Saturday, February 16, 2008

You decide how much to accept

Know that God cares about your heart so dearly and deeply. It is only you who can decide how much love and support that you would allow into your lives. When you pray for something but act as if it is not coming, you send out mixed signals to the universe and water down your prayers. When, however, you pray for something and, to the best of your ability, act in alignment with that prayer, the entire universe steps in behind to support you.

If you pray for love, act lovingly towards yourself and others, you will find yourself magnetic to love in so many ways, even before that special someone comes in your life.

If you pray for a new car but are grateful for the old one you are driving it may just last longer than anyone would suspect until you are able to manifes the new one.

If you want abundance and manage what money you do have responsibly, then you will find that there are wonderful surprises to support you along the way.

If you want peace of mind and refuse to give into the chaos and drama of the world and those around you, the universe will find you moments and places of peace.

Dear ones, act, think, speak, and use your resources in alignment with your prayers, rather than in ways contrary to them. You will find yourself tapping into the streams of energy in the universe that will gladly carry you towards your dreams and bring you countless blessings along the way.

And when you find yourself tapping into these streams of bliss, do not doubt their reality, but rather celebrate your return to grace.