Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nurture God's light within you

As you approach the new year, we'd like to thank each and every one of you for your commitment to growth in the year 2009 for it was a year of reckoning, so to speak, a year in which everyone was forced to drop into their hearts, face their fears, confront their illusions, and to search for Faith, Trust, and Love. It was a year in which God began to put His foot down with humanity, and encourage each one of you to evaluate your priorities, discover and return to your core values. It was a year in which growth was not optional.

Each one of you has been courageous this year. Each one of you has done your best to commit to receiving and sharing God's love. We would urge each one of you, as you look back on the year of 2009 to bless and acknowledge yourselves for the growth you have achieved. Sit for a few minutes during your holiday season and take time in self-appreciation, for it is in acknowledging what is good and true inside your own hearts and your own lives, that you amplify God's love and light in the very same. It is in taking inventory to see what is positive, what there is to be grateful for, what you have achieved, that you create more good. It is in acknowledging yourselves, your true loving selves, that you begin to find God's light within you.

Dear ones, in the year of 2010, nurture God's light within you. Be honest about who and what supports you in being a loving and honest person. Pray for the way to move away from situations that do not nurture your true spirit, for God is working with each one of you to help you find your "home" here upon the earth, and home dear ones, may be a place, but more importantly it is a state of mind in which you know you are loved, supported, and surrounded by a community of like mind and heart. In 2010, situations that do not support the truth of you will become less tolerable so please be kind and loving as you make changes in your lives. Acknowledge that all change is a movement towards greater love, greater light, and a greater expression of your being. In 2010 you are being asked to let your light shine rather than dimming it to make the masses more comfortable around you. Your light, your heart, is nothing less than the light of God made manifest upon this earth, and the love of God expressed through each one of you.

We wish each one of you a blessed and joyous New Year as you gravitate towards that which gives you joy and leave behind that which causes you pain. Each one of you is breathed to life by the living God. Each one of you deserves this joy. Each one of you is precious and loved beyond compare.

Happy New Year, dear ones, and happy expanding new you.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Present of Your Presence

In this season of light, look around you. There is light everywhere in your world. Instead of looking for what is wrong, search for what is right. Instead of looking at the doom and the gloom around you, find the simplest things to celebrate. For within the simple pleasures and joys of life - in the simplest gestures of kindness and love - it is there that you discover and share the most magnificent expressions of God's love for all of you.

This season celebrates the birth of a humble child, the burning of a humble lamp, and the humble expressions of God's love rising up from within your hearts and burning brightly for all the world to see.

It is not the presents you buy but the your presence in the world that ultimately is your greatest gift to friends, family, and ultimately back to God. It is your attentive presence in a conversation that gives the gift of healing. It is the presence of a joyful smile that brightens a stranger's day. It is your presence with a child, doing a humble craft, or sharing a humble story that will be one of their brightest memories in times to come. It is the presence of your hand upon another that offers comfort, compassion, and care. Dear ones, the material gifts are wonderful and fun and of course you are all encouraged to share what you feel motivated to do so, but more so, share your hearts, your love, your kindness, your compassion, your gifts and talents, a listening ear, an uplifting word... Share of yourselves, not just during the holiday season but all throughout the year. You all want magic in your lives. Know that you are the the magical presence of love. You are the gifts that you seek. You are the light reaching out and reassuring a weary and waiting world.

Dear ones, unplug your spirits from the bondage of judgment so you can share your love without fear. Untie your hands from the fears of misunderstanding so you can hug a person in need. Release your fears of lack and share from the abundance of love that you feel within your own hearts! Allow your heart the present of an unprecedented level of freedom from fear, and a new sense of joy during this holiday season. Tell others how much they mean to you. Share with them what you see inside of them even if they do not yet see it themselves. Hug as if you mean it. Don't hold back your love for it truly it is within giving that you receive, and in receiving that you give.

You are the light that lit the lamp. You are the manger in which the Christ light is given birth. You are the PRESENCE of God in this world and the very great gift to the same. This season let your love shine brightly and allow yourselves to truly treasure the gift and the presence of those around you, for each and every one of you is a bright and beautiful gift to this world. Each and every one of you is a manifestation of God's love. And how, knowing this, could you do anything other than give thanks for the gift of your own PRESENCE here upon the earth.

We love and treasure each and every one of you, for you are a gift unto us as well.
-- The Angels

Saturday, December 12, 2009

You are the lights of the world

It is indeed interesting that at the darkest time of your year, in the season of winter, when the sun appears to be at its lowest point, you celebrate the very greatest and miraculous lights that have graced your world. This dear ones is such a metaphor for your lives - for in times of darkness you are forced to go within and find the Christ light within yourselves - the light and love of God within you. It is in times of lack, that you find the true abundance within you - the light that never stops burning in the temple of your souls. It is in humble situations that humanity often finds its greatest capacity to love and give to one another. It is in simplicity that you find your greatest abundance. In times of need, your faith draws unto you the miracles you require to keep going in your lives.

Dear ones, darkness and difficult times are nothing to be feared, but rather opportunities for you to turn your hearts to Truth - that you are none other than a brilliant eternal being created in each moment by the very breath and love of God; that you are eternally supported in love; and that it is only the illusions that you are separate from this love that keep you in situations that feel so lonely and unloving. If you could only feel, for but a minute, your connection with your loving creator, all problems would seem so small and insignificant, and you would trust that in the very next breath, even in darkest and most humble of times, your life can be birthed anew in this beautiful love and light of God.

So in this season of winter, when the trees slow the movement of their sap, when the plants withdraw for a much needed rest, and when the animals go within their burrows, so too dear ones, spend time going within your own hearts, and searching for the comfort of God's light. Sit quietly in stillness for a few minutes each day and ask to feel God's love, God's peace, and God's abundance, for all these feelings are available to your right here, right now, in this moment. And when you allow yourself to feel these feelings, no matter what your outer circumstances, you begin to tap into a different stream of reality - one in which your outer life will change and grow better, brighter, more loving, more abundant, and more filled with the grace of God.

You, dear ones, are God's lights in this world. You are the lamps that burn brightly. You are the hope for this world, the inspiration for others, the hands, the eyes, the mouth of God. You are the ones who, through your willingness to receive the Truth of God's love into your lives, can give even more. It is in receiving God's love that you can fill your cup and spill it. It is in giving and sharing of this love, when you are full, that you open to receive more.

We love you so very much dear friends. We hold you in such high esteem. We know this year has been so difficult for so many of you and so joyous for others, and yet no matter where you are in your lives, we see you as nothing less than the incarnation of the living God's love. Know this, pray for it, ask to feel it in your hearts.

For as you receive, we too are filled with greater and greater love, because we, the angels, live to love and live to bring you into the awareness that you are all on earth to do the very same.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

You are the gift

As you enter your season of giving remember, dear ones, you are the true gift to others in your life. It is your light, your love, your willingness to share of your hearts and your talents that are the greatest gifts of all. The Christ child came into the world to bring the light of God, and so did you dear friends. Each one of you aspires to experience the love of God in your life, to become that love, and to share your unique gifts and talents with the world. Each of you is made of the very same light. Each of you is a precious gift from God and back to God. You are all so very unique and so very special.

So as you contemplate the presents you will share with one another this year, give from your heart of hearts. Rather than worrying as much about material giving, consider the gift of kind words, the gift of a hug, the gift of a smile to a stranger that looks as if they are in need of love. Consider giving of your talents - if you sing, give a song; if you bake, share your goodies; if you draw, create a set of greeting cards; if you love to make things, create magical gifts of love. If you love animals, you can walk a friend's puppies. If you love children, you can baby sit. If you are a compassionate listener you can give the gift of a friendly and understanding ear to another. Dear ones, it is the gifts of your heart that are the ones most treasured, most remembered, and most celebrated here upon the earth, for these are the gifts that truly bless you as you give them and bless the receiver with God's love as expressed through you.

Here in the heavens, we have no judgments about material giving. We love to see you share with one another in any form, for the the material world is yours to enjoy. However, many of you have had a hard year financially and are worried about how to create meaningful holidays for one another, so we ask you to remember that the greatest gifts in life are given when you share your heart and soul, your gifts and talents, and the true treasure within your spirit with one another. In these connections, God is found and rediscovered once again in human hearts. These presents, the presents of your Presence, are eternal.

God bless you, your commitment to being the loving souls that you are on this earth is a gift and blessing to us.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

As so many of you celebrated your holiday of Thanksgiving we give thanks for you dear ones, for you are the lights upon the earth. You are the bringers of truth. You are the living emissaries of God's love. We honor you for we know this is no easy task here upon the earth - to remember the truth, that you are born of the living God, that you are made of love, and that you are eternally loved, supported, and cared for. As you continue to dissolve the illusions that you are anything less, your lives will continue to transform.

Never be hard upon yourselves dear ones. Many of you have had a challenging year, and yet in these challenges you are finding great strength, faith, perseverance, and wisdom. Challenges are not indicative of failure, but rather a willingness to learn your lessons upon the earth. The more you surrender to your your hearts in each moment, the less intense the challenges will be.

Give thanks for all you have experienced this year, for within each challenge lie the seeds of a greater tomorrow. Within each difficult situation is an opportunity to drop deeper into your hearts, to own your spiritual power more thoroughly, to find a faith in God's love for you that is even more solid. Dear ones, we love you so much, and in our eyes, none of you ever have or ever will 'fail' in anything. You will simply learn.

Give thanks for everything dear friends - the good, the 'bad', and everything in between - for in each moment of your lives, if you search for what is good you will see it. If you pray to experience God's love you will find it. If you give thanks for yourselves, you will generate a field of wonder in your aura that will continue to attract more and more good.

We give thanks for you, for in each and every moment, we witness your courage, your grace, your love, your compassion, your willingness to seek and find the light in the darkness, and more importantly, to be that very light in the world.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Find God in your eyes

God's love, dear ones, is without condition. This is the love each and every one of you is seeking to feel, to be, and to share with the world.

God's love sees each one of you as perfect, here and now, whether you are beautiful or not, whether you are kind or not, whether you have accomplished miracles or feel like a total failure. God sees each one of you as a already whole and complete, much as He sees the perfectly bloomed rose within each bud, and the mighty oak within each acorn. God knows who you really are. It is simply your job to discover this incredible beauty within, as your soul blossoms with each passing day. God's angels lovingly tend to your heart of hearts, in each and every moment - helping you find the truth within and helping you push through the darker times in your life. The angels are always here, helping you reach for the light that is always present as well.

The more you choose to love yourselves without condition, the more you can experience and feel God's love. If you look for this love outside of yourself, you will never quite find it, for you can only give and receive the love that you allow yourself to feel for yourself first.

Can you look in the mirror, however long it takes you, and find the love of God within your own eyes? Dear ones, if you could do this exercise each day until you see this light you would be in awe of the presence that gives you life! As you look into the mirror, imagine, even if you cannot yet feel it, that it is God's presence looking out from behind your eyes. This light and this love is your truest and deepest self. You are so much more than your body, your thoughts, your circumstances, your finances, your personalities. You are the very breath and creation of God made manifest in human form and it is His love that lives and breathes in each one of you. It is God's presence that makes your heart beat, your lungs breathe, and your human spirit long for truth, beauty, and kindness.

Search for this presence in your eyes every day, if only for a few minutes, and little by little if you do so with a sincere heart, you will begin to have a deep, abiding, and unconditional love for yourself. In this space, you will attract more and more good unto yourselves, and a much kinder experience of life, for you will know your own worth and value.

We love you so very much dear ones, for we understand the true nature of each one of your souls. You are beautiful, magnificent, and powerful, and it is only misunderstanding and fear that cause you to believe you are anything less than deserving of total love, support, kindness, and inspiration from the entirety of God's creation. These things are there for you, all around you, right now. As you see God within your own eyes, you will start to see His light within the eyes of others. You will start to feel His presence everywhere you look. You will come to know that you are never alone, never without love, never without options, resources, and support - for God already loves you more than you can possibly ever imagine.

It does take time and effort to search for find what is and has always been with you. Why not start today? With each breath your life begins anew, and with each choice to search for the light and presence of God within your own soul, you become more radiant, more open to opportunity, and more of who you truly are.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Do not fear your own hearts

Allow yourselves to feel everything deeply, for it is through your feelings that you touch upon your soul's greatest truths. Your emotions are simply messages from the soul - honor them for their wisdom, then allow them to move through you, as you move through life.

So many of you try to avoid your darker feelings and yet, they too point to your soul's truth. Beneath every angry feeling is a passionate desire to create more. Beneath every sadness and disappointment is a longing for sweetness. Beneath every jealousy there is a desire to know you are worthy of what you envy. Beneath every frustration is a soul's desire to seek out a deeper and truer path. Dear ones, your darker spaces contain great light. Dig deep inside yourself and find it. Within feelings of helplessness are the seeds of surrender. Within feelings of desolation you seek out your own very great light. Within feelings of loneliness, you search for God. When you are feeling your darker spaces, dig deep within and find the light of your own soul - these are the areas of deep growth.

When you find yourself in the throes of bliss, gratitude, love, passionate expression, and deep joy, by all means celebrate! Do not dim your light. These are the truths that your soul wishes to share with the world. Allow yourselves to feel and feel deeply. Do not let fear damn up the flow of grace that courses through you in these moments. Celebrate the good feelings and allow yourself to move through life unattached as to whether or not they will be here in the next moment, for the minute you introduce this fear of losing your joys, you are no longer in joy. Simply enjoy your joys dear ones, and share them. Joy is the native state of the soul.

Do not be afraid of your own hearts, dear ones, for within them you find the truth that God wishes to express in the world. Own who you are and how you feel in any given moment. If you are feeling the darker spaces, dig deep to find the light seeking to be expressed. If you are in the light-filled spaces, let yourself shine. Go deeper always, into your own hearts. You can always find greater love, and a greater desire to both give and receive this love.

You are all so beautiful to us. Do not talk yourselves out of being who you are, feeling what you feel, and expressing the very great desire for the love that your souls wish to share with, and receive from, the world.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Find the love beneath it all

In your hearts dear ones there is always light, always joy, always truth. It is only your minds, your conditioning, and your fears, that darken these beautiful spaces of the soul. When you walk in joy and faith, you walk in truth. When you walk in fear, the illusions of the world are making an attempt to possess you. Your loving creator desires to give you all that you need and more. Your loving creator wants you to experience the joys of this reality, the security that comes from knowing all your true needs are met, the delight of connecting with other wonderful experiences and human beings. Your loving creator wants more for you than you would ever dream of asking. God wants nothing less than to allow your soul to blossom in the fullness of its loving expression this lifetime.

When you worry, allow fears of lack, fears of the future, or feelings of separation to possess you, you are truly giving up your God given right to be happy. Look your fears in the face, dear ones. Challenge them. What if they did come true? In the worst of cases, you would handle the situation while God holds your hands and angels guide you. You would learn. You would come out stronger, wiser, more clear on the true nature of God's love. Better yet, if you surrender to each moment, embracing its beauties, giving thanks for its gifts and blessings, then chances are likely you will not even have to face your fears. For in avoiding fears fearfully, you draw them unto you, but in loving each moment, there is no room in your soul for these fears to take root. They cannot grow into reality when planted in a heart that is watered with love and tended with kindness.

When you feel fearful, ask to feel the truth of God's love. Sit, breathe, relax, and receive until you are calm and feeling the truth of this beautiful light inside you once again. When you are fearful for another, use your willpower to stop your worrying and surround them with a beautiful light. When you are afraid about your future, give thanks and praise for you now. Sometimes you do not like where you are in life. That is ok, but there is always, and we repeat, always something to be thankful for and something to life your vibration.

Dear ones, fears are temporary, but the truth of God's love is eternal. This love is what creates you, sustains you, breathes every breath you breathe, and pulses through every beat of your heart. This love will be with you throughout your entire life and after death. There is never a moment when it is not there. There are only times when, as human beings, you allow fears to take control of your minds, possess your spirits, and then dear ones, you are simply wearing a blindfold and cannot see the light. Go within, sit, breathe, relax, receive, and you will find this light once again. Focus upon it. Fill your hearts with gratitude for the beautiful and treasured souls that you truly are and then your lives will begin to reflect the miraculous nature of heaven.

Heaven is and has always been there for you dear ones. Focus upon what is good and true and heaven will reveal is beautiful light in both your hearts and your lives.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Opportunity in challnge

Dear ones, life is short, no matter how long you live it. Your problems, in the grand scheme of eternity, no matter how large they seem at present, will look so very small. And yet your opportunities in any given moment to experience the miracle of being in human form are so very grand. Do not dignify the devil by giving energy to your problems. Instead, focus with gratitude on the miracles all around you.

Focus on what you need to do, pray for guidance for the rest, and trust that God, who knows all your needs as well all your lessons, is in charge. Even when people die, dear friends, they are reunited with their loving creator. And so the worst can be the best. The times of greatest challenge financially can bring the greatest opportunity for families to come together and focus on what is truly of value. The times of greatest challenge with health can be the greatest opportunity to allow others to love you. The times of greatest sadness for another can force you to focus on your own well being. Of course if you willingly embrace your growth, focus on what is of value, allow yourself to both give and receive, and trust that if you honor your own loving expression, then the challenges life presents as lessons need not be so great.

Dear ones, God loves you, more than you can possibly imagine and that is eternal truth. There is no deeper and greater truth. When you learn to have true faith and trust in this, and when you learn to embrace the fact that you cannot, no matter how you feel, ever be disconnected from your loving creator, then your lives will reflect this knowing. In the greatest times of adversity and in the most celebrated joys, embrace this truth. Your lives will become a magnificent expression then, of God's love.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Love is the greatest healer

The world needs your light dear ones. So many of you are so worried about taking care of everyone else and yet the best way you can care for the world and for those you love is to stand in a truth that shines brightly - namely that God loves each and every one of you. If you want to help someone who is suffering, rather than bailing them out as so many of you are apt to do, love them, uplift them, express faith in them, encourage their dreams, be there as a compassionate listener when you can. Far better for you to stand in the light of God's love than to get drawn into the upsets and frustrations of the world. Far better for you to be a shining example of faith in God's abundance rather than to succumb to the darkness and illusion of lack. Far better to embrace this life and this earth as the school that it is, learning your lessons willingly and moving through them quickly, rather than resisting and therefore creating greater struggle.

