Saturday, June 28, 2008

Find the treasure within

Each one of you, in your own way, is searching for buried treasure. The treasure dear ones is the light of God within you. This treasure was given to you upon the creation of your soul, brought to earth with you at birth, and inches its way to the surface of your lives with every loving thought, each kind word, and every single good deed. This treasure is buried amidst the rocky soils of disbelief, doubt, and fear, and like anyone mining for gold or digging for diamonds you must carefully chip away at any beliefs that say you are not loved or supported by God in order to find this light within you. You must slowly push away the resignation that says, "I cannot feel this love." You must dig with great faith, knowing this light is within you.

When you bring this light of God to the surface dear ones it will attract great abundance into your lives, not only a means of making a living, but rather the abundance that comes from the purity of your loving expression and the honest echo that the world will return to you. This treasure is the only one you will take with you when you journey out of this body. This treasure is the one that attracts all good into your lives. This treasure is worth more than your paycheck, more than your material gain, more than your investments for its value is constant and priceless. God's love is within each one of you dear ones. God's wisdom is there for the asking. God's support is constant. It is already there and so when you pray, dear ones pray for the light and the support, and the wisdom to be revealed within you. Pray for God to give you faith in His abundance, faith in His support, and faith in His love.

Pray each morning and tell God you are ready to experience His Love in you, to you, and through you. This prayer, dear friends, will unearth the treasure within, and bring you spiritual treasures of every kind in your life. This prayer will bring you into truth in a world that is at present, very shaky, very fearful, and often very dark. This treasure is one that is unlimited and unbounded and if you allow your life and your heart to be filled with the love of God within you, you will become a source of abundance to others, sharing your faith, and God's love with those who are in need. Your material well-being will be taken care of as well. God will guide you as to how to share your time, your resources, your attention, and your energy. Fill yourself with God's love as you unearth it within you and then, spill it over into the world knowing there is always more to be unearthed.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Place your focus on God

Understand that within each one of you truth is rising up. You want so much more at times. You want more purpose, more security, more love, more kindness, and greater expression. As you get in touch with these truths, be gentle with yourselves, for you will also feel the very human urge to compare where you are now with where you want to be. The anxiousness, discontent, restlessness, and even despondency that so many of you are feeling are really just masking a fear that you will not be able to create the purposefulness, the security, the expression that your soul wants here upon the earth.

Dear ones take heart for your mother earth is also rising up from her depths, wanting so much more for herself and for humanity as well. And so, when the ground you walk upon does not feel stable, neither do you. As the earth seeks greater expression of God's love, you desire greater purpose. As the rivers flood areas of your world, so too emotions you once contained are spilling forth within you. Dear ones, we understand these changes are difficult. Birth is not necessarily an easy process, whether you are giving birth to a child, or to a new consciousness within the human race. Birth involves contractions and expansions, and you too are feeling times of extreme difficulty and fatigue followed by periods of increased hope. All that is occurring now, both externally on your earth, and deep within you, is a rising up of God's love - an increased opportunity for discovering the depths of who you really are. Now is an opportunity to position your intentions for your lives so that when the next wave of consciousness and increased energy arises, God will propel you forward into greater love, expression, and faith.

You are the lights and beacons of hope for the world. Your faith can inspire those in fear. As you share it, you receive it. And as you receive it, we urge you to share it. Share your beliefs with those who are in fear. Share the truth of God's love with others and you will feel it flowing into you ever more strongly. Share your views, your hopes, and your dreams, and the world will look upon you with wonder, for so many are feeling the same way right now.

Dear ones, your security rests always in God, not in your bank accounts, your systems, your jobs, or even your world. Your purpose is to love and how that love will be expressed will continue to be revealed unto you until the day you join us in heaven. You are always loved, always guided, always cared for. Focus upon that truth and you will find great help and great hope. And in a very practical sense in your world, focus on the basics. Rest, for your bodies are adjusting to the energies. Eat consciously and eat as your bodies guide you for they know better than any plan or program what it is they need to stay healthy. Seek out positive experiences and positive people when you can for life is too short to be in situations that you do not have to be in and do not want to be in. Uplift your spirit with messages of hope and situations in which you find joy.

Dear ones, even in such changing and difficult times you can find hope, inspiration, joy, and expression, for all things exist right now in the mind of God. What you focus upon you will experience. Where you place your sights, you will go. If you think you can have something, you truly can and if you don't believe it, you limit God. God wants your joy, your expression, and your security. Surrender to this truth and you shall abide within it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

God is your souce

Take heart, dear ones, for so many of you are concerned about money and yet God is always and forever your source and supply. His love never fluctuates and His assistance is without price. The economy of His heart is dependent only on your willingness to put your faith and trust in Him and to receive His love. You can subscribe to the economy of man along with its manipulations, strategies, and fear-based thinking or you can have faith in the constant, stable, and loving economy of God.

