Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy New You!

As you approach the final days of 2008 look back, not with sighs of relief that a challenging year is over, but rather with a gentle celebration of gratitude. Each and every day is a blessing. No matter what trials or difficulties you have endured, they have forged you and strengthened you in your awareness of God. This is what is occurring now upon your planet earth. There is a balancing going on - a return to core values. There is going to be an increase in the number of people valuing relationships over things, valuing simple pleasures over grandiose gadgets, valuing their relationship with God as much as their relationship with their homes and their cars. It is a time of remembering why you came to planet earth and for praying, intending, and dreaming of the life within you that longs to be brought to the surface, and lived.

During the final days of 2008 look back with appreciation on all that has occurred. Above all take the time to appreciate the growth you have achieved this year - the increase in faith, the increased desire to be a loving person, the ability to be resourceful and make due at times when you didn't know where to turn. These are the gifts of the soul that your creator is presenting to each and every one of you. And with these gifts you can approach the new year, with a renewed sense of excitement, adventure, and freedom. 2009 is going to be a year of movement and change and great spiritual growth upon your planet earth. Those of you who have been turning to God have built a solid foundation in your lives. You are the lighthouses built upon the rocks. You are the sources of light and sources of wisdom for those who have built their lives on shakier foundations. You are the ones who will be called upon for answers, inspiration, and joy. There is nothing ever to fear because God is in charge here, dear ones. Give to one another from the abundance you do have. Share you excess and the things you no longer need. Share your wisdom, your love, your time, gifts and talents - when it is a joy to do so. It is in the simplest gifts that the greatest joys are experienced. Fill your cup first, as always, then give from the abundance you do truly have.

You are clearing out the residues of your past so you can move into the new year unencumbered. If there are any burdens weighing you down - either internal or external, write them down and give them to God. Ask for an increased experience of the divine light within you dear friends, for with this light comes the awareness that all is within you, waiting to be called forth into grand and glorious expression.

Happy New Year. Happy New You!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Celebrate the light that is you

Search your hearts dear ones, in times that are both easy and difficult, and find the light within you - the light that is you - for this is the true meaning of the holidays. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, you celebrate a light given by God that burns bright in humble darkness. You are that light for the world dear friends. That light burns bright within you. You are that miracle. You are the ones who work so hard to bring spiritual truth to a world that has been asleep now for some time.

Your world is waking up dear friends. People are realizing that old ways of existing and surviving don't work. It would seem right now that nothing works except turning to God, believing in that light within yourself, and walking with intent, faith, and trust. So many souls are so frustrated because they did everything 'right' and yet life does not look as they expect it should. This causes so much frustration in your human hearts, especially during your holiday season.

Let go of your expectations, dear friends, for God has better ones. Assume that no matter what your position in life, it is the light within directing your lives. Assume that no matter what you are loved, cared for, and guided. If you can't give the gifts you wish you could give, be the gift. If you can't pay the bills, ask God what it is you have to learn now - faith, trust, opening to receive from others perhaps, surrendering to a different movement than you originally anticipated? Stop calling yourselves failures and beating yourselves up. You are precious souls, beloved by God. If you have lost someone dear friends, ask God to help you see past the illusion of this temporal existence and to connect with the eternal soul of your loved one. Dear friends, these things are truths. The soul is eternal and life is short. Life is a gift, no matter what your circumstances.

So as you enjoy your holiday season, celebrate the true light dear ones - the light of God within you, the light that IS you. Be that light for the world no matter what your circumstances. Live as if you are loved. Life as if you have love to give. It is your smile that is the greatest gift to a stranger, your love that is your greatest gift to your family, your laughter that is your greatest gift to a friend. It is a life lived with an open heart that is your greatest gift to the world, and your gratitude is your greatest gift to your guides and angels. Your presence upon this earth dear ones, and your willingness to love and be loved, is a gift to God.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Your presence is the present

As your mother earth stretches, creaks, and groans, know too that you are starting to feel the growing pains associated with movement after a long period of dormancy. The movement, dear friends, is in your heart. As you approach your celebrations of the holidays - celebrations that mark the miracle of light coming into the world - know that God's light is awakening in a greater way within each and every one of your own hearts. You are wanting more expression, kinder treatment, more honesty and integrity. You are seeking out the company of those of like mind and like heart and wanting less time with those who choose to view themselves as powerless. Many of you are releasing the urge to 'fix' others and worried about whether or not you will still have compassion in your hearts as you experience this new sense of freedom.

Dear ones, this is simply growth. You are simply realizing greater truths - that each soul upon the earth is the one solely responsible for their vibrational state, their beliefs, their attitudes, and their behaviors. You can help and encourage others but you can't do the work for them. The greatest gifts you can give others is the example of a life well lived, and spiritual wisdom when it is requested. You can share also your resources, but share from a full cup. Pass along the things that line your cupboards that you no longer want or enjoy. Share from an abundant heart, for GOD dear ones, truly provides for all. God inspires those who have lessons in giving and honest joy in doing so, to give. And God also inspires those in need to receive. God knows the needs of all and if everyone were to listen to the dictates of their heart, there would be no hunger, no homelessness, no hurting hearts. The urge in your heart to smile at a stranger might be the comfort they need to keep going that day. The urge to receive a hug from a friend might be the comfort YOU need to keep going.

These principles can also be applied to your holiday gift giving. Ask God to guide you to give meaningful presents, and you may be surprised at what pops into your mind. It is not the expensive gifts that mean the most dear ones, but the gifts of the heart - your time, your love, your energy, you words, and your wisdom. It is time to return to simple pleasures, like an orange in a stocking, or a jar filled with happy memories you've taken the time to recall and write. It is a time to share sentiment rather than stuff.

This holiday dear ones remember - your presence is the present to the world and those around you.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Gifts beyond price

As you embark upon your holiday season remember that your presence is the present to the world. It is your willingness to be who you are, speak the words in your heart, and share of your soul with others around you makes you the gift God intended you to be in this world. There is a balancing going on, on your earth. It is a time of remembering basic values and simple pleasures. It is a time where gathering around the table with others is a blessings more valuable that unwrapping a new present. And while there is nothing wrong with giving things to one another, what is of greater value is to share your hearts.

Share your words of inspiration and kindness. Share the things you would like your loved ones to know. Share how you see their spirits shinging brightly no matter what they see inside of themselves. Write your holiday cards and emails with a note from the heart... "Dear mother/father/brother/sister, I know we may not see eye to eye at all times, but I have always admired your ability/willingness/strength, etc." If they were suddenly not here, upon this planet earth, what would you wish you had said to them. Say it now. In most cases, a simple, "I love you no matter what" would suffice, because truly dear onese, no matter how challenging the people in your life, your soul wants them to 'get' your heart and your love and your desire to see them happy and well. You want to be understood as the bright and beautiful, loving, kind, and compassionate souls that you truly are. And so the gift of kindness that you give to another is really a gift of expression that you give to yourself as well.

These are the gifts beyond price - the ones that last way beyond the season and live in the hearts of the receiver forever.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Unity in the diversity

As the season of autumn draws to an end, it is a time when we ask each of you is being asked to drop into your hearts and promise yourselves to be true to yourselves in each moment of every day. If each one of you could simply own who you are and who you want to be without any self judgment whatsoever, the world would sort itself out into groups of like mind and like heart. You would find souls who love the way you choose to be and live and you would gently and kindly move away from those who do not respect the unique and precious soul that you are.

God did not design everyone upon your planet earth to be the same, to agree with each other's ideologies, or to even agree upon one way to worship and discover God in your lives. God did not intend for your planet to be a place of similarity but rather a glorious expression of the diversity of His creation. God wanted you to celebrate the differences, and find the unity of His love within the very same.

If the life circumstances around you do not support who you are begin to pray for guidance and inspiration to change yourself, and your circumstances, rather than embarking upon the frustrating task of changing those around you. Allow yourself to be an ambassador of peace on your planet and choose to love everyone. This does not mean you have to talk to, dance with, or even agree with everyone. It does not mean you have to condone their actions or words as ones you personally could or would support. It does not mean you have to even want to be around everyone, but rather we ask you to simply acknowledge truth - that all beings are worthy of God's love.

The jaguar is not found in the arctic complaining about the cold, nor is the polor bear found in the rainforest bemoaning the heat. Each one seeks out the environment that nurtures the truth of self. Each one is precious, special, beautiful, and unique - neither better or worse, but one in God's creation.

You too are each unique, precious, individuals here to express a facet of God's glorious being. You do not need the acknowledgment, approval, or even permission of those around you to be who you truly are. Be that - you will draw near to you those who support you and gently move away from those who do not.

In the following months and years, you will be asked to find the unity of God's love and appreciation within the diversity, because although you are all unique, you are all One in God's great love. Seek out what supports you. Pass on that which does not. Be true to self and in this you give glory to God for He created you as you are. And if you begin now, you will be so much better prepared for the years to come, for loving truly feels better, being honest with self creates an honest echo in the world, and acknowleding the right of all beings to be here upon your planet earth will create deep peace within your hearts as you stop struggling with life and simply seek to express the truth within you.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Be who you are

In your week of giving thanks, we give thanks and praise for the gift that you are upon your planet earth. It is through your willingness to choose love instead of hate, faith instead of fear, and to find abundance where others see only lack, that you bring God's light into the world. You are the cournocopia of life dear friends. You are the ones who are willing to fill you cup and then spill it over into the world. It takes courage to be human. It takes even more courage to believe in love.