Life is short dear ones. It is a privilege to be upon the earth. There are so many souls in the heavens wishing to learn in this very prestigious school you call earth. And yet it is, without question, the toughest school in the universe. There is only one lesson, and that is to embrace and trust in the love of God that you are made of. If you can do this, you would all love and respect yourselves. You would be able to allow others to be where they are at, without judgment and comparison. You would relinquish the need to save, fix, argue, and judge, and you would simply be shining examples of this love.

God is working in all lives. Each soul going through challenge is simply being guided to grow in directions that God knows will ultimately assist in their soul's greatest joy. Change is never easy. Loss can be unthinkably hard. And yet dear ones, the greatest flowers grow out of the most composted soil, and the greatest lives often grow out of the greatest challenge.

If you want to truly help another, pray and check in with your own heart. What feels like a joy to do and give, rather than a burden? What words can you use that are loving, compassionate, and acknowledge the others' perspectives as well as your own. It is not your job to educate another if they do not ask for this. It is not your job to assist them unless God puts it in your heart with a joyful desire to do so. God directs all assistance, all true help, and all real solutions. The human ego comes up with the rest.

Instead of worrying about others, be the love of God to the best of your ability. Love and accept others' perspectives, even if they are uncomfortable to you, for they are exactly what that person needs to grow at this time. Do your best to refrain from judging and comparing yourselves for each one of you is beautiful, unique, and precious to God. Each one of you is exactly where you need to be to allow God to work in your lives. Love others through their challenges rather than judging or criticizing them. This does not mean you have to compromise who you are or what you want to do, but you can always find love and prayer in your heart, regardless of the course of action/inaction that you choose.

Love yourself as well through your own challenges rather than judging or criticizing yourselves. Challenge does not indicate failure. It is, rather, simply an intense course of study.

Love is the greatest healer, the most compassionate way to act, and the only true lesson in this school called earth.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ask for real help - you are not alone

Breathe deeply and know that you are all so tenderly loved. God loves all of you dear ones, each and every one without exception. God loves you always and constantly, whether or not you are in a good frame of mind, whether or not you are proud of your life, whether or not you even believe in Him. God understands that every soul is on a quest to dissolve the illusion that they are separate from their source, and so like a loving parent, He waits for your to realize His love within your own heart, and assists you in seeing that spark in others.

Your world, dear ones, is riddled with fears: fears about viruses and fears of vaccines; fears of having too little and fears of being powerful; fears about healthcare; fears about the economy; fears about whether or not you can take care of your children, and the list goes on. Dear ones, stop, breathe, and remember you are loved. God is the source of all health and well being. God is the source of your abundance no matter who gives you the paycheck. God is your greatest caretaker. Your children were His children first and He loves them in a way that is incomprehensible to the human mind.

We are so sad when we see you struggling and trying to solve your life's problems all by yourselves, for God and your angels patiently wait to be enlisted in your service. You cannot order God and tell Him how to manage your life. You can instead drop into your hearts, and find what is already in there, for this is the truth He longs to serve. You can say "Dear God I am exhausted and I need your help in finding fulfilling work." "God I am wits end as to how to support my children. Give me peace in my heart and show me what I can do for them, and where I need to surrender." "God I am afraid that I cannot pay my bills or that I am going to lose my house. Give me peace of mind and heart. If it is your will that I pay them, guide me. If I am to learn by losing something, then help me understand the lessons and go through my changes with grace." "God I so desperately want to create change in my life. Guide me and grant me patience while the changes unfold."

These prayers, dear ones, the prayers that simply admit what is in your heart and ask for assistance, both in changing your outer lives, but also more importantly in learning the lessons within each situation - these prayers are answered in perfect timing. Ordering God about - throwing tantrums, begging, pleading, bargaining - these behaviors, although perfectly human are a different kind of prayer because in a way you are saying, "God I want this but I don't believe you will give it to me and I'm mad. I don't believe you care about me, so I will beg. I don't believe I am worthy of your love and attention, so I will bargain." Not only are these behaviors unnecessary, but in a way they negate the energy you are sending out into the universe. They say, "God fix my life" and in the same breath "I do not believe you will or I am not sure I am worthy." You water down and negate your own prayers with these behaviors. Stand up tall and pray with your whole heart, having confidence that although you may have lessons to learn, God DOES care. You ARE worthy. You will be guided with tenderness and love through the changes you experience if you can embrace the way the universe works.

God is not cruel dear ones. He could come in, and in a heartbeat, fix your lives, and yet He does not always do this because earth is a school. When you are at home in heaven, things are different. But how much would a child learn if the parent sheltered them, prevented them from ever experiencing hardship, paved their path with gold, did their homework, and didn't allow them to develop their own strength? Behaviors like this enable dependency and prevent one from finding their own strength, talents, and skills. Behaviors like this are not what God is all about. God is about helping you find HIS divine light within your own hearts - helping you learn that you are are not dependent children, but rather magnificent beings, made in His image and likeness.

There are times when you will experience deep challenge. There are times of loss, fear, and sometimes even suffering. But you can weather these times ever more gracefully if you stand up tall, ask to be shown the lessons, ask for what you truly want, and ask for the grace to know when to act and what to do. Then surrender, wait for guidance, and act when the inspirations occur. In this way you create a dance with God that acknowledges HIs true nature and serves in assisting you back into the flow of Divine Grace.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mother earth's tender care

Allow yourselves to breathe deeply and relax dear ones. There is so much impatience, and so much fear running rampant these days. If you are not impatient and fearful, thank the heavens, but others are, and you have to deal with them. When you must do so, do so with great care for they are in need of love.

When you are around others who are all worked up, rather than stepping into their chaotic energy, breathe deeply, remember God is with you, and ask them to slow down and breathe as well. It is ok to say to someone in a soothing and caring voice, "You seem so stressed right now. Breathe, I am listening." This simple show of care often helps another realize that they are not alone, that they are cared for, that someone understands their situation.

If you are in a fearful or impatient state, slow down, sit still, breathe. So many of you feel so alone, and yet God gave you everything on this earth that you need to comfort you, to reassure you, and to relax you. Sit on the ground, and feel the nurturing presence of mother earth herself. She gives you life. She feeds you. She sustains the oxygen you breathe. Sit quietly upon the earth and imagine you can connect with her. Say to her in your heart, "Mother earth, it is me, one of your children. I am scared. I am stressed. I am impatient. I need a hug right now." And then shut your eyes and allow her energy to reach up around you, blanket you, and comfort you. Earth has a living consciousness that is aware of each and every one of you, much as your body is aware of each and every cell that comprises its totality. She appreciates your care and concern. She celebrates your desires to be 'greener' and take better care of her physical presence, but like a good mother, she wishes to GIVE to you, to comfort you, and to love you. And all she asks in return is that you receive with gratitude and treat her other children with respect.

Sit quietly upon your earth. Feel her love and comfort. It is this grounding that you are seeking now as the energies of your planet continue to amplify. Earth will absorb your pain and, with simply a little gratitude on your part, she will transmute it to love. When you are upset turn your palms to the ground and breathe, and with each exhale release the energy into the earth. Cry in your mother's arms when you are sad. Give her your concerns. And do not forget to thank her for all she does, for mother earth has allowed humanity for centuries to take her for granted, to fight upon her, to violate one another and her very body. All she wants, like any mother, is for her children to receive her love, and to get along better with one another.

Receive dear ones. You are all in need of comfort, grounding, and feeling supported right now. The earth under your feet is always willing to share this with you. She wants you to see her beauty which reflects your own. She wants you to taste her bounty. She wants you to know the abundance of God's love as it is given to you through the richness of her creation. This is according to God's grand design. You are never without love from the heavens, and you are always able to tap into God's great love through the love of his creation - your dear Mother Earth.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Release yourself from worry

So many of you have been taught that to worry is to care, to obsess over things is to be 'responsible,' to save and fix others is a display of compassion, and yet, there are higher ways to care, more truthful ways to be responsible, and ultimately more loving ways to show compassion.

When you worry, you are simply spinning your wheels and projecting negative energy out into the universe. You are focusing upon what you do not want to happen and therefore sending out a magnetic, although thankfully weak, signal to attract it. Your positive thoughts carry so much greater sway in your life. So instead of worrying, when you catch yourself worrying, stop, breathe, and take time to think -what is is I DO want to see happening in my future? You worry about not being able to pay the bills, for examples. Many of you waste so much of your precious life in this frame of mind, and yet how much more productive it is to simply do what you know to do and say a quick prayer, "Dear God who takes care of all things, the birds in the sky, the grasses, the flowers, indeed the entire universe, you know I have a bill to pay here and I am not sure how I am going to do it. Please guide me, provide me with resources, and allow me to learn any lessons I need to learn with grace and ease. Thank you. Amen." Then, dear ones go about your day giving thanks for the abundance you have and replacing every worrisome thought with a feeling of peace. Imagine that peace if you must, but rather that than imagining dismal circumstances.

Suppose you worry about a child of yours. Instead of worry focus on seeing them happy, purposeful, feeling loved. When you look at them, look at them as if there is success inside of them and speak this way. In this fashion you contribute towards their confidence and well being rather than their lack of self esteem. We are not suggesting you put up with or enable bad behaviors. You can indeed put your foot down there, but do so with love, and with a suggestion that you see more in them than what they are currently displaying.

