Saturday, June 06, 2009

Relax and enjoy life now

Relax! There is nothing to worry about. God is with you at all times. When life does not appear to be moving as you wish it would, stop, breathe, relax, and ask God what he wants you to do. Wait until you receive an answer. The answer might surprise you. "Rest my child. Seek out a friend. Start a hobby. Open your mouth and talk with a stranger. Go have a drink of water. Organize your closet. Nap..." It is important to listen to this inner voice and trust it. Don't worry about why you are receiving the guidance you are, just ask yourself if it feels right to YOU and then if it does, go forward and listen. If guidance does not feel right to you, this is probably just the voice of fear, ego, upbringing, etc. Guidance will always resonate with you. You may think to yourself, "That's too simple. That's too obvious. That isn't something I would have ever thought to do," and yet the guidance will fee intriguing, comfortable, or right.

Listen to this voice of God within you dear ones and you will simplify your lives. You will still required faith, patience, and trust, but you will learn to slow down and embrace the moment, one moment at a time. You will learn that God cares about your happiness right now. God does not want you to wait until the bills are paid, the children are grown, and the projects are completed to be happy. God wants to help you find happiness right now, in this moment. Relax, breathe, ask for guidance. Your training would have you believe that you must be in motion at all times, and yet dear ones there are cycles in your life of rest, cycles of passion and great movement, and cycles of letting go. Wherever you find yourself, embrace it. Embrace your need to rest when rest is calling. Embrace the need to get in motion when the desire strikes. Embrace the need to let go when something no longer fulfills your spirit or assists in your joyful growth. Life happens now dear ones, and again now... Don't miss your lives while striving and waiting for the future. Enjoy them right now. Listen to your guidance right now... and as you do, a kinder, gentler, and easier future will emerge.