Thursday, September 20, 2007

A greatful heart is an abundant heart

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Remember that a grateful heart is an abundant heart. A grateful heart seeks out and acknowledges the riches that life has to offer. A grateful heart does not feel impoverished, unacknowledged, or unappreciated because a grateful heart realizes that God has gifted you with a magnificent and glorious classroom called Earth in which to evolve your understanding and appreciation of love.

Gratitude, dear ones, is the cornerstone of all abundance. The soul that focuses upon gratitude sees and glorifies the riches of all creation. How can you ever feel poor when you look upon the magnificence of the sky, the wings of a butterfly, or a bush filled with flowers? How can you ever feel stressed when you take the time to feel the breeze upon your face, or the gentle drops of a summer rain. How could you ever feel alone when you hear the magnificent song of the birds who give thanks for each rising and setting of the sun each and every day?

Dear ones, there are riches all around you. Do you give thanks when you taste the food upon your tongue? Can you give thanks for the softness of your pillow, or the scent of your soap in the morning shower. Can you give thanks for the difficult people that strengthen your resolve to love? Can you give thanks for the dishonest people who help you hone and honor your own intuition? Can you appreciate the opinions of someone who disagrees with you even if you will never see eye to eye?

There are alwasy two sides to every coin. There are always different perspectives you can adopt about life in any given moment. In any moment, no matter how beautiful or painful, you can always find lack, and you can always find abundance. You can always complain, and you can always be grateful. One person will see the glory of the rose. Another will sneeze and complain about the pollen. One person will always see the hand of God taking care of their every need, while another will see nothing but lack. One person will always find the interesting characters in a crowd and celebrate their diversity, while another will moan about the fact that people don't act the way they would like them to act.

Life is life. How you choose to perceive it - the good, the so-called-bad, and the so-called-ugly, is up to you. Life just Is. People just are they way they are. Judgments are widely accepted by your world, and yet they are entirely useless. What you require is discernment - the ability to say, "This is part of what I want in my life, and that is not." Dear ones, can you appreciate that everything around you is part of God. Everyone around you is part of God's creation. Everyone deserves appreciation, respect, and love. That said, choose to be in situations that uplift you, and choose to walk away from or pray for change in situations that do not inspire you.

God has no judgments about your life dear ones. God loves you and wants the best for you. However, the quality of your life will always be defined by the choices you make and the ways in which you choose to view, what is right in front of you.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Saturday, September 15, 2007

You are in a time of rebirthing

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Understand that many of you are in a time of rebirthing. You are tired of old patterns of struggle, and old ways of being and you are seeking freedom of soul. You want freedom from the illusions that hold you bound in struggle. You want freedom from the illusions that you would have to do anything to earn God's love or the love of another.

Many of you felt you had to earn love in childhood dear ones and yet that is an illusion. Your parents did love you or their souls would have never consented to bring you into the world. Many of you did have to earn affectionate expression, however, and now that you are adults, some of you still carry the belief that you must work to earn affection, attention, and appreciation from the world.

There will always be those souls upon earth who want you to earn their attention. Then there will always be those souls who are more evolved who simply find you fascinating and worthy of love exactly as you are. Move away from the latter. Pray for the ones who love you as you are.

BE one of the ones who love you as you are. BE one of the ones who loves freely without demands or expectations. God loves you all without condition.

Loving someone does not mean you hav to spend time around them, meet their needs or demands, or give up your own life and desires. True love is not earned, dear ones. It is an authentic expression of the soul. True love is given freely. True love does not have expectations of the other, or judgments of the very same. True love is not given in order to receive something back. True love simply arises from the heart and soul's appreciation of another's being. True love does not require demonstrations, gifts, proof, or worthiness.

True love, soul love, God's love, and our love, is simply an appreciation and repsect for the individuality and the beauty deep within each soul. Souls who bring this beauty to the surface are easy to love; others require more patience. Again, love is not what you do but rather a choice you make to see and appreciate the light of God within another.

Each of you wants a life filled with this kind of love. Give it freely, and pray to have your hearts open to receive the very same.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Stop struggling

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

God does not want you to struggle, dear ones, but you struggle when you resist your own hearts. You struggle when you feel you must do something and do not own the reasons why you are doing it. You struggle when you don't do what you truly want to do. Your life becomes miraculously easier when you learn to surrender to the truth of your heart, rather than the dictates of your mind.

