Saturday, October 28, 2006

It is a time of transformation

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Understand that your planet is in an intense time of transformation. Wave upon wave of light is washing over you and many of you are feeling all sorts of symptoms once again including fatigue, swirling, lightheadedness, forgetfulness, euphoria at times, and exhaustion at others. This is to be expected as the energy continues to become more intense. There is tremendous opportunity here. You are being birthed into a greater light, and a greater awareness of who you truly are. If you have asked for this, you will become more psychic, more loving, more aware of how your thoughts are powerful creations, as well as your worries. If you invite God into your life, expect joyful surprises. If you do not, expect life to become more challenging. It is a year of surrendering to your own heart and trusting that God cares enough to carry you forward upon waves of love to the life of your dreams.

Your thoughts continue to become more powerful creations. What you choose to focus upon, you draw to you with increasing strength, and so dear ones, focus upon what you want rather than what you do not. Pray and ask God to take away your worries, fill your heart with His peace and His Love, and fill every area of your life with the same.

Your earth is preparing for more change dear friends and you feel the weight of these transformations. Like a woman about to give birth, mother earth is in labor and so you feel the contractions and the expantions - the times when the energy becomes very dense and the opportunities for birth into greater light. Surrender to your hearts. Rest, be kind to yourselves, pray, and sit in silence each day if only for a little while and you will weather these changes with grace.

God bless you.
-- The Angels