Sunday, November 25, 2007

Celebrate yourselves

As you celebrate the seasons, we ask you to continue to celebrate yourselves. Many of you give so much, love so much, and feel as if you are not always refilled in return. Dear ones, so many of you are so close to God it is God who can refill your cup. Turn to God with your problems dear ones, your celebrations and your joys. Turn to God when you are weary and need energy and when you have so much energy you don't know where to share. Turn to God in prayer and ask this love to remove your inner demons - the patterns that keep you from your natural birthright of joy, and ask God to amplify the divine light within you. Ask God to remove the illusions that hold you back or hold you in lack, and strengthen the truth.

Dear ones, we know life on earth is challenging at times. We hear your prayers and realize many of you feel as if you cannot always find the ones to help you as much as you help others. And yet, God is always and ever present for you. God always loves you. God is the energy and force and spirit that created you and sustains you. Turn to this presence of love in every moment of your life dear friends and you will never ever feel alone. You will always have someone who celebrates your victories and holds you close in your moments when you feel defeat. You will always have someone who views you as a most precious and special being. You will always dear ones have this love available to you.

If you take the time to talk to God and to let go of your expectations as to how this love will respond, your cup will runneth over dear ones. Your relationship with God defines your relationship with all other beings, people, and situations in your life. Focus upon allowing this love in your life, embracing the truth that you are loved, that you live in an infinite universe with more than adequate supply, that the miraculous is possible - embrace these truths, and the illusions will fall away in miraculous fashion... and your lives will transform accordingly.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Take time to appreciate yourselves

As many of you approach your Thanksgiving Holiday we give thanks for you. You are the angels upon the earth - brave souls who have descended into the darkness to create more light both within your own hearts, and with the hearts of those upon your planet. We give thanks for you at all times - not only when you are feeling wise, holy, and happy, but even dear ones when you are feeling lost, dejected, and unhappy - because in those spaces even, we have faith that you are seeking God, seeking light, and seeking to bring truth into the areas of illusion

As you enjoy the fruits of your earth's harvest in this season of thanks, we celebrate the harvest of love that we see all of you inevitably creating from your journies here upon the earth. You are celebrated souls, loved and cherished by God.

We would ask all of you in this season of thanksgiving to sit in silent reverence and behold the miracle that is you. Ask God to help you see yourself through His eyes dear ones - to know yourselves through the eyes of pure love. For in both your light and your darkness you are loved. You are beloved by God in good times and in bad, in sickness, and in health, when you happy and when you are sad. You are beloved by God when you feel closest to the creator's love and in the moments even when you feel unconvinced of His presence.

Dear ones, you have embarked upon a journey that is held in high esteem in the heavens - a journey upon your planet earth.

We ask each of you to take a moment after reading this message, and sit in appreciation of yourselves. When you have done this for a few minutes, ask to be joined with all other souls reading this message. Send your love and appreciation to them, even though many of you do not know each other at the human level. Take a minute and then open yourself to receive the love that others are sending. Seek out these members of your soul's family and feel the love that flows between you. Give thanks dear ones for this web of light, this network of love that you - each one of you - has created.

You are the awakened souls who have had the courage to return to earth, to dive into the darkness and bring God's love in even the scariest of spaces. You have had the courage to live lifes that inspire others - both those here upon the earth and even some of your dearly departed loved ones in the heavens. You have had the courage to perservere at times without encouragement, validation, or even earthly support.

We give thanks for you dear angels upon the earth. We give thanks for your courage, your kindness, your love, you prayers, and your desire to be the love of God here upon the planet earth.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The angel's view of success

We ask you this week to stop evaluating your lives as if you could possibly be anything other than a success in God's eyes. Success dear ones, is not measured by what you achieve, how many souls you assist, the money you make, the stuff you have around you, or even how many people love and adore you but rather the degree to which you are able to love God, love self, and then love others. To succeed in life dear ones, you have only to adhere to Truth - You are a child of God, part of the all-that-is, loved, cherished and valued as an integral part of all creation.

All outer successes stem from this inner success.

Each of you has different lessons in life. A person experiencing financial lack may be learning to appreciate what is of real value in life and to have the faith that God takes care of them. In so doing - immersing themselves in gratitude and faith, they begin to see the world as abundant and begin to understand that all their needs are indeed taken care of. As they create this vibration, their universe does indeed become more abundant. Like attracts like.

Another may have lessons in dealing with the hardships that come with great wealth - learning that they cannot buy anyone's love or attention, learning that they cannot 'fix' another with money; indeed learning great lessons of surrendering control. In so doing, as they surrender control, and realize money is only money and not love, they begin to discern who is a real friend and who is not, and they begin to experience real, deep, loving relationships at long last.

A person who is spending time alone for awhile may be learning to honor, cherish, and love themselves, to appreciate their freedom of choice, to please only their own hearts, and not the heart of another, to take care of themselves as a cherished child of God rather than slaving away to manage another's needs. As this person learns to honor and cherish self, to flow with the whims of their own heart, their joy increases. They become magnetic to love.

A parent who gives of their time, attention, and love both to themselves and their children, is sometimes exhausted and yet most parents would admit that the reward is in the loving itself... so many parents willingly admit that they never knew they were capable of loving so much, and this dear ones is to look in the mirror and see the true nature of your soul. This is the gift of truth.

And so dear ones, in every circumstance, you can choose to see either the blessing or the curse. You can choose to see the gifts, or only the labor involved. You can choose to expect the best or expect the worst.

In truth, there is no comparison between any one among you for all of you are loved equally by God as you embrace the unique and beautiful lessons your soul set out to learn in this your chosen lifetimes.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Reach out with your hearts

Understand your earth is in a time of great growth and change. Like many of you she is demanding kinder treatment and shaking and shuddering in resistance to lack of the very same. As a result many of you are feeling a little anxious, sad, or even a sense of abandonment. She is not abandoning you dear ones, but like a mother who says suddenly, "I must take care of myself for a little while before I can care for you again," she is focusing more of her attention and energy upon her own needs.

This forces you to reach out to others, and to realize that the family of humanity is indeed one upon the earth. Reaching out does not always mean picking up the phone, dear ones. Sometimes you reach out with a prayer to a person you have seen upon your news, or you reach out with kindness with your charitable thoughts. There are many ways you can connect your hearts, for example, with those who are suffering from natural disasters. You can shut your eyes, pray for them, and imagine your spirit visiting them and giving them encouragement. You can become the angels visiting them from afar, who offer them comfort and love. You can do the very same for those in your own families and circles whom you care about, but cannot easily reach with your words or technology.

You can reach out to the earth with your love, as well, dear ones, and therefore feel your connection with her more strongly. You can sit in silence on your patio and connect with your hearts and thank her for the life she provides you - the waters, the air, the foundation upon which your homes are built. You can give thanks when you drink a glass of water. You can appreciate the birds singing in the trees, and you can do very little things such as picking up a piece of trash, conserving a little energy here and there, using just one product that is kinder to her environment. Your changes do not have to be huge dear ones. If every person upon the earth made only one tiny change to honor and respect her, her hurting heart would be healed at once.

Dear ones, you are part of the earth, and yet individuals as well. Give her the love, honor, and respect that you would give your own mother. Pray for her, tell her you love her, and understand that she is very grateful for those of you who do care enough to reach out in this fashion.