Saturday, November 10, 2007

The angel's view of success

We ask you this week to stop evaluating your lives as if you could possibly be anything other than a success in God's eyes. Success dear ones, is not measured by what you achieve, how many souls you assist, the money you make, the stuff you have around you, or even how many people love and adore you but rather the degree to which you are able to love God, love self, and then love others. To succeed in life dear ones, you have only to adhere to Truth - You are a child of God, part of the all-that-is, loved, cherished and valued as an integral part of all creation.

All outer successes stem from this inner success.

Each of you has different lessons in life. A person experiencing financial lack may be learning to appreciate what is of real value in life and to have the faith that God takes care of them. In so doing - immersing themselves in gratitude and faith, they begin to see the world as abundant and begin to understand that all their needs are indeed taken care of. As they create this vibration, their universe does indeed become more abundant. Like attracts like.

Another may have lessons in dealing with the hardships that come with great wealth - learning that they cannot buy anyone's love or attention, learning that they cannot 'fix' another with money; indeed learning great lessons of surrendering control. In so doing, as they surrender control, and realize money is only money and not love, they begin to discern who is a real friend and who is not, and they begin to experience real, deep, loving relationships at long last.

A person who is spending time alone for awhile may be learning to honor, cherish, and love themselves, to appreciate their freedom of choice, to please only their own hearts, and not the heart of another, to take care of themselves as a cherished child of God rather than slaving away to manage another's needs. As this person learns to honor and cherish self, to flow with the whims of their own heart, their joy increases. They become magnetic to love.

A parent who gives of their time, attention, and love both to themselves and their children, is sometimes exhausted and yet most parents would admit that the reward is in the loving itself... so many parents willingly admit that they never knew they were capable of loving so much, and this dear ones is to look in the mirror and see the true nature of your soul. This is the gift of truth.

And so dear ones, in every circumstance, you can choose to see either the blessing or the curse. You can choose to see the gifts, or only the labor involved. You can choose to expect the best or expect the worst.

In truth, there is no comparison between any one among you for all of you are loved equally by God as you embrace the unique and beautiful lessons your soul set out to learn in this your chosen lifetimes.