Sunday, November 04, 2007

Reach out with your hearts

Understand your earth is in a time of great growth and change. Like many of you she is demanding kinder treatment and shaking and shuddering in resistance to lack of the very same. As a result many of you are feeling a little anxious, sad, or even a sense of abandonment. She is not abandoning you dear ones, but like a mother who says suddenly, "I must take care of myself for a little while before I can care for you again," she is focusing more of her attention and energy upon her own needs.

This forces you to reach out to others, and to realize that the family of humanity is indeed one upon the earth. Reaching out does not always mean picking up the phone, dear ones. Sometimes you reach out with a prayer to a person you have seen upon your news, or you reach out with kindness with your charitable thoughts. There are many ways you can connect your hearts, for example, with those who are suffering from natural disasters. You can shut your eyes, pray for them, and imagine your spirit visiting them and giving them encouragement. You can become the angels visiting them from afar, who offer them comfort and love. You can do the very same for those in your own families and circles whom you care about, but cannot easily reach with your words or technology.

You can reach out to the earth with your love, as well, dear ones, and therefore feel your connection with her more strongly. You can sit in silence on your patio and connect with your hearts and thank her for the life she provides you - the waters, the air, the foundation upon which your homes are built. You can give thanks when you drink a glass of water. You can appreciate the birds singing in the trees, and you can do very little things such as picking up a piece of trash, conserving a little energy here and there, using just one product that is kinder to her environment. Your changes do not have to be huge dear ones. If every person upon the earth made only one tiny change to honor and respect her, her hurting heart would be healed at once.

Dear ones, you are part of the earth, and yet individuals as well. Give her the love, honor, and respect that you would give your own mother. Pray for her, tell her you love her, and understand that she is very grateful for those of you who do care enough to reach out in this fashion.