Saturday, January 24, 2009

Unity within the diversity of love

We are excited about this year on planet earth. Although it is a year of great change, it is also a year in which humanity is truly striving to grow beyond the illusions which have held you in bondage for centuries. You are one human race dear ones - gifted with a beautiful planet upon which your souls learn and grow. There is no 'us' and no 'them' for all are one in God's love. There is no enemy except the enemies of fear, greed, and the illusions of separation. There is no one outside of God's love.

As you walk steadfast in the light remember this. As you look at both the people you like and the ones you don't remember that all are worthy of love. You do not have to like everyone, dear ones, nor do you have to agree with everyone, but we ask you to look into the eyes of even those with whom you have strong disagreement and to acknowledge the light of God within them. God did not design the natural universe to be all the same, nor did he design you that way. Instead God designed both the natural universe and the human race with great diversity.

You have different colors, different genders, different races, different ideologies, and different ways of connecting with your creator. Within your own families you have different ways of treating others, different ways of dealing with finances, different ways of communicating. And yet, dear ones, with all these differences, can you find the unity within God's love? Can you look at someone with whom you disagree and say "This soul is worthy of love. This soul's perspective is worthy of acknowledgement, even if I disagree, for it is true to them." Can you say, "I may not like this soul, nor want to spend time with them, but they too have a right to be here upon this earth because God thought so when He created them." We understand this is not always easy, but we do know that this perspective and this alone will bring you feelings of peace, security,and the understanding that you do not live in an adversarial world, but rather a world in which ALL are striving to find the unity of God's love within the vast diversity of creation.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Seek and ye shall find

This year of 2009 is a year of opportunity - a year of flow, growth, and change. If you get clear in your hearts what it is you are seeking whether it be as specific as a new career or as general as inner peace, then God will join you in your request to create whatever it is your heart truly desires. You must own your dreams. You must realize that you are taking part in the creation of the unfolding universe. You must realize that you are powerful beings and your thoughtforms affect the template of reality here upon the earth.

By thinking thoughts in alignment with your dreams you propel yourselves forward, become more open to assistance, and notice the opportunities when they arrive. By expecting help, miracles, healings, and support along the way you become open to receiving it. By looking for the good you will see it.

Seek and ye shall find.

When you only expect trauma and drama dear ones, these are the things you find. When you expect support, then it comes even in the smallest of ways. Patience is required but you will find that angels come to assist you when you become clear on whatever it is your heart truly desires. The heart dear ones, never desires to interfere with the free will of another. The heart wants true love, whereas the mind might project that intent and think it must come from a specific person. The heart wants feelings of God's abundance and security whereas the mind might project that onto a dollar amount in the bank. The heart wants to experience other cultures via travel, perhaps, but the mind says the trip must happen at this time in this fashion. The heart of a child wants a shiny new red bicycle, and the mind says I must have it right now. You must learn to surrender to your hearts desires, while releasing the control of the mind in order for your dreams to come true. The heart wants experiences, feelings, and above all the experience of God's love in all areas of life. The mind contrives ways it believes this must happen in order to prove to itself it is loved.

God, dear ones has a view of creation that is far more vast than any one human being. God can answer prayers in ways you cannot even imagine. So dear ones, assume your prayers are heard. Assume your dreams will come true. Assume you are cared for, loved, and cherished in the heavens, and that your heart matters. Then practice patience, surrender, trust, and faith and know that miracles and magic await you around every turn. This is your birthright and if you can accept it, the universe is more than willing to give.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Patience, patience

So many of you dear ones, cannot wait to get moving in your lives. This year we ask you to move with your hearts as impeccably as you can. This is where you will enter into the flow of God's love more easily. The heart is not concerned as much dear ones with particulars but rather with love. Do you want a relationship? Move there by opening your heart to the idea of receiving and sharing. Really allow yourself to sit in quiet and imagine, and luxuriate the in feelings you will have in the future. Do you want a new career? Ask God to reveal your heart unto you. Imagine what you will feel like in your future job, how happy you will be, how much you will enjoy your coworkers, and relax knowing your bills are paid? Do you want a new piece of furniture? Send it love and imagine loving it being in your home.

Dear ones, the currency of the heart is love, and what you love you draw unto you, without manipulation, without strategy, without struggle. "But dear angels," we hear so many of you say, "I love this person but they don't return my affection or my kindness." Dear ones, people DO have free will, but if you want relationship, love the idea and the feelings of relationship. Even strive to love the ones who do not love you, for even if they don't return your love and affection your goodwill, and your confident, loving nature will attract one who will.

"But dear angels," we hear you say, "I am focusing on a new career, but I don't know what to do yet." Dear ones, patience, patience. God is with you. Sometimes it takes human time to create the right set of circumstance for you to work within. Someone else may have to leave. A new company may have to be created. You may have to gain confidence first to be ready for the position God has in mind. There are so many factors that go into coordinating one human life let alone coordinating that life with six billion others on your planet earth! God is rather amazing, is He not? We angels continue to be in awe of the creator that breathes life into all of our beings!

Dear ones, God does hear your prayers, but always, dear one, always infuse them with love. Focus on that which love even if you do not yet have it, rather than placing your sights on what you perceive to be limitation or lack. Far better to look for the positive you have right now, however small it may be some days, than to wail and wish for a way out of the negative. There is always good around you right now. There is always something to look forward to. There is always something to learn. And in this year of change, dear friends, with the energy ripe to create movement in your lives coming very soon - do focus with love upon the direction that you wish to go.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Your life beings with every breath

We wish you all a joyous and Happy New Year! Our wish is that you would know that within each moment is an opportunity for creating a new you. With every breath you take; with every action you make; with every word uttered from your mouth or every thought voiced in silence; you create yourself anew. If you choose thoughts, words, and actions that in integrity with your spirit, these feel right and good and they help you create a beautiful reality. If you choose thoughts, words, and actions that are not in integrity with your spirit, this creates further discord in your outer world.

With every breath you have the chance to change your entire life's direction. One single positive thought amidst a sea of negative ones can point you towards a much happier future. One kind and loving decision in the middle of chaos can restore order in your life. One choice to choose love over anger, opens your heart to receive great abundance as well. Hold those positive and healthy, loving and kind thoughts long enough and you will reap immense rewards.

Dear ones, with each moment we celebrate the birthing of a new you! Each moment, dear ones, gives rise to a new version of your spirit, and a new chance for change in your life. Treasure each moment as much as you treasure your New Year's celebration and your life will be filled with magical moments.

In this coming year, more than ever before, you will come to treasure what is of real value in your life. You will come to understand abundance that is different than just your bank accounts. You will move into greater awareness of yourselves as one human family and dear ones, this will ease the loneliness some of you feel as you reach out to others around you. It will ease the sense that you see the world differently than others as you connect with those of like mind. It will ease the fears your finances would like to inspire in you to understand that others want to give to you as much as we, your angels, wish to shower you with love. This does not necessarily mean outer circumstances will be easy, but if you keep yourself aligned with God and your own hearts, you will find that you have peace in a world that is still changing very rapidly.

Open to receive when inspired dear ones, and to give when guided. You will know when the time is at hand for sharing of your love, your kindness, and your resource, because it will feel like that is the joyful path. You will know when it is time to receive because you will want the gifts that are offered to you.

Allow God's love to flow in to your life, and through you, into the lives of others. This can be a year of immense change, flow, and Divine grace if you are willing to walk in truth.