Saturday, December 08, 2007

Becoming free

Understand you are coming into times which may feel a bit turbulent upon your earth and yet if you have been doing the work you will feel greater peace than ever before. Indeed the frequencies are separating out a bit, if you will, and those of like mind and heart are finding and supporting one another. This means that those in misery are seeking company, whereas those of you who have been doing the work will be finding one another more easily, feeling less alone and working together in more cooperative friendships and partnerships.

This is nothing to fear. Those of you doing the work however may feel the tugs and pulls as of late from those who are not. You may be feeling at times if others are aiming their pain at you or asking you to step into their dramas. As you have noticed, many of you have less desire than ever before to be involved the dramas.

Dear ones, walking the higher path sometimes means that you will simply walk the higher path and allow others to walk their own. It also means that you will letting go of the beliefs, patterns, and habits that have held you down. As the vibration raises, you will notice these old patterns tugging on you as well, tempting you to engage in old patterns that no longer serve your spirit. Just keep blessing and releasing these old voices for they are no longer your truth.

Dear ones, you are the lightworkers, the ones here to shine God's love first in your own lives and then into the world. Be gentle with yourselves in these changing times. Do not doubt your goodness even when others do, and allow yourself the rest you require at this time to allow your physical bodies to create the energy they require.

Your holidays will then indeed be filled with the light of God within you and you will be the light of God in the world.