Saturday, July 29, 2006

You are a universe unto yourself

y dear friends we love you so very much. In times of turmoil and transition upon your planet remember that you are a universe unto yourself, and yet deeply part of all here upon the earth as well. Within all of you lie the frequencies of heaven as well as the frequencies of hell. You can tune into whichever vibration you choose dear ones.

You can for example, look upon the recent events on your planet and indeed in your own lives and feel deeply the illusions of separation - you can see the world in terms of "us" vs. "them." However, dear ones, we assure you that in choosing this perspective there are no winners, only losers. Would your right hand benefit by hating and hitting the left? Truly they are individuals with different perspectives but certainly part of one body. Likewise, differing factions here upon the earth, or even within your own families, are all part of a human race which is encompassed by God's love. Some remember this truth. Many forget.

Pray dear ones, for peace in your own hearts. From that perspective, you become the angels here upon the earth who refuse to get sucked into the hatred and separation. You become the ones who elevate your souls above the problems, manipulations, and ills that try to ensnare you, and you discover that God finds new solutions when you are rooted in love and trust. You, dear ones can live heavenly lives even when the world around you tries to create hell.

You are the lightworkers, the angels upon the earth, and the brave souls who have chosen to incarnate as ambassadors of God's love in spite of so much pain on your planet. You are being asked now to walk the higher path, forgive and release those who have wronged you, and stand in your truth, asking God to help you create the life you desire. Trust dear ones, that even with the pain and chaos on your planet God cares about each one of your individual lives --for within you lie the same vibrations that affect your world.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Receive from the earth

My dear friends we love you so very much. Pray for the earth. She loves you so very much. The earth is alive. She is a spirit you walk upon. She is much more resiliant than you might imagine and yet like any good mother would be ever so grateful for a little love and gratitude from those she supports so unselfishly. And then dear ones after you offer up your prayers for this very beautiful spirit that does indeed support all of you, allow her spirit to nurture you in return.

Close your eyes and feel the comfort of being a tiny person here upon a huge and beautiful orb that supports you. Imagine that there are roots from the base of your feet and the base of your spine that connect deeply with the earth. As you breathe simply intend that your breathing slow down to be in synchronization with the pulsating of the earth. Slowly slowly imagine that your energy and hers breathe together. Feel the warmth, the electricity, and the sense of stability that come from her. Feel the support she offers you. Feel her energy embrace you and give you strength. Sit within this embrace as long as you need to feel comforted and loved.

If you do this very simple prayer and meditation for just a brief moment every day and you will feel a renewed sense of energy, connectedness, and a feeling that you are never alone. As you tap into the energy of the earth, you strengthen your physical body and help to calm the emotions with a sense of safety and security. As you watch your wars and earth changes, go back to mother earth and feel her all encompassing embrace. She is your teacher. As she brings what is pent up to the surface, you will want to bring your feeings to the surface as well. As she shakes off the pains of her past, you too will want to release old habits and beliefs as well. Connect with her dear ones, and receive the healing she offers you so freely.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Trust that God is in charge and all is well

My dear friends we love you so very much. Trust that God is in charge and you are indeed alive at some very exciting times. Each of you chose to incarnate at this time upon your planet earth because it is a time like no other, a time that has been predicted, a time whereupon change is rapid and seemingly out of control, and yet dear ones, God is in control. Surrender your hearts dear ones to faith and trust. Trust that if you have been doing your homework - taking care to listen to your hearts and instincts, then God can work in miraculous ways in your lives. Trust that when things seem topsy turvy, all is still well. Surrender when you don't know the next step. Pray and share your heart with God and then release control. You WILL be guided what to do next. You will be inspired and motivated when the time is right.

Until then, rest, take a brief vacation from your struggles, release impatience, and know in time, all you desire will be brought to you if you follow these principles. Be easy on yourselves dear ones. The energy on your planet is rather challenging right now. And yet you are the lights. You are lightworkers who know the truth of God's love. You are beacons of hope and inspiration. God is always with you. We are always with you. Your prayers are heard dear ones. Trust and allow God the time to work before allowing your mind to take charge once again and your patience will pay off in ways you can barely imagine.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Play is Necessary

My dear friends we love you so very much. My dear friends we love you so very much. There is within each of your hearts a desire to rest for you work so very hard. And yet many of you feel that rest is unproductive and that you are never going to get things done if you allow yourselves the time to play. Play dear ones, in balance, is sacred. Play frees your mind and elevates your spirit. Play gets your mind out of the way, enlivens your heart, and gives God a little room to work in your lives.

Play is anything you do for the sheer joy of doing it, not for any other reason. Play is about process, not results. Play is about engaging yourself in a dance with life and trusting that all is well while you let down your guard, give your responsibilities to God to handle for a short while, and rejuvenate your spirit.

Play is necessary for the spiritual work that you are here to do upon the earth for without it, life becomes drudgery, growth becomes a chore, and life becomes a series of moments designed to survive in the future. Play dear ones, in balance with your work, and rest when you are weary. Far from being wasted moments, these are the moments in which you rejuvenate your spirit for the tasks ahead

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Relationships have a natural form

My dear friends we love you so very much. You are in a study here upon the planet earth of love - Love of self, love of God, and love of others. You are learning the many faces of love, its many flavors, forms, shapes and textures. With each soul you encounter there will be a natural form of love that arises between the two of you.

- For some relationships, the love blossoms as romance.

- For others friendship.

- For some the honesty of recognizing your differences
and exploring them through discussion & negotiation

- For others love is expressed as the honesty of recognizing
your differences and then peacefully parting ways.

- For still others you find the archetype of teacher and student,
healer and patient, or parent and child

Find the authentic expression of your hearts within each relationship, bring it to the surface through kind words and deeds and you will find the form that love naturally wants to take. Never try to change another to fit your desires and never try to change yourself to fit another. BE yourself and you will attract those that love YOU. Allow others to be themselves and see if they belong in your life. If everyone could embrace such deep and beautiful levels of honesty you would sort yourselves out on planet earth. You would be find yourselves sorting naturally into groups - surrounding yourselves with compatible souls, in separate gropus from incompatible souls, and bridged by souls who like the differences. This requires trust - trust that God will guide you to those of like mind and heart if you release those who don't fit your life. This requires faith, faith that you are enough in God's eyes and faith that others will like you as you truly are.

With faith and trust dear ones your relationships, both business and personal will become fulfilling, honest, and serve the both of you. Practice observing the form love naturally takes in all your relationships and be yourselves. You will free up tremendous amounts of emotional energy and your life will flow ever more smoothly.

Dear ones, we love you so very much,
-- the Angels.