Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Power of Choice

All realities you could possibly experience, dear ones, exist all at once in the mind of God, and although you must have patience and allow these realities to unfold over time in your human existence, it is your focus, your choice, your perceptions, and your intentions that will steer you into one reality vs. another. If you expect the best, in time you will have the best. If you expect the worst, persist in this and eventually you may see it. All miracles and all disasters are available to be woven into your life experience. God has allowed you free will dear ones, to align yourself with His love or to feel separate from it.

With each decision you make you either align with truth and with love, or you shy away from it. With each loving choice to honor your heart, and to believe in God's love and support, you align with a path of miracles. With each choice to believe you are 'doing' life on your own and with each unloving thought, you align with a path of struggle. The choice is yours dear friends, and the results of such choices are becoming clearer as your planet ascends into higher vibrations. You are blessed with the fact that God does not keep score, and one loving choice can change the course of your entire existence, thereby steering you away from all past unloving thoughts and feelings.

One loving choice can change the course of your life.

One choice to sit and rest while you are tired is a statement of self worth unto the universe.

One choice to give a financial worry over to God and to focus upon the joy and gratitude in your life steers you into the stream of abundance.

One choice to breathe deeply and allow God to course through your body aligns you with greater health and well being.

One choice dear ones.

Think about that every time you know what you feel like doing but THINK you should be doing something else. Think about this every time you have a tendancy to lash out in impatience or frustration at yourself or another. Think about this every time you feel you must push yourself to make something happen when your heart desires ease.

One unloving choice will not mess up your entire life, but one loving choice can begin to change your entire life for the better. A series of loving choices creates a miraculous life.

Have patience as the fruits of your labors ripen in space and time. You are on earth. The energies are tending towards stillness rather than motion at present and you must be patient. Go into your hearts and ask them to guide you. Then give thanks and trust that your choice to live a miraculous life has already been set in motion.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trust God

Dear ones we wish to speak to you on the subject of trust today. It nearly breaks our hearts to see so many in fear over their well being. If you truly knew how much God loved you, you would never fear again. You would simply hand over your problems to God, act as guided, and consider life a grand adventure. We understand however, that it is difficult on your planet earth to find this faith and trust. The human mind has gained far too much control over the spirit and insists on reason, proof, and validation that God is with you. And yet, unless you release your need to have all the answers you will never get your validation.

God, dear ones, does not think like a human. God thinks in terms of satisfying the greatest good for all involved, helping you learn about loving yourselves, and loving one another more. So many of you are worried about your finances, and from a human perspective there is good reason. From a divine perspective, however, God has good reasons for allowing things to be as they are. When your economies are down, you get more creative, waste less, find greater joy in what you have, turn to your relationships and friends for satisfaction, rather than material goods. Humanity seeks out innovative solutions - for example other ways to fuel your vehicles, grow your food, and transfer items to and fro. When your economy is down, dear ones, the gifts you give must come from the heart, rather than the nearest store. You value yourselves more and your stuff less when your economies are stressed, and we pray that humanity will carry these values forward as they recognize the very great abundance of the spirit that occurs when times are, in human terms, a little tighter.

If you are worried about paying your bills, keeping a roof over your head or food on the table, give your problems to God. Dear ones he takes care of entire universes. Why would you ever feel as if he were not going to take care of you as well. Surrender your concerns, your fears, and your worries to God. Talk to Him as if he is your best friend for there is no better friend than the one that created you. And in surrendering your worries and your need to control the solutions, you make room for God to work in your life and your heart. If you are always desparate to find the answers yourselves, you may be so stressed that you miss opportunities and signals from God. If however, you are convinced of His love, you will expect good to come your way and therefore you will see it and know it when it arrives.

Have faith and trust in God dear ones. This is not the same as blind faith and trust in human beings - because not all human beings are, as you say, good for their word. However, if you place your faith in God, if you calm your mind and heart, then you can trust your own guidance, for at long last the mind will be at peace and the soul will be clearly heard in your lives.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Master your thoughts

At this time upon your earth, the energy for manifestation is very strong. It is important therefore that you continue to work on mastering your thoughts so they will not master you. There are massive negative thoughtforms present upon your planet - financial fears, fears of security,fears about the future of the world, and unfortunately they are so strong that the minute you have a negative thought, you tend to tap into these vibrations and amplify your own fears or concerns. The good news is that there is also an incredible amount of light flowing into your planet, and if you tap into thoughts about God's love for you, thoughts of God's peace and joy entering your hearts, and kind thoughts about your fellow human beings, then you will tap into a vast reservoir of love that doest take a bit of stretching to reach, but once you reach it dear ones your lives will be filled with grace.

God's love and God's grace is always available to you, no matter what your outer circumstances - as surely as the sun is always shining whether the skies are grey and cloudy or the storms rage upon the surface of the earth. The light is always there. If you take time to rest, take time to be present to your here and now, and take time to pray for God's love to enter your hearts and heal any situation that causes you concern, then dear ones you will feel peace amidst chaos, abundance in a shaky economy, security amidst uncertainty, and above all, love in the midst of a world that sometimes forgets how dearly every single one of you is cherished.

Dear ones, mind your thoughts as if you are tending to a very beautiful garden. When you notice one that is negative, acknowledge its right to be, then choose a better one. For example if you feel worried about money, say to yourself, "Ok, I love the part of me that is worried,but I choose to acknowledge that God loves and supports me." if someone hurts your feelings or acts in an unkind way, say to yourself, "Ok, I acknowledge that they have a right to act in any way they choose, but I also have a right to want kinder treatment. I will forgive them but choose kinder company, or choose to speak up with love, or choose to simply turn away from the unkind words."

Dear ones, we understand it is not always easy to choose loving and kind, abundant and peaceful thoughts... and yet the rewards are plentiful if you do. Change your inner world dear ones, and watch the reflections in the outside world begin to change as well.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

You are already free

As so many of you celebrate your day of freedom we want to remind each one of you that you are already free. The freedom you seek is already within you dear ones. You are free to choose your thoughts and you are free as to where you place your perspectives. You are free to perceive situations as positive, negative, or neutral. You are free to love yourself or to make yourself wrong. And within that internal freedom you create and manifest your experience of external reality.

No matter what the outer circumstances, dear ones, you have been given the gift of choice and you are always free to choose how you will interpret and respond to the events of this world. These choices dictate not only your experience of the present moment but also your future as well. And the good news, is that with each choice, your life begins anew. With each positive and loving choice, you point yourselves towards a bright future. With each negative or hurtful choice you point yourself in a direction you may not enjoy as much. God does not keep score dear ones. A single loving choice can change your entire life.

So as you celebrate freedom dear friends, celebrate your freedom to choose how you think, perceive, and interpret life. Choose freely the interpretations that make you feel more joyful, more alive, more empowered. You can look at life as a series of challenges to be overcome, or a series of adventures to be enjoyed, embraced and learned from. We understand this earth walk is not always easy dear friends, and yet you can always freely choose to focus on and tap into what is good, true, and eternal.