Saturday, November 29, 2008

Unity in the diversity

As the season of autumn draws to an end, it is a time when we ask each of you is being asked to drop into your hearts and promise yourselves to be true to yourselves in each moment of every day. If each one of you could simply own who you are and who you want to be without any self judgment whatsoever, the world would sort itself out into groups of like mind and like heart. You would find souls who love the way you choose to be and live and you would gently and kindly move away from those who do not respect the unique and precious soul that you are.

God did not design everyone upon your planet earth to be the same, to agree with each other's ideologies, or to even agree upon one way to worship and discover God in your lives. God did not intend for your planet to be a place of similarity but rather a glorious expression of the diversity of His creation. God wanted you to celebrate the differences, and find the unity of His love within the very same.

If the life circumstances around you do not support who you are begin to pray for guidance and inspiration to change yourself, and your circumstances, rather than embarking upon the frustrating task of changing those around you. Allow yourself to be an ambassador of peace on your planet and choose to love everyone. This does not mean you have to talk to, dance with, or even agree with everyone. It does not mean you have to condone their actions or words as ones you personally could or would support. It does not mean you have to even want to be around everyone, but rather we ask you to simply acknowledge truth - that all beings are worthy of God's love.

The jaguar is not found in the arctic complaining about the cold, nor is the polor bear found in the rainforest bemoaning the heat. Each one seeks out the environment that nurtures the truth of self. Each one is precious, special, beautiful, and unique - neither better or worse, but one in God's creation.

You too are each unique, precious, individuals here to express a facet of God's glorious being. You do not need the acknowledgment, approval, or even permission of those around you to be who you truly are. Be that - you will draw near to you those who support you and gently move away from those who do not.

In the following months and years, you will be asked to find the unity of God's love and appreciation within the diversity, because although you are all unique, you are all One in God's great love. Seek out what supports you. Pass on that which does not. Be true to self and in this you give glory to God for He created you as you are. And if you begin now, you will be so much better prepared for the years to come, for loving truly feels better, being honest with self creates an honest echo in the world, and acknowleding the right of all beings to be here upon your planet earth will create deep peace within your hearts as you stop struggling with life and simply seek to express the truth within you.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Be who you are

In your week of giving thanks, we give thanks and praise for the gift that you are upon your planet earth. It is through your willingness to choose love instead of hate, faith instead of fear, and to find abundance where others see only lack, that you bring God's light into the world. You are the cournocopia of life dear friends. You are the ones who are willing to fill you cup and then spill it over into the world. It takes courage to be human. It takes even more courage to believe in love.

Take some time this week to give thanks for your own beautiful and bright soul that inhabits these bodies you live in. Take some time to give thanks for your bodies for they are the vehicle for your souls. Take time to give thanks for all those who have served your growth - both in joyful and painful ways for they have made you who you are today. Give thanks for the abundance of God's love that you find within your very own hearts for this is the only true and everlasting security. Give thanks for what you do have, and for the dreams that you wish to create.

Give thanks for the gift that YOU are, and the life that you lead upon this school called earth. It is the hero's journey. To be human and to bring love into spaces where there is very little, to share truth with hearts filled with fear, and to trust in God even when you do not always have tangible reason to do so - these dear ones, are lessons in the mastery of love. It takes fortitude to keep going in times when fear runs so freely on your planet, and yet when you find faith, when you practice loving kindness, when you are truthful with yourselves and others, then dear ones you find an abundance that goes way beyond the roof over your head and the food on your tables - you find the abundance of God's love within you. This is the cournocopia of life that overfloweth. This is the well that never runs dry. This love, dear friends, is what you are made of. Give thanks for who you really are and for the human life you have chosen to live. It is a rare and precious opportunity to expand God's love - not always easy, but certainly worth the while.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

You always have abundance

We love you so very much. In this season of harvest we ask you to look within and realize that you always have abundance. Look around you! The world is so beautiful dear friends. What is permanent and unceasing is always beautiful. Look at the change of the seasons, the rising and setting of the sun. Look at the waves crashing upon the shores and the rivers flowing. Watch the moon in the night sky and the stars in the heavens. These things are eternal dear friends, and so are your souls.

Your problems are temporary. They come, teach you lessons of faith, surrender, giving, receiving, and loving, but they are simply classrooms for the soul. If you can view the concerns in your life this way you will weather them with great grace and you will cease to see them as problems. They will simply be areas which you are learning to infuse with greater truth, greater love, and greater spiritual wisdom.

Life on earth, is not meant to be adverse dear friends. It is simply a classroom experience. If you can shift your focus and say, "Ok what is it I am to learn here?" without beating yourself up or making yourself wrong, then you can change your circumstances more easily. If however, you feel that you have done something wrong when life doesn't go your way, and you beat yourself up and search for ways to 'fix' yourself, then dear ones, you are telling the universe to join you in this upset. Instead, when life deals you challenges, simply say, "Oh I must be in amazing lessons here. How can I find more faith, seek out more grace, or add more love to this situation? How can I best love myself and balance that with kindness to others?" If you do this dear friends, your life will be infused with grace.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Peace amidst change

As you world prepares for change, there is no cause for fear. God's love remains steadfast - always and forever the same. It is the nature of human beings and all in the material world to learn, grow, and evolve. Sometimes this growth is easy and at other times challenging, but then again, learning to walk as an infant was no small task. Starting a new business is a challenge but worthwhile. Having a child is a labor of love. Dear ones, your mother earth herself is going through growing pains and you feel these contractions and expansions. You feel both the urge to change and the resistance to the very same, both within yourself, your earth, and your world. It is a time of increased tensions, and yet, dear ones, out of these tensions, new cooperation, new respect for life on earth, and new understandings between human beings will be birthed.

Whether you agree or not with the changes to come, stay in a space of love. Know your own minds, share your opinions, express your truths, but dear ones do so without judgment or the intent to change others. It is in the sharing of ideas and ideals wherein true growth takes place, and truly useful ideas emerge. It is in the offering of oneself as a gift, not a forceful burden to others that you are better received. It is in placing love before righteousness, that your truth is revealed.

Dear ones, you are entering a time upon your planet earth in which spiritual truth increasingly governs your own hearts and the movements of mankind. It is a time in which systems built upon shaky foundations will be exposed, and those built on solid spiritual principles will prosper. Truly there is nothing to fear.

You were designed to learn, grow, and evolve. An acorn cannot stay within its tiny shell but rather must burst open and grow into the mighty oak. The oak must give birth to more acorns. Do not fear change, but rather celebrate as humanity reaches to find greater expression and greater love.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Love is here at all times

Understand that while the tides of fear rise and fall upon your planet earth, great waves of God's love also are cascading through your hearts, bringing with them an increased ability to rise above the mass consciousness and tap into the vibrations of peace, freedom, serenity, and a very great abundance of spirit.

Set your sights on higher ground and you will find that incredible opportunities, miracles, and gifts abound. God loves you. God cares about your needs. God knows your heart. God is, always was, and will always be present as the driving force in your lives. God's love is the one constant in an ever-changing world.

God's love offers more security than your bank accounts. God's love offers greater shelter than your homes. God's love offers more sustenance even than the food you put into your physical bodies. If you are open to receiving and sharing God's love, dear friends, you will want for nothing - for this is the one thing you are seeking behind all material gain, behind all needs for security, behind all desires for relationship. You are made of this love.

Share what you wish to receive. If you feel lack in your life, share abundant gratitude with others in your life. If you feel lonely, share love with someone in greater need. If you feel worthless, volunteer for a cause you believe in, and find your worth in the eyes of those whom you serve. If you can do nothing else, pray for your mother earth, for she is in need of your prayers, feels your love, and sends it back amplified.

Dear ones, God's love is available at all times. It is present in your own hearts. By sharing a kind word, a prayer, a grateful thought, or even by passing on a possession you are done with to someone who can use and appreciate it, you are tapping into that abundance that already exists within you.

You do not give to receive, but rather you give because you already DO receive God's love.

This acknowledment of spiritual truth helps you tune into a vibration of Divine love and abundance in which you can transcend the energies of fear that wish to possess your world. This understanding is the doorway to heaven on earth.