Saturday, July 05, 2008

You are already free

As so many of you celebrate your day of freedom we want to remind each one of you that you are already free. The freedom you seek is already within you dear ones. You are free to choose your thoughts and you are free as to where you place your perspectives. You are free to perceive situations as positive, negative, or neutral. You are free to love yourself or to make yourself wrong. And within that internal freedom you create and manifest your experience of external reality.

No matter what the outer circumstances, dear ones, you have been given the gift of choice and you are always free to choose how you will interpret and respond to the events of this world. These choices dictate not only your experience of the present moment but also your future as well. And the good news, is that with each choice, your life begins anew. With each positive and loving choice, you point yourselves towards a bright future. With each negative or hurtful choice you point yourself in a direction you may not enjoy as much. God does not keep score dear ones. A single loving choice can change your entire life.

So as you celebrate freedom dear friends, celebrate your freedom to choose how you think, perceive, and interpret life. Choose freely the interpretations that make you feel more joyful, more alive, more empowered. You can look at life as a series of challenges to be overcome, or a series of adventures to be enjoyed, embraced and learned from. We understand this earth walk is not always easy dear friends, and yet you can always freely choose to focus on and tap into what is good, true, and eternal.