For example, suppose you think you want to get up on your day off, run your errands, and do your chores. When you search your heart, you realize you want to lie in bed, day dream, and then play. Trust dear ones that if you daydream, and play, not only will your chores be accomplished later on but you will as well be uplifted, inspired, and energized by moving with the rhythms of your natural energies.

Suppose you think you will only be happy if you are with a particular person. And yet if you search your heart you realize, that this is a fantasy of the mind, and the reality is that your heart aches when you are with this person, and you deeply long for a more satisfying relationship. Again, your heart tells you the truth. Your mind tries to twist the situation at hand into what you wish it could be.

Suppose your mind tells you that you want money, money, money, but your heart simply says, I want to pay the bills in peace and enjoy my life. Then dear ones, be at peace, and enjoy your spare time rather than struggling, stressing, and worrying and again you will find yourself living in a vibration that attracts more abundance.

Your physical heart has a rhythm dear ones that can teach you. The heart beats and gives fresh life to the body through the blood, and then receives as well the return. Likewise your emotional and spiritual heart has its own rhythms. Sometimes you will need rest, recreation, and play to refill your spiritual heart, and at other times you will be full of joy and want to express this heart out into the world through joyful action.

Honor your rhythms, dear ones. Honor your heart of hearts. When you think you should do something, stop, breathe, and ask your heart if it is in agreement. Make adjustments if necessary. Your spiritual is where you receive information and guidance from God. When your spirit is open and flowing freely, living in accordance with its natural rhythms, you live in the flow of life itself. You feel more joy, more energy, more inspiration. You are open to receiving abundance and sharing it in ways that honor your spirit. You live in the natural flow of God, receiving love and sharing it with the world.

Cease your struggles, dear friends. You were never meant to live lives of hardship and pain. But only you can choose to honor or deny your heart of hearts. Only you can make the effort to get in touch with the very same. Pray for help and God will send his angels to assist you..

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Open to receive God's love

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

In your heart of hearts, you want to love. All your angers, all your sadness, all your pain comes from the illusions that you are not loved. It is true that true love is a precious and rare ability of so very few on the planet earth and yet when you have those moments when you touch God by extending your love to another, or by receiving truly and deeply the love another offers, you transcend the illusions and see the reality in which we, the angels, live all the time.

God loves you dear ones. God is with you as surely and completely as the breath you breathe. God is the source of all healing. When you are feeling down, tired, upset, or sad, call upon God to flow through you with each breath. Call upon God to flow through your words, your actions, and your deeds. You do not have to rise above the challenges of the world by yourselves, for a leaf was never intended to live without the vine. A cell was not intended to live independent of the life force that sustains the body. And you, dear ones, were never expected to function independently of the love of God.

You must open to receive this love through your free will. You must be willing to give up the comfortable identity that you are not loved, appreciated, understood, or supported,... or good enough. Dear ones you are SO good, so loved, so supported, that it is beyond belief. But you must allow for God to pour into your life and work the magic of the heart. Pray to be open to God's love and watch as it appears, not always as you think it should but through circumstances that create change, new attitudes, new beliefs, new opportunities. God's love does not always appear as your mind dictates, but it will always come in response to prayer.

So many of you are birthing yourselves into greater light. You feel the tensions as fatigue in your body, exhaustion in your emotions, conflicting thoughts... and yet this is no different than the pangs and tensions of labor as a baby is brought into the world, a chick hatched from within the shell, or a seedling bursting out of its protective shell and through the dirt into the light. It takes work to birth yourselves from old habits and old ways of thinking, but you are given the strength to do it. It takes courage to live as the light when so many want to stay in with the dark. It takes faith in God's plan for who you will become, because what baby, what chick in the shell, what seedling, can ever imagine the greatness it will achieve during the course of its life? Does an acorn know the majesty of the oak it will become when it falls from the tree and releases all it has ever known? Certainly not dear ones...death precedes dormancy, and dormancy preceds birth.

You are in a time of birthing. Be patient with yourselves. Pray to receive the love that will midwife you into joyous lives. God loves you.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels