Saturday, June 17, 2006

Times to act, Times to be still

My dear friends we love you so very much.

My dear friends we love you so very much. So very many of you struggle with patience as you wait for your dreams to unfold. We are not suggesting that you sit and do nothing; however we are suggesting that there are times for action and times for rest. You will know when to take action because you will have a strong urge or inkling to take the next step towards your dreams. You will know it is time to rest when you crave the very same, or there is simply nothing else you have the urge or inkling to do.

Impatience, dear ones, is fear wearing a mask. If you truly trust in God you will know that all your prayers are answered in right timing. It may take time for you to release notions of unworthiness. It may take time for the universe to coordinate events to bring you the help and assistance you need. It may take time to prepare you to receive your dreams.

Dear ones, pray for these things when you have a dream:

1. Pray for the dream itself
2. Pray to release all inner blocks to receiving your dream
3. Pray to be ready to receive your dream

The trust dear ones, trust. Your prayers will be answered as you clear the way inside of yourself first, and then in your outer life. If you ask for guidance you will be guided until you hear us or notice our signs. Let us help you. Do your inner work, dear friends, and you will see the results in the outside world.