Friday, May 05, 2006

Release Your Struggles & Choose Love

My dear friends we love you so very much. Release your struggles dear ones and give them to God! Share your joys and give thanks to God. Celebrate all of life dear ones because we assure you that some day when you are in our realms you will look upon your entire life as an adventure in learning to love. Dear ones you can bring love into any situation whatsoever. You do not even have to like your circumstances or the people you are with to be the ambassadors of God's love and light upon your planet. You simply have to make a choice - to love rather than to hate, to love rather than to find fault, to love rather than to judge.

By all means, dear friends choose to love yourselves first. If someone irritates you don't fall into hatred, judgement, anger, or a million other excuses not to love. Instead acknowledge your need to not be irritated and then in the most loving way possible, move away, find help, address the other with compassion, send them light exactly as they are without trying to manipulate or change them and watch your lives transform. Loving another need never mean that you must choose not to love yourself. We are not asking you to feel 'warm and fuzzy' nor are we asking you to keep company with everyone here upon your planet but rather to take the high road and allow people to be whomever they choose to be, while at the same time allowing yourself to be who you choose to be.

This takes cleverness, prayer, and dedication to a higher path, but my dear friends you are the ones on your planet choosing to embrace this journey with your whole hearts. You would not be reading these words from us if you weren't seeking a higher, healthier, and happier existence. Heaven my friends is a state of mind - a state of mind in which you feel connected with God's love at all times and allow it to flow through you into the world.

We realize this is challenging. We realize how easy it is to fall into judgement, and yet dear ones you can learn to discern what is good for you and what is not, rather than falling into judgement. You can choose to be loving rather than hate, and by making these choices, to love self and have compassion for others, you will be creating beautiful magic in your lives. Love is the source of all abundance. It is magnetic and attracts good towards you. It makes your businesses boom, you creativity expand, and your body to be much healthier.

Live in love dear friends, always honoring your own feelings first, and then choosing the most compassionate interaction with others.

You are the creators of heaven on earth, angels incarnate and we love you so very much.
-- the angels