Saturday, April 25, 2009

Be patient with yourselves

Be patient with yourselves. You want so very much and this is wonderful for it is the very nature of the soul to want to grow, expand, and learn from new experiences. And yet dear ones, as surely as a rose must patiently await the season to bloom, so you too must allow God time to work with the universe to bring all the forces required into alignment to make your dreams come true.

There are times when you are called to wait for a reason. Perhaps you want something such as money to calm your fears, but God wants you to learn that eternal security rests in trusting the Divine light within yourself. Perhaps you will have to dig deep into your spirit to find gifts and talents you have been wanting to bring to the surface. Perhaps you will learn to live with less material pleasures so you can focus on what is truly missing in your lives and begin to pray for that to come about. Imagine a two year old throwing tantrums because he wants a cookie, all the while his mother has the most beautiful meal and the most delicious dessert awaiting him. He doesn't know this and so he insists he gets his cooking now... and yet patience proves to be the best course, allowing him greater pleasure than the 'quick hit' provided by the cookie.

So too, God dreams dreams for your soul that are grander than you can imagine, and sometimes dear ones, you will wait for your heart's desires to come about, not because you cannot create them instantly, but more often because there is something greater awaiting you if you learn the lessons that patience brings.

So if you want something or some change or some situation in your life, by all means intend it, pray for it, and ask that you receive this or better. And then, in the process of awaiting guidance, live your lives. Drop into your hearts and see what you want to do now, in this moment, given the resources, time, and people in front of you. These baby steps of living right now, in each moment, using what you have in front of you and giving thanks for that, will increase not only your joy in life but also your capacity to appreciate and value even more.