Thursday, April 27, 2006

You Can be at Peace

My dear friends we love you so very much. As you watch your world in chaos understand that you can be at peace. As you watch the arguments and diversified opinions, know that in the long run there is only one mind, that allows for all perspectives, and that is God's mind. There is only one love seeking to be expressed, acknowledged, given, and received through all humanity and that is God's love. There is one heart beating within each soul and that is God's heart.

So why does God allow for the chaos? Because you learn from it. With every war on your planet there is a yearning for peace. With every deception a desire arises for greater truth. With every angry moment, a resolve to change. And so dear ones whether it is your world that you witness in chaos or the stirrings of your own heart, know that there is a great truth arising from this stirring and that truth is love.

When you find yourself in times that challenge you instead of immediately assuming you did something wrong, make an assumption that you can create a more loving reality for yourself in spite of circumstances. When you watch the news and see people hurling accusations at each other, know that the more loving reality is a desire for truth to be examined and experienced at deeper levels. When you find yourself in anger, find the truth behind the anger... and with compassion act on that. You can't change the world. You can't change others. But you can indeed search within your own heart and find compassionate words or actions that can propel you towards a greater reality.

Don't judge yourselves dear ones. You are doing beautiful work bringing God's love and light to the surface upon your planet. Stay in joy when you find it. Don't feel guilty for allowing yourself good when others are in chaos. It is by filling your cup that you will create a desire to spill it, by giving to yourself what you require that you will find the authentic desire to share with others. It is by paying your bills first that you create abundance to share, by feeding your own families that they have a desire to assist those in need, and by choosing to be around uplifting situations and people that you find the strength of compassion to be around those who are not when you must.

Gift yourselves with God's love first and you will remain steadfast beacons of light in a chaotic world that is truly birthing itself into a new and greater reality.

We love you so very much,
-- the angels

Friday, April 21, 2006

Spring Cleaning

My dear friends we love you so very much. As you enjoy these days of springtime remember what the season truly represents. It is during the spring that all which has been dormant begins to surface. And it is during this particular springtime, dear ones that many of you have noticed that every fear, insecurity, joy, hope, and dream you have harbored deep inside is indeed coming to the surface. This is simply part of God's way of helping you release what you do not wish to keep inside of you, acknowledge that which you wish to create, and ask for help where you do not feel you can accomplish something on your own.

You are never on your own dear ones. If you surrender your problems, your hopes and dreams to God and pray for guidance, you will take action only when it is effective and appropriate. You will struggle less, enjoy more, and learn to trust that a loving God and his angels does indeed care about you very much. However if you try to solve every challenge on your own and force every dream to come true you will find yourselves exerting much more effort than you need to.

Keep it simple dear ones. Get out of your own way with your doubts and worries. Even give these to God. 'here God, take away my insecurities and doubts," is a very sincere prayer. God loves you dear ones. God wants for you even more than you want for you. Trust your hearts, pray for what you truly seek and release your fears to the heavens.

God bless you. We love you so very much
-- the angels

Friday, April 14, 2006

Each Moment is a Chance for New Life

My dear friends we love you so very much. As you celebrate this season of springtime, celebrate the rebirth of your very own soul incarnating here upon the planet earth, with each and every breath. Each moment dear ones is a chance for resurrecting your spirit, rekindling your own passions, and planting the seeds of your own dreams. With each choice you make, you choose to honor the soul, or to negate it. With each word you speak, you come from love, or fear. With each action you take, you move closer to life or farther from it.

Dear ones, allow your spirit -- your loving eternal spirit -- to be resurrected here upon the planet earth with every thought, word, and deed. The world does indeed try to crucify your ever-loving hearts at times. The denser energies would love the pleasure of your company and therefore introduce negativities such as angry vindictive thoughts, and doubts as to your worth, value, beauty, intelligence, or dreams. The lonely among you would blame you for their choices. And yet dear ones, you can take responsibility for walking the higher path, for saying "no" to the negative thoughts and placing your sights on what is truly of value in your life and your hearts. So you don't like to take out the garbage? Focus on how you feel with your clean house. You would rather not pay the bills? Give thanks for the roof over your head and the hands that can write the check. You've been attacked by someone in anger? Be relieved that you are awake enough to desire better treatment, and wise enough to simply move away from that energy.

