Thursday, May 29, 2008

Release your judgments and your worries

As you move forward throughout your days, release your worries to God! So many of you carry so many burdens within your hearts that are not really yours to carry. So many of you worry about the actions, choices, and situations that others find themselves within and yet each soul, dear ones, must learn the lessons they have set out to learn. You can help your dear friends, neighbors, and fellow human beings first and foremost by simply loving them, being kind to them, offering a helping hand when it is authentically passionate and in your hearts to do so, and also by being honest with them when it is not.

You do not truly assist another by doing something that is not truly in your hearts, for God guides each and every one of you to help one another in specific ways, and if every soul were to listen to the dictates of their hearts, no one on earth would go without help. Some souls would be called to assist by donating time, money, or food. Some are called to assist through loving intervention. Others are called to assist through prayer. Still others are called to assist by living their lives in peace and joy, thus contributing to the new vibration of heaven on earth that many of you are trying to anchor here upon your planet. Trust that if God wants you to assist another soul, everything in you will be filled with the desire and resources to do so. To worry, however, is really to judge a situation as bad for another, when in reality that situation is exactly what the soul has chosen at this time to experience in order to further their growth and education here upon your earth.

If you witness a loved one in a situation that you believe to be less than healthy, express your care and concern kindly and with love... Dear friend, I am concerned about you. You seem so lost, or sad, or lonely. Is there anything I can do. Listen, and respond with honesty. Share with them what you can honestly offer. In this fashion, the ones around you can learn their lessons with an angel called YOU to assist them on their journey... if they are willing to receive the assistance. And if they are not, surrender your judgments, pray for them, and allow them their growth. You are never called to do the spiritual homework for another soul, but you are always called to be kind, loving, and always compassionately honest.

So many of you feel guilty when your lives are going well and you cannot save the others around you. Earth is a one room school house and it is never appropriate to judge another's lessons. Some of you feel envious when you are not doing well and others around you seem to have life go more easily. Again we say earth is a one room schoolhouse and it is never appropriate to judge another's lessons. To say for example, that those who endure disaster are suffering punishment is a terrible and sweeping judgement, and while it may be true for a few, many of the heroic souls who undergo disaster have a covenant with God to inspire compassion and change here upon your planet earth. Indeed that was the case with so many of the children who perished in China's recent earthquake, for they are dear angels, calling upon the world to look upon their families with compassion and to realize that all of humanity has but one loving heart.

Dear ones, allow yourselves your own joys, your own sorrows, your own triumphs and seek out help during your trials. But please never ever judge the situation of another. The soul undergoing the most unthinkable tragedy may be your teacher, or a soul about to enter the realms of enlightenment. The soul with the most apparently blessed life may be learning valuable lessons as well - to be self loving and to be a steward for God's resources. The outer circumstances never can truly give you an accurate picture of the inner workings of God within a human soul.

Strive to release all judgments dear ones, against yourselves and against others. Earth is a school and you would not judge a child in school for his or her mistakes. You would simply and gently offer a better way to do things.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Rest & take it one moment at a time

As your earth rumbles, quakes, and continues to erupt know that so many of you are feeling your own internal pressures, anxieties, shakiness, and waves of emotions. Be gentle with yourselves and surrender your fears and worries to higher power. God has not forsaken your earth dear ones, but rather is guiding her through her own growing pains. As earth awakens to a greater vibrational frequency of love, so too you will be feeling greater desire for kindness, courtesy, and consideration in your own lives. As your mother earth releases her pressures you will find new doorways opening in your own lives. It is a time of tremendous opportunity for growth, exploration, expression, and expansion.

At the same time you will be called upon to be more patient than ever before with yourselves and others. People who are unaware of the spiritual expansion in progress are a bit on edge, shall we say. Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Be patient with your own growth, the manifestation of your own dreams, and the rate at which you mature into greater and greater love. These days, slower is faster. Pay attention to each moment, take a breath and ask your heart what it desires in that moment, right here and right now. This is your greatest guidance, because in each present moment, God is sending you signals, helping you either choose to love and be kind to self, and therefore to others, or to fall into an illusion that you must be something other than who you really are.

