Saturday, January 12, 2008

Focus your resources on your priorities

As you work upon focus this year, we ask you to pick just one thing you would like to manifest - a dream that is dear to your heart. It doesn't matter if you know how to accomplish this or not. God knows. It doesn't matter if you think it is possible or not. God knows all things are possible. It doesn't matter if you have the money for it. God can provide. The only thing we ask is that this dream be one for you... to have something or some situation in your life that you deeply and truly desire. It cannot be a request to change or bend the will of other human beings.

During this week, we ask you to look at all your activities, all your conversations, all your thoughts, and all your cashflow, and ask yourself... Do these things support my dream? For example you may wish to have meaningful and purposeful work, but instead you go to a job you dislike every day. Well, that job pays the bills at present so that you are free to dream of your future work. That job can be achieved with a slightly better attitude... what "you" would you bring into your ideal job? Can you bring this "you" into the current one? Watch as your vibration begins to create changes.

Suppose you want the love of your life but you are not interested in dating and you don't quiet believe you can have this. Can you take the time to evaluate all your relationships and most of all the relationship you have with yourself? Can you catch self defeating thoughts and change them? Can you spend your money in ways that give you joy rather than on a search for another human being? God can find the love of your life after you become the very same.

Suppose you want to travel to the far reaches of the earth but have no money. Can you start a jar for pennies or dollars just to put a little energy towards your dream? Can you cut out pictures of your destination and put them where you will see them every day - perhaps taped to the jar in which you begin your savings? Can you speak of your dream to everyone and share that you have no idea how this will come about but that you know you will go there some day.

Dear ones, there are always ways you can choose to spend your time, money, energy, and attention in ways that invest in the future you want, even in the smallest of ways. There are always ways that you can waste the very same. A minute spent complaining is a minute wasted that could have been spent creating. A dollar given or saved without love is a dollar without purpose. A dollar given WITH love is a dollar worth more than its weight in gold.

You CAN create your dreams and hearts desires dear ones. Just like everything in your world, however, they require you to build a foundation for them to manifest in your life. If you want a lot of money, handle the money you have now with care and love. If you had the love of your life waiting for you to call after work each day, what changes would you make in your life and routine? If you were going to travel to the destination of your dreams, what would you need? Where would you go? Begin to plan for the joy in life dear ones! Plan for your dreams to come true! Don't plan HOW they will come about but rather KNOW they will comes, act as if they will come, and banish all other wasteful thoughts from your head. This is spiritual maturity dear ones! This is the way you can realize the very great and beautiful creators that you truly are.