Saturday, April 25, 2009

Be patient with yourselves

Be patient with yourselves. You want so very much and this is wonderful for it is the very nature of the soul to want to grow, expand, and learn from new experiences. And yet dear ones, as surely as a rose must patiently await the season to bloom, so you too must allow God time to work with the universe to bring all the forces required into alignment to make your dreams come true.

There are times when you are called to wait for a reason. Perhaps you want something such as money to calm your fears, but God wants you to learn that eternal security rests in trusting the Divine light within yourself. Perhaps you will have to dig deep into your spirit to find gifts and talents you have been wanting to bring to the surface. Perhaps you will learn to live with less material pleasures so you can focus on what is truly missing in your lives and begin to pray for that to come about. Imagine a two year old throwing tantrums because he wants a cookie, all the while his mother has the most beautiful meal and the most delicious dessert awaiting him. He doesn't know this and so he insists he gets his cooking now... and yet patience proves to be the best course, allowing him greater pleasure than the 'quick hit' provided by the cookie.

So too, God dreams dreams for your soul that are grander than you can imagine, and sometimes dear ones, you will wait for your heart's desires to come about, not because you cannot create them instantly, but more often because there is something greater awaiting you if you learn the lessons that patience brings.

So if you want something or some change or some situation in your life, by all means intend it, pray for it, and ask that you receive this or better. And then, in the process of awaiting guidance, live your lives. Drop into your hearts and see what you want to do now, in this moment, given the resources, time, and people in front of you. These baby steps of living right now, in each moment, using what you have in front of you and giving thanks for that, will increase not only your joy in life but also your capacity to appreciate and value even more.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Focus on what you want

While your world is in chaos you can choose peace. While many are in fear you can choose faith. While some cry, "What is this world coming to?" you can speak truth and share that this so-called chaos is a necessary, albeit painful for some, balancing of priorities upon your planet earth.

When you find yourself facing a challenge, focus on the outcome you do want rather than fearing the one you don't. Ask God to help you learn the lessons you are undertaking in the kindest and most gentle way possible, so you can move forward. And then dear ones, spend time in silence, drop into your hearts and ask yourself, "What does my heart of hearts truly want at this time in my life? God, what do you want for me right now?" Then go deeper and ask again until you strike up on truth. When you feel the truth, your body will relax, your emotions will calm. Something within you will say, "YES! This is what my soul wants now. This is what God wants for me now. This feels right. This is not a superficial answer but rather the deepest truth within me at this given moment in time.

For example, you might ask this question and find that your first answer is "I want money to pay the bills," but upon deeper inspection you may discover that you want your entire life to change so you have a career that supports your heart and your desire to serve. At this point you may have no clue how to create a career that satisfies you soul. You may not even know what that is. However, by simply acknowledging and admitting the truth - first to yourself and then God - you set the wheels in motion to carry you forward into a new reality. Here is where you surrender to your own heart. Here is where you surrender to God. If instead, you decide that you cannot possibly ever have a career that satisfies your soul, simply because you do not yet know how to create one, then you negate the truth that God has planted within you. The seed of truth falls upon rocky soil and cannot grow. If this seed falls into a heart willing to open to truth, to water with tears at times, and to allow GOD to be the gardener of your life and to guide you, then this seed will grow into a whole new life for you - a life of wonder, of joy, of expression.

Suppose you ask the question and the answer returns, "I want a relationship." That could be your deepest truth if you are already existing in a state of bliss and joy, fulfillment and expression, and simply want to share your adventures with another. However, if you want a relationship to fix some feelings inside of yourself or to entertain you when you are alone, go deeper, for these expectations when placed upon another inevitably create discontent. Perhaps you want to deepen your self love or your relationship with God so you can feel good about yourself and your connection with life - so you don't expect another to do that for you. Perhaps you want to connect with your own passion so you can create more joy in your life, that can then be shared with another. Perhaps you want the companionship of others of like mind and heart so you can feel part of a community wherein you can meet the various social needs of your spirit.

When you find the truth within yourself dear ones, admit it, first to yourself and God. This is surrendering to the heart. This is surrendering to the truth God has placed within you. And in doing so, you begin a process of surrender to God in which He can begin to fulfill His plans for your life, you joy, and your beautiful blossoming into the whole, happy, and fulfilled souls that you truly are within. It is the time of blossoming. And God is the gardener who wishes for all your hearts to bloom into their grand and glorious expression.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ask God to rise within you

In this season of springtime, resurrection, and new life, we celebrate the resurrection of the presence of God within human hearts upon your planet earth. The so called chaos, turmoil, recession, and 'disastrous financial conditions' that you see on your news are in fact, the breaking apart of an eggshell of misunderstanding so the true spirit of humankind can be birthed. When your systems don't work you turn to God. You get resourceful. You draw from the gifts, talents, and love within. When your bank accounts are not stable according to the world's rules you turn to the one constant in the entire universe, the one thing that will always be there for you, the one force that will always be your rock and your salvation - and that is God and the great love that he is.

The presence of God exists within each one of you. The love of God can be found within your own human hearts. The desire to enjoy your lives truly and deeply through experiece, connection, and meaningful action is so much greater than the desire to experience joy through stuff, although you can have that too. There is nothing wrong with asking for material joys as long as they do not become your greatest priority. Make love your greatest priority. Love God, love self, love others. Seek God in all things. Ask God to fill your lives, your hearts, your minds, your bodies, and your spirit. Ask God to take over your finances, to guide your expression, and to fill your relationships. Ask that God's words be your words, and that God's love arise within you and spill out into every area of your life. In this fashion, dear friends, your lives will transform. Your material needs will be met. Your relationships will deepen and become more authentic, and the ones that cannot will fall away, for each one of you is one of the many faces of God. Each one of you breathes the breath of God. Each one of you holds out the hands of God - to comfort a friend, to welcome a stranger, to receive from one another.

Dear ones, ask God's presence to rise up within you during this season of your springtime. This is the resurrection you are seeking. This is the salvation you are searching for. This is the birthing of a new reality upon your planet earth and although yes, there is turmoil, there is chaos, there are systems buckling under the weight of their own lack of integrity, there are also grand and glorious expansions of love, truth, peace, and new understanding.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Opportunity in loss

Understand that there is great and glorioius change going on upon your planet earth. Rather than falling into despair, realize it is time for celebration - for God is in charge, and all of you are being moved towards greater joy. "But how can this be," you say when you lose a job, a house, or simply don't have a clue how to proceed? My dear friends, we understand your concerns but we have a bigger picture of your lives than perhaps the one you can see at this moment.

God loves you dear ones. If you lose a job, then rest and relax assured that God has a better one in store for you. Search for a new one by all means, but first take the time to look deeply into your own heart and clarify what it is you are truly looking for. Search your soul, discover your truth, and own this deeply - then the universe can bring you the honest echo of your true heart's desires. Frantically searching for a way to just make money will assist you in fulfilling your human needs, but does not ever satisfy the soul, and the lesson will repeat until you are willing to dive into your hearts and acknowledge the truth within.

If you have lost a house dear ones, realize you are only being guided in new directions. Perhaps this will simplify your life, or pull your family together to pool its resources and talents. Perhaps you will live with someone else and make peace, or maybe you will be guided to discover new friends. Perhaps you will move and find greater joy in a new location. Perhaps the strength you find will be something you turn to gold later in your life. Rather than judging yourself or the situation trust there is a bigger picture that will reveal itself in time.

If you are worried about your stocks, place greater stock in God's ability to take care of you and refuse to be drawn into panic. By all means be prudent according to the rules of your world, but make your decisions based on both this wisdom and a faith in God and your ability to listen to your internal guidance, rather than making poor decisions based in fear.

If you are worried about your children, remember they were God's children first, before they came into your lives, and He cares about them more deeply than you ever can imagine. Rather than polluting their reality with your fears, gift them with your hopes and dreams for their future and even more importantly with your willingness to listen to their own hopes, dreams, and fears, and your unconditional love.

If you are worried about your health or the health of friends realize that your planet earth is in a time of change and there are many physical symptoms resulting from any minor imbalance in spirit, so please do rest, and be kind to your bodies. Remember the body is a reflection of the spirit and any illness of discomfort therein was either a choice the soul made to learn from, or the result of a fears and misunderstandings about love. Choose to be very kind to yourself, to take care of yourself, to love yourselves and to make peace with your bodies, for they are not your foes but rather your friends.

Dear ones each and every one of your worries has a spiritual solution that, if you embrace, will lead to a solution in your physical world. Whenever you have a 'problem' in the world, look first to see what there is to be learned. Search your heart and see where you may have been denying your expression, your truth, or your deepest desires. Bless the "problem" for what it has taught you then when you have learned, ask it to be transformed into a situation filled with greater truth that reflects your new awareness. Be patient. Trust.

These are challenging times upon your planet earth but also times of grand and glorious opportunity if you choose to live life in alignment with your spirit and ultimately in alignment with God. Learn to be still and to listen to the voice of God as it whispers in your own heart. It is there that you begin to transform your outer reality, to detach from the world's ills, and to live in the flow of Divine grace.