God guides you dear ones, not the big actions but in each little moment, much as the mind guides each cell in the body to operate in harmony. If you have an urge to create a business, find a relationship, build a healing practice, or buy a car, each of these can be achieved, by heeding your guidance in each moment in time. If you work on your own, you can make these things happen, of course, but if you work with God, dear ones - trusting your heart in each moment - they will come in magical ways that truly fit in your life and do not require sacrifice, but rather inspire celebration.

It is a time of tremendous growth both within and upon the earth. Relax, allow yourself rest. Be gentle with yourselves and one another, and then heed the inspiration within your heart... one moment at a time, and you too will expand into a new and greater experience of God's unceasing love.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Labor in love and compassion for all

As your mother earth stretches, creaks, erupts, and groans, understand that she is growing and expanding too, bringing greater awareness to the surface and greater awareness to the human race that you are all one. Watch your news with compassion, dear ones, not terror, for all souls who have left and are leaving are not lost but rather found by God's great love. Bless those who have agreed to leave the earth in this fashion to raise awareness of the need for compassion, the need to recognize that all human hearts are the same, and the need for people to come together in love and unity in spite of their differences. Your so-called enemies are human too. They love, they cry, they grieve, they share. You are all one in the vibration of humanity and your earth has decided, like any good mother, that it is high time for her family to unite in greater love.

You are sensitive and you are feeling the changes on your planet. Many of you are feeling anxiety or unrest without specific cause, tension in your bodies, sudden outbursts of anger, sudden feelings of sadness. Take heart, you are simply learning to exist in a vibration of oneness and while this might feel a little puzzling and unpleasant at times, it also means you have greater access to psychic abilities, sudden knowing or understandings, and incredible joy and support should you choose to tap into the love of your creator in meditation and prayer more often.

Dear ones, labor in love and compassion for your neighbors, not only the ones you see on the news in countries far from your home, but also for the one who sits next to you at work, the one who lives next door to you, the one with whom you were raised. All of humanity is your family. Every human being is your neighbor, because in spirit you all exist side by side, one in the vibration of God. Practice, kindness, patience, tolerance, compassion, and generosity of spirit, first for yourselves, and then with a cup that is full and spilleth over, for the rest of the world around you. Ask God how he wants to direct your time, your attention, and your energy, for the energy that created you certainly sustains and guides you with each breath, in every second, of every day. Give thanks, those of you who are stable, and be still, those of you who are shaky, for God is with each of you; indeed there can be no separation in the very great field of His love.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

You are never alone

In your heart of human hearts, dear ones, there is a longing beneath all longings, and that is to know the love of your creator. You want to feel supported, cherished, and accepted by humanity, but most of all you want to know the truth of God's love. All other longings are longings for this one feeling. When you ask God to help you pay the bills, you are asking your creator to demonstrate his love for you. When you ask God to bring you a relationship, you are asking Him to show you how much he cares. When you ask Him for a parking space, you are asking God to show you that He is aware of even the most mundane details of your lives.

Dear ones, no detail is mundane to your creator. God loves you, cares about, supports you in ways you cannot even imagine. God breathes life into you dear ones, and how much greater love is there than that? The one that breathes you into being wants to take care of you. The one that created you wants to see you live your life in full joyful expression of this love. The one that holds you in His heart longs to free you from the fears that hold you bound.

However, you are in human form and you are seeking to dispel the illusion that you are separate from God, separate from this love that creates and sustains you in each moment. You are seeking Truth, dear ones, the truth that you are as important to God as every cell in your body is important to the entirety of you. No cell in your body is without purpose, without value, without a desire to be all it was designed to be. And no human being, in God's mind, is without purpose, without value, and without a desire to be all he or she was designed to be.