Dear ones, we understand that each of you has gone through your own share of crucifixtions and yet each one of you bravely resurrects your very own spirit day after day, as you get out of bed in the morning. Realize dear ones, this is truth - love is eternal and all else will eventually fall away as illusion. You are deeply loved, honored, and cherished for your work here upon the planet.

We love you so very much,
-- the angels

Saturday, April 08, 2006

God is Always With You

My dear friends we love you so very much. For a moment close your eyes, breathe into your heart, and take a few minutes to give thanks for all you are grateful for in your life. Wiggle your toes and be grateful for the movement. Breathe and be grateful for the intake of air. Focus on the chair you sit upon and be grateful for its support. Close your eyes and feel the love of your angels as they embrace you.

My dear friends you always have choices, abundance, support, and love available no matter what your life circumstances. It is an illusion that you would ever be left alone, or become separate from the love and support of God.

God works in strange and mysterious ways indeed and you are coming to a time here upon your planet earth in which it is increasingly important that you would trust in God's love for you, trust in his guidance as it appears through the subtle knowing and longings in your heart, and trust that all is well indeed in hearts that have faith in the very same. You will bear witness to great unrest in human hearts and yet dear ones, you can choose to be in peace. You will watch people become very polarized in their opinions, and yet you must choose to acknowledge all perspectives as worthy of consideration. Find the gold amidst the lead. Find the silver lining in the dark clouds. Find the spark of God in the eyes of one you have trouble gazing upon. It is in these moments of choosing to focus on what is good and true, that youw ill find God even more present in your life than ever before.

God is always with you. Joy, and the feeling of heaven on earth is always available to you. You have to work harder at times to feel God's presence and search for the frequencies of heaven, and yet they are never gone. Look for the moments of upliftment. Seek out all things to be grateful for. Avoid slipping into judgement of self and others. In these labors of love you will give birth to the Christ consciousness in your own hearts and allow the love of God to flow through you into the world.

We love you so very much,
-- the angels & masters

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Embracing Divine Consciousness

My dear friends we love you so very much. There lies within each human heart a seed of potential that God has planted within you before the day you were born. In this seed is the knowledge and energy of the Christ consciousness. Each one of you has the potential to become a fully realized being here upon the earth - a being of great love, great compassion and with a great capacity to create.

Take time in this season of spring to sit quietly and ask God to tend to this seed within, to nurture the Christ consciousness in your own hearts into fruition, for indeed dear friends, the "second coming" begins in your very own hearts. There will indeed be a soul to walk the earth that embodies this love as well; however, dear ones, the point and purpose of the life of Jesus Christ was to awaken this light within each one of you. He did not intend to create belief systems that would foster judgment, separation, and righteousness, but rather to break apart hypocritical systems of the day that promoted the very same, and to bring healing to human hearts.

His message is one, dear friends, not of religiosity but of LOVE, plain and simple. His message was that you could do as He did and more. He never intended that religious persecution be carried on in His name; the abominations in His name do not represent the love this gentle ambassador of peace came to proclaim.

We realize that we are crossing borders and boundaries with this message dear friends but it is time to awaken to the truth of who you really are. Dear lightworkers, dear friends, you are God's love poured into human form, given life each moment by His breath, and directed by His love. Your planet needs your light and all you need to do to ignite this fire within is to sit silently and pray. Ask God to ignite the Christ consciousness within you, to know God's will for your life, and the trust, dear ones, as we have instructed you for so long, that the desires in your very own heart will guide you along that path. We love you. We realize that you and we are one in God's creation, working together to tend to the seeds of love within so they can come to full bloom and so that your planet, can at long last, reach a point in history where God's plan ripens into a beautiful heaven on earth.

This will take time dear ones. Be patient with yourselves and others. In a way, your planet still lies in the fertile soil awaiting the push of springtime to grow into the light. Dear ones, pray for this awakening. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door will be opened.

We love you so very much.
-- the angels & masters