Saturday, April 28, 2007

Trust in God... some more

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As you continue your journeys we ask you once again to trust in God and trust in his love for you. Trust that everything that occurs to you is meant to bring you into truth, and when you are in truth dear friends - in love with self, God, others, and life - more than you can imagine will flow to you rather miraculously.

At times, as part of the process of manifesting your dreams, you are guided into rather difficult situations. Rather than assuming you have done something wrong, or assuming that God is cruel and doesn't care, dear ones, focus on truth. You are loved, you are learning to dissolve the illusions that have held you captive for lifetimes. You are learning to love self, love others, love God. You are learning to release struggles and trust in God's divine timing. You are learning to give from the heart without being martyrs. You are learning to be honest with yourself, to bring your heart to the surface and to engage yourself in life rather than withdrawing from it.

At times you want everything 'now' in this moment but dear ones, sometimes 'now' is not time for the best possible outcome. Sometimes you are not ready to truly accept God's gifts. Sometimes life is not ready quite yet to present them.

Suppose you want a house now, but the perfect house is not yet on the market. God knows that even if you don't.

Suppose you want a new career but you are not yet ready for one because you do not have the skills, you have not yet learned to delegate, or you would feel guilty accepting more. God knows this even if you don't and will guide you into challenges and lessons to help you prepare for the career of your dreams.

Suppose you want a relationship now, but the partner of your dreams is not ready, or perhaps you want another to fill up the empty spaces in your life and God is waiting for you to fill them so your demands on another do not destroy a perfectly good relationship.

Dear ones, God loves you! Once and for all we beg you to make that a fundamental assumption in your daily lives. God loves you. God created you. God sees the most perfect pathways and the most fulfilling lives for you. You dear ones, in impatience, and in efforts to control life often delay, or even short-circuit your dreams.

Learn to surrender dear ones, to your hearts and to life. Trust in God's love for you. Honor yourselves in each moment. And then with a little patience and a lot of faith, your lives will unfold in miraculous fashion.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Are you ready?

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As you proceed in manifesting your dreams understand that at times, there are things which must shift inside of you to create room for what you want.

While you think you are ready to receive something ask yourself, if it were to arrive tomorrow, would you be ready, truly ready for the changes that would occur in your life.

Would your heart really be ready to receive the blessings that God wants to shower upon you?

Can you truly let go of controlling how this must look and make room for possibilities you cannot even imagine?

If the relationship of your dreams were to arrive would you have the self-worth to accept the unconditional love of another or would you still feel as if you had to do something to earn that love.

If you were to win a huge sum of money would you be ready to dedicate the time, energy,and discernment necessary to manage it wisely?

If you were to create a new job which honored your spirit could you leave your old one in peace, and refrain from taking old habits with you?

Remember that you take yourself with you into any new situation. Anything that has been created in this the current situations in your life will simply be recreated in different forms until you are ready to change from the inside out.

If you want to receive unconditional love in your life, stop trying to earn it by proving yourself to others, trying to fix yourself or them, beacause dear ones, this is simply a statement to the universe that you are not yet feeling worthy of the love you seek.

If you want a partner that comes to you and fits your life, stop trying to seek out partners and make them fit you. Stop trying to change yourself to fit others. Trust GOD to bring you the perfect person and get one with your own life in the meantime.

If you want abundance, stop complaining about your lack and give thanks for what you do have. Start experiencing the abundance you already have by taking time to enjoy the people and the things that ARE in your life. Create an attitude of gratitude and watch the rest flow to you as if by magic.

If you want to create right livelihood, stop trying to find a new job and ask yourself, "What is it I love doing?" Start doing the things you love dear ones, and trust God to lead you to a career based on this love.

Patience is required dear ones to truly manifest in the flow of divine grace. You must be willing to give up the very human tendancies to want to manipulate and control life; to force the river; to make yourself fit situations that are not a natural fit, and to try to make others fit your image of them. Instead you must be willing to trust, to surrender to life and to your own hearts. Then and only then dear ones, do you get out of God's way and step fully and completely into the light of your own soul. When you live out your days with grace and gratitude for what you are currently given, embrace the lessons, pray for clarity, patience, and courage when you need them, and honor your heart dear ones, then you can be assured, that God is working behind the scenes ever diligently in your life to bring you more than you would ever ask for in ways that will surprise and delight you.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Believe it!

