Saturday, June 30, 2007

Relax into life

My dear friends we love you so very much,

Within each of you there is a deep desire to trust in God, to relax into life and to give up the struggles. So many of you have been taught that being responsible means taking charge of every detail in your life, staying 'on top of' things, and 'being there' for everyone who had demands or desires from you.

Instead dear ones, being responsible is being able to respond to the whispers of God that come through your own hearts. Is it more responsible to finish the to-do list or to rest when you are tired? More in integrity to say to a friend, "I love you but can't honestly support you at this moment, may I call you back," or to stay on the phone and allow your attention to wander. More productive to pray than to struggle with a dilemma?

Dear ones you know the answers to these questions and yet it takes a conscious desire to change in order to stop struggling with life, self, and God. It takes awareness to be able to say in any given moment, "This is my truth right now." It takes a commitment to live one moment at a time and to trust the guidance to unfold in the next.

Life does not have to be difficult dear ones. When you do not have the answers, God does. When you do not know how to solve the problems in your life, God does. When you do not know how to reconcile a relationship within your own heart, God does. When you desire to make a change in life but do not know when or how, God does.

God is all that is. God is the love behind the breath you breathe, and the air that flows through your lungs as well. God is infinite love and intelligence, that creates you each moment dear ones. Ponder that... God creates you anew in each moment and gives you the free will to cooperate with the love and guidance that flows through you or to resist it.

Guidance is subtle. Guidance is the desire you have to sit still, do nothing, play the piano, spend time with your children, read a magazine, reach out to someone in need, or cry the tears that form the lump in the back of your throat. Guidance is simply the energy that moves through you in each moment, each and every day.

You have the answers dear ones, one moment at a time. Trust in this and your life will unfold in a magical and miraculous fashion.

God bless you. We love you so very much,
-- The Angels

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Create happiness inside first

My dear friends we love you so very much,

Understand in your journey towards wholeness that you are already whole. In your journey seeking abundance, realize you are already abundant. All that you seek, dear friends is already inside of you. Bring it to the surface and you will experience a glorious reflection of that reality in your physical world as well.

Many of you want more money, and yet what would you do if you had it? Would you buy more and be in a constant state of stress? Or would you change your habits and your lives to experience true spiritual wealth? Would you rest and have more recreation? If so, make time to rest and have some recreation in your life now. Would you be generous with others? Be generous with your love now. Would you feel more secure because you can easily pay your bills? Pray to God to feel the security of his love now. Dear ones, if you can create the feelings of true wealth inside you, your finances will begin to reflect this. You are already spiritualy wealthy.

Many of you want love and yet the entire universe offers you the very same. What would you feel if you had a partner that you cannot feel now? Would you expect their love to fill up the areas where you don't love yourself? Or, wouldn't you rather love yourself completely and find someone to celebrate the wholeness and power you have found inside? Would you expect someone to entertain you? Wouldn't you rather learn to entertain yourself and share that joy with another? Dear ones, give unto yourselves what you would like an other to give unto you. Then share this joy with others and watch the reflections of love come rushing back into your lives.

All that you seek is a feeling. All that you seek is love. Create the feelings now. Create the love within yourselves now, dear ones. Today is a day to be celebrated. Today is a gift from God. Today, you can have all that you seek inside and begin to create the outer reflections you wish for as well.

The outside world does not give you happiness dear ones. You create happiness inside yourselves, in your own hearts and minds and you can give yourself permission to do so, no matter what the circumstances of your lives.

God bless you. We love you so very much,
-- The Angels

Saturday, June 16, 2007

It is not necessary to analyze everything

My dear friends we love you so very much,

Inside each one of your hearts is a seed of light, very much like a seed that you would place into the ground and allow to grow. This seed in your heart is not tangible but rather is a set of instructions much like a blueprint for your soul's evolution and growth into enlightenment. This seed must, at times, embrace the darker spaces in order to reach for the light. When you discover aiming anger doesn't work you seek kinder solutions. When you experience war you want peace. When you feel lack you must search for the abundance within. As you embrace these darker space, you grow, and like the sprout within the seed you reach for the light. There is a timing to this - a natural rhythm that will occur with or without the intervention of your minds. It is not necessary to analyze everything that occurs in your lives. Sometimes you simply have to experience and allow time to change you. Sometimes you have to sit still and wait for the still small voices in your heart to become the louder urgings. Sometimes there is nothing wrong and the difficult times simply help you bring your truth and desires even more to the forefronts in your own hearts.

Dear ones, we have said it many times but if your lives do not yet look as you wish them to be, own what you do want, feel what it would feel like to have that, and then let go. Live your lives. If there are blocks, God will bring these to your attention and help you work through them. If you are doing your part, assume God is doing is. Trust the timing. Trust the things that happen in between your intent and your manifestation. It is true, through sheer willpower and creating feeling you can create quickly, HOWEVER, if you want to create in the flow of grace, you must surrender to a power and intelligence that knows and loves you more deeply than you love yourselves. You must trust that there are sometimes delays so that you can have better than you asked for. Look back at your lives for the proof. There are times when you wanted something immediately and yet as you look back you can see the wisdom in the waiting.

God loves you dear ones. God wants the very best for you. Do not, in impatience, allow fear and doubt to take root in the garden of your hearts.

God bless you. We love you so very much,
-- The Angels

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ride the waves of guidance

My dear friends we love you so very much,

As you continue in your manifestations there will be times when you feel compelled to act, times when the urge to approach someone arises, and times when the desire to finish a task begins to tug within you. Ride these waves of guidance when they appear in your life. Allow yourself to listen to the inner urgings and make use of them as inspiration and motivation when they arise. Do not miss the moment dear ones. Opportunities pass and you will always have new ones, but if you want your manifestations to arise more quickly, act when the urge comes from within.

Actions should not be forced, contrived, or done because you feel you 'should' or you 'need' to do something in order to make something work in your life. Actions should arise from a natural desire to act, an urging, an interest, a tug from within, an attraction to the action, etc. If you want to make money pray for the urges to love where you work or find work where you love... and then trust each moment as it arises.

The mind likes to convince you that today is the same as yesterday but it is not. This afternoon will not be the same as this morning. Life is in dynamic movement and interplay and God guides you with information based on each present moment.

Don't despair if you don't know the next step on your path. God does. Wait for the information to arise.

There are times when you are not in touch with your hearts, such as when you feel depression, numbness, or deep despair. In these times, get moving - physically, emotionally, or in your lives. Take a walk, clean out a closet, see a helping professional... do what it takes to get the energy in motion in your lives once again so you can truly feel the movement in your own hearts.

Your hearts dear ones are the radio receivers for God's love and guidance. Trust.

God bless you. We love you so very much,
-- The Angels

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Stay out of the dramas

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As your planet continues to evolve, we ask you to be the brave souls who create a new reality of heaven on earth. Do not get drawn into the dramas and traumas of your planet, and even the smaller dramas of those around you. Be "in the world, but not of it," dear ones. You are not helping anyone by being drawn into the dramas.

Have compassion for others, but realize that every one on earth is in school. Everyone must do their own homework, or as we say, 'heartwork.' Everyone must learn to take responsibility for their own inner conditions for it is within the soul's depths that the emotions and vibrations that create your outer reality exist. Like a ripple deep within the ocean, the vibrations within rise to the surface and manifest in your outer world. What you expect from life at the deepest levels is what you end up receiving.

Search your hearts and ask yourself what you truly expect from life - not in terms of material goods but in terms of love. Do you really have faith that God loves you and cares about you and your hearts? If you do, relax, honor the heart each day, trust, and realize all is taken care of in perfect timing. If you are not there yet, pray to have this faith in God's love. Pray to experience God's love so you can learn to trust it.

Dear ones there is nothing more important than the relationship you cultivate with yourself and God because this is what you take with you into eternity, and this is what creates the vibrations that draw everything in your outer reality to you.

No matter what you witness around you, in your homes, businesses, or in the news, trust that if YOU stand in your truth; if you trust in God's love; if you bear witness to this love by speaking kindly and praying for assistance with all you need - then you will be a beacon of hope and inspiration to the world around you. You will give when motivated, receive when you are in need and indeed, exist in the eternal currents of God's grace.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels