Saturday, March 14, 2009

Resources within

You have no idea dear ones how much you are loved, how powerful each and every one of you becomes when the ego surrenders to God, and how intimately connected you are with all of life. Dear ones you are not separate from anything you desire. Indeed the universe is a giant symphony of frequency and inside of you, you can reach deep and find anything you wish to create in your outer world.

You wish for love. Find it inside yourself in great abundance. Love yourself and share it freely.

You wish for abundance. Find the rich resources of love you have inside yourself - your gifts, talents, kind words, etc., and share these with the world. Get the flow going in your life by giving from the abundance that is already within you.

You wish for security. Rest in God dear friends. Sit quietly, and pray to feel the love and care of your creator and the one who sustains your life. Your very life dear ones is breathed into existence every moment by God. Why would he not care for you if you are willing to surrender your expectations a little bit?

Dear ones, everything you can dream or imagine exists inside of you first - health, resources, relationships, etc. It is all within. Go within and find it there first and then you will see your outer world begin to shift.