Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holiday Presence

Understand that there is something each one of you wants for the holidays and in fact for an entire lifetime. The search for this gift is indeed why you have come to planet earth, immersed yourself in darkness at times, and persisted through out the greatest challenges.

This gift is the gift of the Divine Presence within you - and that gift that can only be found in each "present" moment. This is also the greatest gift you can give to another - the gift of your presence, the gift of your attention, your acknowledgement, your validation, and your love. All other gifts from the heart, dear ones, are simply reflections of this one true gift of your presence.

When you give someone a thoughtful gift you are acknowledging their likes, their hobbies, their interests. You are acknowledging the Divine Spark within them that wants to be expressed and shared with others. You are acknowleding them as worthy of love and attention. You are saying, "I love you and want to support whatever it is that you love." You are seeing the Divine within them. When you give someone something that you love and want to share, you are saying, "I am sharing my Divine expression with you." If you are going to give material things dear ones, put love into them. Share of your hearts or share with another that you see who they are and what they appreciate. Even the smallest tokens given with love are more heartfelt than the bigger items that you just buy because you feel you should.

You are the light upon the earth dear ones. You are the bright stars willing to let your divine presence shine. The "presents" you give will come and go here upon this earth, but your "presence" will leave a lasting mark of love in the hearts of those whose lives you touch.