In order to feel God's love dear ones, you must stop trying to operate in your lives as if you are alone. A cell in the body that operates as if it is all alone is often a cancer. A cell in the body that cooperates with the whole is sustained, nurtured to fruition, and given all its needs. Trust God with your needs. Speak to Him for He is the life force that sustains you in each moment. If He can manage the miracle of your breath, your beating heart, in fact your entire being, so too He can manage the details of your life. If He can transmit signals along the cells of your nervous system to your entire body, so too He can guide you through the web of life.

Pray dear ones, then be patient, willing to wait for right timing, clear guidance, and loving direction in your lives. Do not try to do everything by yourselves. If you want more faith, pray for faith. If you want demonstrations of God's love, ask to receive, and recognize them. If you want to feel God's love in your life be willing to look for it, rather than to seek out the illusions that leave you feeling alone. Look to the sunrise, the sunset, the chirping of the birds, the carpets of grass under your feet. Look to the endless cycles of the tides, the stars in the heavens and the miracles of your own two hands and two eyes. Look all around you dear ones and you will see evidence of a God that manages the entire workings of the universe. The creator knows each and every one of you for you are the cells in the body of His own creation. The creator wants to give you more love than you would ask for, more manifestations of connection and purpose than you can dream. Trust, dear ones, with the innocence of a child that you are eternally cared for, loved, cherished, adored, and all your needs will be met. As you honor the workings of your own hearts, you honor the guidance of God.

You are never alone dear friends, never unloved, always cherished, cared for, and supported beyond measure.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Living in your soul's integrity

This week we would like to speak to you on the subject of integrity. We do not define integrity by the arbitrary standards of mankind. Instead, we define integrity as the degree to which you align your thoughts, words, and deeds with God's grace, and with the loving truth within your own hearts.

Integrity is so much more than being truthful with others. It is being honest with yourselves first. It is living in accordance with your heart of hearts, one moment at a time. Integrity is living in the truth of your loving nature - choosing to love and honor God, self, and then as an easy by-product, others.

Integrity is picking up the phone only when you truly wish to hear from who is ringing you at that moment. Integrity is eating when you are hungry. Integrity is saying 'yes' when you mean 'yes,' and 'no thank you' when you mean 'no.' Integrity often involves politely declining an offer, or learning more often to say 'yes' to yourselves. Integrity is asking for help or praying to God for assistance when you are too tired or confused to handle the details of life around you. Integrity is sitting still, praying for God to enter your heart, and looking at your life every so often to make sure the choices you have made are serving your spirit. You will know if a choice serves your spirit because you will feel more loving, more inspired, and more uplifted. You will, as a by-product of choices that serve your spirit, truly serve the souls of others, if not their human demands. You will be in alignment with God and in alignment with self.

Nothing else will allow your life to flow easily and gracefully as earth continues her rise in vibration. Choose to align your thoughts, words, and deeds with your heart, and you will find that your life seems to flow from one moment to the next, wish support often showing up in unexpected fashion. Choose to live in denial of your hearts, dear ones, and you find that you will attract more struggle, negativity, and those who expect you to serve them rather than your own truth. To turn your life around, make one healthy choice in truth with your spirit, and then another. God does not keep score. God simply assesses where you are at now, and now, and again now, in relation to your spirit.

However big the changes you want to create in your life, each one begins with prayer, intention,and then choosing to trust the process of life as life reveals the steps to be taken, one moment at a time. Big changes in your future start with the smallest choices in integrity, right here, right now. It is hard, as a human being, to trust that such small and seeminly insignificant choices can ever lead you to your dreams, and yet dear ones, these choices are the pavers on the pathway to your dreams. Choosing to be in integrity one moment at a time is the only way you will ever ease struggle and open yourself to receive God's gracious assistance in every aspect of your life.

You can go with the flow of God's love through you, communicated by your truth in each moment, or you can resist it. Love always wins dear ones. Surrender to love - choosing one moment at a time to check in with your heart of hearts, to find its most loving and honest truth, no matter how seemingly mundane or meaningless. This will lead to unexpected surprises, magic, miracles, and the joy of living in truth and in love in each moment.