Thursday, February 21, 2008

Everything has a blessing

Understand you are never at the mercy of the world around you. You are certainly affected by others, moved around by circumstances at times, sometimes even dragged down into the vibrations around you and yet, dear ones, you - the soul - have say over how you will handle each and every circumstance in your life. You always have the choice to see the glass half full or the glass half empty - to focus on adversity, or to focus on opportunity.

For example 'recession' does not equal 'depression' and yet so many humans equate the two! While some individuals fall into despair over 'the economy' others see opportunity - for change, for investment, for down time to consider new directions in life. Winning the lottery does not necessarily equal bliss. Some of you would be overjoyed, use discernment in managing your finances, pursue your dreams, and share with those you care about. Others would bemoan the fact that they are now harassed by people and organizations 'wanting a piece' of their fortune, would moan about managing such difficult sums of money, and would spend their days fending off the 'vultures.'

Everything - every single person and situation that comes into your life can be viewed as a blessing and an opportunity for learning more about love, or a curse. Without question you will lead happier lives if you can find the opportunities and the blessings in all situations.

Suppose you have been dumped or divorced by someone you cared about, or perhaps you gave up an opportunity that you now regret. What blessing can you find here? You now have time to think, to learn, to focus about what you want in the future or how you want to act given the next opportunity. You may be alone but you can use that time to strengthen your relationship with God, find new interests and activities, journal, relax, etc. Or you can focus upon beating yourself up, criticizing one another, and focusing upon how miserable you are. It is your choice.

Every person or situation presented you is presented with God's love. Every single one, no matter how difficult or challenging can be a gift to you, an opportunity, a chance to learn to love yourself or others more, to place more faith and trust in God, to allow yourself to surrender to a bigger picture that you may not yet be able to see. Every single opportunity or person presented can help and assist you in elevating your spirit to receive greater love from God - if you so choose. Likewise, every opportunity or person can be viewed as an obstacle, and dear ones, when you make a choice to see life in that fashion, our hearts break for you because we know that you are all seeking to learn more about love, and we see the opportunities for this in every moment of your lives.

Grace is there for you dear ones, not only in the heights, but also in the depths. "Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened." Look for the magic in life no matter what, and as you search out those tiny sparks and portals of light, the doorway to higher dimensions will open up and the heavens will flood into your hearts, minds, relationships, and life circumstances.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

You decide how much to accept

Know that God cares about your heart so dearly and deeply. It is only you who can decide how much love and support that you would allow into your lives. When you pray for something but act as if it is not coming, you send out mixed signals to the universe and water down your prayers. When, however, you pray for something and, to the best of your ability, act in alignment with that prayer, the entire universe steps in behind to support you.

If you pray for love, act lovingly towards yourself and others, you will find yourself magnetic to love in so many ways, even before that special someone comes in your life.

If you pray for a new car but are grateful for the old one you are driving it may just last longer than anyone would suspect until you are able to manifes the new one.

If you want abundance and manage what money you do have responsibly, then you will find that there are wonderful surprises to support you along the way.

If you want peace of mind and refuse to give into the chaos and drama of the world and those around you, the universe will find you moments and places of peace.

Dear ones, act, think, speak, and use your resources in alignment with your prayers, rather than in ways contrary to them. You will find yourself tapping into the streams of energy in the universe that will gladly carry you towards your dreams and bring you countless blessings along the way.

And when you find yourself tapping into these streams of bliss, do not doubt their reality, but rather celebrate your return to grace.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Peace is always available

While your world appears to be in turmoil, we celebrate the fact that so many of you are in a state of peace! While your economies appear to be in 'recession' we celebrate the fact that your hearts are in a state of expansion. While your weather is chaotic and destructive at times, we celebrate the fact that you seek to bring greater order and kindness into your own lives.

Dear ones, there is always a space of peace within that can be found and accessed no matter what is going on around you. There is always a flow of grace that you can tap into, no matter what your needs. There is always abundance, joy, gratitude, and the eternal love of God available to each one of you in every single moment. God's economy is not man's. God's economy is one of eternal supply, abundant resources, and love without condition. God is not the author of chaos, confusion, and turbulence. These are by-products of a chaotic, confused, and turbulent vibration of humanity. They are allowed for the sake of education - for the sake of raising the awareness of humanity that you are all connected, that you are all students living together on your dear planet earth.

Do not fall into fear when the world seems fearful. Celebrate the growth! Do not buy into the 'state of affairs' but rather affirm the 'state of affairs' that your heart knows is truth. Stand strong in the truth of God's love dear ones and you will be "in the world but not of it." Your economy can be the economy of God. Your peace can be the peace of God. Your light and understanding can be the light and understanding of God. You can find a joyful existence even when others among you are not, and in that space, you can be the beacons of hope, inspiration, and truth for so many around you. It is not selfish dear ones to find peace amidst chaos, abundance amidst lack, or joy when others sorrow. It is much needed. For those who fill their cup with God's eternal love will spill it over into the world in greater flow. You are lightworkers. You are light. You are inspiration and truth to those around you. You are the hope and the promise for a future heaven on earth. Give you power only to God's truth and then you will abide in the truth of his great love for you.

Friday, February 01, 2008

The truth of you is love

Within each of you is a spark of light and divine truth that seeks to be expressed. This is the part of you that knows you are more than your human flesh, more than your thoughts, your feelings, your circumstances. It knows that you are more than your worries, and more than even the greatest of your human accomplishments. This spark of divine light is the part of you that seeks to be loving even when others are not, seeks to find peace in the face of chaos, seeks to find higher solutions when others resort to lower behaviors.

This is the part of you that knows that love is the greatest power in the universe - mightier than machinery, weapons, money, or the masses. This is the part of you that knows fear, lack, unworthiness, and the like are but illusions. This is the part of you that knows you are intricately interconnected with life, and more importantly, with God. This is the part of you that knows that you are an eternal, powerful, precious, and divine soul.

Pray each night before you go to bed to increase your experience and awareness of your divine light. Pray to receive light, love, inspiration, and truth in your sleep. Pray for us to assist you in awakening to the love that lives within you so you can carry this love out into the world - for at this time, your love is needed. Your compassion and mercy are needed. Your awareness of yourself as an angels incarnate is needed dear ones.

Those who have not done their spiritual homework these past several years are in turmoil. In a sense they are being forced to grow and many are kicking and screaming trying to maintain status quo. It is up to you - the ones who are awakening or awakened - to take the high road, to refuse to be drawn into lower behaviors, arguments, battles, and struggles. Love those who hate you and turn away to be with those who love you dear ones. This year, like will attract like in even greater ways. You will be guided towards communities of like minded human beings who honor the truth of you.

The truth of you is love. The truth of you is that you live in the eternal flow of God's grace and abundance. The truth of you is that you have a say in the destiny of you lives, your communities, and indeed your entire planet. You are powerful, precious, beautiful souls. It is time to drop the cloaks of darkness that say you are anything less. Your prayers have effected great and beautiful change this past week and we in the heavens honor you for stepping into your role as participants in the unfolding beauty of creation.