Friday, October 12, 2007

Be kind to yourselves

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you continue on your journey through life, we ask you to be kind to yourselves. You are human beings, in a school called planet earth and you are not expected to be perfect according to standards you set for yourselves. We love you no matter what. God loves you no matter what. Of course, we ask you to strive to be loving, strive to increase your faith, and to work very diligently to be kind to others, however dear ones, we ask you to start with yourselves.

There are times when you will be in perfect faith, love, and joy. Celebrate these occasions. There are times when you will fall into exhaustion, depression, or upset. Honor these occasions and receive the messages they are sending. Rest. Sit still and find your heart of hearts. Understand how you want your life to change. And then pray dear ones for God is always willing to help you change your lives to be lived in accordance to your hearts.

If you want something and it is not happenging just yet, do not assume you have failed. Instead trust God. Pray, "Dear God, you know I want this... If there is anything inside of me blocking it, help me release the blockages kindly and gently. If not, grant me the patience to live my life now until it arrives." These prayers are heard and answered very strongly dear ones. Far better to pray as such than to plead for whatever material thing or relationship you want in the outer world. God already knows what you want, and you must find it inside yourselves first.

Live now dear ones and be the loves of your life. Live now and expect the house to sell, the job to come, the debts to be paid off. Live now and trust that your loved ones are in God's hands. Live now and love your lives. Choose to do things that make you happy now. Choose to be the loving person you really are right now. And when you can't, go easy on yourself for God knows that you are trying.

God Bless you. We love you so very much.
Indeed, you are loved beyond your capacity to comprehend.
-- The Angels