Saturday, December 06, 2008

Gifts beyond price

As you embark upon your holiday season remember that your presence is the present to the world. It is your willingness to be who you are, speak the words in your heart, and share of your soul with others around you makes you the gift God intended you to be in this world. There is a balancing going on, on your earth. It is a time of remembering basic values and simple pleasures. It is a time where gathering around the table with others is a blessings more valuable that unwrapping a new present. And while there is nothing wrong with giving things to one another, what is of greater value is to share your hearts.

Share your words of inspiration and kindness. Share the things you would like your loved ones to know. Share how you see their spirits shinging brightly no matter what they see inside of themselves. Write your holiday cards and emails with a note from the heart... "Dear mother/father/brother/sister, I know we may not see eye to eye at all times, but I have always admired your ability/willingness/strength, etc." If they were suddenly not here, upon this planet earth, what would you wish you had said to them. Say it now. In most cases, a simple, "I love you no matter what" would suffice, because truly dear onese, no matter how challenging the people in your life, your soul wants them to 'get' your heart and your love and your desire to see them happy and well. You want to be understood as the bright and beautiful, loving, kind, and compassionate souls that you truly are. And so the gift of kindness that you give to another is really a gift of expression that you give to yourself as well.

These are the gifts beyond price - the ones that last way beyond the season and live in the hearts of the receiver forever.