Saturday, March 31, 2007

Desires that inspire you to action

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As you continue in the manifesting process dear ones, there is going to be a time, as we discussed last week, when you feel guided to take action. The guidance will come in the form of an idea that inspires you, a thought that beckons you to explore it further or a heartfelt desire to act.

For example, suppose you are manifesting a new job, and instead of looking on your internet for available jobs you feel like going to the park. Trust that, dear ones. You will go to the park and either your energy will be cleared to receive better guidance in the following week, or perhaps you will meet someone there that shares a thought or an idea that leads to an entirely new career.

When it is time to take action dear ones, if you are truly ready for your dreams to come true, you will feel a passionate desire to do something, try something, learn something, talk to someone, or simply sit in quiet reception. You will want to act, when it is God-guided time to act. When you feel as if you are forcing a situation, you are. When you feel as if all the doors are closing in front of you, sit still, be calm, refocus on the thought and feeling of what you want and wait for a better idea.

A goal is achieved through human effort, dear ones. A manifestation is a dance between you and God.

Trust, dear ones, God wishes to eliminate the strategizing and the struggles in your lives. Stop manipulating life and yourselves. Start listening to life and yourself, and in so doing, dear ones, you are listening to God.