Take some time this week to give thanks for your own beautiful and bright soul that inhabits these bodies you live in. Take some time to give thanks for your bodies for they are the vehicle for your souls. Take time to give thanks for all those who have served your growth - both in joyful and painful ways for they have made you who you are today. Give thanks for the abundance of God's love that you find within your very own hearts for this is the only true and everlasting security. Give thanks for what you do have, and for the dreams that you wish to create.

Give thanks for the gift that YOU are, and the life that you lead upon this school called earth. It is the hero's journey. To be human and to bring love into spaces where there is very little, to share truth with hearts filled with fear, and to trust in God even when you do not always have tangible reason to do so - these dear ones, are lessons in the mastery of love. It takes fortitude to keep going in times when fear runs so freely on your planet, and yet when you find faith, when you practice loving kindness, when you are truthful with yourselves and others, then dear ones you find an abundance that goes way beyond the roof over your head and the food on your tables - you find the abundance of God's love within you. This is the cournocopia of life that overfloweth. This is the well that never runs dry. This love, dear friends, is what you are made of. Give thanks for who you really are and for the human life you have chosen to live. It is a rare and precious opportunity to expand God's love - not always easy, but certainly worth the while.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

You always have abundance

We love you so very much. In this season of harvest we ask you to look within and realize that you always have abundance. Look around you! The world is so beautiful dear friends. What is permanent and unceasing is always beautiful. Look at the change of the seasons, the rising and setting of the sun. Look at the waves crashing upon the shores and the rivers flowing. Watch the moon in the night sky and the stars in the heavens. These things are eternal dear friends, and so are your souls.

Your problems are temporary. They come, teach you lessons of faith, surrender, giving, receiving, and loving, but they are simply classrooms for the soul. If you can view the concerns in your life this way you will weather them with great grace and you will cease to see them as problems. They will simply be areas which you are learning to infuse with greater truth, greater love, and greater spiritual wisdom.

Life on earth, is not meant to be adverse dear friends. It is simply a classroom experience. If you can shift your focus and say, "Ok what is it I am to learn here?" without beating yourself up or making yourself wrong, then you can change your circumstances more easily. If however, you feel that you have done something wrong when life doesn't go your way, and you beat yourself up and search for ways to 'fix' yourself, then dear ones, you are telling the universe to join you in this upset. Instead, when life deals you challenges, simply say, "Oh I must be in amazing lessons here. How can I find more faith, seek out more grace, or add more love to this situation? How can I best love myself and balance that with kindness to others?" If you do this dear friends, your life will be infused with grace.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Peace amidst change

As you world prepares for change, there is no cause for fear. God's love remains steadfast - always and forever the same. It is the nature of human beings and all in the material world to learn, grow, and evolve. Sometimes this growth is easy and at other times challenging, but then again, learning to walk as an infant was no small task. Starting a new business is a challenge but worthwhile. Having a child is a labor of love. Dear ones, your mother earth herself is going through growing pains and you feel these contractions and expansions. You feel both the urge to change and the resistance to the very same, both within yourself, your earth, and your world. It is a time of increased tensions, and yet, dear ones, out of these tensions, new cooperation, new respect for life on earth, and new understandings between human beings will be birthed.

Whether you agree or not with the changes to come, stay in a space of love. Know your own minds, share your opinions, express your truths, but dear ones do so without judgment or the intent to change others. It is in the sharing of ideas and ideals wherein true growth takes place, and truly useful ideas emerge. It is in the offering of oneself as a gift, not a forceful burden to others that you are better received. It is in placing love before righteousness, that your truth is revealed.

Dear ones, you are entering a time upon your planet earth in which spiritual truth increasingly governs your own hearts and the movements of mankind. It is a time in which systems built upon shaky foundations will be exposed, and those built on solid spiritual principles will prosper. Truly there is nothing to fear.

You were designed to learn, grow, and evolve. An acorn cannot stay within its tiny shell but rather must burst open and grow into the mighty oak. The oak must give birth to more acorns. Do not fear change, but rather celebrate as humanity reaches to find greater expression and greater love.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Love is here at all times

Understand that while the tides of fear rise and fall upon your planet earth, great waves of God's love also are cascading through your hearts, bringing with them an increased ability to rise above the mass consciousness and tap into the vibrations of peace, freedom, serenity, and a very great abundance of spirit.

Set your sights on higher ground and you will find that incredible opportunities, miracles, and gifts abound. God loves you. God cares about your needs. God knows your heart. God is, always was, and will always be present as the driving force in your lives. God's love is the one constant in an ever-changing world.

God's love offers more security than your bank accounts. God's love offers greater shelter than your homes. God's love offers more sustenance even than the food you put into your physical bodies. If you are open to receiving and sharing God's love, dear friends, you will want for nothing - for this is the one thing you are seeking behind all material gain, behind all needs for security, behind all desires for relationship. You are made of this love.

Share what you wish to receive. If you feel lack in your life, share abundant gratitude with others in your life. If you feel lonely, share love with someone in greater need. If you feel worthless, volunteer for a cause you believe in, and find your worth in the eyes of those whom you serve. If you can do nothing else, pray for your mother earth, for she is in need of your prayers, feels your love, and sends it back amplified.

Dear ones, God's love is available at all times. It is present in your own hearts. By sharing a kind word, a prayer, a grateful thought, or even by passing on a possession you are done with to someone who can use and appreciate it, you are tapping into that abundance that already exists within you.

You do not give to receive, but rather you give because you already DO receive God's love.

This acknowledment of spiritual truth helps you tune into a vibration of Divine love and abundance in which you can transcend the energies of fear that wish to possess your world. This understanding is the doorway to heaven on earth.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Invite God in

When life seems overwhelming, stop, take a breath and invite God into your day. Try to do this for a few minutes whenever you feel off center and you will find you are able to maintain balance and wise perspective so much more easily.

You were never intended to handle life on your own dear friends. You are in partnership with your creator - the One that not only made you but breathes life into you at every moment. When you take time to stop, breathe, and invite God into your life, many wonderful things will begin to take place. You will open yourself up to the flow of grace that is always being offered to you. You will allow your body to be rejuvenated and relaxed. Your mind will start to relax and you will find greater clarity. You will hear our guidance more easily. Take the time dear friends to breathe the breath of God slowly and deeply as often as you can remember to do so.

Life will always have its challenges for that is the very nature of this school called earth, and yet you can weather these challenges with grace, and even joy, knowing that your creator cares about you and that no matter what arises, you have a friend and partner in God.

When you don't know how to pay a bill, stop, breathe slowly and deeply and ask God to pay it with you. Ask for guidance and then go about your day expecting that when God is ready guidance will come.

When you don't know how to fit everything you think you must do into your day, stop, breathe, and ask God to direct your day. Listen to your heart and do what it believes is the highest priority. God can help organize your days.

When you don't know how to satisfy the needs of everyone around you, stop, breathe, pray, and ask God who He wants you to serve first. You may find the answer is 'you'.

Dear ones, guidance, love, hope, inspiration, peace, clarity, and balance are as close as your next breath. Are you ready to receive God's great love. Stop, breathe, take it in, and cherish the gift that comes with each inhalation.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pray for your leaders

We love all human beings equally and we do not pass judgement upon anyone on your planet. We choose love, and this is why we are in heaven, dear ones. Heaven is not a place, but rather a vibration in which there is only love. You too will feel heaven on earth when find true faith in God's love and care for you, and when you can choose to express this love as it appears within your hearts.

Your politicians are souls who chose to represent the mass conscoiusness of the majority of individuals within your nations. This is not an easy task, nor one that a soul undertakes lightly. Can you imagine trying to stand in truth while thousands pull upon you to do otherwise? Can you imagine having your character maligned and trying not to respond? Can you imagine every aspect of your life being witnessed by the masses. Dear ones, pray for your politicians whether you agree with them or not because they require your prayers to walk the path they have chosen.

Vote for the one you are willing to pray for - no matter what.

You see leaders who choose war, and yet before you crucify them with your words for their choices, realize that harsh words are in and of themselves a small and yet significant vibrational act of war. To correct the vibration of war you must be willing to choose love. Ask yourself, if someone were to strike at you would you want to strike back, or could you choose a more peaceful solution? Could you dialogue with your aggressor to understand the pain that drives their violence? It is a very strong instinct within human beings to want to fight back, and yet when the masses can raise their vibration to choose peace instead of warring at any level, there will be no more wars in your world.

You see an economy that appears to be tumbling out of control. To correct this vibration, look at your own personal economy and
ask yourself if it reflects your own ideals and values? Are you living within your means when you have the choice? Are you placing your faith and trust in God when you do not? When each individual embraces these changes, so too will your world economies.

You see divisions between your political parties that seem too great to mend. To heal this, can you attempt to sit back and listen to the opinions of someone with whom you disagree, with respect, and a desire to understand, if not agree with, their point of view? If humanity could allow room for one another and seek to understand rather than to be understood, there would be a much greater unity in your governments and in your world.

So dear ones be kind in spirit to your world leaders, and do your part to create the vibration in your own lives that you wish to see in the world. The politicians do not have an easy job and many fall prey to the darkness around them. They need your prayers but most of all they need you to behave in integrity with your own spirit, to stop the wars within your own hearts, to stop the judgment of others, to take responsibility for your own integrity in every area of your life. When the masses change, the leaders will more easily be able to reflect this. One individual is never responsible for a world. Each of you must find personal peace in your own sphere of influence, must take personal responsibility for your own financial integrity, must learn to set aside judgements and see all souls as children of God.

You are all seeking one thing dear friends - to experience and express God's love.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Take inventory

It is a time of taking inventory in your lives. It is a time to become very honest with yourself about what is important to you and about living in the truth that God has planted in each and every one of your hearts. If you want to pursue a hobby, take a little time each week to pursue it. If you have wanted to clean out an area of your house, roll up your sleeves and get busy. If you have an inclincation to get a new job, start meditating, praying, and researching what it is you might want to do. Get busy dear ones in living your lives, not in a frenetic flurry of action, but rather by listening to your heart one moment at a time and acting upon it.

This can be as simple as waking up in the morning and asking your heart, "What are your priorities today," and making a little time for the things that are important to you. Perhaps you want to repair something in your house but do not yet have the money. Start to put a dollar a day towards the repair - the universe will take you more seriously because you area taking your heart's desires more seriously. Perhaps you have been putting off something you really want to do, and can afford... take the time to put it on your schedule. Perhaps you want to spend more time with your family. Make a little time. Perhaps you want to make peace with someone in your life. Pick up the phone or write the letter. Listen to your hearts dear ones, each day, in the moment - that is where you find the flow God's of grace.

Life happens one day at a time. When the world around you is possessed by fear, by what if's and worst case scenarios - you can still experience joy. Joy comes from resting in the security of God's love for you. What you see going on in the world around you is simply a balancing of forces. Greed is being exposed. Materialism is being subdued. People are spending more time with their families and less time focused on their possessions. People are learning to live within their means, to value their money, time, and energy once again and to live with more gratitude for what they do have. New technologies that help you live in greater harmony are emerging, and there is an acknowledged need for those of different nations, different ideologies, and different belief systems to come together for the good of the human race. It is a time of returning to you spiritual roots and placing value on what is real and eternal.

If the world's fears begin to possess you, sit quietly. Ask God to bring the light of His truth into your hearts. Ask to experience His love, know the security of walking in faith, and to help share and shine that light into the world. When you are insecure give others confidence and you will find more within yourself. When you are feeling lack, be generous with your kindness or attention. When you don't know how to pay your bills, give thanks for all the good that you do have.

Do not be afraid. The darkness that has been beneath the surface for centuries is coming to light, and as always, when you start to create greater order, there is first chaos. Take heart. Look at the good coming from these changes, and know that you are an eternal soul, care for, loved, and guided by God.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

God is your banker

Rest assured dear ones that while the circumstances of your life and your world will always change, the reality of God's love for you is eternal. God could no sooner forget you or your needs than the brain could forget a single cell within the body. You are part of God's creation dear ones - precious, loved, celebrated, and cared for. If you can adopt a belief in this truth, then your entire experience of reality will change.

You will find that your needs are handled in perfect timing. You will find that as you grow in faith your ability to choose love no matter what the circumstances will attract a kinder response from the world. You will find that as you surrender your dependence upon material things and outer circumstances to make you happy, your inner joy will attract more happiness to you than you could ever dream or imagine.

When the material world no longer controls your inner state of being, your true inner being will take command of your material life.

Your inner being, dear ones is the light and breath of God illuminating your soul in every moment. Your inner being is eternally connected to the source of all you could ever want or need. Your inner being does not feel lack, fear, or victimhood. Your inner being knows only the glory and love of God. And so dear ones, when you are able to stop allowing outer circumstances to convince you of anything less, then this light within you will shine brightly and attract unto you more than you could ever want or need - sufficient resources, more love, more joy, more ability to express the light of God within. It is an illusion dear ones that any material issue could ever have more power over your life than the light that God has placed within you. It is an illusion that your economy has more power to control your life and well being than God. It is an illusion that your money comes from your boss, or your stocks, or even other people in your life. Your resources come through others, but are first and foremost, always from God.

God is your boss and your banker. If God feels you would learn more faith by having less, you will have less until you learn faith and then you will have so much more. If God feels you need to learn to receive you may be forced to accept help until you learn you are worthy of receiving it, and then dear ones, you will be able to give others the very same gift. If God feels you need to learn to focus on priorities other than the next object you want to buy, you may have to cut back for a short while and find true joy in your life. God is not cruel dear friends. God is a greater love than the human mind will ever be able to comprehend. God wants your inner being to shine brightly in the world, and when you allow for that to occur, through choosing faith, choosing love, choosing to find the joy and the lessons in each moment, then dear ones you inner being will be a beacon that attracts a wonderful life in the outer world as well.

There is suffering in the world. There is pain. And dear ones we ask you to have compassion and pray for those who are experiencing the very difficult lessons of this world. At the same time, know that it is your light, your love, your faith that will uplift not only your own existence but the existence of those around you. Earth, dear ones, is a school. There are millions of lesson plans, billions of students, and an amazing variety of classrooms. And yet, ultimately all lessons boil down to one - learning how very much you are loved, loving God, loving self, and sharing the truth of this love with the world around you.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Miracles are all around

Celebrate the fact that you are alive. Before there were societies, economies, even politics, there was your earth, dear friends. There was the sun that rose every morning in a blaze of glory and set every evening. There was rain and wind, flowers, plants, bees, fruits, and vegetables, and all that was needed to sustain life. These are the things that last. This is the bounty given to you by God. And while we realize that today you are not living off the land and that you need your societies, economics, and politics, realize that God has given humanity enough resources on the earth to sustain life indefinitely. God, dear ones, is aware of every breath within you, every leaf unfurling on the tiniest plant, the hum of each little honeybee, the movement of the stars, and yes, even the amount of money you need to pay your bills.

Notice the miracles all around you. Take delight in the eternal and unending nature of mother earth's bounty and diversity. Wake up and give thanks for the miracle of the sun rising, and know that compared to the movement of the stars in the heavens, and the miracle of the heart beating in your chest, handling your life's issues and problems is easy for God.

The reason you fear that the miracles you need will not occur is that it is human nature to want to control the way things work. And yet dear ones, you do not control the movement of your earth around the sun, nor the sun's movement around the solar system. And you do not control the miraculous beating of your heart, or the automatic impulses that keep you breathing and alive. These systems that are far more complex than your issues and problems will ever be, work perfectly fine.

You can learn to allow your life to flow with the same divine harmony that governs the movement of life itself. If you relax, surrender your worries to God, and act when the impulse is given, you will be operating by the same principles that keep the universe in motion, and life on your planet in a constant cycle of renewal. The heart does not worry about its next beat, nor does it resist the impulse when given. You do not have to worry about your next breath, or even your next meal if you have faith dear ones. You do not have to worry about your loved ones for God is guiding their lessons here upon the earth and they too are eternal souls. You do not have to worry about a thing dear ones, if you trust that God, who governs the heavens and the earth, knows that you are part of the beautiful dance of life as well.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happiness is within

Take heart! Your earth is not doomed by any means, and yet so many of you are in fear and despair about the state of affairs upon your planet. In a world that seems to be going mad, celebrate the fact that you know how remain sane. Spiritual sanity is placing your faith and trust in the abiding love of God to take care of all your needs. Spiritual sanity is living in the moment, dealing with the circumstances in which you find yourself, and resisting the urge to resist life! Spiritual sanity looks beyond labels such as race, gender, religion, or creed to see the light of God in the soul in front of you. Spiritual sanity does not focus upon lack but rather gives thanks for the gifts that are always present. Spiritual sanity does not embrace victimhood, but rather looks for the the positive growth each moment provides. We do not see your world coming to an end at all, but rather certain behaviors that don't work are being brought to the surface and exposed so they can be changed into more positive actions and beliefs.

Your happiness dear ones, need not depend upon a peaceful world, money in the bank, or the comfort of being surrounded only by people who agree with you. Your happiness comes from knowing that God loves you, cares for you and - if you surrender to deep abiding faith and love - will provide for your every need. Your happiness comes from the simple moments of connection - from sharing a smile with a stranger, a word of encouragement with a friend, or from receiving the very same. Your happiness comes from recognizing the presence of God in all situations, circumstances, and individuals, and indeed within your very own heart.

The world has always had its share of chaos, unrest, ups and downs. You can choose to be in the world but not of it. You can remain faithful that your needs will be met in spite of economic downturn. You can choose to look beyond the surface of individuals and ask who they really are. You can make a decision to listen to your heart and your instincts so as to remain safe even with intense earth changes. You can experience the love of God no matter what. And this dear ones is what you are always seeking.

Beneath every wish, every desire, and every need, is the need to experience and know the love of God. Pray for this when you awaken each morning: "Dear God I wish to feel your love. Make me open to receive your love. Fill my mind, body, and spirit with your love and your grace today."

And then, dear ones, watch as your life flows more smoothly and gracefully, in tandem with the cycles of the universe.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Choose kindness

As you go about your days and the summer comes to a close remember that that there are seasons in life, seasons upon your earth, seasons in the cycles of spiritual evolution and even seasons within your own bodies. Your energy upon the earth is starting to move once again, slowly and surely with great turmoil and chaos as witnessed by the many natural disasters. Even your mother earth has felt a bit stagnant this year. She too longs for change. She longs for her children to bridge the gaps between themselves and to come together in love. And so, as she awakens dear ones, you witness earth changes that cause people to drop their differences, to reorganize priorities and to reach out to one another with love and compassion. Whether or not you are involved in the hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods, each one of you can feel the urge within yourself for movement, growth, change, and ultimately a more loving reality.

