Friday, March 28, 2008

Celebrate no matter what

Celebrate the springtime of your souls. Be as gentle with yourselves as you would with a newborn baby, because each of you is going through a re-birthing phase - an emergence out of an old and confining way of being into a new and expansive reality.

When a baby is born, she must leave behind the darkness of the womb that comforted and protected her in order to emerge into the light. The chick must peck free of the shell that supported its growth, but now pushes up against its expanding little body. The plant embryo must explode out of the seed that once held it safe in order to push through the dark soil into the light. So too, you must persevere in order to break free of the old beliefs, habits, and patterns that have held your spirits bound, and have confined the hearts of humanity for centuries. You are wriggling free from a definition of yourselves that is only partially true and you are realizing the truth of yourselves as eternal beings. You are not your thoughts, your body, your circumstances, your beliefs. You are eternal light of God made manifest in human form and your spirits are awakening to this reality.

You will find this expansion occurring in every corner of the human heart. Whereas anger once felt like protection, it now feels like confinement. Whereas manipulation and strategies used to make the human heart feel as if it was safe and secure, they now burden you with too much effort and struggle. Whereas judgment used to nurture the insecurities within you now it simply makes you feel bound to stay in a stagnant reality with no room for any excitement or newness. Whereas fear and worry used to make you feel as if you were 'doing something' about a situation, they now make you feel choked in their grasp.

You can no longer pretend you enjoy the company of those who gossip and judge. You can no longer stay in jobs you dislike without praying for new ones. You can no longer pretend that your personal economy is based on anything other than your relationship with and trust in the creator. You can no longer stuff the love that is seeking to expressed through your words, thoughts, and deeds.

This is wonderful news, dear ones! Nonetheless, as you grow past the confines of all you once thought you were, be kind to yourselves. The old habits die hard, as you like to say upon your earth. The energies that have fed upon your old fears, angers, guilt, judgment, and shame, seek to re-instill these patterns in you so they may continue to have life, in the same way a virus attempts to breed within your body.

When you fall into fear, call upon God to increase your faith. When you fall into anger, guilt, or shame, call upon God to help you choose love. When you fall into despair and exhaustion, rest and ask God for assistance as surely as you choose to assist yourself as well. There are times dear ones, when in spite of your best intentions, you will succumb to anger, judgment, or uncompassionate thought or action. Be kind to yourself first. Choose love, even if the only love you can choose in the moment is to love yourself as a human being.

We celebrate your birth into greater light. We celebrate the expansion of your souls. Realize that the little chick breaking free of the shell feels most confined immediately before he releases his spirit into a greater reality. The seed feels the most pressure right before it sprouts. The earth erupts forth via her volcanoes, through the crusty surface when enough pressure has built up and you too, dear ones, you too deal with the pressures of the old beliefs and patterns mirrored often in your life circumstance right before you break free.

Celebrate dear ones, no matter what the outer circumstances in the world. This is a time of rebirth and you feel the contractions at times, you feel the pains, but you will also be feeling greater joy, hope, inspiration, and peace in your hearts, if you proceed, one moment at a time to rest when you are tired, follow your hearts, speak your truth with love and kindness, and know that God is always with you.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The blossoming of your heart

Within the human heart, dear friends, there is a seed of God's divine light that seeks always to grow and expand and blossom into greater love and understanding. As the energy on your planet continues to promote movement, growth, and change, please understand that there will be those souls who embrace this movement and find absolute miracles unfolding in their lives. They will be great sources of inspiration to the many.

Sadly, there are also souls who resist this very same movement towards greater love and understanding. They are angry right now dear ones, and underneath that anger is pain, and ultimately fear. To move forward, for these souls, is to give up the protective mechanisms that they feel keep them safe and secure. While nothing could be further from the truth, this is the illusion in which they live and it is a very sad reality indeed. The very same souls who cut you off in traffic, come unglued at the slightest perception of provocation, and seek to undermine all that is good and true, are the ones most in need of your love and your prayers.

While you celebrate the souls in full bloom, we also ask you to have compassion for those who are lost in anger or sadness. Do not fall in to fear, anger, or hatred for them - even if they aim their anger at you - but rather we ask you to pray for them; to pray for their upliftment, for the freedom of their spirits, for the truth of their love and light to come to the surface. By all means, dear ones draw the lines as to which behaviors are permitted in your lives and which are not, but with your love and prayers, send healing to those with such hurting hearts.

Dear ones your earth is expanding and exploding outward at this time, and so are many human beings here upon the earth. Have mercy. Have compassion. Pray for the upliftment of the souls who resist the movement of God within them. And thank God in heaven dear friends that you are among those willing to move with your hearts, to love in spite of chaos, and to look within yourselves to be the light within the world. You are blooming into the grand and glorious expression of love that God intended you to be.

And for those of you who celebrate it we wish you a very Happy Easter. We are always celebrating the death of illusions and the resurrection of God's light within your very beautiful hearts.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Movement from the inside out

Understand that in this year of movement and change, it is especially important to allow your feelings to move within you. So many of you have been going strong for so long, that you need to stop, rest, breathe, and feel your hearts deeply. Graceful movement in your outer life is always a reflection of honoring the movements inside of you.

For example, so many of you want change but won't slow down to explore the changes in your own hearts. Maybe there are some tears in there that need to come to the surface so you can be free of old sadnesses and move forward into joy. Maybe there are some old fears that need to be expressed so you can seek the comfort of other nurturing human beings. Maybe there are some old frustrations that will teach you more about what you do want to create. Maybe there is passion within you longing to be expressed in some form of art, service, writing, business, or expression with another. Dear ones, take the time to sit still, in silence, and breathe deeply. Look inside your heart and ask it what expression and movement it seeks right now, in this movement...what feeling does it feel right now - in this moment. What expression does it want you to give - in this moment - to the world around you.

Search inside always first for the movement there, and then dear ones, you will unclog the channels that allow God to fill your heart with joy, and as if river rushes through you this love will inspire and propel you into action in your outer life as well - graceful, guided, and joyful action. Trust yourselves dear ones. You do not have to push the river; in fact it is better not to do so.

If you are already in a phase of movement and change in your outer world, we still ask you to take the time to search your hearts and give them expression. Maybe you are changing jobs, moving, or creating new relationships. Feel your hearts. Feel both the flutters of old fears and the flutters of new excitment. Express both to those around you. Trust dear ones that as you reach deep within and bring this movement and expression from your hearts into your outer lives, all answers will come to you. As you share your heart with those around you, you will assist them in opening their's. As you share your concerns, others will offer suggestions that you can sort through to see if any resonate with you. As you share your passions and your joys, you inspire others to do the same. Don't hide your beautiful light dear friends, no matter how it is currently moving within you. All movement in the heart, be it sadness, frustration, passion, or unabashed joy is still the love of God moving within you and seeking expression in your world.

All movement leads to greater love. Trust in that. An acorn wishes to grow into an oak that wishes to bear acorns. You too exist within endless cycles of growth and change. Allow the feelings to move naturally from within, express them kindly and then gracefully into your outer life, and in doing so you will find find the peace you are seeking, and live according to a natural rhythm in harmony with the universe that God created just for you.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Movement and change

This is a year ripe with movement and change. You are witnessing movement and change within your own hearts, your lives, and upon the earth. Movement and change are nothing to fear, and yet so many of you fall into a panic when they occur, because often you can't control all the factors associated with change. You can't always forsee when and how things are going to happen for you. You can't always understand the reasons you are motivated to change, or at times, propelled into it. Nonetheless, change is nothing more than the breath of God breathing new life into your life and your hearts. Change helps you to release stagnant energy and beliefs that no longer serve you. Change helps you move away from situations that no longer honor the current state of your spirit and move towards situations that do. Change brings growth, expansion, and without fail, greater opportunity.

Suppose you are in transition right now. You want a new job. You hate your old one. You can't wait to move on. Create movement first, dear ones, inside of your hearts. Move towards love. Bless the current job. Acknowledge what you have learned here. Acknowledge how you have grown in self love and your desire for more. Bless this job so you can release it, then without panic, without fear, wait for the inspiration that will create the new one. Perhaps you will be motivated to look in a traditional manner, or to pick up the phone and call an old friend. Perhaps you won't be motivated to do a thing but wait until opportunity is brought to you. If you create the inner movement first, the outer movement is inevitable.

Suppose you are trying to sell a home. Dear ones, your homes often represent the state of consciousness in which you abide. If you abide in fear, how can you move? Release the fear, step into a new state of consciousness - one of faith, trust, and wonder, and THEN you will find yourself able to physically move at the right time and in the right way as well. Abide in the house of faith and you will move in perfect timing.

Suppose you need to make changes in a relationship. Create the movement first inside of yourself. You want more love? Be more loving first, and you can then see whether or not you receive more in return or whether it is time to leave. You want great communication? Have the difficult conversations with love and see if that creates the movement you seek in the other before you run away in fear.

Suppose you want to move closer to God and your relationship with the angelic realms. Dear ones find the expression of God's perfection within your own heart, seek to acknowledge your own angelic nature. THEN, in that vibration it will be easier to experience our love and God's love more strongly.

Movement dear ones, is inevitable. Growth and change are the natural order of things upon your planet earth. If you create the movements you seek within your own hearts first, then your outer changes will be more graceful and beautiful. If you resist the movement of your own heart, perhaps it will be the changes in the outside world that impose this movement upon you.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Everything is coming to the surface!

Understand that you are going through a time of tremendous growth. All that is hidden within you shall be revealed - your hopes, your dreams, your pains, your joys, your unexpressed emotions, you passions - all are coming to the surface. If you have already spent time developing an awareness of self you will weather these times much more easily. If you are unfamiliar with your own interior you may be feeling a bit out of sorts, surprised by your own feelings and reactions, or delighted by new interests.

There is great depth to each soul here upon the planet earth. There is always more to be discovered. An acorn is complete in and of itself and yet it longs to fall into the soil and grow into the mighty oak. An oak is complete in and of itself and yet it longs to bear acorns and drop them to the ground. There is an endless cycle of births within your spirit. There is an endless clearing away of the illusions until you embrace the fact that all is love. There is an endless desire to expand and grow, and to know more of the true SELF -- the Divine spark that you truly are.

As you find areas within yourself that you perhaps wish weren't there -- old angers, frustrations, intolerances, etc. please go easy upon yourselves. These are not reasons to judge yourself or reasons for guilt. Forgive yourself, release the emotions in a healthy way and move on. Seek out help if you need it and comfort in ways that truly nurture your spirit. When you find yourself feeling a little less tolerant with others, dig deep within and find greater love and pray to see greater truth -- even if you choose to move away from behaviors and personalities.

Dear ones, the deepest truth within you is that you desire to express and experience love. The soul, my dear friends seeks always to be loving -- to yourself first, and then to take that love and expand it out into the world. The souls always chooses love. The personality forgets this and becomes angry, sad, frustrated, or jealous... and yet even these are emotions are awkward attempts at self love.

Choose love dear ones. The energies upon your earth at this time are causing anything unexamined and unexpressed to come to the surface. Be kind to one another. Seek to express yourself always with love. Be gentle. Focus on your own heart and your own truth in communication with others and allow them to have their own as well. It is easy to erupt in frustration or to quake in fear at this time, but you can always calm the storms inside of you by choosing love and loving kindness.