Saturday, May 16, 2009

Abundance comes from your talents

Your abundance dear ones already exists within you. You have gifts and talent to share with the world. You have a kind word for a stranger. You have a warm glance and a smile for someone who looks harried and hurried. Perhaps you have the gift of nurturing, of healing, of creativity, of understanding finances, or creating new technologies. Perhaps you counsel others, or are a good listener. Maybe you are an excellent parent, a lover of animals, or someone who is in love with our dear mother earth.

Whenever you feel lack in your life dear ones, reach within. Start doing what you love to do. Start sharing of your gifts and talents in even the smallest of ways. When you share you true heart with the world, you will feel rich from the inside out. And in doing so you open up new avenues for financial abundance, new connections for relationships with those of like mind and heart, and most importantly of all, you feel the joy of being who God designed you to be.

Start now. Share your gifts and talents in even the smallest of ways. Your world, and your life will become a much richer, brighter, and happier place.