love you so very much and want to wish each and every one of you a very happy new year. Remember dear ones, each moment, is a chance to create your life anew. With each breath, each thought, each choice you have a chance to steer your existence in entirely new directions. The new year is indeed a wonderful time to assess your life and to become clearer on what it is you want.

This year dear ones, be grateful for what you have and take charge of creating what you want, if only one small choice at a time. If you want a new career choose to take action and spend some time researching your options. If you want to
make more money consider what you love to do and brainstorm with friends how that might be turned into a business one small step at a time. If you want to learn a new skill sign up for a class or find instructional books to teach yourself. If you want to be kinder devise a system to help you along - perhaps journalling at the end of the day to acknowledge your successes. If you want to lose weight, make a commitment to yourself to take some time for joyful activity. If you want to create better relationships treat others as you would be treated. If you want to meet new people get out and engage in activities that you love

Dear ones we wish you a happy new you this year and in each moment of every day. Your choices no matter how small change your lives. Don't give up on your dreams simply because they seem overwhelming. Those who live incredible lives created them one tiny moment, one step, one choice at a time. Time passes no matter what you do or do not do. Better to allow it to pass creating what you truly desire.

Dear ones, happy happy new year. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels