Saturday, November 15, 2008

You always have abundance

We love you so very much. In this season of harvest we ask you to look within and realize that you always have abundance. Look around you! The world is so beautiful dear friends. What is permanent and unceasing is always beautiful. Look at the change of the seasons, the rising and setting of the sun. Look at the waves crashing upon the shores and the rivers flowing. Watch the moon in the night sky and the stars in the heavens. These things are eternal dear friends, and so are your souls.

Your problems are temporary. They come, teach you lessons of faith, surrender, giving, receiving, and loving, but they are simply classrooms for the soul. If you can view the concerns in your life this way you will weather them with great grace and you will cease to see them as problems. They will simply be areas which you are learning to infuse with greater truth, greater love, and greater spiritual wisdom.

Life on earth, is not meant to be adverse dear friends. It is simply a classroom experience. If you can shift your focus and say, "Ok what is it I am to learn here?" without beating yourself up or making yourself wrong, then you can change your circumstances more easily. If however, you feel that you have done something wrong when life doesn't go your way, and you beat yourself up and search for ways to 'fix' yourself, then dear ones, you are telling the universe to join you in this upset. Instead, when life deals you challenges, simply say, "Oh I must be in amazing lessons here. How can I find more faith, seek out more grace, or add more love to this situation? How can I best love myself and balance that with kindness to others?" If you do this dear friends, your life will be infused with grace.