Saturday, October 04, 2008

God is your banker

Rest assured dear ones that while the circumstances of your life and your world will always change, the reality of God's love for you is eternal. God could no sooner forget you or your needs than the brain could forget a single cell within the body. You are part of God's creation dear ones - precious, loved, celebrated, and cared for. If you can adopt a belief in this truth, then your entire experience of reality will change.

You will find that your needs are handled in perfect timing. You will find that as you grow in faith your ability to choose love no matter what the circumstances will attract a kinder response from the world. You will find that as you surrender your dependence upon material things and outer circumstances to make you happy, your inner joy will attract more happiness to you than you could ever dream or imagine.

When the material world no longer controls your inner state of being, your true inner being will take command of your material life.

Your inner being, dear ones is the light and breath of God illuminating your soul in every moment. Your inner being is eternally connected to the source of all you could ever want or need. Your inner being does not feel lack, fear, or victimhood. Your inner being knows only the glory and love of God. And so dear ones, when you are able to stop allowing outer circumstances to convince you of anything less, then this light within you will shine brightly and attract unto you more than you could ever want or need - sufficient resources, more love, more joy, more ability to express the light of God within. It is an illusion dear ones that any material issue could ever have more power over your life than the light that God has placed within you. It is an illusion that your economy has more power to control your life and well being than God. It is an illusion that your money comes from your boss, or your stocks, or even other people in your life. Your resources come through others, but are first and foremost, always from God.

God is your boss and your banker. If God feels you would learn more faith by having less, you will have less until you learn faith and then you will have so much more. If God feels you need to learn to receive you may be forced to accept help until you learn you are worthy of receiving it, and then dear ones, you will be able to give others the very same gift. If God feels you need to learn to focus on priorities other than the next object you want to buy, you may have to cut back for a short while and find true joy in your life. God is not cruel dear friends. God is a greater love than the human mind will ever be able to comprehend. God wants your inner being to shine brightly in the world, and when you allow for that to occur, through choosing faith, choosing love, choosing to find the joy and the lessons in each moment, then dear ones you inner being will be a beacon that attracts a wonderful life in the outer world as well.

There is suffering in the world. There is pain. And dear ones we ask you to have compassion and pray for those who are experiencing the very difficult lessons of this world. At the same time, know that it is your light, your love, your faith that will uplift not only your own existence but the existence of those around you. Earth, dear ones, is a school. There are millions of lesson plans, billions of students, and an amazing variety of classrooms. And yet, ultimately all lessons boil down to one - learning how very much you are loved, loving God, loving self, and sharing the truth of this love with the world around you.