Saturday, July 04, 2009

Freedom to be who you are

As many of you celebrate your Independence day, we remind you that the greatest freedom of all is the freedom to be who you really are. Your souls are always free dear ones, and the only thing that imprisons you are old ways of thinking, old beliefs, and old habits.

You sometimes feel trapped by life circumstances, but in truth it is the way you perceive them and the choices you make as a result that create the trap. What if you were able to live according to spiritual truth? Then, by choosing to perceive your situation with gratitude and an open heart and mind, you will begin to change the very circumstances that seem to bind you. Remove the chains of fear and you will find glorious opportunities and you will open up the flow of the universe which is always able to meet your needs.

You are and always have been free. There is never a person or a circumstance that can rob you of your eternal soul. Even those who choose to believe that their power to kill gives them power are stuck in illusion because when they reach the other side they will come face to face with those they though they eradicated. You cannot kill a soul. You cannot kill an idea. You can only love and serve by example, and raise your own consciousness. In this fashion, ideas evolve, old beliefs are laid by the wayside and replaced with newer and better ones.

By all means dear ones, celebrate your freedom, not only in your outer world, but the freedom to be the bright, beautiful, loving souls that you truly are.