Monday, February 27, 2006

Maintenance for the soul

My dear friends we love you so very much. We continue our discussion on taking time in stillness. There is so much that occurs in your spirit dear ones, when you take the time to slow down. You reconnect with your heart. You notice what is working in your life and what is not. You notice how you have changed and can take time to give thanks for your growth and your blessings. You will feel the longings of your heart and can pray for assistance in bringing them into fruition. You feel your anxieties and can ask us for help in healing them.

Dear ones, time in stillness, however great or small is time that is richly productive for the soul. While you can't point to any finished "accomplishments" with down time, nor can you cross items off your "to-do" lists, you are taking time to nurture the one thing in your life and lifetimes that is eternal - your soul. Dear ones if you have a car you maintain it. If you have a garden you would water it. You have an eternal spirit and must take time to nourish it.

Those of you who are sensitive would also do well to create a small routine at the end of your day to release any energies you have inadvertently taken on from the world around you. This can be as simple as washing your hands under running water and praying to release any frequencies that don't serve you. You can also take a bath with salt sprinkled in the water. You can sit upon the earth palms down and allow excess energies to drain into mother earth who gladly uses them to good end. You can simply pray to release anything you have picked up. You have a tendency dear ones, many of you on this list, to take on the world's ills and woes. And therefore many of you find yourself a bit drained from time to time. It is not selfish to release the energies back to those who created them, using simply intent.

Doing these two things - intending to release the frequencies that are not yours, and taking time in stillness to refill your cup will keep your spirit maintained, will keep your body healthier and stronger, and will help your mind be at peace.

Take charge of your energies dear light workers. The world is about to become even more chaotic and yet you can find great peace, indeed even heaven on earth if you take the time to reconnect with the light and release the denser energies.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Friday, February 17, 2006

Don't judge the ups and downs

My dear friends we love you so very much. As you continue your journey of sitting in stillness from time to time we will be working with you very closely to help raise your vibration so you can weather these new frequencies with more grace. It is extremely essential to take moments of stillness so we can work with you. There is much darkness on the planet but as well cause for celebration because as you add love, all that is less than that vibration bubbles up for healing. You will be seeing this in your own mind and heart as well as in your governments and institutions as the year progresses.

And as you watch what you might consider to be the darkness at times, know that it needs love to. When you meet your own darker spaces, send them love and do the same for others. Are you sad? Reach out for comfort whether that is a call to a friend or a warm blanket. Are you upset with someone. Find out where you are truly upset with yourself, perhaps for harboring expectations they cannot possibly meet. Are you tired and frustrated? Rest, eat well, and you will feel better soon.

Perhaps you are in glorious joy! Spread this and share it with those in need. Some days you will be the angel. Other days you will need the angels.

But above all dear friends, realize planet earth is a school. Life is a journey. You will have times when you are flying high and other days when you are dipping into the depths. It is all part of your learning how to love God, self, and others. Don't judge or make anything wrong dear ones, inside or outside of yourselves. By all means learn to discern what is healthy for you to be around, but do not judge. This is a gift you can give yourself and others.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Slow down when life speeds up

My dear friends we love you so very much. Cherish your time here upon planet earth for even if you live a very long life you stay is but the blink of an eye to your soul. Many of you have noticed that time seems to be speeding up but in reality dear friends it is your vibration that is speeding up. It is absolutely necessary to slow down in order not to miss the magic and the guidance and the love that is pouring into your hearts and your planet at this time. Slow down and sit quietly with your own hearts each day if only for a few moments. Ask yourselves, what is in my heart? What is it that I truly desire. Find the spark of God's will within each and every one of you dear friends, for it is God that plants the deepest desires in your heart. It is God that makes you long for love and companionship. It is God that guides you to a move that you secretly long for. It is God that sparks the idea of a new career that excites and enlivens you. God loves you dear friends so very much and wants so much more for you than you would ask for yourselves. God envisions a world where everyone is guided to live their potential, to be the love that they are and to have right livelihood, right relationships, and a beautiful loving partnership with one another and the heavens.

This week, take time in the midst of earth's hustle, bustle, chaos, and diversions to sit quietly and find your hearts. Go deep within. You want to love. You want to express in certain ways here upon the earth. You want to ask for help at times. Find this truth, seek it out dear ones and pray for help in taking action. Your world may seem topsy turvy as the vibrational frequencies of love continue to intensify but you can find peace in the moments of stillness, and a calm knowing that indeed all is well. You are guided. You are cherished. You are so very loved.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels