Saturday, October 25, 2008

Invite God in

When life seems overwhelming, stop, take a breath and invite God into your day. Try to do this for a few minutes whenever you feel off center and you will find you are able to maintain balance and wise perspective so much more easily.

You were never intended to handle life on your own dear friends. You are in partnership with your creator - the One that not only made you but breathes life into you at every moment. When you take time to stop, breathe, and invite God into your life, many wonderful things will begin to take place. You will open yourself up to the flow of grace that is always being offered to you. You will allow your body to be rejuvenated and relaxed. Your mind will start to relax and you will find greater clarity. You will hear our guidance more easily. Take the time dear friends to breathe the breath of God slowly and deeply as often as you can remember to do so.

Life will always have its challenges for that is the very nature of this school called earth, and yet you can weather these challenges with grace, and even joy, knowing that your creator cares about you and that no matter what arises, you have a friend and partner in God.

When you don't know how to pay a bill, stop, breathe slowly and deeply and ask God to pay it with you. Ask for guidance and then go about your day expecting that when God is ready guidance will come.

When you don't know how to fit everything you think you must do into your day, stop, breathe, and ask God to direct your day. Listen to your heart and do what it believes is the highest priority. God can help organize your days.

When you don't know how to satisfy the needs of everyone around you, stop, breathe, pray, and ask God who He wants you to serve first. You may find the answer is 'you'.

Dear ones, guidance, love, hope, inspiration, peace, clarity, and balance are as close as your next breath. Are you ready to receive God's great love. Stop, breathe, take it in, and cherish the gift that comes with each inhalation.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pray for your leaders

We love all human beings equally and we do not pass judgement upon anyone on your planet. We choose love, and this is why we are in heaven, dear ones. Heaven is not a place, but rather a vibration in which there is only love. You too will feel heaven on earth when find true faith in God's love and care for you, and when you can choose to express this love as it appears within your hearts.

Your politicians are souls who chose to represent the mass conscoiusness of the majority of individuals within your nations. This is not an easy task, nor one that a soul undertakes lightly. Can you imagine trying to stand in truth while thousands pull upon you to do otherwise? Can you imagine having your character maligned and trying not to respond? Can you imagine every aspect of your life being witnessed by the masses. Dear ones, pray for your politicians whether you agree with them or not because they require your prayers to walk the path they have chosen.

Vote for the one you are willing to pray for - no matter what.

You see leaders who choose war, and yet before you crucify them with your words for their choices, realize that harsh words are in and of themselves a small and yet significant vibrational act of war. To correct the vibration of war you must be willing to choose love. Ask yourself, if someone were to strike at you would you want to strike back, or could you choose a more peaceful solution? Could you dialogue with your aggressor to understand the pain that drives their violence? It is a very strong instinct within human beings to want to fight back, and yet when the masses can raise their vibration to choose peace instead of warring at any level, there will be no more wars in your world.

You see an economy that appears to be tumbling out of control. To correct this vibration, look at your own personal economy and
ask yourself if it reflects your own ideals and values? Are you living within your means when you have the choice? Are you placing your faith and trust in God when you do not? When each individual embraces these changes, so too will your world economies.

You see divisions between your political parties that seem too great to mend. To heal this, can you attempt to sit back and listen to the opinions of someone with whom you disagree, with respect, and a desire to understand, if not agree with, their point of view? If humanity could allow room for one another and seek to understand rather than to be understood, there would be a much greater unity in your governments and in your world.

So dear ones be kind in spirit to your world leaders, and do your part to create the vibration in your own lives that you wish to see in the world. The politicians do not have an easy job and many fall prey to the darkness around them. They need your prayers but most of all they need you to behave in integrity with your own spirit, to stop the wars within your own hearts, to stop the judgment of others, to take responsibility for your own integrity in every area of your life. When the masses change, the leaders will more easily be able to reflect this. One individual is never responsible for a world. Each of you must find personal peace in your own sphere of influence, must take personal responsibility for your own financial integrity, must learn to set aside judgements and see all souls as children of God.

You are all seeking one thing dear friends - to experience and express God's love.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Take inventory

It is a time of taking inventory in your lives. It is a time to become very honest with yourself about what is important to you and about living in the truth that God has planted in each and every one of your hearts. If you want to pursue a hobby, take a little time each week to pursue it. If you have wanted to clean out an area of your house, roll up your sleeves and get busy. If you have an inclincation to get a new job, start meditating, praying, and researching what it is you might want to do. Get busy dear ones in living your lives, not in a frenetic flurry of action, but rather by listening to your heart one moment at a time and acting upon it.

This can be as simple as waking up in the morning and asking your heart, "What are your priorities today," and making a little time for the things that are important to you. Perhaps you want to repair something in your house but do not yet have the money. Start to put a dollar a day towards the repair - the universe will take you more seriously because you area taking your heart's desires more seriously. Perhaps you have been putting off something you really want to do, and can afford... take the time to put it on your schedule. Perhaps you want to spend more time with your family. Make a little time. Perhaps you want to make peace with someone in your life. Pick up the phone or write the letter. Listen to your hearts dear ones, each day, in the moment - that is where you find the flow God's of grace.

Life happens one day at a time. When the world around you is possessed by fear, by what if's and worst case scenarios - you can still experience joy. Joy comes from resting in the security of God's love for you. What you see going on in the world around you is simply a balancing of forces. Greed is being exposed. Materialism is being subdued. People are spending more time with their families and less time focused on their possessions. People are learning to live within their means, to value their money, time, and energy once again and to live with more gratitude for what they do have. New technologies that help you live in greater harmony are emerging, and there is an acknowledged need for those of different nations, different ideologies, and different belief systems to come together for the good of the human race. It is a time of returning to you spiritual roots and placing value on what is real and eternal.

If the world's fears begin to possess you, sit quietly. Ask God to bring the light of His truth into your hearts. Ask to experience His love, know the security of walking in faith, and to help share and shine that light into the world. When you are insecure give others confidence and you will find more within yourself. When you are feeling lack, be generous with your kindness or attention. When you don't know how to pay your bills, give thanks for all the good that you do have.

Do not be afraid. The darkness that has been beneath the surface for centuries is coming to light, and as always, when you start to create greater order, there is first chaos. Take heart. Look at the good coming from these changes, and know that you are an eternal soul, care for, loved, and guided by God.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

God is your banker

Rest assured dear ones that while the circumstances of your life and your world will always change, the reality of God's love for you is eternal. God could no sooner forget you or your needs than the brain could forget a single cell within the body. You are part of God's creation dear ones - precious, loved, celebrated, and cared for. If you can adopt a belief in this truth, then your entire experience of reality will change.

You will find that your needs are handled in perfect timing. You will find that as you grow in faith your ability to choose love no matter what the circumstances will attract a kinder response from the world. You will find that as you surrender your dependence upon material things and outer circumstances to make you happy, your inner joy will attract more happiness to you than you could ever dream or imagine.

When the material world no longer controls your inner state of being, your true inner being will take command of your material life.

Your inner being, dear ones is the light and breath of God illuminating your soul in every moment. Your inner being is eternally connected to the source of all you could ever want or need. Your inner being does not feel lack, fear, or victimhood. Your inner being knows only the glory and love of God. And so dear ones, when you are able to stop allowing outer circumstances to convince you of anything less, then this light within you will shine brightly and attract unto you more than you could ever want or need - sufficient resources, more love, more joy, more ability to express the light of God within. It is an illusion dear ones that any material issue could ever have more power over your life than the light that God has placed within you. It is an illusion that your economy has more power to control your life and well being than God. It is an illusion that your money comes from your boss, or your stocks, or even other people in your life. Your resources come through others, but are first and foremost, always from God.

God is your boss and your banker. If God feels you would learn more faith by having less, you will have less until you learn faith and then you will have so much more. If God feels you need to learn to receive you may be forced to accept help until you learn you are worthy of receiving it, and then dear ones, you will be able to give others the very same gift. If God feels you need to learn to focus on priorities other than the next object you want to buy, you may have to cut back for a short while and find true joy in your life. God is not cruel dear friends. God is a greater love than the human mind will ever be able to comprehend. God wants your inner being to shine brightly in the world, and when you allow for that to occur, through choosing faith, choosing love, choosing to find the joy and the lessons in each moment, then dear ones you inner being will be a beacon that attracts a wonderful life in the outer world as well.

There is suffering in the world. There is pain. And dear ones we ask you to have compassion and pray for those who are experiencing the very difficult lessons of this world. At the same time, know that it is your light, your love, your faith that will uplift not only your own existence but the existence of those around you. Earth, dear ones, is a school. There are millions of lesson plans, billions of students, and an amazing variety of classrooms. And yet, ultimately all lessons boil down to one - learning how very much you are loved, loving God, loving self, and sharing the truth of this love with the world around you.