Saturday, November 29, 2008

Unity in the diversity

As the season of autumn draws to an end, it is a time when we ask each of you is being asked to drop into your hearts and promise yourselves to be true to yourselves in each moment of every day. If each one of you could simply own who you are and who you want to be without any self judgment whatsoever, the world would sort itself out into groups of like mind and like heart. You would find souls who love the way you choose to be and live and you would gently and kindly move away from those who do not respect the unique and precious soul that you are.

God did not design everyone upon your planet earth to be the same, to agree with each other's ideologies, or to even agree upon one way to worship and discover God in your lives. God did not intend for your planet to be a place of similarity but rather a glorious expression of the diversity of His creation. God wanted you to celebrate the differences, and find the unity of His love within the very same.

If the life circumstances around you do not support who you are begin to pray for guidance and inspiration to change yourself, and your circumstances, rather than embarking upon the frustrating task of changing those around you. Allow yourself to be an ambassador of peace on your planet and choose to love everyone. This does not mean you have to talk to, dance with, or even agree with everyone. It does not mean you have to condone their actions or words as ones you personally could or would support. It does not mean you have to even want to be around everyone, but rather we ask you to simply acknowledge truth - that all beings are worthy of God's love.

The jaguar is not found in the arctic complaining about the cold, nor is the polor bear found in the rainforest bemoaning the heat. Each one seeks out the environment that nurtures the truth of self. Each one is precious, special, beautiful, and unique - neither better or worse, but one in God's creation.

You too are each unique, precious, individuals here to express a facet of God's glorious being. You do not need the acknowledgment, approval, or even permission of those around you to be who you truly are. Be that - you will draw near to you those who support you and gently move away from those who do not.

In the following months and years, you will be asked to find the unity of God's love and appreciation within the diversity, because although you are all unique, you are all One in God's great love. Seek out what supports you. Pass on that which does not. Be true to self and in this you give glory to God for He created you as you are. And if you begin now, you will be so much better prepared for the years to come, for loving truly feels better, being honest with self creates an honest echo in the world, and acknowleding the right of all beings to be here upon your planet earth will create deep peace within your hearts as you stop struggling with life and simply seek to express the truth within you.