Saturday, April 19, 2008

Love no matter what

We love you so very much. Your commitment to faith, love, trust, and kindness overwhelms us to tears at times. You are a group of light workers striving to bring God's love to this planet in times of deep, deep movement and change. You are the glue that holds the fabric of love on your planet together. You are the ones that offer an ideal to others, not by teaching them in any sort of traditional manner but rather through your loving words, kind deeds, and commitment to taking care of your own well being.

Dear ones we have said this before, but we will say it again - it is not selfish to take care of yourself. It is not irresponsible to respond to the needs of your heart. It is not uncaring to choose a little detachment where the drama of others is concerned. You are in a year of incredible movement and change. You are being asked to walk the high road and to lovingly walk away from people and situations that no longer serve your heart - for your hearts are desperately needed at this time. Your light is needed. You joy is the vibration, dear ones, that inspires mother earth to hold herself together in incredible times of turmoil within her. She is sobbing inside of herself dear ones, not so much for the abuses upon her physical body, but rather because she loves humanity and wants to see her 'children' get along kindly with one another.

You can support your mother earth, not only by doing things to support the environment - and that is certainly appreciated because she needs this as well - but also by raising your vibration to love all people upon the planet earth. Love not only the people you agree with and those who behave with loving kindness, but also dear ones, love your enemies. Love the people whose opinions are in vehement disagreement with your own. Love the ones you can't even begin to understand. Love the murderers, the zealots, and the world leaders intent upon war. Love the ones who pollute mother earth indiscriminately and without regard to their own home. Dear ones, we are not asking you to have warm fuzzy feelings about these souls and their behaviors, but rather simply to focus upon the tiny kernels of Divine light within in them, and to help nurture their souls' truth to the surface in order to drive away the darkness that entangles them.

Love the ones you would usually despise as much as you would send love to a small angry abused child, for these souls that destroy and attack one another are indeed small, angry, abused children. They are scared and act imposing. They are insecure and act arrogantly. They are passionate souls who felt no one cared and therefore gave up caring themselves. They need your prayers dear ones. Mother earth begs you to pray for her hurting children in the hopes that they can someday grow into the truth of the light within them.

Praying for those you would usually judge or despise will strengthen your hearts. Pray for their light and the truth of their souls to come to the surface. Pray to have the ability to see their spirits with compassion. You don't have to love their behaviors, dear ones, but please, please choose to love the truth of the soul within, no matter how buried or lost it seems to be.

Raising your vibration of love in this manner will elevate your spirit to new heights, for this love and this love alone is your truth. This is the love that protects you in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. This is the love that keeps you safe from harm because in this love you are easily guided and your vibration repels the darkness in the world. This is the love that pours out from your hearts and spills forth into your relationships, your communities, and indeed your world. This love is the salvation for your world.

Dear ones, you CAN love in spite of the injustice, pain, ignorance, and darkness you see in the world. Start by praying for one who cuts you off in traffic, says an unkind word, or misunderstands you. See if you can focus on the tiny spark of divine light within them and see it growing. See if you can imagine God's light blanketing the lost and wounded souls. And then dear ones, you will come to know the divine spark of light within your heart that radiates God's love to you, through you, and from you into the world. You will come to know and own the angels that you are. And in that space, you will find yourself drawn as if by magic, into a life of glorious love. You will walk through the shadow of the valley of darkness and fear no evil for you are the light, and the life, and the love, and the inspiration, and the truth for this world.

God bless you. We love you so very much, and we are very grateful for your hearts that are so ready to receive God's love and so willing to share it.