Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Power of Choice

All realities you could possibly experience, dear ones, exist all at once in the mind of God, and although you must have patience and allow these realities to unfold over time in your human existence, it is your focus, your choice, your perceptions, and your intentions that will steer you into one reality vs. another. If you expect the best, in time you will have the best. If you expect the worst, persist in this and eventually you may see it. All miracles and all disasters are available to be woven into your life experience. God has allowed you free will dear ones, to align yourself with His love or to feel separate from it.

With each decision you make you either align with truth and with love, or you shy away from it. With each loving choice to honor your heart, and to believe in God's love and support, you align with a path of miracles. With each choice to believe you are 'doing' life on your own and with each unloving thought, you align with a path of struggle. The choice is yours dear friends, and the results of such choices are becoming clearer as your planet ascends into higher vibrations. You are blessed with the fact that God does not keep score, and one loving choice can change the course of your entire existence, thereby steering you away from all past unloving thoughts and feelings.

One loving choice can change the course of your life.

One choice to sit and rest while you are tired is a statement of self worth unto the universe.

One choice to give a financial worry over to God and to focus upon the joy and gratitude in your life steers you into the stream of abundance.

One choice to breathe deeply and allow God to course through your body aligns you with greater health and well being.

One choice dear ones.

Think about that every time you know what you feel like doing but THINK you should be doing something else. Think about this every time you have a tendancy to lash out in impatience or frustration at yourself or another. Think about this every time you feel you must push yourself to make something happen when your heart desires ease.

One unloving choice will not mess up your entire life, but one loving choice can begin to change your entire life for the better. A series of loving choices creates a miraculous life.

Have patience as the fruits of your labors ripen in space and time. You are on earth. The energies are tending towards stillness rather than motion at present and you must be patient. Go into your hearts and ask them to guide you. Then give thanks and trust that your choice to live a miraculous life has already been set in motion.