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As you continue your manifestation process, remember to stay in a space of gratitude. You will have difficulty manifsting if you focus upon lack. If you can't pay your bills be grateful for the roof over your head and food you eat and as you give thanks, expect more. If you don't have someone special in your life, instead of focusing upon how long you've waited, how hard it is to 'find' someone, or how miserable and lonely you are, focus with gratitude upon your health and well being, and live your life with a commitment to treating yourself as if you are special and worthy of attention.The relationships you are seeking cannot be borne from feeling lack and wanting another to fill your needs.

When have a grateful heart you focus upon the abundance you DO have. You fill your heart with love and thanks and since like attracts like that feeling of abundance creates more. Dear ones, do you know that in many areas of the world, half a loaf of bread would be the likes of riches? A roof over one's head would be considered a blessing from God. You have abundance dear ones. Look at the world around you. There is love everywhere if you but have the eyes to see it.

Consider this little parable:

You stand in a crowd at a local even. A man approaches you begging for money for his food. You gladly pull out some bills from your wallet and give them to him, telling him you wish it could be more. Instead of thanking you, he looks at the money with disdain. "This is ALL you can give me," he exclaims, snorting in disgust. "This will barely buy me a meal. I want to be secure the rest of my life. I want to eat at the best restaurants. You have insulated me!" He storms off to buy his meager dinner with your hard earned money and gift of the heart.

The next day the beggar comes back and this time no one, including you, wants to give him anything because of his lack of appreciation. What would be different had the man thanked you, blessed the money and shared his meal with another in need? Dear ones, we guarantee you, the crowd would have offered him more. Some would be inspired to create flows to buy food for the poor, and a vastly different feeling would be in the hearts of all involved.

You do this with God at times dear friends, and we do not mean to caste blame or judgment, but rather recommend that you give thanks for all you receive great and small and then it will multiply. Negate the gifts at hand and you are demonstrating that you are not ready to receive more, for when, when, when will it be enough if all you see is lack.

The world is wealthy with love for you dear ones. Place your sights upon that love - the flower that blooms to delight you. The sun that shines to give you life. The birds sing to enchant you, and a stranger's smile can be the smile of God attempting to brighten up your day. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened. God will provide all your heart desires and more. But only, dear ones, only ... if you believe it every step of the way.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Thursday, April 05, 2007

True Power

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Do not be afraid of your power to create, because your true power, dear ones, is love - nothing less. True power is not the ability to control or maniuplate others or the world around you. That is a false and temporary power that belies an inherent insecurity and lack of faith in God's love.

True power is your ability to love yourself and love whatever it is you wish to create, enough to merge with that reality. True power is your ability to love and trust God in the face of adversity. True power is the ability to see others through the eyes of compassion no matter what they present with their behavior. True power is the ability to love yourself enough to choose to be in relationships and situations that honor your loving nature.

True power serves all involved. False power, serves only to temporarily passify the insecurities of the ones who claim it.

When you start to truly create magic in your lives, many of you step back into fear. We hear you saying, "This is too good to be true." "This must be a fluke." "When is the $%*& going to hit the fan again?" You have done this dance for centuries, dear ones, stepping into your true light, owning your power to create a loving reality for yourselves and all those willing to dance with you, then falling back into fear, thinking that perhaps you have "too much," "an accidental streak of luck," or "that it is not ok to have while others have not." Dear ones, all resources, all love, all help is available to those willing to own and embrace their power to love.

When you are in the process of creating, give thanks for the smallest signs that your creation is on the way. If you are manifesting abundance, give thanks for the penny you find on the sidewalk instead of cursing and believing that God is mocking you.

When you are in the process of creating a soulful relationship, give thanks for the kindness of a stranger, the gentleman who holds the door for you, or the woman who encourages you. Do not believe God accepts you to 'settle' for anything less than you desire, but give thanks for all forms of love that come into your life.

When you are in the process of creating meaningful work but have the desire to play, thank God for the inspiration, honor the urge to play and see where it leads you. Do not berate and bully yourselves.

Bring love and gratitude into every step of the manifestation process, and when your larger dreams begin to come true, don't let fear cause you to fall back into old realities.

Celebrate, give thanks, say to yourself, "This is my new normal," and accept the gifts that come your way. Expand your capacity to receive, and you will expand your capacity to give. Know that the vibration you have created within is indeed simply and beautifully being reflected in your outer world. Give yourself true permission for life to be a glorious reflection of your soul.