When you obsess and worry about whether or not you are doing everything in your power to make a goal happen, well dear ones, you aren't giving God, your loving creator enough credit. Rather than anxiously spinning your wheels, sit, breathe, pray... "Dear God, I have done everything I know to do to achieve this goal. Let me know what is next when you feel it is right timing. Thank you." Then go about your day, enjoy your life and wait for further guidance.

When you have an urge to save or fix someone, go within, pray. "Dear God, I want to help my friend/family member/etc. I want to help them out of their unpleasant circumstance. Guide me and let me know how I may truly be of service. If you want me to share resources with them, make my cup full enough to do so and let me do it with a glad heart. If you want me to share time with them, give me the time and make it enjoyable for both of us. If you want me to share advice, guide the words I speak. And if you want me to withdraw and allow them to learn, then please make it obvious to me that no other assistance is asked of me." Then dear ones, check in with your heart and see what feels uplifting, pleasant, and enjoyable to do. When you give from love you give according to God's dictates.

When you release yourself from worries, from false obligations, from obsessing, you allow God to work in your life. You allow God to guide you with grace and ease. You allow your life to move according in coordination with the entire universe. You stop acting independently and become part of a bigger picture - one in which you and your needs count, and one in which you are loved, cared for, and guided.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love and tolerance

While you are upon this earth we ask you to practice love and tolerance for beliefs different than your own. By all means, stand in your own sacred center and only allow those behaviors that are right for you into your own life, but please refrain from judging others. Each person upon this earth, no matter, how hateful or how loving is on a quest for love... whether they are aware of it consciously, or completely ignorant of the fact.

When you disagree with someone, that is fine. You were not all meant to agree with one another. Think how boring your earth would be if there were only one kind of tree, only one kind of flower, only one scent, and only a limited range of sound. It is the very differences, the exquisite variety, that makes your planet, and indeed your human race unlike any other. You were never meant to be alike, worship alike, dress alike, look alike, or think alike. You were instead meant to form a beautiful kaleidoscope of of being-ness that in total is created in God's image and likeness. Even the dark serves a purpose to define the light. You could not easily see a candle flame in the light of the sun, could you? But you can make it out quite clearly in a darkened room. And so even the souls whose behaviors are sadly dark serve a purpose for they help you see, by contrast, your light, your goodness, and your love. Bless them for this role, set clear boundaries, or let them be and move away from them. Refrain from judgment dear ones, for each soul is truly doing the best they can in the moment - certainly not the best they are truly capable of in potential, but the best they can in each moment.

By avoiding judgment you free yourselves up. Rather than having to spend copious amounts of time and energy in defense of your perspective, or teaching another, you simply own what is true for you, express it if need be, and release whether or not the other changes, understands, or even likes what you say. You then, in response, can make healthy choices, because you have communicated and received a response. You now know where you stand. You now know where the other person stands. You can make a new choice. You can express your heart even more. You are creating real movement by embracing this level of honesty and non-detachment.

By contrast, arm-twisting, manipulation, coercion, or any attempt to 'make' another soul grow or change is a waste of your precious, loving, time and energy. Offer your gifts of wisdom but if the other does not wish to hear them or make use of the, let it be. They will grow in their own time.

You are all here for the very same reason dear friends - to learn that you are indeed children of God, born of His love, breathing by His will, and striving to clear yourselves of the illusions that you are anything less. Some of you are more conscious of this than others. Do not judge the unconscious ones for they are most in need of your prayers, and your love.

Love does not dictate that you must remain around or give in to these hurting souls, but rather love asks that you be as compassionate and kind as possible - no matter what your choices. You can love and set firm boundaries. You can love and walk away. You can love and ask permission to share your point of view. Love acknowledges the soul within and chooses wisely which behaviors you will support and which you will choose to withdraw from. Love walks hand in hand with truth, clarity, wisdom, and discernment. If you need help finding the healthy way to love an unhealthy person - be it talking with them or walking away from them, pray for help - these prayers are held in high esteem and always answered in their proper time.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

All movement is towards love

Dear ones, remember all movements are movements towards love. Even the souls on this earth who seem most difficult in your lives are trying to express themselves, trying to find validity in their own beliefs and in their own existence, and trying to be of value. It is the ones who feel that their beliefs are not valid, and who feel that there is no value in their existence who create the greatest chaos in your world. These souls are most in need of your love.

Giving love to a difficult soul does not mean you have to spend time around them, agree with them, or even subscribe to their behaviors. Nor does it mean you have to educate or correct them. Loving a soul simply means that you recognize that the light of God exists in their heart as well and that there is value to them as a person whether or not they are choosing to express a loving truth. Loving a soul means recognizing that everyone, without exception, is here to discover the light of God within them, and everyone has purpose. Everyone deserves your love and your prayers, whether you agree with them or not.

However, you must choose to love yourself first if you are going to be truly able to give this spiritual love to another soul. You must be able to speak your truth with the understanding that your perspective is valid and real to you - we are not speaking about telling other souls how they should behave, but rather expressing your own perspectives and feelings here. You have a right to feel how you feel. You have a right to be the loving soul that you truly are. You have a right to set firm boundaries and to walk away from unloving and unkind behavior. If you acknowledge your own right to move towards loving and kind behavior and away from that which is not, then you will allow others to be who they choose to be. You will simply withdraw from negative souls, or if you must spend time around them, you will choose to be in a loving space and refuse to take on their negativity. After all - their negativity is their own - it is not yours to solve or fix. You can say to a negative soul, "I can see how you feel that way," without ever agreeing with their perspective. You can acknowledge without agreeing. You can even remain silent. In this fashion, you honor their right to be by maintaining your own.

Just as water in a stream moves around the unmoving boulders, you too can move around those who choose not to budge or to be unyielding to your love. You can choose to remain silent when those around you gossip or speak in unkind ways because silence is a powerful message. The rocks along the canyon walls shape the river - so too the unmoving souls help you find your own heart and the movement and growth that you seek in life.

It is a time on earth of sorting and clarification. You are becoming clear on who you are, and the heavens simply ask that as you do this, you allow others to become clear on who they are. The miserable will seek out company of like mind and the joyous and trusting will seek out their own company as well. Allow others to be who they are. Allow yourself to be who you are. All is a movement towards greater love and a greater discovery of the loving soul inside this person you have chosen to be.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Choices and perceptions

Life, dear ones, is just being life. Others are simply being the best they can be in any given moment. It is the way you choose to look at life, and the way you choose to move through it will determine the quality of your experience. You choices determine who you will be around and your perceptions determine how you will interpret their behaviors. In these final days of summer you are taking stock of the harvest of your previous choices and perceptions.

One person can look at a cloudy day, sigh and choose to be miserable, while another is overjoyed. One person can look at a challenge as an opportunity to learn, while another feels victimized. One person can see a grumpy co-worker as an adversary, while another simply sees a soul in need of love.

You DO create your own destiny through your choices and perceptions, but we need to clear up a metaphysical myth here - you do not create the actions of life and others around you. It is your choices that determine who will be in your path, and your perceptions that guide you to see cause and effect, and to learn and grow.

If you are in a situation you do not like, choose not to beat yourself up. Do not blame yourself or blame others because blame is wasted energy. Blame robs you of energy that you can be using to change your life. Blame blinds you to better choices, makes it hard to hear your own guidance, and robs you of opportunity. Blame dear ones, is a distraction from real growth. Instead, bless the mess, stop, breathe and ask yourself, "What is it I want for me next?" Then admit this to yourselves, ask God for help, and begin to act and think consistent with this new intention. You will receive guidance in perfect timing to assist you.

"But I can't change my co-workers," you say. That is true. However you can change your reaction to them. Instead of feeling insecure or grumbling when you see them coming, you can greet them with a cheery hello. They will either respond differently or avoid you (both good options!). You can choose to keep your conversations with them short, polite, and professional, thus setting healthy energetic boundaries. You can choose to bring them a cookie to share because their inner child is sadly in need of love. All these choices, dear ones, are changes you make inside of yourself first. They may or may not change the other, but they will make you feel better. And they will send a signal out to the universe that says, "I am a loving person with a healthy respect for myself and others." This signal will draw unto you more kind souls in the future.

"But I don't know where to find more money," you say. That may be true. However you can focus on gratitude first. You can look at hobbies and interests and see where you can exchange your talents or use them to create income on the side. So many of you stop yourselves before you even try. So what if there are thousands of cookies generated in factories every year. Maybe your co-workers would prefer to buy your homemade ones for a $1 each. So what if there are a million energy workers. Maybe your circle of friends doesn't know any they can trust, and doesn't know you do this. Your talents, when hidden, do not serve you or the world. Change yourself, be willing to share what you love and do for the joy of it, and receive in return. Thus you begin to turn your finances around. If you are unwilling to make small choices on your own behalf, the universe cannot take your intentions seriously. If you make even the smallest effort, with joy, then the universe says, "Ah, this soul cares about themselves and the things that give them joy - let me help!"

Dear ones, use your power of choice to choose things that make your heart sing, or at least fulfill your intentions. Use your powers of perception to look for the good, to see love, and at times to even acknowledge the darkness so you can move away from it. See what is truly there, and then focus elsewhere if all you can see is darkness. We are not asking you to sugar coat your perceptions, but rather to turn away from what does not work and to choose to focus on what does. Little by little you will steer yourselves into a much happier and more joyful life.

And if you already have made choices consistent with your hearts; if you are already focusing your sights toward the light, do so unabashedly and be a beacon unto others! You are the inspiration and living in the truth!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Be easy on yourself!

Everything is in motion once again and so many of you who have been waiting for life to change will be encouraged over the next few months as new ideas and inspirations come your way. Even your mother earth is going through huge changes. Be gentle with yourselves! Old feelings that get in the way of you trusting God and having what you want in life are coming to the surface. You are the ones who are aware of these changes, and know to just sit, breathe, and be with whatever comes up. Send these fears and feelings of yours great love for they are parts of you in need of healing and transformation.

There are so many on your planet who do not understand the effects of this intense energy. They may seem to be irrational or unreasonable. They may seem to take out their emotions on others. Forgive them dear ones, talk to them or get out of their way if need be, but try not to get drawn into their upset, their sadness, their fears. The time to suffer with the suffering is over. Misery loves company but you need not choose to be that company. You can instead, stand on higher ground, in higher truth and offer love and wisdom, and a hand outstretched when they are ready to truly receive the assistance.

If you are one of the joyous ones, it is not callous to refuse to empath with or step into the suffering of others. Offer them love from this space of joy. Inspire them. Give them the deep and lasting spiritual tools to help them up. And if they do not want real solutions, but rather superficial ones, lovingly refuse to enable them. You will know in your heart of hearts if you are truly following God's dictates to give and share or if you are doing something out of a false sense of responsibility. Gifts given as dictated by God are given with joy and a feeling of having abundance to share. Gifts given out of your own ego's feelings of "should" and "need to please" often feel like a burden or feel as if they create lack in your own life. In God's world there is enough love, enough money, enough joy for all. God does not ask you to sacrifice your own well being for another. God asks you to give out of the fullness of your being.

If you are facing challenges, or are depressed and feeling miserable yourself, be easy on yourself - you are truly seeking solutions - you are reading our letter here, receiving our love in the form of words and advice, and you can sit, breathe, and ask God and your angels to come inside your heart and to help you find the truth of your being - that you are worthy of love, worthy of change, worthy of assistance. We will help you reveal those hidden parts of your soul that do not believe this and get in the way and we will help you heal them so you can move forward into greater abundance and joy.

Dear ones, we love you. God loves you. God does not ask you to suffer. No matter what challenges you face, you can choose to embrace them with trust, love, and faith that there is a reason. If God gives you a task or a challenge, it is done out of great love with the goal being to help you uncover what stops you from truly feeling the truth of your being, and to guide you into what truly honors that light.

It is not a time on earth for superficial fixes to life's challenges. It is not a time on earth to escape true growth. It is, instead, a grand and glorious time - a time of opportunity, growth, and greater ability to exist in the truth of God's love. Ask us for help and give us permission to work with you. We are always with you.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Time for change

Understand it is a time of great movement and change once again on your planet, but as many of you are learning, this movement must occur from the depths of your spirit before it can take place in the outer world. If you are feeling stuck or without direction, go within yourself and ask yourself, "Who inside of me needs to be healed in order for me to create movement?" Dig deep inside of yourself, ask the question and wait until a part inside of you that can help you create change is revealed. Then negotiate with this part as if you are working out a deal with another person.

Some of you will find that you fear change. Comfort the child within and reassure him or her that you are intending only positive, graceful, and joyful life changes. Reassure this fearful part of your soul that you are adult now and can respond to life in a healthy manner. Imagine you can send the fearful part of your soul into the light to enjoy all the comforts and love he or she deserves

Suppose you find a part of you that does not trust God and what He wants for your life. Comfort this part. Let it know that its notions of God are not true - that God is a loving God who wants the best for you and wants to create joyful surprises in your life. Let this part know that past pains were attracted to you as lessons but now you choose to grow through joy

Suppose you find a part of your soul that hasn't admitted what it truly wants. You think you want more work or more money but a part of you wants rest, travel, or love. Admit this to yourself and God and create the movement in your own heart first.

Mother earth is teaching you now about movement. She is quaking, moving deep within her depths and bringing change to the surface. So too, you are all being asked to dive deep within your own hearts, do the soul searching, ask what it is you want to create in your life, admit it to yourselves and God, and then to wait for the movement in the outer world that is sure to follow.

Your spirits, dear friends, direct the course of your lives. They are slowed or stopped only by the pieces within that live in fear or impatience, and do not trust God, or the pieces within you that remain unhealed and do not know they are deserving of this love. Start creating your lives from the inside out and watch them transform as if by magic.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Be present

Take a breath, even in your most challenging moments, and remember who you are. No matter what is occurring you are eternal souls. No matter what challenges you face, you are connected to the source of all life, and all abundance. No matter what pains you feel, these are simply areas where you don't remember God's love. No matter what dear ones, you will end up in the loving arms of your creator once you learn to accept this truth.

There are times when it seems life is unbearably challenging. There are times when life is overwhelming. There are time when you are not sure how you will handle all the things you must accomplish. Dear ones, when you find yourself in one of these moments, breathe, relax, talk to God and invite Him into even the most difficult spaces in your lives. Then ask yourself, what must I deal with right now, in this moment. Being present, you are more effective, more attuned to guidance, more able to deal with the task at hand.

There are times when your life is unbelievably beautiful and joyful. There are times when you don't know how you have managed to create such bliss. These are the times to sit, breathe, and thank God for the blessings. Invite God to continue giving His gifts to you, and don't let your mind wander out to the future and wonder how long or if the joy will last. Accept it, receive it, breathe it in. Be one with it now.

Living in the present is the only way you can ever truly 'deal with' or 'enjoy' life. Allowing your mind to wander to the past, except to harvest its lessons, is a waste of time. Allowing your mind to wander to the future, except to intend the next creation, is also a way of distracting yourself from the moment. Whether you are in challenge or in joy, the moment you have now is the one to embrace. You will more quickly deal with your challenges, and more deeply enjoy your joys.

Be present. That is where the present of God's love is found most fully.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

You are in the right place

Trust God dear ones. You are always in the right place at the right time. Rather than stressing out trying to control life around you, allow yourselves to flow through it. And by all means ask us for help. If you are having a difficult day, stop, breathe, and ask yourself, "What is it I want to create right now?" Maybe you need peace, faith, trust, or just a comforting hug from your angels. Stop and breathe and ask for this in the first moment you can. One moment of changing your mind - one moment of remembering your awesome power to create in this vibrational universe - can shift the course of your day, and indeed even the course of your lives.

If you are having a wonderful time, rather than fretting about whether or not it will last, or whether or not it is 'ok' to have life going so well, accept it and give thanks and praise. Tell yourself this is your 'new normal' - the way you would like your life to be. And if you hit a hitch, don't assume all is falling apart.

Life is just being life. You can flow through it ever so much more smoothly if you assume you are loved, cared for, and supported by God and your angels.

Dear ones, allow yourselves to flow through life, one moment at a time, guided by your heart of hearts. In this fashion God's love is allowed to flow to you, through you, and from you out towards life. The echo back will be amazing if you choose to perceive yourself through the eyes of love.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Be kind to your bodies

Treat your bodies well dear ones, for they are the vehicles, the classroom, and the manifestation of your spirit in human form. So many of you take better care of your cars, your houses, or your possessions than your own body. Your body, luckily is very forgiving. Your body does not require 'special' diets, products, or treatments, other than what it dictates. If you begin to develop a relationship with your body, it will tell you what it requires for its greatest health and well being.

To try to reshape and control the body is fine, but do so with love, gentleness, and a willingness to listen to the body's desires as well. If you want to lose weight, don't criticize the body. Instead become quiet in your mind and heart and see what 'weight' your soul is carrying first. Are you taking on the weight of the world? Are you bearing a burden of unforgiveness, or sadness. Handle the emotional and spiritual weights first, then thank your body for bringing this to your attention and ask it to guide you in releasing what it is you want to release. You may just be surprised that when you treat your body as your best friend, it begins to respond in kind.

To heal your body go within and ask it what it is trying to teach you. Your body is not your adversary. It will suffer all manner of ills to help you learn a lesson. And while it is true that genetics, environmental factors, and substances here upon your planet earth, in a physical sense can certainly contribute to and trigger illness, there are also and always spiritual factors to take into account. Why is it one person gets sick in the office while another remains well? You can blame the genetics or the immune system, and while that is true on one level you can also see that maybe this person never rests unless they are sick, or maybe they were raised to believe they are prone to illness. Maybe they get positive attention at home when ill. Maybe it is the only time a giving soul allows themselves to receive. There are so many reasons one's body can get off balance. Rather than judging or guessing, ask your body to help you understand its messages.

In this fashion you can love an illness to death. You can, along with conventional medical treatments, give gratitude to a cancer for the lessons it is bringing and thereby heal the spiritual component of the illness. When your tummy aches, you can ask what you have trouble stomaching in the rest of your life. If your feet hurt, are there fears of standing tall, or putting your foot down. These are simply excamples dear friends - we would rather that you talk to your own bodies to learn from their wisdom.

There are some people upon the planet earth who are not meant to physically heal from their ills. Their soul set up lessons to be learned and lessons to be shared with others via these conditions. And yet by surrendering to the condition, these souls often become very powerful teachers for others - they teach love, compassion, gratitude, acceptance, and are often angels of grace. It is so very important never to judge oneself or another, but rather only to understand the relationship between your body and your soul.

Above all, dear friends, stop criticizing yourselves. You are all so very beautiful to us. Whether you are tiny or large, whether your complexion is smooth or mottled, whether you are a star athlete or a crippled person, you are all gorgeous beyond compare. If you could see the souls living in these bodies as we do, you would never ever again judge a book by its cover, and you wouldn't think to critisize the housing for your own beautiful soul. By all means, enjoy your bodies dear friends, treat them well, develop a friendship with them, and listen to their wisdom.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Relax. Breathe. All is well. No matter what is going on in your lives, you are so dearly loved. You could handle anything, learn any lesson, and walk in indescribable faith if only you knew and experienced how deeply and dearly you are loved. Take a minute right now, and shut your eyes and ask God to help you experience His love permeating your en tired body, mind, and spirit. Relax, breathe slowly and deeply, and simply wait like a child who is expecting to be picked up and held close.

Do this exercise every day, for even a few minutes a day. Pray sincerely to experience God's love in your life. Pray this way without condition and without expectation. Simply ask to experience God's love in every aspect of your life. Breathe deeply. Draw in the energy of the Divine that is all around you.

The truth, dear ones, is that God's love is what you are made of. God's love gives you life. God's love creates every cell in your body, makes your heart beat, your lungs breathe, and your eyes open in the morning. God's love puts food on your tables, and a roof over your head. And sometimes God's love takes things away or makes them a bit of a stretch so you can grow and reach for this light, and strive to seek it out within you.

If you truly open to experiencing God's love in your hearts and in your lives, then you will never feel left alone to deal with life's challenges. You will say, "Ah I'm simply experiencing a lesson, but You are here with me, in me, flowing through me God, and with You all things are possible." Instead of throwing tantrums like a child that simply doesn't understand that he can't have the cookie because a feast is coming soon, you will realize that even when life doesn't go the way you had planned it to go, God has better plans. Even when life doesn't look the way you want it to look, God is working behind the scenes. Even when people do not act the way you wish they would act, God is working patiently like a gardner, tilling the soils of their hearts until they are ready to admit and experience His love as well.

God is your partner, your best friend, your source and supply, the one who whispers words of wisdom in your minds, and puts beautiful loving ideas into your hearts. God is the one dear ones who gives you life. Can you comprehend the love that makes your earth stay in revolution around the sun, and your sun revolve around the galaxy? This is the same

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Give thanks

Upon awakening give thanks for the gift of life and the gift of another day. Give thanks for the very great blessing of being spirit in human form. Give thanks for your bodies, your houses, the food upon your table, and the people in your lives. Ask God each morning to fill you day with grace and to pave your path with His love. Starting your day out in this fashion, consciously, and with the intent to align with Divine grace will bring you a smoother existence, for you are enlisting the help of the entire universe when you pray with a sincere heart, and you are drawing beautiful experiences to you with the beautiful vibration of your gratitude.

Throughout the day if you feel off balance, take a few deep breaths and remember to give thanks for what is good in your lives, and to ask to be aligned with God's grace. In this manner you will stay the course, aligned with God, aligned with love, and able to reside in a vibration that attracts good into your lives.

The world has a great deal of fear, misery, and pain right now. Many would like you to keep them company in their fear, but far better, dear friends, to inspire them with your truth - the joy of being alive, gratitude for all that is given, and a heart aligned with God. The world needs you. Not only will you uplift your own life and your own spirit, but you will uplift the hearts of those willing to step into a kinder reality with you.

You are the lights in the world. You are God's hands, eyes, and mouths. It is your kindness that heals hearts, your reassurance that calms fears, and your willingness to embrace joy that dissipates the sadness on your planet. You can be in the world, but not of it. You can have a magnificent life, aligned with God, even when so many would say you should live in fear. You can rest and play even when others feel you should struggle. You can choose truth, light, love, and inspiration

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Freedom to be who you are

As many of you celebrate your Independence day, we remind you that the greatest freedom of all is the freedom to be who you really are. Your souls are always free dear ones, and the only thing that imprisons you are old ways of thinking, old beliefs, and old habits.

You sometimes feel trapped by life circumstances, but in truth it is the way you perceive them and the choices you make as a result that create the trap. What if you were able to live according to spiritual truth? Then, by choosing to perceive your situation with gratitude and an open heart and mind, you will begin to change the very circumstances that seem to bind you. Remove the chains of fear and you will find glorious opportunities and you will open up the flow of the universe which is always able to meet your needs.

You are and always have been free. There is never a person or a circumstance that can rob you of your eternal soul. Even those who choose to believe that their power to kill gives them power are stuck in illusion because when they reach the other side they will come face to face with those they though they eradicated. You cannot kill a soul. You cannot kill an idea. You can only love and serve by example, and raise your own consciousness. In this fashion, ideas evolve, old beliefs are laid by the wayside and replaced with newer and better ones.

By all means dear ones, celebrate your freedom, not only in your outer world, but the freedom to be the bright, beautiful, loving souls that you truly are.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Open to the flow

Understand that humanity is in a time of tremendous growth and change. You are all learning to surrender more and to trust that God reveals Himself to each one of you in the murmurings of your own hearts. Rather than worrying about life, worrying about survival, worrying about bills, turn your sights to things more productive - like being a loving human being, a kind human being, a light amidst the darkness.

When you feel the most lack, give a little of your talents and you will open up new avenues of income. When you feel the most lonely, reach out to someone in need, unclog the energetic 'pipes' of the heart and you will experience the love of God that flows through you to the one you've embraced. When you feel the most fear, comfort another and in doing so you will find peace.

The energies of God flow to you, through you, and from you out into the world. You must be willing to receive and willing to share in order to truly experience the flow of grace in your life. Share who you are with the world. We are not asking you to share anything you don't have, dear ones, but your love is free. Your resources flow more smoothly when they are not hoarded. Your words of kindness don't cost a cent and yet they are priceless gifts you share with one another. This is the feeling of abundance you seek - the ability to share love with the world, share your talents and your gifts with the world, and to know that they exist within you in unlimited stores.

This feeling of richness, is truly what magnetizes all you need back into your life. You can't fake it. You can't pretend to feel it. You must embrace that there is love to give within you. There are words of kindness to share. There are talents to be expressed. In doing so you won't have to strive to feel abundant because you will come to know that you already are.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rest and recreation

God supports you dear ones. Even when you don't know how to achieve a goal, God does. Even when you don't know how to pay a bill, God does. Even when you don't know how to protect your children, God already knows they are His first.

All the answers, all the guidance lie within. However, there are times when you will not receive guidance and rather than driving yourselves crazy with worry, sit quietly and instead ask a different question. "God, I am not receiving guidance towards my prayers and my goals. Is there anything you want me to do today or is it in your hands?" Ask this dear ones. If you receive no answer, then trust that today God is handling your prayers.

So many of you worry so much about missing your guidance, but if you pray with sincerity, listen in silence, and honor your hearts, you won't miss any of the messages that God intends for you. God, dear ones, has ways of making sure you will get His messages. The question is never whether or not you will receive the message. The question is whether or not you will listen. If the answer to your question, "God what should I do today to further my prayers?" is nothing - silence - then dear ones, there is nothing you need to be concerned about today.

Instead, take time in your spare time to relax and refill your spirit. Time for relaxation, play, and recreation is absolutely necessary. Recreation dear ones, allows RE-Creation to occur.

When you allow yourselves the time to refresh and replenish your spirit you are in the present, less worried, and more aligned with the higher vibrations of peace and joy. When you allow yourselves recreation you are, in a sense, getting your worry out of the way and allowing God to solve the problems in your lives. You are surrendering to your hearts. You are surrendering to joy. You are surrendering to the natural childlike qualities of innocence, trust, and adventure. You are opening to life.

Recreation and rest, dear friends, need not occur on a faraway beach, and they need not involve expensive toys. You did not require more than your imaginations to play and enliven your spirit as a child. You can sit on your couch or lie in your bed and travel with your imagination to faraway places. You can daydream of the adventures you wish to live out some day. You can spin fantastic fantasies while talking with friends.

Recreation, whether real or imagined, is priceless to the soul. It is the time in which you allow your minds to rest, your hearts to be filled, and God to work His magic in your lives.

Earth needs your peace. Earth needs your joy. Earth needs you to fill your spirit so you can help others up rather than being mired down in the worlds fears. Far from being a waste of time, recreation is to your spirit the same as putting gas in your vehicles. Fill your souls dear ones, then spill this joy over into a world that needs to imagine a greater way of being.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Challenges are occasions to grow

Breathe and know that although life often presents unexpected challenges, these are simply occasions to grow. As human beings you have a tendency to think you have done something wrong when life isn't working as you please, or perhaps someone else has wronged you. While you may perceive this to be true at one level of awareness, in the greater scheme of things life is just being life. You are being the best you can be in any given moment, and believe it or not, so is everyone else. We are not saying you are all being the best you can potentially be, but you are being the best you that you can access in any given moment.

When life is not going the way you would wish it, resist the urge to beat yourself up, or to assign blame to another, for this is pointless and simply creates more chaos. Rather, bless the mess and acknowledge the moment. Sit and breathe slowly and deeply. Ask the angels to help you access a peaceful vibration once again, and then get on in the very next moment with life. We understand this is not always easy, and yet this will help you avoid creating further chaos and drama when something does not go as planned. This will enable you to learn the lesson, receive your guidance on the next best step, and proceed with a happier existence. In other words, "Don't let the devil get you down," and when we speak this way we refer to the energies inside of each of you that would fall into the illusions of separation, chaos, and drama.

God loves you dear ones, no matter what. If you can choose to love yourselves and have compassion for others, even the bumps in life will pass by you very quickly and you will find yourselves once again on a peaceful pathway.

The greatest gift is you

The greatest gift you can give the earth dear friends is your authentic expression. Do not judge your inner reactions to people, situations, opportunities, etc. because these give clues to the truth God has planted in your hearts. Honor this truth impeccably and your life will flow with greater ease. Suppose you are in a job that you can't stand. You feel grateful to have a job and yet you want a new one. This is your truth. Now you know how to pray, "Dear God I am grateful for my income but I would like a new job that not only pays the bills but honors my spirit as well. Make any changes necessary be easy and graceful according to your will."

So many of you have been raised to think you can have this or that, one thing or the other, but God dear ones, has elegant solutions to all your problems - solutions that satisfy all the deep and true desires of your heart. Suppose you want a relationship to work but the other person doesn't want to work with you. You really wish you could work things out with this particular individual but you also want a kinder existence. Start there. This is your truth. Pray, "Dear God, I want this relationship to be healed and if it cannot be for any reason gently guide me to the love I seek. Do so in a manner that is loving and kind with perfect timing for all involved."

This year more than ever before it is important to deal with not only the realities in front of you but to also acknowledge the entirety of the reality in your heart. So many times you want something that simply isn't happening and so you remain stuck - you want a job that honors your spirit and yet your coworkers aren't changing, so you do nothing except slip into negativity and despair. A simple prayer and intention that either the job change or you be allowed to change in a graceful manner will acknowledge your truth and set the universal laws in motion.

Acknowledge your hearts dear ones. Don't lie to yourselves. Don't say something is acceptable when it is not. YES, you are in a situation for now, for a reason. You are learning to love without condition. You are learning to see the bright souls even within the densest of behaviors. And yet, this year more than ever before, it is important to start with love and acknowledgment for the truth that is planted in your own hearts. Suppose your prayers are answered with a new job opportunity. You leave your present situation and all of the sudden the unappreciative boss and coworkers must do the work that you used to do. Now they are blessed with the lessons of greater compassion and understanding.

Suppose you want a long term relationship but it becomes apparent that the person you are dating is not the one for you. Yet you enjoy their company and don't want to be alone every weekend. What do you do? You become honest dear ones. You say to this soul, "I enjoy your company very much and would like to continue to see you when you have time, and yet I am feeling that this is not destined for marriage, and I simply want to be honest with you. I am going to open my heart to others and give you permission to do the same." And then, dear ones, you trust God.

The only reason you are not impeccably honest with yourselves and others is because you do not yet truly understand the magnitude of God's love for you. When you do what is right for yourself, by asking God to help you in creating what is truly in your heart, God will always serve the good of all souls involved. God loves all equally dear ones. Your deep and true desires are your clues as to where in the great universal flow God wishes you to aim your spirit.

Trust this dear ones. Trust God. Do your part. Do what you know to do when you are creating change. But then when you do not know what is next, surrender, wait, be patient, and trust that the next step will be revealed. It always will - in perfect timing.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Relax and enjoy life now

Relax! There is nothing to worry about. God is with you at all times. When life does not appear to be moving as you wish it would, stop, breathe, relax, and ask God what he wants you to do. Wait until you receive an answer. The answer might surprise you. "Rest my child. Seek out a friend. Start a hobby. Open your mouth and talk with a stranger. Go have a drink of water. Organize your closet. Nap..." It is important to listen to this inner voice and trust it. Don't worry about why you are receiving the guidance you are, just ask yourself if it feels right to YOU and then if it does, go forward and listen. If guidance does not feel right to you, this is probably just the voice of fear, ego, upbringing, etc. Guidance will always resonate with you. You may think to yourself, "That's too simple. That's too obvious. That isn't something I would have ever thought to do," and yet the guidance will fee intriguing, comfortable, or right.

Listen to this voice of God within you dear ones and you will simplify your lives. You will still required faith, patience, and trust, but you will learn to slow down and embrace the moment, one moment at a time. You will learn that God cares about your happiness right now. God does not want you to wait until the bills are paid, the children are grown, and the projects are completed to be happy. God wants to help you find happiness right now, in this moment. Relax, breathe, ask for guidance. Your training would have you believe that you must be in motion at all times, and yet dear ones there are cycles in your life of rest, cycles of passion and great movement, and cycles of letting go. Wherever you find yourself, embrace it. Embrace your need to rest when rest is calling. Embrace the need to get in motion when the desire strikes. Embrace the need to let go when something no longer fulfills your spirit or assists in your joyful growth. Life happens now dear ones, and again now... Don't miss your lives while striving and waiting for the future. Enjoy them right now. Listen to your guidance right now... and as you do, a kinder, gentler, and easier future will emerge.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pause - don't miss your life

Pause dear friends, throughout your day, to appreciate the miracles all around you. So many of you create unnecessary stress and worry, always looking forward to the future with concern. Will I get my bills paid? Will I be able to go on vacation? Will my car break down? Will my children grow into their full potential? Will I be well? So many worries, and so many concerns rob you of life, dear ones. While we certainly appreciate the human need to make plans and to structure your days, we also realize that life itself happens one moment at a time, and if you are always worrying about the future or wishing you were in some other situation, you will miss the joy and the opportunity that is right in front of you, right now.

If you worry about feeding your children by dinnertime, you will miss feeding their souls by being present with them here and now.

If you worry about paying your bills, you will miss the opportunities and the guidance that is available each moment - the very opportunities and guidance that will help you pay them more easily.

If you worry about your health, dear ones, you can worry yourself sick. Instead focus on what is well within you and in o doing, amplify your well being.

If you worry about others, you support their problems. Instead focus on their soul's light and truth and in so doing, be part of the solution.

So many of you were taught, erroneously, that worry indicates care. In a sense, it is one way to show you care. However, there are more evolved ways to care about yourselves and others that allow you to create what you want rather than inviting to you what you fear. Instead of hurry and worry, slow down, breathe, be present to life around you now. Slow down, breathe, and notice your own thoughts and feelings. Slow down, breathe, and truly be with life around you. In this space of no worry, just faith, and true presence, you will find the gifts that are already and always there with you - inside of you, around you, and coming through the presence of others in your lives.

Don't hurry and worry so much that you miss the moments of your lives dear ones. Eventually all you worry about will come to pass. The question is only this - will you choose to enjoy the journey? Life is short even if you live over a hundred years. It is a precious gift. Be present to it, and you will enjoy it and treasure it so much more thoroughly. This is how one lives a life of riches beyond compare.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A grateful heart

Allow yourselves to stop, breathe, and appreciate life. It is all too easy to focus on what is not working, what needs to be done, and what bothers you, and ye, there is so much around you to be grateful for.

A grateful heart recognizes the abundance that is already there - the roof over your head, the food on the table, a profusion of wildflowers, an abundance of talent inside of you, or the full heart that comes from spending time with family, friends, or animals.

A grateful heart searches for the proof that you are loved already by God - the beautiful sunsets, the song of the birds in the mornings and the evenings, and all the little reminders that your needs are being met.

A grateful heart understands that no matter what you achieve there will always be more to do, so can stop, acknowledge, and appreciate each moment.

A grateful heart knows that while life may present challenges and irritations, these are opportunities for growth, and that you can give thanks, learn, and move through them with grace.

A grateful heart pauses in front of the mirror each morning to give thanks for the beautiful soul that you see staring through your own eyes and for the gift and the magic and the miracle of life itself.

Life upon your earth, no matter how long it lasts, is temporary. Give thanks for all that comes with it dear ones, for your souls last forever but your experiences here, as well as these opportunities to learn will pass. Enjoy your lives... even if you are concerned about money, even if you have a long to-do list, even if you are presented with someone or something you'd rather not have in front of you. Stop, breathe, give thanks.
Listen to the lessons, celebrate the joys, and know you are loved.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Abundance comes from your talents

Your abundance dear ones already exists within you. You have gifts and talent to share with the world. You have a kind word for a stranger. You have a warm glance and a smile for someone who looks harried and hurried. Perhaps you have the gift of nurturing, of healing, of creativity, of understanding finances, or creating new technologies. Perhaps you counsel others, or are a good listener. Maybe you are an excellent parent, a lover of animals, or someone who is in love with our dear mother earth.

Whenever you feel lack in your life dear ones, reach within. Start doing what you love to do. Start sharing of your gifts and talents in even the smallest of ways. When you share you true heart with the world, you will feel rich from the inside out. And in doing so you open up new avenues for financial abundance, new connections for relationships with those of like mind and heart, and most importantly of all, you feel the joy of being who God designed you to be.

Start now. Share your gifts and talents in even the smallest of ways. Your world, and your life will become a much richer, brighter, and happier place.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Create peace now

Peace is within your capacity to create at all times. Peace comes from resting in God's love, knowing your truth, honoring your own direction, and allowing others to do the same. If all in the world could embrace the concepts that they are loved, they are guided, and that their truth is valid for them, while others may or may not share the same, you would sort yourselves out into circles of like minded individuals and be among those who see and share life as you do. You would be able to interact with those who don't in peace and harmony.

This type of sorting out is going on right now on your planet earth. So many are losing jobs just to be moved into more meaningful and respectful positions. Relationships are in a state of flux, either growing together or growing apart. Within yourselves you are finding deeper understandings of who you are and what you want in life, not only at the spiritual level, but as human beings. Truth is emerging.

The emergence of truth can be graceful, however, if you have been ignoring it or stuffing it, it can be very awkward, sudden and upsetting. If you have been in a job that does not serve your soul and suddenly you lose it, the first reaction can be to panic, feel victimized, and be upset, and yet... dear ones, God is at work in your lives, moving you towards greater love. Truth will find its way to the surface dear ones. The more you search within to acknowledge it, bring it with love to the surface of your lives, and then express it with kindness, the more easy your transitions will be.

All movement in your lives, no matter how awkward, is a movement towards greater love - love of God, love of Self, love of others. Choose to see all your changes this way and you will have greater understanding, greater compassion for self and others, and greater peace.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Nurture the most important relationship

As your news continues to spread word of doom and gloom remember that all health begins with your relationship with God, with the divine light inside of yourself that is your true source. If you want to be healthy, listen to your body and your heart. So many of you, god bless you, have been trained to live in your minds. It is this disconnect of the spirit from the body that heavily contributes to the world's ills. Take time each day to breathe slowly and deeply and to imagine your soul's light sinking deeply into each cell of the body. Take time to imagine that this light embraces and dissolves any 'particles' of darkness. You do not have to analyze or understand what these are, just simply allow yourself to imagine they are being embraced and dissolved by the light.

Take time each day to check in with your body for it has a consciousness all its own. Ask it, "Body what do you need now? Do you need rest? Do you need food? Do you need touch? What do you need?" And then, promise at your earliest convenience to meet those needs without judgment. If you need rest, be still. If you need food, ask your body what IT wants and verify this need comes from the body, not the emotions - just simply ask inside of yourself. your body will tell you. If you need touch, sit outside and let the sun touch your skin or the breeze caress you. Find a soft textured blanket and sit with it surrounding you and allow your angels to come inside of it and hug you. Ask for hugs. Hold a hand. There are so many ways you can find to acknowledge the needs of the body dear one, for the spirit is truly in charge.

Rather than fearing bugs and germs, simply fill your spirit and your body with so much love that it becomes inhospitable to invaders, for the bugs and germs on your planet simply exist to remind you when you are not paying attention to your own needs. They are not your enemies. Do not send them hatred. Thank them for reminding you to be well instead, and then dear ones, they will go running.

In this fashion, by acknowledging the purpose in all beings, human, animal, microbe, what have you, and thanking them for the purpose they serve, you will transform your world with the light and the truth of God's love.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Be patient with yourselves

Be patient with yourselves. You want so very much and this is wonderful for it is the very nature of the soul to want to grow, expand, and learn from new experiences. And yet dear ones, as surely as a rose must patiently await the season to bloom, so you too must allow God time to work with the universe to bring all the forces required into alignment to make your dreams come true.

There are times when you are called to wait for a reason. Perhaps you want something such as money to calm your fears, but God wants you to learn that eternal security rests in trusting the Divine light within yourself. Perhaps you will have to dig deep into your spirit to find gifts and talents you have been wanting to bring to the surface. Perhaps you will learn to live with less material pleasures so you can focus on what is truly missing in your lives and begin to pray for that to come about. Imagine a two year old throwing tantrums because he wants a cookie, all the while his mother has the most beautiful meal and the most delicious dessert awaiting him. He doesn't know this and so he insists he gets his cooking now... and yet patience proves to be the best course, allowing him greater pleasure than the 'quick hit' provided by the cookie.

So too, God dreams dreams for your soul that are grander than you can imagine, and sometimes dear ones, you will wait for your heart's desires to come about, not because you cannot create them instantly, but more often because there is something greater awaiting you if you learn the lessons that patience brings.

So if you want something or some change or some situation in your life, by all means intend it, pray for it, and ask that you receive this or better. And then, in the process of awaiting guidance, live your lives. Drop into your hearts and see what you want to do now, in this moment, given the resources, time, and people in front of you. These baby steps of living right now, in each moment, using what you have in front of you and giving thanks for that, will increase not only your joy in life but also your capacity to appreciate and value even more.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Focus on what you want

While your world is in chaos you can choose peace. While many are in fear you can choose faith. While some cry, "What is this world coming to?" you can speak truth and share that this so-called chaos is a necessary, albeit painful for some, balancing of priorities upon your planet earth.

When you find yourself facing a challenge, focus on the outcome you do want rather than fearing the one you don't. Ask God to help you learn the lessons you are undertaking in the kindest and most gentle way possible, so you can move forward. And then dear ones, spend time in silence, drop into your hearts and ask yourself, "What does my heart of hearts truly want at this time in my life? God, what do you want for me right now?" Then go deeper and ask again until you strike up on truth. When you feel the truth, your body will relax, your emotions will calm. Something within you will say, "YES! This is what my soul wants now. This is what God wants for me now. This feels right. This is not a superficial answer but rather the deepest truth within me at this given moment in time.

For example, you might ask this question and find that your first answer is "I want money to pay the bills," but upon deeper inspection you may discover that you want your entire life to change so you have a career that supports your heart and your desire to serve. At this point you may have no clue how to create a career that satisfies you soul. You may not even know what that is. However, by simply acknowledging and admitting the truth - first to yourself and then God - you set the wheels in motion to carry you forward into a new reality. Here is where you surrender to your own heart. Here is where you surrender to God. If instead, you decide that you cannot possibly ever have a career that satisfies your soul, simply because you do not yet know how to create one, then you negate the truth that God has planted within you. The seed of truth falls upon rocky soil and cannot grow. If this seed falls into a heart willing to open to truth, to water with tears at times, and to allow GOD to be the gardener of your life and to guide you, then this seed will grow into a whole new life for you - a life of wonder, of joy, of expression.

Suppose you ask the question and the answer returns, "I want a relationship." That could be your deepest truth if you are already existing in a state of bliss and joy, fulfillment and expression, and simply want to share your adventures with another. However, if you want a relationship to fix some feelings inside of yourself or to entertain you when you are alone, go deeper, for these expectations when placed upon another inevitably create discontent. Perhaps you want to deepen your self love or your relationship with God so you can feel good about yourself and your connection with life - so you don't expect another to do that for you. Perhaps you want to connect with your own passion so you can create more joy in your life, that can then be shared with another. Perhaps you want the companionship of others of like mind and heart so you can feel part of a community wherein you can meet the various social needs of your spirit.

When you find the truth within yourself dear ones, admit it, first to yourself and God. This is surrendering to the heart. This is surrendering to the truth God has placed within you. And in doing so, you begin a process of surrender to God in which He can begin to fulfill His plans for your life, you joy, and your beautiful blossoming into the whole, happy, and fulfilled souls that you truly are within. It is the time of blossoming. And God is the gardener who wishes for all your hearts to bloom into their grand and glorious expression.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ask God to rise within you

In this season of springtime, resurrection, and new life, we celebrate the resurrection of the presence of God within human hearts upon your planet earth. The so called chaos, turmoil, recession, and 'disastrous financial conditions' that you see on your news are in fact, the breaking apart of an eggshell of misunderstanding so the true spirit of humankind can be birthed. When your systems don't work you turn to God. You get resourceful. You draw from the gifts, talents, and love within. When your bank accounts are not stable according to the world's rules you turn to the one constant in the entire universe, the one thing that will always be there for you, the one force that will always be your rock and your salvation - and that is God and the great love that he is.

The presence of God exists within each one of you. The love of God can be found within your own human hearts. The desire to enjoy your lives truly and deeply through experiece, connection, and meaningful action is so much greater than the desire to experience joy through stuff, although you can have that too. There is nothing wrong with asking for material joys as long as they do not become your greatest priority. Make love your greatest priority. Love God, love self, love others. Seek God in all things. Ask God to fill your lives, your hearts, your minds, your bodies, and your spirit. Ask God to take over your finances, to guide your expression, and to fill your relationships. Ask that God's words be your words, and that God's love arise within you and spill out into every area of your life. In this fashion, dear friends, your lives will transform. Your material needs will be met. Your relationships will deepen and become more authentic, and the ones that cannot will fall away, for each one of you is one of the many faces of God. Each one of you breathes the breath of God. Each one of you holds out the hands of God - to comfort a friend, to welcome a stranger, to receive from one another.

Dear ones, ask God's presence to rise up within you during this season of your springtime. This is the resurrection you are seeking. This is the salvation you are searching for. This is the birthing of a new reality upon your planet earth and although yes, there is turmoil, there is chaos, there are systems buckling under the weight of their own lack of integrity, there are also grand and glorious expansions of love, truth, peace, and new understanding.