Choose love, choose kindness, choose to remember that the greatest priority in life is not rushing around to complete the days tasks and errands but to slow down and do the things you must do with kindness - kindness towards yourself first, and kindness towards others as well. If you accomplish your tasks but do so without love and kindness - to yourself, to the other drivers on the road, to your family, the clerks in the stores, etc... - then these accomplishes mean little in the realm of spirit. If however, you manage to smile at the clerk in the store, be courteous on the road no matter what others are doing, and to listen to your friends and family when something is on their mind, even finding a few minutes to sit, breathe, and receive God's love, then my dear friends, your days will go more smoothly, you will accomplish the tasks that truly matter, and your soul will feel satisfied. Happiness in life is never truly achieved by reaching the goals you set for yourselves, for that happiness is fleeting, but rather happiness involves making loving choices, one moment, one day at a time - this will give you a lifetime of fulfillment.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Do everything with love

Enjoy your lives dear ones! You will always have things to handle, dishes to be done, bills to be paid, people to deal with, and yet these things are not obstacles to living your life, they are part of it! God never said you couldn't rest until your chores are done. God never said that you couldn't smile and laugh while the lawsuit or the foreclosure is pending. God never said a separation had to be filled with angst and unpleasantness. God would ask instead, that you imbue all your actions, all your words, all your tasks, chores, and situations with love.

You are the lights in a world that is in turmoil at present. You are the souls who remember that love is the magical elixer of life. You are the ones called to remember that love transforms any situation, no matter how challenging into its highest form. If you are involved in a situation with others that is unpleasant, bless it and send love to all involved. Picture that all involved remember their divine light and don't forget to ask God to help you rememer your own.

Love raises people up to be their best, or at the very least to be done with you and leave you alone. Love either draws the positive up and out of people or repels their darkness. Love, dear ones, is what you all seek. Send love via your prayers, kind words, and loving actions out into the world. This does not require you to put up with anything intolerable at all but rather to do and say whatever you have to do and say with love.

You can say NO with love. You can set a firm boundary with love. You can fire an employee, if you must, with love, and have the difficult conversations, with love. You can ignore bad behaviors with love. You can do anything you do dear ones, with love. You can say anything you have to say with a recognition of the divine spark within others. You can ignore behaviors that do not exemplify the truth of a person's soul. And in far more pleasant scenarios you can be the light of God for a stranger who looks like they need a smile, a friendly hello, or an uplifting compliment. You can be the one to imbue a situation that is tense with gentle humor. You can be the hope for another by helping them to believe in themselves and God's love for them.

Be the lights in the world dear one. Do not engage in lower behaviors that others would try to draw you into. Do not allow the news, the economy, the talk of wars to draw you into believing that anything other than God is in charge. If you worship God dear ones, you will draw love into your lives. If you worship the false idols of the world, you must then deal with what they bring. Do not allow anger to run your lives. Do not allow sadness to possess you. Allow yourselves your feelings, then allow them to wash from you and allow the light of God's love to refill the emptiness they leave. Sit, breathe, pray, and all will be well and you will dwell in the eternal truth of God's love and be that for the world.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

You are loved

Celebrate your existence dear friends, for to be alive upon your planet earth is a blessing. So many souls desire this experience and adventure. Where other than on your dear planet do you have the opportunity to learn so much! Earth is truly the greatest school in the universe, admittedly also one of the toughest schools, but the one in which you can learn the greatest faith, the deepest love, the most profound clarity about the diversity and wonder of God. Your earth is a rich kaleidoscope of creation. Look all around you and witness the miracle of God's love. Look at the sunsets, the mountains, the oceans, the rivers, the birds, the creepie crawlers, the animals. Look at your own two hands, your eyes, your miraculous bodies. Look all around you, below you, above you, and within you - for that is where you will find the presence of God's love. God's love is not only experienced in your next paycheck, the sale of your house, the perfect mate, the reassurance of a savings account, acceptance, understanding, and appreciation of others ... God's love is available with the very air you breathe.

Dear ones, each of you wants to feel loved. Each of you wants to feel secure. Each of you wants desparately to dissolve the illusions of separation and know that God is with you. Look around and seek out expressions of God's love in the smallest ways. BE the expression of God's love so that others may more easily see it. And in doing so you will see truth, be truth, and experience truth. Truth dear ones, means that you are always loved.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A time to rest, a time to dream

As you have heard for years, there is a season for everything. There are seasons to your lives, cycles within each day, rhythms within your body, seasons within each year, and in a sense seasons within the energetic cycles of your planet earth.

Although you find yourself in the yearly season of summer, it is indeed upon your earth, more like winter. It is a time for going within yourselves and embracing the movement there. It is a time for feeling your feelings, dreaming your dreams, admitting your desires, and truly embracing all that you find inside of yourself. It is a time for acknowledging your inner world.

It is not such a wonderful time for 'pushing the river' or creating external movement in your lives. We are not saying it is impossible to create external movement, but we hear your cries. So many of you are feeling stuck, but dear ones, although there is little movement in your outer lives, you are never stuck. Go within and embrace your desires. Find your truth inside of your heart of hearts. So many of you want more love, more joy, more passion, more abundance, more expression. Find it within yourselves now. Seek out the illusions that block you from receiving and then, when the next wave of energy that supports movement in your outer world cycles into your planet's frequencies, you will be like a surfer, poised to ride that wave of energy and create great movement in your lives.

Be clear in your desires, and do not water them down with guilt or shame because God put these desires in your heart. Be clear in your intention to create a glorious existence for it shortchanges no one if you are to ask for more. God has given your planet enough resources to support the entire population in glory if only you were to first receive what you want, fill your cup, and then allow it to spill over to those in need of your love, time, energy, and resources - as you are guided. God can and will dear ones, direct every human heart to receive more than it needs to be happy and to share according to the divine design and the lessons of all involved.

Now is not the time to push yourselves or to force changes that do not occur easily in your outer world. Now is the time to rest, relax, go within, dream your dreams, solidify your intentions, ask for your emotional blockages to be revealed, and removed, and then when the time for movement is at hand you will find excitement, passion, and desire to get going in your lives, and the willingness to receive the abundant harvest from the seeds you have planted and weeded within your own hearts at this time.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Surrender your concerns to God

As you learn to surrender your worries, your fears, and your need to know how everything in your life must work, you release your spirit unto God, and you make room for miracles to unfold in your life. Your spirit dear ones is free. Your spirit is free to focus upon anything it wants but your human mind has a a tendancy to hold on to beliefs, ideas, and patterns of thinking that limit you.

God is all that is. God is unlimited. God contains within his heart every soul upon your planet and those that span the cosmos. God can see solutions to your problems that you cannot possibly imagine. God can see possibilities for your life that you wouldn't even dream about. God's solutions seem miraculous only because the human mind cannot conceive of the elegance and interconnectedness of His plan for your lives.

Give your worries to God. Give your concerns to God. Choose to believe that God does care about your hearts, your bills, your well being, but most of all dear ones that you would come to know yourself as an expression of His love here upon the earth. God's love is joyful. God's love is expansive. God's love is eternal. God's love does not even know words such as unworthy, impossible, or unreachable. God's love does not see death but rather transformation. God's love does not see problems, but rather possibilities. God sees each of you, in your times of glory and in your times of struggle as perfect, whole, and complete.

Each of you is a living work of art that becomes more and more beautiful as you release the illusions that hold you bound and allow your light and your true colors to shine ever more brightly.

Give all your concerns to God dear ones, from your simplest needs to your grandest desires, and trust in His love for you. He may not solve your problems or deliver your dreams in a manner you expect. His timing may not be the timing you insist upon. And yet, His solutions for your life are lasting ones that support not only your physical well being but also the need of your spirit to know His love as part of your own hearts. No matter what the circumstances of your inner or outer world, dear friends, you are, always have been, and always will be loved, supported, and cherised

Saturday, August 02, 2008

You are never stuck

As you proceed through your days dear friends remember that the way you choose to look at your life and your world will create your experience of reality. The world is the world. Life is life. People are going to be who they are. Will you be the ones searching for the light within these situations and seeing the truth of God behind all things, or will you succumb to the illusion that darkness has the upper hand? While it is true that your economies are down, your world is in turmoil and strife, and earth herself is going through massive changes, dear ones, God is still behind all things, ever present with his love.

You can live in fear of the economy or you can delight in the simple pleasures it forces you to embrace. You can live in fear of earth changes or you can celebrate the fact that all of you are where you are supposed to be based on the lessons you chose to embrace and the gifts you chose to share. You can live in despondancy, feeling alone and unloved, or you can reach out and connect with others who feel the same - and in so doing, raise yourself up into the light.

While it is true that a great many of you feel 'stuck' at this time, you are never truly stuck. Your lives are in a bit of slow motion and soft focus now. It is not a time to push yourselves too hard, or to stress and strain over forcing new projects to completion. It is a time when your hearts yearn for more and yet if you are not patient, allowing God's plan to unfold in your lives, you can easiliy succumb to frustration. It is time to slow down, go within, and create from the inside out. Those who are willing to do this - to spend the time in silent contemplation, pray, visualization, and affirmation of truth, acting when guided and motivated to do so - will experience and enjoy miracles unfolding. Those who insist on forcing themselves and others to do things that feel uninspired, well dear ones, you will be uninspired.