If you put your faith in man's economy, you are forced into actions that do not represent the truth of your spirit, and are often based on fear. If you put your faith in God's economy, you live according to the dictates of your heart. Yes, you have to work to pay the bills, but in God's economy, you can still create, through intention and trust, more fulfilling work. In God's economy, miracles are possible. In God's economy, it is not always money, but often other people who help to solve your dilemmas. In man's economy, you work, you earn, you strategize, and you survive. In God's economy, you labor in love, and you thrive.

Dear ones, the creator would never want anything less for you than a life lived to its fullest potential. God wants your life to be filled with the abundance of having your needs met, your heart full, and your bodies well cared for. God cares about these things dear friends, sometimes more than you do. God cares for your well-being. God cares more about guiding you into relationships that are supportive and kind, than surrounding you with things to occupy your time. God cares more about helping you live in balance than filling your bank accounts to pacify your fears. God DOES care about your bills dear ones, but He cares about paying them in a way that brings life and inspiration to your spirit. As God works with each one of you to create true and lasting abundance in your life you must be in integrity with your own hearts, because to do otherwise is to put your faith in lack, and in the economy of man. You must focus upon God's truth if you wish to reap its rewards. You must turn your sights away from the negativity and resist giving into the temptation of fear.

There are many forces vying for your attention at this time on your planet. There is incredible light emanating from your mother earth as she continues to stretch and grow. This light is revealing all that is hidden within your own hearts and minds - secret dreams, discontents, anxieties, hopes, fears. It is a time indeed when all that is hidden shall be revealed. This light is also creeping into darkened systems on your planet revealing what must be fixed. Greed is being exposed, and at the same time, new ideas and inventions are coming to light as never before. The light and the dark are all being washed to the surface. If you are feeling tired, unclear, devoid of purpose, or hazy, simply rest. These new energies are intense, it is taking your bodies, and minds time to acclimate to the new frequencies on your planet.

It is a time of incredible opportunity as well as a time of incredible change. If you set your sights on God - if you place your faith in His love and support, and remain unwavering in that truth - your lives can change in miraculous fashion. If you live in integrity with your spirit, one moment at a time, speaking kindly, being kind to yourself, resting when you are tired, intending and praying for change when you cannot yet figure out how to create, then dear ones, you become as little children and you enter the kingdom of heaven here on earth.

Heaven on earth is a state of mind wherein you live in peace, love, and serenity even in the world of chaos. Heaven on earth is a place of gratitude for the abundance you have as well as a willingness to receive more. Heaven on earth is a place wherein you use your gifts and talents to your own delight and for the upliftment of others. Heaven, dear ones, is created by making one loving, choice at time, in integrity with your own soul. We invite you to join us in love creating heaven here upon the earth and then your lights will be beacons in the darkness to the many who are in need of inspiration.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Be still

In this time of incredible growth and expansion here up on your planet earth, realize that many of you are feeling shaky too. Many of you are experiencing anxiety, feelings of insecurity, or feelings of haziness of confusion, interspersed with moments of great joy, clarity, and centeredness. Dear ones, every single time your earth goes through a vibrational shift, be it through natural disasater, major world events, or simply a pulse from the heavens, it takes time for your bodies and minds to readjust. And in a time of such intense expansion, many of you are simply exhausted. Only those activities which truly make your soul sing will engage your interest and your energy. This is a natural and normal consequence of growth and not a cause for concern.

It is not a time to attempt to push yourself or to make yourself do things that are not truly in alignment with your heart unless these things are absolutely necessary, for example, to support your family or pay your bills. In all other cases, go slower, rest more often, be a little more gentle with yourselves. You are birthing yourselves and you world into greater light. Like any birth you feel both the contraction and the release of pressures. You feel waves of movement and surrender into periods of waiting. You must 'go with the flow' a bit more, so to speak, in order to have your life run smoothly. You must have a faith in trust in God as being more powerful than economies, layoffs, and other world circumstances that tempt you into fear and doubt. Do not worship false idols such as the financial systems, the powers that be in your world, or the material forces that tempt you to believe they have more power over your life and well-being than God Himself. God is in charge and if you put your faith and trust there, you will live magnificent lives, unencumbered by worries about the direction of your world. You will be released from fears, married to the vibration of peace, and allowed to be effective forces of change in the world - even if only in the circles of your family and friends. A pebble in a pond makes big ripples.

Allow yourselves to rest and dream of a life and world at peace, filled with abundance, hope, inspiration, truth, respect for all peoples, and a distribution of resources that honors all human beings. Allow yourself to dream of a life filled with love, expression, abundance, and joy. It is in your daydreams of a bright future that you start to create a new reality. It is in your longings to know more about God and to receive His love that you call forth His expression in your life. It is in stillness that you are guided to right action.

Rest your minds and hearts dear friends and when you are tired, rest your bodies as well. For it is in silence that the voice of God booms into your hearts most clearly. It is in rest that you receive direction for effective movement. When you treat yourself and others with gentle kindness, you are the most loving and powerful agents of change.

Be still, dear friends, and know that you are one with the creator, united forever in His love, now and forever.