Saturday, August 30, 2008

You are loved

Celebrate your existence dear friends, for to be alive upon your planet earth is a blessing. So many souls desire this experience and adventure. Where other than on your dear planet do you have the opportunity to learn so much! Earth is truly the greatest school in the universe, admittedly also one of the toughest schools, but the one in which you can learn the greatest faith, the deepest love, the most profound clarity about the diversity and wonder of God. Your earth is a rich kaleidoscope of creation. Look all around you and witness the miracle of God's love. Look at the sunsets, the mountains, the oceans, the rivers, the birds, the creepie crawlers, the animals. Look at your own two hands, your eyes, your miraculous bodies. Look all around you, below you, above you, and within you - for that is where you will find the presence of God's love. God's love is not only experienced in your next paycheck, the sale of your house, the perfect mate, the reassurance of a savings account, acceptance, understanding, and appreciation of others ... God's love is available with the very air you breathe.

Dear ones, each of you wants to feel loved. Each of you wants to feel secure. Each of you wants desparately to dissolve the illusions of separation and know that God is with you. Look around and seek out expressions of God's love in the smallest ways. BE the expression of God's love so that others may more easily see it. And in doing so you will see truth, be truth, and experience truth. Truth dear ones, means that you are always loved.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A time to rest, a time to dream

As you have heard for years, there is a season for everything. There are seasons to your lives, cycles within each day, rhythms within your body, seasons within each year, and in a sense seasons within the energetic cycles of your planet earth.

Although you find yourself in the yearly season of summer, it is indeed upon your earth, more like winter. It is a time for going within yourselves and embracing the movement there. It is a time for feeling your feelings, dreaming your dreams, admitting your desires, and truly embracing all that you find inside of yourself. It is a time for acknowledging your inner world.

It is not such a wonderful time for 'pushing the river' or creating external movement in your lives. We are not saying it is impossible to create external movement, but we hear your cries. So many of you are feeling stuck, but dear ones, although there is little movement in your outer lives, you are never stuck. Go within and embrace your desires. Find your truth inside of your heart of hearts. So many of you want more love, more joy, more passion, more abundance, more expression. Find it within yourselves now. Seek out the illusions that block you from receiving and then, when the next wave of energy that supports movement in your outer world cycles into your planet's frequencies, you will be like a surfer, poised to ride that wave of energy and create great movement in your lives.

Be clear in your desires, and do not water them down with guilt or shame because God put these desires in your heart. Be clear in your intention to create a glorious existence for it shortchanges no one if you are to ask for more. God has given your planet enough resources to support the entire population in glory if only you were to first receive what you want, fill your cup, and then allow it to spill over to those in need of your love, time, energy, and resources - as you are guided. God can and will dear ones, direct every human heart to receive more than it needs to be happy and to share according to the divine design and the lessons of all involved.

Now is not the time to push yourselves or to force changes that do not occur easily in your outer world. Now is the time to rest, relax, go within, dream your dreams, solidify your intentions, ask for your emotional blockages to be revealed, and removed, and then when the time for movement is at hand you will find excitement, passion, and desire to get going in your lives, and the willingness to receive the abundant harvest from the seeds you have planted and weeded within your own hearts at this time.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Surrender your concerns to God

As you learn to surrender your worries, your fears, and your need to know how everything in your life must work, you release your spirit unto God, and you make room for miracles to unfold in your life. Your spirit dear ones is free. Your spirit is free to focus upon anything it wants but your human mind has a a tendancy to hold on to beliefs, ideas, and patterns of thinking that limit you.

God is all that is. God is unlimited. God contains within his heart every soul upon your planet and those that span the cosmos. God can see solutions to your problems that you cannot possibly imagine. God can see possibilities for your life that you wouldn't even dream about. God's solutions seem miraculous only because the human mind cannot conceive of the elegance and interconnectedness of His plan for your lives.

Give your worries to God. Give your concerns to God. Choose to believe that God does care about your hearts, your bills, your well being, but most of all dear ones that you would come to know yourself as an expression of His love here upon the earth. God's love is joyful. God's love is expansive. God's love is eternal. God's love does not even know words such as unworthy, impossible, or unreachable. God's love does not see death but rather transformation. God's love does not see problems, but rather possibilities. God sees each of you, in your times of glory and in your times of struggle as perfect, whole, and complete.

Each of you is a living work of art that becomes more and more beautiful as you release the illusions that hold you bound and allow your light and your true colors to shine ever more brightly.

Give all your concerns to God dear ones, from your simplest needs to your grandest desires, and trust in His love for you. He may not solve your problems or deliver your dreams in a manner you expect. His timing may not be the timing you insist upon. And yet, His solutions for your life are lasting ones that support not only your physical well being but also the need of your spirit to know His love as part of your own hearts. No matter what the circumstances of your inner or outer world, dear friends, you are, always have been, and always will be loved, supported, and cherised

Saturday, August 02, 2008

You are never stuck

As you proceed through your days dear friends remember that the way you choose to look at your life and your world will create your experience of reality. The world is the world. Life is life. People are going to be who they are. Will you be the ones searching for the light within these situations and seeing the truth of God behind all things, or will you succumb to the illusion that darkness has the upper hand? While it is true that your economies are down, your world is in turmoil and strife, and earth herself is going through massive changes, dear ones, God is still behind all things, ever present with his love.

You can live in fear of the economy or you can delight in the simple pleasures it forces you to embrace. You can live in fear of earth changes or you can celebrate the fact that all of you are where you are supposed to be based on the lessons you chose to embrace and the gifts you chose to share. You can live in despondancy, feeling alone and unloved, or you can reach out and connect with others who feel the same - and in so doing, raise yourself up into the light.

While it is true that a great many of you feel 'stuck' at this time, you are never truly stuck. Your lives are in a bit of slow motion and soft focus now. It is not a time to push yourselves too hard, or to stress and strain over forcing new projects to completion. It is a time when your hearts yearn for more and yet if you are not patient, allowing God's plan to unfold in your lives, you can easiliy succumb to frustration. It is time to slow down, go within, and create from the inside out. Those who are willing to do this - to spend the time in silent contemplation, pray, visualization, and affirmation of truth, acting when guided and motivated to do so - will experience and enjoy miracles unfolding. Those who insist on forcing themselves and others to do things that feel uninspired, well dear ones, you will be uninspired.

God cares about you. God is slowing you down so your dreams can speed up. Doing things the worlds way is one way to live your life. But you can be 'in the world and yet not of it' by allowing God to work in your life and your heart. Slow down dear friends, choose to see the light and the gifts that are always present in your lives. Use gratitude as a key to truly seeing the streams of abundance that you are and can tap into. There is always love available. There is always guidance available. When you slow down you will see it more clearly and allow your lives to rest in God's grace.