Saturday, January 05, 2008

A New Year's Message for 2008 - Live Life Authentically

As you begin the year of 2008 we wish for each and every one of you a life lived authentically – directed by God, intuited through your hearts, and guided by angels. It is a year of being clear on what is of greatest importance to you, not what should be of importance or what the world tells you is important, but rather what is important to you. It is a year where we ask you to focus your time, attention, money, and energy on that which helps you move towards your dreams and heart's desires. It is a year where we ask you to focus little time, attentoin, money, and energy on that which, or those who distract you from your true joy.

You are given the resources from God to create anything your heart desires dear ones, and your desires are planted in your hearts by God himself. God wants you to honor your hearts. God would rather you create situations that bring you true and lasting joy rather than spending your hard earned money on things that bring only temporary satisfacation. God asks you to love all, but guides you to keep company with those whose presence truly fits your life, and uplifts your spirit and vice versa.

God wants you to be impeccably honest this year with yourself, and to stop making excuses for not being happy right now.

It is not the money in the future that will make you happy. Rather it is your joy and gratitude for the abundance in your life right now that will attract more.

It is not the relationship of your dreams that will bring lasting joy and satisfacation to your existence, but rather the joy you find in your current existence that will make you irresistable to the love of your life when he or she arrives.

It is not the health of your body that will give your spirit peace, but rather the peace of your soul that will bring healing to your physical body.

Dear ones be honest with yourselves this year. You are souls, dear to God, cherished as part of a loving creation. Your time, energy, attention, money, and other resources are precious gifts given to you in order to begin to create the dreams and desires that God has planted in your own hearts. Do not waste these resources on distractions or things that bring you down, but rather spend them wisely and you will reap far more than you sow.