Saturday, June 13, 2009

The greatest gift is you

The greatest gift you can give the earth dear friends is your authentic expression. Do not judge your inner reactions to people, situations, opportunities, etc. because these give clues to the truth God has planted in your hearts. Honor this truth impeccably and your life will flow with greater ease. Suppose you are in a job that you can't stand. You feel grateful to have a job and yet you want a new one. This is your truth. Now you know how to pray, "Dear God I am grateful for my income but I would like a new job that not only pays the bills but honors my spirit as well. Make any changes necessary be easy and graceful according to your will."

So many of you have been raised to think you can have this or that, one thing or the other, but God dear ones, has elegant solutions to all your problems - solutions that satisfy all the deep and true desires of your heart. Suppose you want a relationship to work but the other person doesn't want to work with you. You really wish you could work things out with this particular individual but you also want a kinder existence. Start there. This is your truth. Pray, "Dear God, I want this relationship to be healed and if it cannot be for any reason gently guide me to the love I seek. Do so in a manner that is loving and kind with perfect timing for all involved."

This year more than ever before it is important to deal with not only the realities in front of you but to also acknowledge the entirety of the reality in your heart. So many times you want something that simply isn't happening and so you remain stuck - you want a job that honors your spirit and yet your coworkers aren't changing, so you do nothing except slip into negativity and despair. A simple prayer and intention that either the job change or you be allowed to change in a graceful manner will acknowledge your truth and set the universal laws in motion.

Acknowledge your hearts dear ones. Don't lie to yourselves. Don't say something is acceptable when it is not. YES, you are in a situation for now, for a reason. You are learning to love without condition. You are learning to see the bright souls even within the densest of behaviors. And yet, this year more than ever before, it is important to start with love and acknowledgment for the truth that is planted in your own hearts. Suppose your prayers are answered with a new job opportunity. You leave your present situation and all of the sudden the unappreciative boss and coworkers must do the work that you used to do. Now they are blessed with the lessons of greater compassion and understanding.

Suppose you want a long term relationship but it becomes apparent that the person you are dating is not the one for you. Yet you enjoy their company and don't want to be alone every weekend. What do you do? You become honest dear ones. You say to this soul, "I enjoy your company very much and would like to continue to see you when you have time, and yet I am feeling that this is not destined for marriage, and I simply want to be honest with you. I am going to open my heart to others and give you permission to do the same." And then, dear ones, you trust God.

The only reason you are not impeccably honest with yourselves and others is because you do not yet truly understand the magnitude of God's love for you. When you do what is right for yourself, by asking God to help you in creating what is truly in your heart, God will always serve the good of all souls involved. God loves all equally dear ones. Your deep and true desires are your clues as to where in the great universal flow God wishes you to aim your spirit.

Trust this dear ones. Trust God. Do your part. Do what you know to do when you are creating change. But then when you do not know what is next, surrender, wait, be patient, and trust that the next step will be revealed. It always will - in perfect timing.