Saturday, November 04, 2006

Judgment vs. Discernment

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As the energies on your earth continue to intensify take heart. So many of you ask us, "When will this end?" Dear ones, there is no end to growth - not on earth, and not in the higher realms. You are eternally challenged to stand in spiritual truth - that you can choose to create a beautiful life for yourself no matter what lessons others on the planet participate in. Do not judge yourself or others, dear friends, for judgment is an act of emotional violence. We wish to distinguish here between judgment and discernment.

Judgment says, "He or she should not think/act/or speak in this fashion." Discernment says, "I do not want to be around him or her when he/she thinks/acts/or speaks in this fashion."

Judgment tries to change another. Discernment tells you what is healthy for you.

Judgment shows areas in whch you require another to change to feel good about yourself or your own decisions. Discernment shows you have matured enough spiritually to own your choices and to move away from that which is not healthy.

Dear friends, we implore you as the tensions in your world continue to rise, not to fall into judgment. Earth is a school and there are students at all levels indeed. As we have said to our channel, "Earth is a one room schoolhouse." Those of you in the more advanced grades have a responsibility to be in integrity with higher truths so you can be an example for those less evolved. Do not be harsh with yourselves if you slip. Just get up and keep going and resolve to do the best you can.

Your love, dear friends, is needed at this time. Your peace is needed at this time. Your forgiveness is needed at this time. Pray because your prayers are powerful dear friends. You are part of God's creation - important, loved, and cherised.

God bless you.
-- The Angels