Saturday, September 27, 2008

Miracles are all around

Celebrate the fact that you are alive. Before there were societies, economies, even politics, there was your earth, dear friends. There was the sun that rose every morning in a blaze of glory and set every evening. There was rain and wind, flowers, plants, bees, fruits, and vegetables, and all that was needed to sustain life. These are the things that last. This is the bounty given to you by God. And while we realize that today you are not living off the land and that you need your societies, economics, and politics, realize that God has given humanity enough resources on the earth to sustain life indefinitely. God, dear ones, is aware of every breath within you, every leaf unfurling on the tiniest plant, the hum of each little honeybee, the movement of the stars, and yes, even the amount of money you need to pay your bills.

Notice the miracles all around you. Take delight in the eternal and unending nature of mother earth's bounty and diversity. Wake up and give thanks for the miracle of the sun rising, and know that compared to the movement of the stars in the heavens, and the miracle of the heart beating in your chest, handling your life's issues and problems is easy for God.

The reason you fear that the miracles you need will not occur is that it is human nature to want to control the way things work. And yet dear ones, you do not control the movement of your earth around the sun, nor the sun's movement around the solar system. And you do not control the miraculous beating of your heart, or the automatic impulses that keep you breathing and alive. These systems that are far more complex than your issues and problems will ever be, work perfectly fine.

You can learn to allow your life to flow with the same divine harmony that governs the movement of life itself. If you relax, surrender your worries to God, and act when the impulse is given, you will be operating by the same principles that keep the universe in motion, and life on your planet in a constant cycle of renewal. The heart does not worry about its next beat, nor does it resist the impulse when given. You do not have to worry about your next breath, or even your next meal if you have faith dear ones. You do not have to worry about your loved ones for God is guiding their lessons here upon the earth and they too are eternal souls. You do not have to worry about a thing dear ones, if you trust that God, who governs the heavens and the earth, knows that you are part of the beautiful dance of life as well.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happiness is within

Take heart! Your earth is not doomed by any means, and yet so many of you are in fear and despair about the state of affairs upon your planet. In a world that seems to be going mad, celebrate the fact that you know how remain sane. Spiritual sanity is placing your faith and trust in the abiding love of God to take care of all your needs. Spiritual sanity is living in the moment, dealing with the circumstances in which you find yourself, and resisting the urge to resist life! Spiritual sanity looks beyond labels such as race, gender, religion, or creed to see the light of God in the soul in front of you. Spiritual sanity does not focus upon lack but rather gives thanks for the gifts that are always present. Spiritual sanity does not embrace victimhood, but rather looks for the the positive growth each moment provides. We do not see your world coming to an end at all, but rather certain behaviors that don't work are being brought to the surface and exposed so they can be changed into more positive actions and beliefs.

Your happiness dear ones, need not depend upon a peaceful world, money in the bank, or the comfort of being surrounded only by people who agree with you. Your happiness comes from knowing that God loves you, cares for you and - if you surrender to deep abiding faith and love - will provide for your every need. Your happiness comes from the simple moments of connection - from sharing a smile with a stranger, a word of encouragement with a friend, or from receiving the very same. Your happiness comes from recognizing the presence of God in all situations, circumstances, and individuals, and indeed within your very own heart.

The world has always had its share of chaos, unrest, ups and downs. You can choose to be in the world but not of it. You can remain faithful that your needs will be met in spite of economic downturn. You can choose to look beyond the surface of individuals and ask who they really are. You can make a decision to listen to your heart and your instincts so as to remain safe even with intense earth changes. You can experience the love of God no matter what. And this dear ones is what you are always seeking.

Beneath every wish, every desire, and every need, is the need to experience and know the love of God. Pray for this when you awaken each morning: "Dear God I wish to feel your love. Make me open to receive your love. Fill my mind, body, and spirit with your love and your grace today."

And then, dear ones, watch as your life flows more smoothly and gracefully, in tandem with the cycles of the universe.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Choose kindness

As you go about your days and the summer comes to a close remember that that there are seasons in life, seasons upon your earth, seasons in the cycles of spiritual evolution and even seasons within your own bodies. Your energy upon the earth is starting to move once again, slowly and surely with great turmoil and chaos as witnessed by the many natural disasters. Even your mother earth has felt a bit stagnant this year. She too longs for change. She longs for her children to bridge the gaps between themselves and to come together in love. And so, as she awakens dear ones, you witness earth changes that cause people to drop their differences, to reorganize priorities and to reach out to one another with love and compassion. Whether or not you are involved in the hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods, each one of you can feel the urge within yourself for movement, growth, change, and ultimately a more loving reality.

Choose love, choose kindness, choose to remember that the greatest priority in life is not rushing around to complete the days tasks and errands but to slow down and do the things you must do with kindness - kindness towards yourself first, and kindness towards others as well. If you accomplish your tasks but do so without love and kindness - to yourself, to the other drivers on the road, to your family, the clerks in the stores, etc... - then these accomplishes mean little in the realm of spirit. If however, you manage to smile at the clerk in the store, be courteous on the road no matter what others are doing, and to listen to your friends and family when something is on their mind, even finding a few minutes to sit, breathe, and receive God's love, then my dear friends, your days will go more smoothly, you will accomplish the tasks that truly matter, and your soul will feel satisfied. Happiness in life is never truly achieved by reaching the goals you set for yourselves, for that happiness is fleeting, but rather happiness involves making loving choices, one moment, one day at a time - this will give you a lifetime of fulfillment.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Do everything with love

Enjoy your lives dear ones! You will always have things to handle, dishes to be done, bills to be paid, people to deal with, and yet these things are not obstacles to living your life, they are part of it! God never said you couldn't rest until your chores are done. God never said that you couldn't smile and laugh while the lawsuit or the foreclosure is pending. God never said a separation had to be filled with angst and unpleasantness. God would ask instead, that you imbue all your actions, all your words, all your tasks, chores, and situations with love.

You are the lights in a world that is in turmoil at present. You are the souls who remember that love is the magical elixer of life. You are the ones called to remember that love transforms any situation, no matter how challenging into its highest form. If you are involved in a situation with others that is unpleasant, bless it and send love to all involved. Picture that all involved remember their divine light and don't forget to ask God to help you rememer your own.

Love raises people up to be their best, or at the very least to be done with you and leave you alone. Love either draws the positive up and out of people or repels their darkness. Love, dear ones, is what you all seek. Send love via your prayers, kind words, and loving actions out into the world. This does not require you to put up with anything intolerable at all but rather to do and say whatever you have to do and say with love.

You can say NO with love. You can set a firm boundary with love. You can fire an employee, if you must, with love, and have the difficult conversations, with love. You can ignore bad behaviors with love. You can do anything you do dear ones, with love. You can say anything you have to say with a recognition of the divine spark within others. You can ignore behaviors that do not exemplify the truth of a person's soul. And in far more pleasant scenarios you can be the light of God for a stranger who looks like they need a smile, a friendly hello, or an uplifting compliment. You can be the one to imbue a situation that is tense with gentle humor. You can be the hope for another by helping them to believe in themselves and God's love for them.

Be the lights in the world dear one. Do not engage in lower behaviors that others would try to draw you into. Do not allow the news, the economy, the talk of wars to draw you into believing that anything other than God is in charge. If you worship God dear ones, you will draw love into your lives. If you worship the false idols of the world, you must then deal with what they bring. Do not allow anger to run your lives. Do not allow sadness to possess you. Allow yourselves your feelings, then allow them to wash from you and allow the light of God's love to refill the emptiness they leave. Sit, breathe, pray, and all will be well and you will dwell in the eternal truth of God's love and be that for the world.