God cares about you. God is slowing you down so your dreams can speed up. Doing things the worlds way is one way to live your life. But you can be 'in the world and yet not of it' by allowing God to work in your life and your heart. Slow down dear friends, choose to see the light and the gifts that are always present in your lives. Use gratitude as a key to truly seeing the streams of abundance that you are and can tap into. There is always love available. There is always guidance available. When you slow down you will see it more clearly and allow your lives to rest in God's grace.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Power of Choice

All realities you could possibly experience, dear ones, exist all at once in the mind of God, and although you must have patience and allow these realities to unfold over time in your human existence, it is your focus, your choice, your perceptions, and your intentions that will steer you into one reality vs. another. If you expect the best, in time you will have the best. If you expect the worst, persist in this and eventually you may see it. All miracles and all disasters are available to be woven into your life experience. God has allowed you free will dear ones, to align yourself with His love or to feel separate from it.

With each decision you make you either align with truth and with love, or you shy away from it. With each loving choice to honor your heart, and to believe in God's love and support, you align with a path of miracles. With each choice to believe you are 'doing' life on your own and with each unloving thought, you align with a path of struggle. The choice is yours dear friends, and the results of such choices are becoming clearer as your planet ascends into higher vibrations. You are blessed with the fact that God does not keep score, and one loving choice can change the course of your entire existence, thereby steering you away from all past unloving thoughts and feelings.

One loving choice can change the course of your life.

One choice to sit and rest while you are tired is a statement of self worth unto the universe.

One choice to give a financial worry over to God and to focus upon the joy and gratitude in your life steers you into the stream of abundance.

One choice to breathe deeply and allow God to course through your body aligns you with greater health and well being.

One choice dear ones.

Think about that every time you know what you feel like doing but THINK you should be doing something else. Think about this every time you have a tendancy to lash out in impatience or frustration at yourself or another. Think about this every time you feel you must push yourself to make something happen when your heart desires ease.

One unloving choice will not mess up your entire life, but one loving choice can begin to change your entire life for the better. A series of loving choices creates a miraculous life.

Have patience as the fruits of your labors ripen in space and time. You are on earth. The energies are tending towards stillness rather than motion at present and you must be patient. Go into your hearts and ask them to guide you. Then give thanks and trust that your choice to live a miraculous life has already been set in motion.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trust God

Dear ones we wish to speak to you on the subject of trust today. It nearly breaks our hearts to see so many in fear over their well being. If you truly knew how much God loved you, you would never fear again. You would simply hand over your problems to God, act as guided, and consider life a grand adventure. We understand however, that it is difficult on your planet earth to find this faith and trust. The human mind has gained far too much control over the spirit and insists on reason, proof, and validation that God is with you. And yet, unless you release your need to have all the answers you will never get your validation.

God, dear ones, does not think like a human. God thinks in terms of satisfying the greatest good for all involved, helping you learn about loving yourselves, and loving one another more. So many of you are worried about your finances, and from a human perspective there is good reason. From a divine perspective, however, God has good reasons for allowing things to be as they are. When your economies are down, you get more creative, waste less, find greater joy in what you have, turn to your relationships and friends for satisfaction, rather than material goods. Humanity seeks out innovative solutions - for example other ways to fuel your vehicles, grow your food, and transfer items to and fro. When your economy is down, dear ones, the gifts you give must come from the heart, rather than the nearest store. You value yourselves more and your stuff less when your economies are stressed, and we pray that humanity will carry these values forward as they recognize the very great abundance of the spirit that occurs when times are, in human terms, a little tighter.

If you are worried about paying your bills, keeping a roof over your head or food on the table, give your problems to God. Dear ones he takes care of entire universes. Why would you ever feel as if he were not going to take care of you as well. Surrender your concerns, your fears, and your worries to God. Talk to Him as if he is your best friend for there is no better friend than the one that created you. And in surrendering your worries and your need to control the solutions, you make room for God to work in your life and your heart. If you are always desparate to find the answers yourselves, you may be so stressed that you miss opportunities and signals from God. If however, you are convinced of His love, you will expect good to come your way and therefore you will see it and know it when it arrives.

Have faith and trust in God dear ones. This is not the same as blind faith and trust in human beings - because not all human beings are, as you say, good for their word. However, if you place your faith in God, if you calm your mind and heart, then you can trust your own guidance, for at long last the mind will be at peace and the soul will be clearly heard in your lives.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Master your thoughts

At this time upon your earth, the energy for manifestation is very strong. It is important therefore that you continue to work on mastering your thoughts so they will not master you. There are massive negative thoughtforms present upon your planet - financial fears, fears of security,fears about the future of the world, and unfortunately they are so strong that the minute you have a negative thought, you tend to tap into these vibrations and amplify your own fears or concerns. The good news is that there is also an incredible amount of light flowing into your planet, and if you tap into thoughts about God's love for you, thoughts of God's peace and joy entering your hearts, and kind thoughts about your fellow human beings, then you will tap into a vast reservoir of love that doest take a bit of stretching to reach, but once you reach it dear ones your lives will be filled with grace.

God's love and God's grace is always available to you, no matter what your outer circumstances - as surely as the sun is always shining whether the skies are grey and cloudy or the storms rage upon the surface of the earth. The light is always there. If you take time to rest, take time to be present to your here and now, and take time to pray for God's love to enter your hearts and heal any situation that causes you concern, then dear ones you will feel peace amidst chaos, abundance in a shaky economy, security amidst uncertainty, and above all, love in the midst of a world that sometimes forgets how dearly every single one of you is cherished.

Dear ones, mind your thoughts as if you are tending to a very beautiful garden. When you notice one that is negative, acknowledge its right to be, then choose a better one. For example if you feel worried about money, say to yourself, "Ok, I love the part of me that is worried,but I choose to acknowledge that God loves and supports me." if someone hurts your feelings or acts in an unkind way, say to yourself, "Ok, I acknowledge that they have a right to act in any way they choose, but I also have a right to want kinder treatment. I will forgive them but choose kinder company, or choose to speak up with love, or choose to simply turn away from the unkind words."

Dear ones, we understand it is not always easy to choose loving and kind, abundant and peaceful thoughts... and yet the rewards are plentiful if you do. Change your inner world dear ones, and watch the reflections in the outside world begin to change as well.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

You are already free

As so many of you celebrate your day of freedom we want to remind each one of you that you are already free. The freedom you seek is already within you dear ones. You are free to choose your thoughts and you are free as to where you place your perspectives. You are free to perceive situations as positive, negative, or neutral. You are free to love yourself or to make yourself wrong. And within that internal freedom you create and manifest your experience of external reality.

No matter what the outer circumstances, dear ones, you have been given the gift of choice and you are always free to choose how you will interpret and respond to the events of this world. These choices dictate not only your experience of the present moment but also your future as well. And the good news, is that with each choice, your life begins anew. With each positive and loving choice, you point yourselves towards a bright future. With each negative or hurtful choice you point yourself in a direction you may not enjoy as much. God does not keep score dear ones. A single loving choice can change your entire life.

So as you celebrate freedom dear friends, celebrate your freedom to choose how you think, perceive, and interpret life. Choose freely the interpretations that make you feel more joyful, more alive, more empowered. You can look at life as a series of challenges to be overcome, or a series of adventures to be enjoyed, embraced and learned from. We understand this earth walk is not always easy dear friends, and yet you can always freely choose to focus on and tap into what is good, true, and eternal.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Find the treasure within

Each one of you, in your own way, is searching for buried treasure. The treasure dear ones is the light of God within you. This treasure was given to you upon the creation of your soul, brought to earth with you at birth, and inches its way to the surface of your lives with every loving thought, each kind word, and every single good deed. This treasure is buried amidst the rocky soils of disbelief, doubt, and fear, and like anyone mining for gold or digging for diamonds you must carefully chip away at any beliefs that say you are not loved or supported by God in order to find this light within you. You must slowly push away the resignation that says, "I cannot feel this love." You must dig with great faith, knowing this light is within you.

When you bring this light of God to the surface dear ones it will attract great abundance into your lives, not only a means of making a living, but rather the abundance that comes from the purity of your loving expression and the honest echo that the world will return to you. This treasure is the only one you will take with you when you journey out of this body. This treasure is the one that attracts all good into your lives. This treasure is worth more than your paycheck, more than your material gain, more than your investments for its value is constant and priceless. God's love is within each one of you dear ones. God's wisdom is there for the asking. God's support is constant. It is already there and so when you pray, dear ones pray for the light and the support, and the wisdom to be revealed within you. Pray for God to give you faith in His abundance, faith in His support, and faith in His love.

Pray each morning and tell God you are ready to experience His Love in you, to you, and through you. This prayer, dear friends, will unearth the treasure within, and bring you spiritual treasures of every kind in your life. This prayer will bring you into truth in a world that is at present, very shaky, very fearful, and often very dark. This treasure is one that is unlimited and unbounded and if you allow your life and your heart to be filled with the love of God within you, you will become a source of abundance to others, sharing your faith, and God's love with those who are in need. Your material well-being will be taken care of as well. God will guide you as to how to share your time, your resources, your attention, and your energy. Fill yourself with God's love as you unearth it within you and then, spill it over into the world knowing there is always more to be unearthed.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Place your focus on God

Understand that within each one of you truth is rising up. You want so much more at times. You want more purpose, more security, more love, more kindness, and greater expression. As you get in touch with these truths, be gentle with yourselves, for you will also feel the very human urge to compare where you are now with where you want to be. The anxiousness, discontent, restlessness, and even despondency that so many of you are feeling are really just masking a fear that you will not be able to create the purposefulness, the security, the expression that your soul wants here upon the earth.

Dear ones take heart for your mother earth is also rising up from her depths, wanting so much more for herself and for humanity as well. And so, when the ground you walk upon does not feel stable, neither do you. As the earth seeks greater expression of God's love, you desire greater purpose. As the rivers flood areas of your world, so too emotions you once contained are spilling forth within you. Dear ones, we understand these changes are difficult. Birth is not necessarily an easy process, whether you are giving birth to a child, or to a new consciousness within the human race. Birth involves contractions and expansions, and you too are feeling times of extreme difficulty and fatigue followed by periods of increased hope. All that is occurring now, both externally on your earth, and deep within you, is a rising up of God's love - an increased opportunity for discovering the depths of who you really are. Now is an opportunity to position your intentions for your lives so that when the next wave of consciousness and increased energy arises, God will propel you forward into greater love, expression, and faith.

You are the lights and beacons of hope for the world. Your faith can inspire those in fear. As you share it, you receive it. And as you receive it, we urge you to share it. Share your beliefs with those who are in fear. Share the truth of God's love with others and you will feel it flowing into you ever more strongly. Share your views, your hopes, and your dreams, and the world will look upon you with wonder, for so many are feeling the same way right now.

Dear ones, your security rests always in God, not in your bank accounts, your systems, your jobs, or even your world. Your purpose is to love and how that love will be expressed will continue to be revealed unto you until the day you join us in heaven. You are always loved, always guided, always cared for. Focus upon that truth and you will find great help and great hope. And in a very practical sense in your world, focus on the basics. Rest, for your bodies are adjusting to the energies. Eat consciously and eat as your bodies guide you for they know better than any plan or program what it is they need to stay healthy. Seek out positive experiences and positive people when you can for life is too short to be in situations that you do not have to be in and do not want to be in. Uplift your spirit with messages of hope and situations in which you find joy.

Dear ones, even in such changing and difficult times you can find hope, inspiration, joy, and expression, for all things exist right now in the mind of God. What you focus upon you will experience. Where you place your sights, you will go. If you think you can have something, you truly can and if you don't believe it, you limit God. God wants your joy, your expression, and your security. Surrender to this truth and you shall abide within it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

God is your souce

Take heart, dear ones, for so many of you are concerned about money and yet God is always and forever your source and supply. His love never fluctuates and His assistance is without price. The economy of His heart is dependent only on your willingness to put your faith and trust in Him and to receive His love. You can subscribe to the economy of man along with its manipulations, strategies, and fear-based thinking or you can have faith in the constant, stable, and loving economy of God.

If you put your faith in man's economy, you are forced into actions that do not represent the truth of your spirit, and are often based on fear. If you put your faith in God's economy, you live according to the dictates of your heart. Yes, you have to work to pay the bills, but in God's economy, you can still create, through intention and trust, more fulfilling work. In God's economy, miracles are possible. In God's economy, it is not always money, but often other people who help to solve your dilemmas. In man's economy, you work, you earn, you strategize, and you survive. In God's economy, you labor in love, and you thrive.

Dear ones, the creator would never want anything less for you than a life lived to its fullest potential. God wants your life to be filled with the abundance of having your needs met, your heart full, and your bodies well cared for. God cares about these things dear friends, sometimes more than you do. God cares for your well-being. God cares more about guiding you into relationships that are supportive and kind, than surrounding you with things to occupy your time. God cares more about helping you live in balance than filling your bank accounts to pacify your fears. God DOES care about your bills dear ones, but He cares about paying them in a way that brings life and inspiration to your spirit. As God works with each one of you to create true and lasting abundance in your life you must be in integrity with your own hearts, because to do otherwise is to put your faith in lack, and in the economy of man. You must focus upon God's truth if you wish to reap its rewards. You must turn your sights away from the negativity and resist giving into the temptation of fear.

There are many forces vying for your attention at this time on your planet. There is incredible light emanating from your mother earth as she continues to stretch and grow. This light is revealing all that is hidden within your own hearts and minds - secret dreams, discontents, anxieties, hopes, fears. It is a time indeed when all that is hidden shall be revealed. This light is also creeping into darkened systems on your planet revealing what must be fixed. Greed is being exposed, and at the same time, new ideas and inventions are coming to light as never before. The light and the dark are all being washed to the surface. If you are feeling tired, unclear, devoid of purpose, or hazy, simply rest. These new energies are intense, it is taking your bodies, and minds time to acclimate to the new frequencies on your planet.

It is a time of incredible opportunity as well as a time of incredible change. If you set your sights on God - if you place your faith in His love and support, and remain unwavering in that truth - your lives can change in miraculous fashion. If you live in integrity with your spirit, one moment at a time, speaking kindly, being kind to yourself, resting when you are tired, intending and praying for change when you cannot yet figure out how to create, then dear ones, you become as little children and you enter the kingdom of heaven here on earth.

Heaven on earth is a state of mind wherein you live in peace, love, and serenity even in the world of chaos. Heaven on earth is a place of gratitude for the abundance you have as well as a willingness to receive more. Heaven on earth is a place wherein you use your gifts and talents to your own delight and for the upliftment of others. Heaven, dear ones, is created by making one loving, choice at time, in integrity with your own soul. We invite you to join us in love creating heaven here upon the earth and then your lights will be beacons in the darkness to the many who are in need of inspiration.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Be still

In this time of incredible growth and expansion here up on your planet earth, realize that many of you are feeling shaky too. Many of you are experiencing anxiety, feelings of insecurity, or feelings of haziness of confusion, interspersed with moments of great joy, clarity, and centeredness. Dear ones, every single time your earth goes through a vibrational shift, be it through natural disasater, major world events, or simply a pulse from the heavens, it takes time for your bodies and minds to readjust. And in a time of such intense expansion, many of you are simply exhausted. Only those activities which truly make your soul sing will engage your interest and your energy. This is a natural and normal consequence of growth and not a cause for concern.

It is not a time to attempt to push yourself or to make yourself do things that are not truly in alignment with your heart unless these things are absolutely necessary, for example, to support your family or pay your bills. In all other cases, go slower, rest more often, be a little more gentle with yourselves. You are birthing yourselves and you world into greater light. Like any birth you feel both the contraction and the release of pressures. You feel waves of movement and surrender into periods of waiting. You must 'go with the flow' a bit more, so to speak, in order to have your life run smoothly. You must have a faith in trust in God as being more powerful than economies, layoffs, and other world circumstances that tempt you into fear and doubt. Do not worship false idols such as the financial systems, the powers that be in your world, or the material forces that tempt you to believe they have more power over your life and well-being than God Himself. God is in charge and if you put your faith and trust there, you will live magnificent lives, unencumbered by worries about the direction of your world. You will be released from fears, married to the vibration of peace, and allowed to be effective forces of change in the world - even if only in the circles of your family and friends. A pebble in a pond makes big ripples.

Allow yourselves to rest and dream of a life and world at peace, filled with abundance, hope, inspiration, truth, respect for all peoples, and a distribution of resources that honors all human beings. Allow yourself to dream of a life filled with love, expression, abundance, and joy. It is in your daydreams of a bright future that you start to create a new reality. It is in your longings to know more about God and to receive His love that you call forth His expression in your life. It is in stillness that you are guided to right action.

Rest your minds and hearts dear friends and when you are tired, rest your bodies as well. For it is in silence that the voice of God booms into your hearts most clearly. It is in rest that you receive direction for effective movement. When you treat yourself and others with gentle kindness, you are the most loving and powerful agents of change.

Be still, dear friends, and know that you are one with the creator, united forever in His love, now and forever.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Release your judgments and your worries

As you move forward throughout your days, release your worries to God! So many of you carry so many burdens within your hearts that are not really yours to carry. So many of you worry about the actions, choices, and situations that others find themselves within and yet each soul, dear ones, must learn the lessons they have set out to learn. You can help your dear friends, neighbors, and fellow human beings first and foremost by simply loving them, being kind to them, offering a helping hand when it is authentically passionate and in your hearts to do so, and also by being honest with them when it is not.

You do not truly assist another by doing something that is not truly in your hearts, for God guides each and every one of you to help one another in specific ways, and if every soul were to listen to the dictates of their hearts, no one on earth would go without help. Some souls would be called to assist by donating time, money, or food. Some are called to assist through loving intervention. Others are called to assist through prayer. Still others are called to assist by living their lives in peace and joy, thus contributing to the new vibration of heaven on earth that many of you are trying to anchor here upon your planet. Trust that if God wants you to assist another soul, everything in you will be filled with the desire and resources to do so. To worry, however, is really to judge a situation as bad for another, when in reality that situation is exactly what the soul has chosen at this time to experience in order to further their growth and education here upon your earth.

If you witness a loved one in a situation that you believe to be less than healthy, express your care and concern kindly and with love... Dear friend, I am concerned about you. You seem so lost, or sad, or lonely. Is there anything I can do. Listen, and respond with honesty. Share with them what you can honestly offer. In this fashion, the ones around you can learn their lessons with an angel called YOU to assist them on their journey... if they are willing to receive the assistance. And if they are not, surrender your judgments, pray for them, and allow them their growth. You are never called to do the spiritual homework for another soul, but you are always called to be kind, loving, and always compassionately honest.

So many of you feel guilty when your lives are going well and you cannot save the others around you. Earth is a one room school house and it is never appropriate to judge another's lessons. Some of you feel envious when you are not doing well and others around you seem to have life go more easily. Again we say earth is a one room schoolhouse and it is never appropriate to judge another's lessons. To say for example, that those who endure disaster are suffering punishment is a terrible and sweeping judgement, and while it may be true for a few, many of the heroic souls who undergo disaster have a covenant with God to inspire compassion and change here upon your planet earth. Indeed that was the case with so many of the children who perished in China's recent earthquake, for they are dear angels, calling upon the world to look upon their families with compassion and to realize that all of humanity has but one loving heart.

Dear ones, allow yourselves your own joys, your own sorrows, your own triumphs and seek out help during your trials. But please never ever judge the situation of another. The soul undergoing the most unthinkable tragedy may be your teacher, or a soul about to enter the realms of enlightenment. The soul with the most apparently blessed life may be learning valuable lessons as well - to be self loving and to be a steward for God's resources. The outer circumstances never can truly give you an accurate picture of the inner workings of God within a human soul.

Strive to release all judgments dear ones, against yourselves and against others. Earth is a school and you would not judge a child in school for his or her mistakes. You would simply and gently offer a better way to do things.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Rest & take it one moment at a time

As your earth rumbles, quakes, and continues to erupt know that so many of you are feeling your own internal pressures, anxieties, shakiness, and waves of emotions. Be gentle with yourselves and surrender your fears and worries to higher power. God has not forsaken your earth dear ones, but rather is guiding her through her own growing pains. As earth awakens to a greater vibrational frequency of love, so too you will be feeling greater desire for kindness, courtesy, and consideration in your own lives. As your mother earth releases her pressures you will find new doorways opening in your own lives. It is a time of tremendous opportunity for growth, exploration, expression, and expansion.

At the same time you will be called upon to be more patient than ever before with yourselves and others. People who are unaware of the spiritual expansion in progress are a bit on edge, shall we say. Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Be patient with your own growth, the manifestation of your own dreams, and the rate at which you mature into greater and greater love. These days, slower is faster. Pay attention to each moment, take a breath and ask your heart what it desires in that moment, right here and right now. This is your greatest guidance, because in each present moment, God is sending you signals, helping you either choose to love and be kind to self, and therefore to others, or to fall into an illusion that you must be something other than who you really are.

God guides you dear ones, not the big actions but in each little moment, much as the mind guides each cell in the body to operate in harmony. If you have an urge to create a business, find a relationship, build a healing practice, or buy a car, each of these can be achieved, by heeding your guidance in each moment in time. If you work on your own, you can make these things happen, of course, but if you work with God, dear ones - trusting your heart in each moment - they will come in magical ways that truly fit in your life and do not require sacrifice, but rather inspire celebration.

It is a time of tremendous growth both within and upon the earth. Relax, allow yourself rest. Be gentle with yourselves and one another, and then heed the inspiration within your heart... one moment at a time, and you too will expand into a new and greater experience of God's unceasing love.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Labor in love and compassion for all

As your mother earth stretches, creaks, erupts, and groans, understand that she is growing and expanding too, bringing greater awareness to the surface and greater awareness to the human race that you are all one. Watch your news with compassion, dear ones, not terror, for all souls who have left and are leaving are not lost but rather found by God's great love. Bless those who have agreed to leave the earth in this fashion to raise awareness of the need for compassion, the need to recognize that all human hearts are the same, and the need for people to come together in love and unity in spite of their differences. Your so-called enemies are human too. They love, they cry, they grieve, they share. You are all one in the vibration of humanity and your earth has decided, like any good mother, that it is high time for her family to unite in greater love.

You are sensitive and you are feeling the changes on your planet. Many of you are feeling anxiety or unrest without specific cause, tension in your bodies, sudden outbursts of anger, sudden feelings of sadness. Take heart, you are simply learning to exist in a vibration of oneness and while this might feel a little puzzling and unpleasant at times, it also means you have greater access to psychic abilities, sudden knowing or understandings, and incredible joy and support should you choose to tap into the love of your creator in meditation and prayer more often.

Dear ones, labor in love and compassion for your neighbors, not only the ones you see on the news in countries far from your home, but also for the one who sits next to you at work, the one who lives next door to you, the one with whom you were raised. All of humanity is your family. Every human being is your neighbor, because in spirit you all exist side by side, one in the vibration of God. Practice, kindness, patience, tolerance, compassion, and generosity of spirit, first for yourselves, and then with a cup that is full and spilleth over, for the rest of the world around you. Ask God how he wants to direct your time, your attention, and your energy, for the energy that created you certainly sustains and guides you with each breath, in every second, of every day. Give thanks, those of you who are stable, and be still, those of you who are shaky, for God is with each of you; indeed there can be no separation in the very great field of His love.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

You are never alone

In your heart of human hearts, dear ones, there is a longing beneath all longings, and that is to know the love of your creator. You want to feel supported, cherished, and accepted by humanity, but most of all you want to know the truth of God's love. All other longings are longings for this one feeling. When you ask God to help you pay the bills, you are asking your creator to demonstrate his love for you. When you ask God to bring you a relationship, you are asking Him to show you how much he cares. When you ask Him for a parking space, you are asking God to show you that He is aware of even the most mundane details of your lives.

Dear ones, no detail is mundane to your creator. God loves you, cares about, supports you in ways you cannot even imagine. God breathes life into you dear ones, and how much greater love is there than that? The one that breathes you into being wants to take care of you. The one that created you wants to see you live your life in full joyful expression of this love. The one that holds you in His heart longs to free you from the fears that hold you bound.

However, you are in human form and you are seeking to dispel the illusion that you are separate from God, separate from this love that creates and sustains you in each moment. You are seeking Truth, dear ones, the truth that you are as important to God as every cell in your body is important to the entirety of you. No cell in your body is without purpose, without value, without a desire to be all it was designed to be. And no human being, in God's mind, is without purpose, without value, and without a desire to be all he or she was designed to be.

In order to feel God's love dear ones, you must stop trying to operate in your lives as if you are alone. A cell in the body that operates as if it is all alone is often a cancer. A cell in the body that cooperates with the whole is sustained, nurtured to fruition, and given all its needs. Trust God with your needs. Speak to Him for He is the life force that sustains you in each moment. If He can manage the miracle of your breath, your beating heart, in fact your entire being, so too He can manage the details of your life. If He can transmit signals along the cells of your nervous system to your entire body, so too He can guide you through the web of life.

Pray dear ones, then be patient, willing to wait for right timing, clear guidance, and loving direction in your lives. Do not try to do everything by yourselves. If you want more faith, pray for faith. If you want demonstrations of God's love, ask to receive, and recognize them. If you want to feel God's love in your life be willing to look for it, rather than to seek out the illusions that leave you feeling alone. Look to the sunrise, the sunset, the chirping of the birds, the carpets of grass under your feet. Look to the endless cycles of the tides, the stars in the heavens and the miracles of your own two hands and two eyes. Look all around you dear ones and you will see evidence of a God that manages the entire workings of the universe. The creator knows each and every one of you for you are the cells in the body of His own creation. The creator wants to give you more love than you would ask for, more manifestations of connection and purpose than you can dream. Trust, dear ones, with the innocence of a child that you are eternally cared for, loved, cherished, adored, and all your needs will be met. As you honor the workings of your own hearts, you honor the guidance of God.

You are never alone dear friends, never unloved, always cherished, cared for, and supported beyond measure.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Living in your soul's integrity

This week we would like to speak to you on the subject of integrity. We do not define integrity by the arbitrary standards of mankind. Instead, we define integrity as the degree to which you align your thoughts, words, and deeds with God's grace, and with the loving truth within your own hearts.

Integrity is so much more than being truthful with others. It is being honest with yourselves first. It is living in accordance with your heart of hearts, one moment at a time. Integrity is living in the truth of your loving nature - choosing to love and honor God, self, and then as an easy by-product, others.

Integrity is picking up the phone only when you truly wish to hear from who is ringing you at that moment. Integrity is eating when you are hungry. Integrity is saying 'yes' when you mean 'yes,' and 'no thank you' when you mean 'no.' Integrity often involves politely declining an offer, or learning more often to say 'yes' to yourselves. Integrity is asking for help or praying to God for assistance when you are too tired or confused to handle the details of life around you. Integrity is sitting still, praying for God to enter your heart, and looking at your life every so often to make sure the choices you have made are serving your spirit. You will know if a choice serves your spirit because you will feel more loving, more inspired, and more uplifted. You will, as a by-product of choices that serve your spirit, truly serve the souls of others, if not their human demands. You will be in alignment with God and in alignment with self.

Nothing else will allow your life to flow easily and gracefully as earth continues her rise in vibration. Choose to align your thoughts, words, and deeds with your heart, and you will find that your life seems to flow from one moment to the next, wish support often showing up in unexpected fashion. Choose to live in denial of your hearts, dear ones, and you find that you will attract more struggle, negativity, and those who expect you to serve them rather than your own truth. To turn your life around, make one healthy choice in truth with your spirit, and then another. God does not keep score. God simply assesses where you are at now, and now, and again now, in relation to your spirit.

However big the changes you want to create in your life, each one begins with prayer, intention,and then choosing to trust the process of life as life reveals the steps to be taken, one moment at a time. Big changes in your future start with the smallest choices in integrity, right here, right now. It is hard, as a human being, to trust that such small and seeminly insignificant choices can ever lead you to your dreams, and yet dear ones, these choices are the pavers on the pathway to your dreams. Choosing to be in integrity one moment at a time is the only way you will ever ease struggle and open yourself to receive God's gracious assistance in every aspect of your life.

You can go with the flow of God's love through you, communicated by your truth in each moment, or you can resist it. Love always wins dear ones. Surrender to love - choosing one moment at a time to check in with your heart of hearts, to find its most loving and honest truth, no matter how seemingly mundane or meaningless. This will lead to unexpected surprises, magic, miracles, and the joy of living in truth and in love in each moment.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Relax, be aware

Celebrate dear ones for the more you choose love, the more you release the pressures that are building up inside mother earth and in your own physical bodies. Many of you are feeling as if you are going to burst at the seams! Many of you are feeling fatigue that comes from resisting your own hearts. And sometimes these pressures within you have built up years ago and are simply coming up for release. If, in your past you stuffed your feelings, understand that your body now wants to release this emotion that was once trapped within it. Your bodies, and the body of mother earth herself, are wanting to shake off old pains dear ones and bring the truth of your light and your love to the surface in every aspect of your lives.

Rest is the best way that you can allow your bodies to unwind. Sit still, if only for a few minutes at a time, shut your eyes, and ask God and the angels to assist you in releasing the tensions in the body. Continue to pray also that mother earth can release her tensions in a kind and gentle way as well.

Be aware that you may feel anxious, short tempered, or even a little more intolerant, and yet we ask you once again to breathe deeply, take care of your own needs, and choose to be loving and kind. You CAN be honest dear ones, from the depths of your own heart, and at the same time be kind and loving. It is not unloving to tell the truth to another. It is not unloving to honestly say, "I'm sorry but this is not something to do." It is not unloving to tell another that you disagree, as long as you, dear ones, choose to say these things with love and kindness.

Choosing love and kindness does not mean that you would ever put up with abuse. Sometimes choosing love and kindness means that you will be silent and not respond to anger, because your deepest truth is love. Sometimes choosing love and kindness means you will take someone to court while praying for their soul. Sometimes choosing love and kindness means refusing to be around behaviors that are hurtful. Love and kindness dear ones, always acknowledges the light of the soul and at the same time can gently turn away from, or kindly comments on behaviors that are less than loving. You cannot change another, but you can stand in your own truth.

Do rest dear ones, more than usual these days for your bodies are undergoing tremendous change. You may look solid but you are in truth beings of light and energy and you feel the fluctuations of energy in the earth. You feel the fluctuations in the emotional fabric of humanity. You feel both the celebration of increased light and the tensions of a world rebirthing itself once again. Be gentle with yourselves and one another. Be the truth of the love wiithin you.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Love no matter what

We love you so very much. Your commitment to faith, love, trust, and kindness overwhelms us to tears at times. You are a group of light workers striving to bring God's love to this planet in times of deep, deep movement and change. You are the glue that holds the fabric of love on your planet together. You are the ones that offer an ideal to others, not by teaching them in any sort of traditional manner but rather through your loving words, kind deeds, and commitment to taking care of your own well being.

Dear ones we have said this before, but we will say it again - it is not selfish to take care of yourself. It is not irresponsible to respond to the needs of your heart. It is not uncaring to choose a little detachment where the drama of others is concerned. You are in a year of incredible movement and change. You are being asked to walk the high road and to lovingly walk away from people and situations that no longer serve your heart - for your hearts are desperately needed at this time. Your light is needed. You joy is the vibration, dear ones, that inspires mother earth to hold herself together in incredible times of turmoil within her. She is sobbing inside of herself dear ones, not so much for the abuses upon her physical body, but rather because she loves humanity and wants to see her 'children' get along kindly with one another.

You can support your mother earth, not only by doing things to support the environment - and that is certainly appreciated because she needs this as well - but also by raising your vibration to love all people upon the planet earth. Love not only the people you agree with and those who behave with loving kindness, but also dear ones, love your enemies. Love the people whose opinions are in vehement disagreement with your own. Love the ones you can't even begin to understand. Love the murderers, the zealots, and the world leaders intent upon war. Love the ones who pollute mother earth indiscriminately and without regard to their own home. Dear ones, we are not asking you to have warm fuzzy feelings about these souls and their behaviors, but rather simply to focus upon the tiny kernels of Divine light within in them, and to help nurture their souls' truth to the surface in order to drive away the darkness that entangles them.

Love the ones you would usually despise as much as you would send love to a small angry abused child, for these souls that destroy and attack one another are indeed small, angry, abused children. They are scared and act imposing. They are insecure and act arrogantly. They are passionate souls who felt no one cared and therefore gave up caring themselves. They need your prayers dear ones. Mother earth begs you to pray for her hurting children in the hopes that they can someday grow into the truth of the light within them.

Praying for those you would usually judge or despise will strengthen your hearts. Pray for their light and the truth of their souls to come to the surface. Pray to have the ability to see their spirits with compassion. You don't have to love their behaviors, dear ones, but please, please choose to love the truth of the soul within, no matter how buried or lost it seems to be.

Raising your vibration of love in this manner will elevate your spirit to new heights, for this love and this love alone is your truth. This is the love that protects you in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. This is the love that keeps you safe from harm because in this love you are easily guided and your vibration repels the darkness in the world. This is the love that pours out from your hearts and spills forth into your relationships, your communities, and indeed your world. This love is the salvation for your world.

Dear ones, you CAN love in spite of the injustice, pain, ignorance, and darkness you see in the world. Start by praying for one who cuts you off in traffic, says an unkind word, or misunderstands you. See if you can focus on the tiny spark of divine light within them and see it growing. See if you can imagine God's light blanketing the lost and wounded souls. And then dear ones, you will come to know the divine spark of light within your heart that radiates God's love to you, through you, and from you into the world. You will come to know and own the angels that you are. And in that space, you will find yourself drawn as if by magic, into a life of glorious love. You will walk through the shadow of the valley of darkness and fear no evil for you are the light, and the life, and the love, and the inspiration, and the truth for this world.

God bless you. We love you so very much, and we are very grateful for your hearts that are so ready to receive God's love and so willing to share it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The power of perceptions

In this time of incredible movement and change, understand that you can use the power of your perceptions to change the way you experience your life and the unfolding evolution of your planet. It is through your perceptions that you filter the reality outside of yourself. You perceive reality not only with your five senses, but also through the filters of your judgements, beliefs, life experiences, evaluations, and preconceived notions. Your perceptions color your world view so much so, that depending on how you perceive reality, you can see the world as a friendly place or as a place ofgreat adversity. Through your perceptions you can see a loving reality or a hateful one. Through the filters of your perceptions the world looks like a disorganized mess or a beautifully synchronized classroom experience for humanity. Through your perceptions, another human being can be sainted or villified. Through your perceptions you can feel completely separate from God or recognize that this is the presence that breathes life into you and all others here upon your planet earth.

Life is just being life. People are just doing the best they are capable of doing in any given moment. Your world is operating according to well defined laws of universal cause and effect. You can't change anyone other than yourself, however you can change the world you experience by changing your perceptions. You can choose to filter life through the lenses of love.

You can always stop, breathe, and ask yourself, "What is the most loving way to perceive the situation in front of me?"

The truth is that love is behind everything you see you around you. Love motivates every movement of the human hearts, no matter how pure or twisted those movements become. Love motivates all choices at some level; although in some cases, you must work diligently to seek out the love buried beneath an unkind action or unconscious choices. Love motivates all earth changes and indeed all the movements of the stars in the heavens.

Use your powers of perception wisely and you will experience a much kinder and more supportive reality. See what is right in front of you and then choose to perceive the event based on love.

If someone cuts you off in traffic you can choose to perceive them as a selfish and uncaring moron or you can tune into their reality and feel the stress they feel, the urgency, and the sad feelings of not being supported by God. You can perceive their desire to get somewhere on time and pray for them to arrive safely. In doing so you remain truer to your loving nature. In doing so, you create an aura of loving protection around you.

Suppose your scientists tell you that the earth is preparing to shudder and shake. Will you choose to perceive this as an immutable reality, say to yourselves, "Oh how terrible," and succumb to fear, or will you instead choose to perceive with love that mother earth has built up great pressures and is feeling them as surely as you feel your own internal feelings coming to the surface these days? Will you curse mother nature or will you pray for her gentle release? Again your choice to perceive the world with love gives you much greater power to affect change.

When the home you have on the market doesn't sell in a timely fashion; when a legal judgment is delayed; or, when a payment is overdue, will you perceive yourself to be victimized, villify your 'adversary,' and fall prey to a mentality of lack, or will you instead lovingly choose to perceive that God, who is in charge of all things, is helping you learn a lesson to place greater faith in His love for you, than faith in the world's ability to affect you and your well-being?

If rain cancels your weekend plans, perceive this as an opportunity to relax at home. If a lover turns out to be a surprising disappointment, perceive a reality in which you have learned to love yourself, give thanks for the lesson, and move on. If a car breaks down, choose to perceive with gratitude that an accident or injury has been prevented. If you have an injury, perceive it as a message from your ever loving soul and dig deeply to understand what your body is trying to tell you.

Dear ones, you can choose to perceive life as a great struggle or you can choose to see life as it is - a lesson in learning faith, love, trust, and to know the ever loving support of the creator that breathes life into you. The choice is yours and this choice will color your experience of every single moment in your life. This choice will filter your reality and will continually cause you to seek experiences that validate the world you choose to perceive.

Choose to perceive the world with love, and you will color your experience with love. Love heals. Love reveals. Love is truth. And seeing the world with love will help you live in the very deepest truth of all - that YOU are the love of God made manifest in human form and ALL of you are one in the very same love.

Be gentle with yourselves as you practice. This is a new way of being and a new way of seeing for most of humanity. With every single choice to perceive the world with love, you create your world to be a much more loving place.