Friday, March 24, 2006

You are beloved by God

My dear friends we love you so very much.

Breathe, slowly and deeply, and remember you are beloved by God.

Look in the mirror and see your perfection, as you are.
That is how God sees you.

Realize that your body is simply helping you pay attention to your spirit.
Your body is one of your most honest friends, not your enemy.

Realize that your emotions are messages from your soul.
Slow down, pay attention to them. Ask what they are asking of you.

Realize your life is a reflection of the worthiness you feel deep within
at levels you may not even be aware of.
Your mind may recognize your worthiness.
Pray to FEEL it deeply.

Dear ones you are beloved by God.
This is simple truth.

Earth is a school. Lessons can be very challenging.
You are never alone. Never forgotten. Never without help.

Ask and you shall receive.
Knock and the door will be opened.

Open your own hearts.
In stillness discover what is inside.
Bring this to the surface and share with those around you,
with sensitivity, kindness, and compassion.

You are so loved.

Ann's note: Although they're all aware of being part of God's Oneness, this message came more from the masters rather than the angels - a subtle difference, but most of them have lived human lives and understand us deeply. As you read the words, feel the rhythm and speak them aloud to yourself and you'll feel peace. I just did! Enjoy

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Be who you really are

My dear friends we love you so very much. You are indeed experiencing so much energy as of late that some of you may find it quite dizzying. The love and energy of God that awakens your own heart and reminds you of your own divinity is spiralling onto your planet quite strongly. Many of you are finding that your thoughts create ever so much more quickly than usual, that your psychic abilities are opening up to new levels, that your sensitivity to the energies of those around you is getting fine-tuned. Dear ones you are waking up to the fact that you are truly the angels upon this earth, here to help birth a new reality first inside of yourselves, then in your own lives, and therefore creating a huge ripple effect in the world.

Realize that this newfound sensitivity also brings with it the surfacing of many old insecurities - fears about exposing yourselves for the loving, sensitive, caring beings that you are upon this earth, fears of asking for more - for what you truly want, fears of being misunderstood, attacked, or even cast aside. Dear ones you are not going backwards but rather forwards into a freedom of mind, heart, and spirit unlike any you have ever felt before upon this earth, and yet realize, so many times in this life and others, you have not been understood. Speak the truths of your love dear ones. Be the compassionate beings that you truly are. Do not get sucked into games of anger, manipulations of guilt, or the temptations to fall into deep depressions and feelings of helplessness.

You are powerful and beautiful souls. Your prayers have a strength born from the sincerity in your hearts. You are safe and secure in God's arms and you will find happiness and love beyond your imagination as you continue to expose the truth of YOU to the world. Be the angels you truly are dear ones. Walk through the fears of having what you truly want in life and pray for the very same. God loves you so much. You are His messangers of love upon the earth. You are special, dear to us, and appreciated for your work. We know it is not easy being human and yet, you can create a glorious existence.

If you want the world to love and see you
Be You.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Sunday, March 12, 2006

God answers your prayers

My dear friends we love you so very much. Realize that your journey here upon planet earth is indeed a school, indeed filled with lessons, trials, and triumphs. You are so LOVED during each moment of every day that it would be hard for the human mind to conceive of it. Your hearts alone can open to receive and share God's love, but dear ones, you must stop trying so hard!

When you pray, let God answer your prayers! So many of you pray, "Dear God bring me a relationship," and then instead of going about your life and enjoying it, trusting God to answer your prayers, you attempt to answer them yourselves! You pray, "God bring me money," and then you proceed to burn yourselves out trying to create it. Dear ones, you do not have to struggle so much. You only have to listen to the directives in your own hearts and then TRUST.

Trust God hears each and every one of your prayers, but in your impatience at times, you forget to allow God to answer these prayers in perfect timing. Trust God CARES about each of your prayers but will only answer the ones that serve your spirit in the here and now. Trust God may want more for you than you would even dare to ask for yourself. It is ok to pray for specific things or situations, but always ask for "that or better" because perhaps you can't see as you pray for you pennies, the opportunity for twenties. Perhaps as you pray for the person you adore to fall in love with you, you can't see the perfect one that already does. Release your expectations as to HOW God should answer your prayers and trust that, in the infinite wisdom of all-that-is, God will not respond with anything less than a love greater than you can imagine. You must have faith dear ones. You must have patience. You must have trust. It is oh so much easier to allow God to answer your prayers than to make the attempts on your own.

Yes, God helps those who help themselves, so honor the dictates in your heart, but when life becomes a struggle, stop struggling. Rest. Release your expectations. Follow your heart. Soon you will be back on track, on the path of grace.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Take time to uplift your spirit

My dear friends we love you so very much. Search your hearts and find out what you value in life. Ask yourself if the time you spend is truly prioritized according to your values. Do you make time to nurture your cherished relationships? Do you create space in your life for the hobbies you enjoy? Do you take time to tell the people you love that you love them?

Take time to sit back in stillness and ask yourself what is truly of value to you in your life. What activities and which relationships enliven you and make you feel passionate or peaceful and which ones do not? Ask God to show you how you can spend more time on the things and people you value and to show you a way to transform or change the activities and relationships that do not feed your spirit.

Ultimately dear ones, the choice to be happy and loving is internal and you *can* be happy and love under any circumstance, situation, or in any relationship whatsoever. Nonetheless, you need not choose to struggle. You can choose to make time for the things and people that uplift your spirit.

We encourage you this week to take a little time each day, even five to ten minutes, to do something or call someone that uplifts your spirit - something or someone that allows for you to be easily and joyfully self-expressed and creates an easy space for your love to grow. If you choose to support your spirit in this fashion you will find it much easier to be loving in the tougher situations as well.

You feed your bodies dear ones. You maintain your cars. Take time to uplift your souls for they are eternal and matter most of all.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels