Saturday, January 28, 2006

Take the high road

My dear friends we love you so very much. This week we ask you to embrace the kindness that you find within your own hearts. We ask you in even the most difficult of situations to choose love. For example, suppose someone cuts you off in traffic, misunderstands you, or steps on your toe. Can you choose to first honor your own feelings, and then to forgive and offer compassion to the other? This is the higher road and the one that will give you peace in the times of change that lie ahead. You will be asked this year to find respect for many various perspectives on this earth, to choose the higher road, and in so doing to find bliss amidst chaos. You will discover ever more deeply that as you choose love, instead of unforgiveness, you will find within yourself the divine presence of God as God wishes to be expressed through you.

God wants to embrace all perspectives dear ones and have them live in harmony. If everyone were honest with themselves first and then each other, nations would rearrange themselves. People of like mind and heart would stop wasting their time judging others and fine solace and joy in each other's company. Relationships would sort themselves out with respect and compassion. Far from causing you to simply 'put up' with those company you don't enjoy, true love would admit that
you want different company and simply move you in that direction. True love doesn't judge, doesn't hate, doesn't resent. True love comes from a heart that overflows with the awareness of God's unconditional love for you.

Dear ones practice kindness, respect, non-judgement. Your world is in need of those who exemplify these qualities and when you practice them it in these moments that you will feel very much at one with God and in harmony with his creation expressed through you.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Come to the surface

My dear friends we love you so very much. Many of you have expressed your weariness unto the heavens and we do understand. Earth is a school and a tough one where you strive to express love in both the light and the dark. Sometimes the energies are refined and beautiful and at other times, such as these the energies seem heavy, dense, and create within each one of you a bit of sluggishness. Take heart, dear ones, God is simply working constantly to bring to the surface all that has remained hidden within you. When you find yourselves tired, your truth comes to the surface more easily because you don't have the energy to pretend otherwise. The priorities of your heart emerge, sometimes as glorious inspiration, and sometimes through recognition of deep frustrations. When you find yourselves weary, all that is not truly of value drops away and you go back to basics, back to wanting to love and be loved. Dear ones, these energies are dense at this time on your planet but there is nothing to fear. You are growing, getting clear, finding your hearts, and deciding this year what truly matters to you. Bring that to the surface. Share it before God and yourself and then with the world. No longer hide your hearts dear friends but expose them.

When you share your dreams with others, God can work through them to help you. When you share your fears, God can work through others to comfort you. When you share your longings, God can send those to commiserate with you. When you hide your hearts, your beautiful, sweet, and loving hearts, how can you expect the world to fall in love with the truth of you. Bring your innermost dreams to the surface and share them dear ones. Say to a friend, "You know this may sound silly but I've always wanted to... sometime this lifetime." Goodness knows the one you feel motivated to share this with might be the very one who can help you out.

God is waiting to help you fulfill your dreams dear ones, but you do not live in a vacuum. You live on a planet where God expresses love through all of creation, including humankind. Set aside your fears of sharing your dreams and share them. Some will support you. Some will ridicule you. What does it matter? Your dreams were planted in your hearts by God himself and so if God finds these dreams to be worthy of love, so can you.

God bless you

Friday, January 13, 2006

Dancing with God

My dear friends we love you so very much. Understand you are in a time of great change both within your own hearts and upon your planet earth. The truth of YOU is coming to the surface and you are wanting changes, both large and small, within your own lives. You are wanting to realize your dreams here upon the earth and you are wanting to take charge of your existence as never before.

Taking charge dear ones is not the same as taking control! Truly God is in control but you can take charge of your existence by first admitting your hopes and dreams to God and to the people here upon your earth who will accept and support them. If you have close friends, share your dreams with them. If not find a coach who can help you. If not that go out in nature and pray your dreams out loud. This is the first step in taking charge of your existence - to become honest enough with yourself, God, and the universe, to kindly admit what it is you want in life, whether it is simply more time to rest, to be treated more kindly, to create friendships, or to help children keep from starving. Trust whatever you find inside of YOU is what God has put inside of you. The desires within, the true deep ones that come without explanation or justification are from God.

Secondly pray to be motivated to take action when it is time and trust, trust, trust that you will actually FEEL like doing what you are guided to do. The ideas will appeal to you. You may have to overcome some doubt, inertia, or programming but you WILL find that what you are guided to is actually something that sounds enticing, interesting, or exciting. When something pops into your mind that is interesting or enticing, DO IT. This may sound simple but we understand it is not. You may wake up with the idea to call an old friend, share a hope with them and find they have a connection. You may be motivated to forgive someone to free up your financial flow. Although things may not seem related to your hopes and dreams, trust, if you are impulsed do something it IS indeed on your path.

LIfe can become a joyful dance with God and the universe, an adventure of discovering what you can create. Take charge of your lives dear ones. Act as if you truly ARE supported by God for indeed you are. Act as if you truly ARE in support of yourselves. If you want more time to pursue a hobby, make time. If you want more down time, turn the phone off. If you want to be more generous, start with what you can. If you want to help others but can barely help yourself, start with small kindnesses. If you want a house, look at homes even before you can afford them. If you want love, be kind. There are a million small choices you can make each and every day consistent with your hopes and dreams. Appreciate all you have, ask for what you want, and allow life to become the joyful adventure of growth and education that it was intended to be.

We love you so very much.
-- The Angel

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Creating one choice at a time

My dear friends we love you so very much and want to wish each and every one of you a very happy new year. Remember dear ones, each moment, is a chance to create your life anew. With each breath, each thought, each choice you have a chance to steer your existence in entirely new directions. The new year is indeed a wonderful time to assess your life and to become clearer on what it is you want.

This year dear ones, be grateful for what you have and take charge of creating what you want, if only one small choice at a time. If you want a new career choose to take action and spend some time researching your options. If you want to
make more money consider what you love to do and brainstorm with friends how that might be turned into a business one small step at a time. If you want to learn a new skill sign up for a class or find instructional books to teach yourself. If you want to be kinder devise a system to help you along - perhaps journalling at the end of the day to acknowledge your successes. If you want to lose weight, make a commitment to yourself to take some time for joyful activity. If you want to create better relationships treat others as you would be treated. If you want to meet new people get out and engage in activities that you love

Dear ones we wish you a happy new you this year and in each moment of every day. Your choices no matter how small change your lives. Don't give up on your dreams simply because they seem overwhelming. Those who live incredible lives created them one tiny moment, one step, one choice at a time. Time passes no matter what you do or do not do. Better to allow it to pass creating what you truly desire.

Dear ones, happy happy new year. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels